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Its a Hit, Disney says The Acolyte is the Biggest Disney+ Launch of 2024

‘The Acolyte’ Reaches 4.8 Million Views in One Day, Biggest Disney+ Launch of 2024


The context is interesting: biggest hit of the year from a failing company losing money left and right in their pursuit of politics.


The failin' NYT!


Disney makes billions just from subscriptions, moron!


They are losing money!


"Weinstein's Acolyte got 4.8 mil views in one day. It's a hit according to us, and don't ask us to give you a shred of evidence." - Iger Disney


Still got Weinstein Derangment Disorder?


Still defending rapists?



bravo disney

you know between the two sides, disney feminazi marxist scum and the disney-hater delusional manbaby chuds, right now i think i'm rooting for the disney scum. the anti-disney chuds have become so much worse of a nuisance 😑

too bad acolyte sucked though
might tune into see that new darth zoomer vader fight the they/thems
otherwise i couldnt get into it 😞


i haven't seen it, is it better than Ahsoka ?


nah the opposite

i was able to finish ahsoka and thought it was pretty decent
i just couldnt care about anything that was happening in this one. it felt so much more zoomery
and what they do to our girl matrix trinity... lets just say ..i was not amused 😐


It's OK, it's not bad or good but we're only 2 episodes in so far. I'm interested enough to watch the 3rd Episode when it drops on Tuesday. So many parrots infested with brainworms lurk on this website it's insane. You'd think this show was the worst thing ever created based on what they are saying so my guess is many haven't even seen it. I like the idea of a set of identical twins being seperated at a young age with one being adopted by an evil force and the other a good force. The acting is very good some of the special effects are a little off but still good if measured by non Star Wars shows. it's cetainly not the creation of the devil like so many people on here are crying about. They seriously need to touch grass.


Completely agree. I was initially put off by some of the effects and the costumes but overall it's not that bad.

I think this is the only other comment made by someone who's watched the two episodes on here!


Watching paint dry would have been better than Ahsoka. Couldn't tell you about this though. From what i've read it's more modern woke pandering disguised as a sci fi show so i didn't bother with it.


So you accept that it sucked and you still side with them and not with people saying “It sucks”

Just a weenie bit weird.


obviously it sucks for being boring
not for the host reasons that specific set of retards want it to
of course you know that

as for those people, if they kept their whiny grievances to disney thatd be one thing...just irritating ideologues fighting one another

but because nobody cares about or listens to them there in disneyland
they try to bring that shit everywhere else
annoying the rest of us who dont want to lick the balls of george lucas or endlessly fantasize about the long gone good old days of their childhood thats never coming back

so now theres progressive boogiemen and ciswhite-male replacement conspiracies under every rock, in every property 🙄. wonderful

yep i'm thinking i side with disney now 👍
even on their shit 💩 🤣

and hey maybe even now, especially on disneys non normative normalization whateverthfuck agenda..since the typical losing desperate impotent lashing out is possibly starting to get as funny as it is pathetic... so the more disney wins the more i imagine i'll get to laugh, too 🥳🤭


That's an idiotic statement.

"I know I'm eating shit but I will side with the people feeding me shit and I will continue to eat shit and support them feeding me shit just because some people that I don't know and don't impact me in any way tell me I'm eating shit".

Yeah, makes sense.


Yup that is weaponized hatred right there, from a wackadoodle that thinks his opinion matters especially when it is so thinly substantiated.


Weaponized Retribution has such a much smoother ring to it 🤗🎈


"Want in one hand, sh*t in the other and see which one fills faster."- my father


he sounds non binary 🤓


Orly? Then it's high time you dust off your modern Archie Bunker and let the hate begin!


none of that makes sense. and you mistake me for something else

i've never been attached to star wars. igenerally t's one of the lesser sci fi franchises, clearly targeted at children (and child brains), with cartoonish dark/light, goofy side characters/costumes, and an entirely commoditized/merchanidzed universe

i don't care if the new show of the day is shit. disney is not even responsible for 1% of movie output per year. if it makes something shit i don't watch it, watch something of the 99% else, and move on with my life. i dont continue eating anything. i also manage to not whine about it endlessly because, in contrast to the manbabies, my brain is more fully developed for my age

regardless, disney star wars impacts no one except those who choose to consume it. whether it is woke this and dei that, that has no impact on anyone else. ergo, those upset by it are upset because they choose to be. this is next level parasocial obsessive infatuation...

meanwhile the world turns and disney continues outputting the product that it has a right to and that it owns. clearly they have a new star wars. the past is dead. but a whole lot of people are too stupid to realize that. do you really envision yourself in 30 years still not understanding that?

lastly..i actually argue that i'm impacted every time try to have some otherwise innocuous movie discussion and some dumbass injects out of place anti-woke/dei whining that they've learned from being anti disney -totally fucking derails everyting. since i choose involve myself in this regard, i choose to take a side here: LONG LIVE DISNEY 🎉🎈🎊🥳🎊🎈🎉 ALL HAIL KATHLEEN KENNEDY, The Queenslayer


You make no sense.

If you don't care why do you post? You are endlesly whining about people that don't like shit. Are you for real? if you are not impacted and don't care because you don't care about SW why the fuck do you whine about people that care about how shitty SW has become? Are you stupid or something?

For someone that "doesn't care" you spend a lot of time and energy defending someone that you actually accept that they produce shit ...

And even if you are not attached to SW ... and you "don't care" you still support producing shit.

That is the problem.


This dude just rants and foams at the mouth, proclaiming "not to care".

"i've never been attached to star wars."

But he sits through every episode of a random Star Wars show, The Acolyte. Claiming he didn't even like it. Weird man, very weird.


so... between eating brown shit and slightly yellow shit, you prefer the brown shit. Ever considered of maybe not eating shit - or rooting for shit?


to the contrary
millions of people are scarfing down their gourmet meals

your shit-tasting tastebuds are now in the minority
i dont know what to tell you 🤷‍♂️


Box office and ratings prove you wrong. They churn out shit and get ... shit. Because people like you that like shit are the real minority.


so how's your new Rey Skywalker movie coming along

you like that we're finally done never learning and getting back to the basics of the good ole days


Mine? maybe yours since you like shit.

But for sure being made by Disney will be more of the same stupid shit, and most likely will be a failure at the box office as well.

And yes, they never learn and go back to the same stupid shit ...


buddy the only failures here are your parents' choices of birth control

for disney there's nothing to learn from internet ankle biters who dont what an audience is, cant read data, and never even ran a business

maybe it's just time to realize your tastes have been phased out

want to bet that in the coming decades Rey sequels, Acolyte seasons, and more lesbian space witches and they/thems come out, and "bomb"🙄 again long before they ever bring back any han & luke boss gary stu gigachads..... while no doubt leaving disney in a perpetual state of imminent bankruptcy up till the day of your eternally baffled, last dying breath


"want to bet that in the coming decades Rey sequels, Acolyte seasons, and more lesbian space witches and they/thems come out, and "bomb"

I don't doubt that. But at least they cancel those shows. SheHulk? Cancelled because it was shit. Willow? Not just cancelled but removed in shame from the shelves. Acolyte? Rumors are it's cancelled but will see. If it was successful it would be already renewed and we would know it.

And Disney share price will continue to go down.

It's funny how DESPERATE you are to defend a shit that you're saying that you're not interested in ...


stop crying. did you think saying this makes you better? you literally said you hated it and even mention they/them. you ARE the disney-hater delusional manbaby chud.


And according to Amazon, The Rings of Power was a huge critical and commercial hit, even though only about a third of viewers finished it and fans hated it. Streaming services can say whatever they like; we don't have to believe them.


^ This ^


i can bet you my left nut everyone who worked on that show hated it except the feminist writers. no one in their right mind would be ok with the prison scene where she magically beats up 2 guys. they literally could not even fathom a possible way it could happen and so they couldn't even show it happening. it just cuts to it in the show. one moment she's behind bars and the next she's outside beating them up.


And now we are taking World Wide numbers into consideration. That can click any time of the day. Can click by accident. Can click off after a few minutes.

Compare it to good numbers from TV of old and is it that good? Those TV numbers you couldn't click any time to watch it. They were country specific, not world wide.

I've seen Youtube videos go into 100,000s and millions in a week coming from a dude in his bedroom talking into a mike.

4.8 word wide numbers, anytime clicks from one of the biggest IPs of all time, from the biggest entertainment company ever isn't that impressive.


and what's 4,800,000 times 7.99/13.99 per month in youtuber math monies?


Avoiding the question?

4.8 million viewers who clicked for half a second within the window of a week/month at any time of the day in any part of the world isn't as impressive as 4.8 million from one country, who had to be sat in front of the TV when it aired, such a tight window.

Especially for a show from one of the biggest IPs of all time from the biggest entertainment company ever, and a premiere to boot!

"youtuber math monies" What are you blabbing about?

Watch the very next episodes drop to small YouTuber viewing figures because this dreck has the lowest viewer ratings of any show apart from Star Wars Holiday Special.

Oh and by the way. The Holiday Special pulled in 13 million viewers, peak time Christmas season.

What's that in AD REVENUE MONIES?


You like dreck and that's ok.


you are in your own little world over there. i don't know if i should disturb you

your 5,000 cheeto stained low-rating reviewers are as insignificant as the rest of us imagine them to be. some time try plugging that into a calculator vs 4.8 million, if you know how to

but you can't even be bothered to understand the most basic data so i can't expect you to know how to do that:

* A view is defined as total stream time divided by runtime.

in terms of entertainment success those fan ratings sites that no one participates in are meaningless. you know that. we all do. you just don't want to accept it. the ratings there gives as much of a fake perception of reality as does that fake addon that magically unhides the dislikes on youtube videos (and which people are still too stupid figure out)

star wars is just one property of disney that it bought from that one senile creator of it (the one who cared so little about it that he traded it for obscene amounts of cocaine and hooker money that he didn't even need). each new spinoff doesn't need to be "biggest IP of all time". it just needs to add enough value to keep subscribers, which it does. like all properties, the holiday special has one of the largest viewer count at release but stays on the service forever. people's grandchildren will be watching that decades from now the same way star wars dorks are still excited to go to theaters to watch "anniversary" re-releases. its value as subscriber content far outweighs whatever youtuber videos you're babbling about. nobody is going to be watching what AverageIQDumbass40932 had to say critically about the then-latest show, years from now (it'll be buried by the youtbe algorithm by then anyway). and disney isn't stupid enough to burn in their ads into their videos like youtubers 🤣🤣

now this show yes it was crap.. that is until this last episode. it finally became watchable - even good not that i even care 🙃


*yawn* Insult porn. No substance.

"each new spinoff doesn't need to be "biggest IP of all time". it just needs to add enough value to keep subscribers, which it does"

Naah. The Acolyte ain't adding or keeping subscribers. Disney has other content that does that job.

And for the Star Wars IP itself, the constant dreck is damaging. Hence, why no Star Wars movies are being released, because they will be straight bombs. Guaranteed bombs.

The fans have become apathetic, and with Disney can only releasing cheap TV filler like this, which in turn makes non fans even more apathetic to the Star Wars franchise because it's dreck show after show, with dreck characters and dreck stories.

"in terms of entertainment success those fan ratings sites that no one participates in are meaningless."

Besides your nonsenical rant my main point (Which you ignored) is........

A magic number Disney Corp claim clicked on it is meaningless.

4.8 million clicks just ain't impressive. Not sure why Disney are banging a drum clicks.

Like I said, Star Wars Special hit 11 million in just one country. 4.8 million world wide clicks is less than half with a larger reach.


it's rare to actually laugh out loud to a comment but you manage it. congrats 👍

there's never been a star wars movie bomb. yes it took 16 years for this crappy series to finally get a 4th movie, but all eventually made money. these are brands. IP. merchandising. commodities. them park attractions. you meander around not understanding what the value is (but at least you acknowledge Disney subscription succeeds with or without Star Wars). think loss leaders. think gaming consoles that lose money on every sale, just to provide the platform to make more back from each game sale. one show, one movie is not a simple numbers game, ticket sales minus budget. each new item adds to existing value. the immediate returns is the bonus.

your "fans" you think you have are just the whiners who even still go out and consume the related products. your "apathy" gets Disney 4.8 million views right now as it is. they don't need to feed you your babyslop exactly the way you like it (and since you're obviously the minority anyway but i have no doubt you're in denial about that too). they can make it how they want to and win while doing so

you can't be bothered to know basic information (views). you can't even be bothered to read basic data i provide for you (it's 11.1 million worldwide acolyte views - not clicks - and not 4.8, explained literally in that link i spoonfed you). you don't understand that as a publicly traded company Disney has a legal obligation to provide factually accurate information wherever it provides any (not numbers that are merely "claimed"). you can't seem to be bothered to do anything except whine about being kicked out of the star wars club but then publicly complaining that the door back in seems to be locked and obviously the Disney bouncer made a mistake. ..when it's clear to the entire rest of the world that's on purpose

4.8 million does not need to be impressive. your focus on that number is only a means to add to your delusion that you need to be impressed in the first place


>there's never been a star wars movie bomb.

Solo lost money. Disney spent more than they earned.


Then they STOPPED making Star Wars movies after planning to make one or more every year.

They have not made a movie in 6 years!

They expected close to $1 billion guaranteed box office each movie release.

Now they won't release any movies because it will be a guaranteed bomb.


ha ha Those Rose Tico dolls are flying off the shelves.

>you can't be bothered to know basic information

You can't be bothered to keep track of the actual topic and go on off topic insult porn rants.

Like I said and I will repeat.

4.8 million world wide audience for a premiere isn't that impressive compared to when Star Wars Holiday Special had 11 million viewers, live, from one country.

>4.8 million does not need to be impressive

Because it isn't. From the biggest entertainment company in the world. From one of the biggest IPs. With millions spent on production and marketing.

Wonder how many of those 4.8 million actually finish the show. -_-

What is impressive is one man, in a room, with a mike and a webcam raked in 3.2 million views just to talk about episode 3.

wow. 3.2 million. I wonder if he beat episode 3's ratings. I'm sure he did.


you're in love with a failed author youtuber. you can't be helped

find someone who knows how to read and have them explain this to you:


Again, you spend too much defending Disney for someone that doesn't understand the difference between revenue and net profit ... if it's too hard for you I can explain it.

You could have the decency to link earnings at least (which btw is not just Disney plus) and see that they are making less than half of what they did in 2019.


and what's 4,800,000 times 7.99/13.99 per month in youtuber math monies...

That doesn't really make much sense unless you're claiming it brought 4.8 million new subscribers to Disney+ specifically to watch this show.

I don't think that's what they were saying though.



well "100,000s and millions" of youtube views on a video isn't directly translatable to new youtube subscribers either. it's my understanding that youtube allows paid subscriptions to channels and so i guess there could be some more direct comparison in their somewhere

but the broader point here is that for each theoretical view there is at a guaranteed minimum, a paid subscriber behind it. whether they're new or maintained is irrelevant. in comparison, for each youtuber view, there is some ad revenue multiplier (if monetized) plus any private contracted view-based revenue (for burnt in ad reads) etc etc

my point is he wants to measure views and I want to measure money. for an entirely commoditized franchise IP (all sorts of merchandise, theme parks, conventions, all sorts of related media, books, comics, tv, movies), even as a starting point, trying to directly compare views between random videos is entirely missing the point, for a supposed "is it a hit" question


whether they're new or maintained is irrelevant...

I'm not sure that's true.

You said you want to measure money but you can't really do it that way. I think I read The Acolyte cost $180 million to make. If these series are viable, they really need to add subscribers / viewers. Not just give additional content to people who'd be signed up irrespectively.


first: look at the link i gave the other guy; everything is viable:

second: no subscription model exists that can tell much less predict new subscribers based on new content. i'm sure everyone out there is trying but realistically, new and maintained can only be measured collectively. lets say you like star wars but you dont like acolyte. do you cancel because acolyte sucks, wait for a good star wars spinoff, then renew? no i'm thinking you wait it out, enjoy other disney content in the meantime and only cancel when consistently you stop liking what you're getting

why do i think that? well for decades this is how subscription cable/satellite tv has worked. it's not a game of cancel/renew/cancel/renew based on new shows

it's low cost and subscription quantity-based model based on sustained membership with access to ever increasing content library. new subscribers are good. but maintaining subscribers is significantly better

third: again look at the link i gave the other guy; everything is viable. even without the bottomless money pit, 150 million disney subscribers offsets any individual show budgets quickly and easily just by itself


Yeah, that's not how it works.

Unless you can show that the 4.800.000 viewers specifically paid to see the Acolyte. Which I highly doubt it.


"In the second quarter of 2024, the number of global Disney+ subscribers amounted to 153.6 million. This marked a decline of around four million compared with the same quarter of the previous year,"

Yuuuuge success. Keep sucking that mouse dick.


do you even know what a subscription model is. you sound so clueless about how anything works

they pay for all the content whether they watch it or not. what that shows is 4.8 million payers watched. that was at the time of data collection. more watched since then. more will watch today. more tomorrow. more 10 years from now

oh no not 153.6 million subscribers paying 7.99-18.99 every month to disney. what ever will disney do. those poor saps will be out on the street turning tricks for coke like the rest of your extended family

go read this


Oh, you don't even know the difference between revenue and net profit?

Why am I NOT surprised.

Go read this:

"In the second quarter of 2024, the number of global Disney+ subscribers amounted to 153.6 million. This marked a decline of around four million compared with the same quarter of the previous year"

And this:

"For the combined streaming businesses, which includes Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, second-quarter operating loss shrunk to $18 million from $659 million"

They are losing money. Is true that they were losing a lot more the precedent year.

and this

Share holders are not that happy.

"they pay for all the content whether they watch it or not" exactly. So it's way worse when 155 million subscribers are not interested in watchin a shit that they already paid for.


Rebel Moon: 44.2 million hours viewed.

Not 4.800.000 viewers which we don't know how much they viewed.

And Rebel Moon is SHIT btw.

So, 44.2 million hours FOR A MOVIE vs 4.8 million viewers for a SHOW.

Let's compare with another show:

Queen's Gambit: Sixty two million households watched the series over the first 28 days after it debuted on Netflix on October 23, 2020"

Squid game??? 142 million households.

Disney? Success? No, pathetic failure.


"'The Acolyte' has been losing viewers for two consecutive weeks. Following an initial 31% drop in “minutes watched,” the show lost an additional 11% last week. As a result, it has fallen out of the top 10 “most watched” shows, according to Luminate's data provided by Variety.""


again you sound clueless about subscription based economies. if these were individually pay per view you'd have better footing but you'd still run into other problems

disney and netflix services cater to different audiences. not only is the pool of subscribers different (both type of consumer and size- netflix at 270 million subscribers) but so is the target audience of the individual content

you keep pulling random numbers that you read somewhere giving them more significance than they should; whatever you had read is a nearly arbitrary snapshot in time and from its own source and arbitrary methodology: you're directly comparing entirely different viewing habits -shows to movies (by the way the rebel moon part 2 number translates to 21.4 million views over 1st 3-day release). you're comparing by different sources (disney/netflix direct vs best-estimate metrics 3rd-party in this case "luminate"). you're comparing different content type with different target audience. you're all over the place

content doesn't disappear after some magic 1-7 day that you happen to read some article with badly analyzed data, disney's acolyte is competing against those random netflix shows, and 3rd parties can only ever tell you part of any story they have happen to have access to (read deep into their own methodologies)

bottom line is it's a success if it provides content their target paying subscriber base wants to consume such that it justifies its cost and yet in star wars' case, it's still more complicated, being part of a larger franchise economy; even loss-leading content adds broader value

this is why we tend to let professionals make the business decisions, not the whiny internet general public

you can't handle that it's a hit because wah wah black people gays wah where's my strong white man hero or whatever. thats your problem. disney has better targets than trying to get your pennies...though i absolutely imagine you're one of the many who continues to pay+consume whilst coping and seething 😘


The main thing: it is NOT a hit. The numbers are clear.

Has nothing to do with black people or gay.

No, I don't pay for Disney. So you're wrong, again.


4.6 on IMDb.


That is what happens when Disney does not own IMDB.

On rotten tomatos it is 91% and on the 'Most Popular on RT' list, that is how well money works.


Yep if this was an amazon production the rating would magically be 7+, surprised Disney did not pay to make it look better on IMDB.


Or Amazon did not want to promote for a competitor.


Good point. lol i did not think of that.


Audience Score is 26%


I guess they were not paid enough, at least not to a point they were willing to rig the audience score.


review bombing


f a k e sc o re s


Always be skeptical of the access media. Sites like Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, IndieWire, etc. work for the studios, not the audience.


Movie studios spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertisements, for one blockbuster, and we are reading their articles for free, so of course entertainment media work for movie studios.


all those websites are owned by the same company


Yeah, that is actually true, they are all owned by Penske Media Corporation.

That is kind of a trend these days, media ownership concentration and the rise of super media giants.


I think I'll wait till all eps are available to stream. I went into ahsoka after 4 were available and I did not like waiting through the cliffhangers.


how does Views make it a hit?
the people watching have already paid for their Disney+ subscription.

audience reviews is what determines if it's a hit..... and the reviews are terrible. both on rotten tomatoes, imdb and everywhere else.


>how does Views make it a hit?

On a streaming service, people who view your product keep subscribing to it. It's how they measure success.

That's why TV shows with low views get cancelled. Or specifically, low completion rates.

>audience reviews is what determines if it's a hit..... and the reviews are terrible. both on rotten tomatoes, imdb and everywhere else.

Reviews mean absolutely nothing to Disney, Netflix, Amazon. They only care about viewing figures.


social engineering is a different beast, I'm afraid - the money going into this is unlimited - forget about the old business models, they no longer play a role.


Who knows. Most Disney series are miniseries anyway, and don't get renewed in the first place.

But just go watch something else.