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Happy Birthday Love! R.I.P. Another Moclan episode? The Homeless guy... I wonder what her career will be like after Agents... Is it really THAT good? I liked it a lot.... I wonder why She left the show SEAL team... This was very fun to watch/play Amber Heard as Mera.... View all posts >


I also dont think she was that bad. He's a moron, In a show full of morons he makes most look like geniuses. I think it was part of the movie plot, to show how hurt she was. plus she woke up hungover as well. I agree I like her as an actress (She was phenomenal in First Man) but she just doesn't fit the role in this one. *claps* She played a very convincing Psycho. Oy Vey! if this is true he is done. Just came back from watching it and it was a lot of fun just like the first one. Season 2 will be very interesting. :) I hope she does some good movies after this show. View all replies >