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Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer Tedious, boring and sterile... Looks great... Terribly disappointing Not the worst film of the year... Much better than expected... I never knew a show about Chess would be so good... Ridiculously beautiful as Mera in Aquaman... This one came out of nowhere dafuq is this? View all posts >


I think it was kind of a fun change. Very beautiful. /If she can't even get a nomination for Hereditary, frankly the Oscars don't deserve HER./ This! The Film didn't ruin his life. Sounds more like the wife is a greedy horrible person. Brilliant performance. I think so yes. people have been re-watching this constantly for 60 years. True, Elizabeth Debicki is one of the those exceptions. That was Hilarious! I liked it. I wasnt too sure about after reading the bad revieuws but it was a good one. My all time favorite version for sure. View all replies >