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Only hearing good things about this movie.... Refreshing to see a nice coming of age story without bs Olivia Munn Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Double Mastectomy Really Looking forward to this This movie sucks..... If this fails... Sentenced to 30 years in prison R.I.P. Season 6 blows View all posts >


Not really a surprising. But it is fun to see actual evidence of their biased fuckery. Plus many black side characters. And yet its a hit with fans. Because its a well made show. R.I.P. :( Agreed, this show is just pure trash. More a Texas brisket guy myself but BBQ ribs are also great. Good point. lol i did not think of that. Yep if this was an amazon production the rating would magically be 7+, surprised Disney did not pay to make it look better on IMDB. She sure is beautiful. Sweet little movie, I liked it much more than I expected and both leads had such great chemistry. Wow! View all replies >