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This movie SUCKS Season 4 was trash She has been released... Episode 5 was terrible Rhaenyra.... Boring AF Upside Down music.. This. is. so BORING! They ruined Taskmaster Dr. Doom pulling the strings? View all posts >


Near the bottom along all the musicals and crappy movies that have won. His body was probably eaten by wild animals, Maybe they will find some clothing or parts to give the family some closure. It goes to shit with extreme wokeness after season 7 it was a chore to watch but i managed to finish the series. They should have ended it at 7 or even 6. Terrible news. I'm re-watching Fringe right now and what a weird a sad coincidence this is. R.I.P Broyles. its is nice. yeah this a great and underrated movie. Not a chance. C grade former NFL QB / Professional race-baiter. amazing. This smells of stale Disney wokeness. View all replies >