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Season 5... Musical? Surprisingly good... The second camera?? Horrible... Beauty Finally a good episode (Blurryman) The Firefighter's Physical deterioration was pure Horror.. This is so bad... Dorne could have easily declared independence just like the North View all posts >


She was the only reason i started watching that show, so fucking hot. I was also surprised the dog survived. Expected him to be eaten all through the movie. I find it to be very overrated but not terrible after reading the reviews i was expected much more still a 6/10 It was way more sad than i expected. 'Hated' is a strong word I just found it boring, slow and annoying. way more interesting that s5 for sure. she does remind me of Emilia a bit and is so very beautiful. I thought she would have had a better career by now. Indeed Toni Collette would be great as well. That was beautiful, and the way El broke down made me tear up a bit. View all replies >