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Horrible music... The UFO episode was ridicolous Beautiful animation Loved the first 2 episodes but... Another flashpoint... R.I.P. It's official he will be directing Dr. Strange 2 in the MCU Beauty... Absolute Horror Different Dimensions? View all posts >


Say what you want about Pete but dude has some serious game getting all these beautiful women. There's Nothing 'B' about this movie. this a proper studio movie from back then. DAT. ASS.! Agreed it's So good! Agreed, that was a terrible movie but she was the only interesting thing in it. Yeah I'm not sure this is the right time for some China pandering by Disney and the Lead actress is a Communist but I'm sure most parents and kids don't care. that being said 30 bucks to rent this is kind of ridiculous. Still playing this one a lot after seven years. Its amazing how immersive it still is even after you have done pretty much everything you can think of. So freaking hot! Thor , The 5000 year old teenager. It's on Disney+ now. View all replies >