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This movie is becoming reality... Holy Cinematography Batman! Others have said it, but still... that last episode! B o r i n g Crisis on Infinite earths cameo Episode that actually scared you the first time... Ridiculous soundtrack... Bland is what this is... What a great movie! Morricone's score... View all posts >


R.I.P. :( /Rose just felt like a character you see on The Walking Dead. When Danny finally gets to the hotel it starts to feel like The Shining again althou Rose ruins it for me there too.. I dont know, i havent read the book but it all felt so out of context for me personally./ You Know, I was thinking the same thing Rose and her crew are like Walking Dead Caricature just Ridiculous Villains. nah i have seen way worse CGI plus for a 1996 movie it wasn't THAT bad. Absolutely Gorgeous! I have not seen JoJo Rabbit yet but she sure deserves her Marriage Story Nomination. Sam Bell in Moon. thanks /I think the word for her is underutilized/ this. Season 2 is just as excellent as 1, love it so far. She needs to mix it up a bit yes. View all replies >