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Set to play Kate Bishop in Disney+ Hawkeye... This is easily one of the dumbest 'big' movies ever made Horrible acting and poor line delivery... R.I.P. Homelander = Combination of Superman, Ted Bundy, Captain America? Very fun popcorn movie... Cancelled by Netflix Tears in rain.... Season 5... Musical? View all posts >


5'8? she looks much taller than that. She's amazing. oh yes. well I miss the 80's so i don't know about people being more polite back then but i do agree about kids being glued to their cellphones today. depression is a bitch? McG can indeed make good movies but he fails more often than not. Yeah that's true. she did New Girl for 7 years and had 2 kids so a break is not that strange. This is indeed true. Good to hear. View all replies >