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Season 2 ep 2 (spoilers) Don't rewatch S1 if you're an insomniac... Spoilers season finale Who asked for this film? Goddess Wolverine rumors? Best animated picture contender Question. (spoilers) MST3000 These ppl are doomed (spoilers) View all posts >


No worries Malk. Sorry for any confusion. All I see now is the post that begins "Fair Enough" and ends with "polite and respectful manner)." I'm using their own word against them. I'm well aware Pocahontas is demeaning. She's my senator I voted for her twice. I don't know yet. Probably Pocahontas but also don't think she should run. I'd vote for her though if she was the candidate. If Bernie runs again (not saying he should) I'll vote for him again. Could the imposter girlfriend somehow change her race to human permanently? Best EP of this season at least. I was getting worried this ep gives me hope. Yeah if you didn't watch the original airing then maybe it's a different experience. We were on the edge of our fucking seats. What could win an Oscar went out the window last year w/ The Shape of Water. I hope hope hope you're right. Marty and Russ got their man but they didn't get the rest of the cult. There were many people in that video. Season 3 takes place in Missouri where as S1 was in Louisiana. S1&2 weren't connected so one might assume S3 is it's own story also. Stick figures and dolls are different. S1 murders were way more gruesome than the one known murder in S3 (so far). He won't even if this was is best work and it's far from it. View all replies >