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Bail bondsman (spoilers) Is the original film required viewing? Biggest issue with season 2... Bring back Shatterhand... Award for best timed release goes to.... Trailer question (possible spoilers) Plot twist prediction (spoiler maybe) Hallie Berry in Die Another Day... Training Day much? Episode 6 (spoilers) View all posts >


Leftist here. I'm halfway through the Netflix special and I'm dying. See it's not so black and white. He's the captain now. No one's seen it. Even those who worked on the set who may know a few key plot points haven't seen the finished product. Any rumor claiming it's a disaster is just hater speculation. I'm aware that it could be a disaster the same as how it could be great. I watched him when he was a regular on SNL in the mid 90's and he was funny back then. Havnt followed him much since. I was thinking the same thing. Her 1945 look doesn't do it for me at all. All that C4 no way that baby survived. It was the finale. Season 2 is green lit. I'll have to warm up to it, what choice do I have? They got my money already. Me too but I'm partial to the actress that plays Zelda. I realize op was telling the truth now. View all replies >