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Spoilers season finale When she makes her come back... Cannot wait. Darrel's dog Sesdon 3 ep 6 Got my vote. No cameras at the Lincoln Memorial... I will watch no more trailers. Superbowl Commercial 2 eps in, hillarious. View all posts >


I was raised Catholic but have since lapsed. I'm glad the Gabriel Project exists for those who want to take advantage of what it offers. Weird how it's connected to znation but not one corny joke in the trailer. Looks like the opposite of light hearted. When that happens it's a great thing but no women should be forced to carry a baby to term. Busted clock is right twice a day. W. should have to spend time in jail for Iraq / Afghanistan. Ideally life in prison (he could paint all he wants). At this point I'd take anything. Even 3 months in jail just to acknowledge his guilt. Infanticide. That's a little extreme. Most people support a woman's right to choose an abortion. Most woman get them done before the fetus has a brain. I feel for women in Kentucky whom, recently, might find out they're pregnant after 6 weeks and find they legally can not get an abortion and as a result are financially in the hole for the rest of their lives supporting a child they did not want. He's a performance artist. I guess as long as you're only enjoying the performance then he's harmless. It's when people start taking what he says seriously and agreeing with him that's when I get worried. Why didn't the Vegas PD scramble helicopters after they left the casino? That sounds like something Alex Jones would say so it must be true. Thanks for the review. I was going to see this out of boredom but now prob won't. I'll see Cap Marvel instead. View all replies >