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Should play Homer Simpson. I wouldn't have been able to watch this if... Reaction to gold _____ (spoilers) Ben Mendelsohn Season 7 finale prediction (spoilers) Congrats on getting Time person of the year... On episode 3 (spoilers) Plot question (spoilers) Amazing finale CFW for this movie. I might see it on Xmas. View all posts >


Yeah Daryl should have known better. He probably felt guilty for his gfs death hence the suicide attempt. Micky came and got him, recruited him into his scheme which to her death. Im glad it was fixed. Didn't want to see an entire season of Susie dodging bookies. Susie is smart for keeping her living expenses low. They're just easily influenced by the mail their grandparents read. I think you guys betting on 60-90% must live in parts of the country where everyone around you is voting for Trump. It isn't line that everywhere. It's 50/50 as it is every election with few exceptions. There's no argument for firing her because she's successful on paper. As far as knowing the heart of the fans and the lore she's severely lacking. Best thing she can do is move on. I would like to know how much credit she deserves for the Mandalorian but my guess would be it's 95% Favreau and his people. Just an observation not a critique. He's great actor. MSM hates Bernie. Did you forget 2016? If it weren't for Joaquin's momentum for Joker, I'd say Driver could win. I think it's definitely between then two. I was rooting for James but Ken won fair and square. View all replies >