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I can't read any of the posts on here Short prediction for next ep(spoilers) Terrible this is the first post... Just discovered this Did that really just happen? (Spoilers) Looks interesting Season 3 binge (spoilers) Spoilers season finale When she makes her come back... View all posts >


That head explosion in LTK was pretty gritty too. You've convinced me to elevate LTK in my personal ratings. It's a bummer regardless. Hope it's not delayed and that Craig doesn't go full diva on the cast and crew. He should have ravaged her like a northern wildling king if it could have prevented the needless slaughter. Production postponed not cancelled. Or at least a movie to finish up. You better call the police and report this. It was. Looking forward to a rewatch. Same here. I posted this idea earlier in the thread. It would fit poetic Justice requirements. I don't know if this has been said but what if Cersei dies in child birth like her mother. View all replies >