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Why was the stowaway there? I feel nothing for this person. Capital incident/ shooting Felicity Jones performance So much better than 2017 version. Manchin and Sinema What good is Joe Manchin? So did Lou Dobbs do something lewd? Marjorie Taylor Greene! Impeachydoos. View all posts >


but not licensed to kill. Grr-uff. He rolled up and it went off right as he got out the door so I'm not surprised he chose the gun over the taser. Your second paragraph about special affirmative action would go against what BLM is fighting for which is equality. Exactly! I could see him accidentally getting knocked out and staying in place but then why was he snugly behind a panel. Someone would have had to place that panel knowing he was there or he stowawayed on purpose. I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering about this it's been driving me nuts. This is a tough situation. May one shot would have been enough to stop her? I'd be for reparations if we could figure out a way to do it so that we wouldn't hear people bitching about it all the time. Like most people on this sub are now. We'd never hear the end of it. Even my racist grandmother thought Chauvin went too far kneeling on Floyd's neck killing him. Cut this guy loose. Kuatories here, here! The trolls are infuriating. I wouldn't be able to stomach posting all these quotes. Why torture yourself? I don't think anyone thinks Floyd was a good guy or a pillar of morality. It should be irrelevant as it relates to what happened. If Chauvin could get off doing that to Floyd then none of us (of any race) would be safe in this country from bad apple police officers. View all replies >