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Ep 4 (spoilers) Ad Astra prequel Chapter 2 (spoilers) Enjoyed ep one... Ian and Gandolfini died on June 19. Just so damn good. No interest in this... Just saw the Radiohead trailer Pretty goofy I don't have much sympathy for these people View all posts >


And WW4 is fought with sticks and stones There are a lot of conflicts and fights we could avoid. No one's willing to think outside the box. Never signed up for Twitter. It's not like you set a timer and go from bloviating to instantly dropping dead in 10 min. He was given 100 mg, the high end of a normal dose of morphine sulfate for sever pain is 15-17 mg. It was given IV which means straight into the vein. There's just no way. I've been wrong before and will be again but not about this. Like I said it didn't kill the movie for me at all I still enjoyed it very much but when you're in the medical field if you can't call bs on something as blatant as this then you probably shouldn't be working in that field. I'm familiar with it. I suppose it comes down to what you believe is the bigger threat. White supremacists ' or speech attack's. I've heard open marriage stories and rumors about them for years. It's highly likely Will cheated too. But regardless, I don't think it's worth spending any more energy on this. Remember to vote in November. Peace. So what? Personally im not down with cheating but iff 2 married ppl agree to have an open marriage that's their business. I can it judge myself baby judge others. I'm an American and I see what you're saying. Often times people come on these boards to bait people into calling them racists. You're arguing in favor of freedom if speech which is a good thing. There are many actual racists that make these arguments on the internet disingenuousl. I'm fir free speech but I'm too busy to debate it around the clock so if YouTube wants to save us all the time in ok with that exception. But it's a slippery slope and I could be wrong. It's kind of like preaching to the choir at this point which I suppose is a good thing that such a large choir dislikes #45. How about a best supporting actor nom for Delroy Lindo? View all replies >