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Plot twist prediction (spoiler maybe) Hallie Berry in Die Another Day... Training Day much? Episode 6 (spoilers) Season 3 (ep 2 spoilers) Home Alone 2 cameo Iran I can't read any of the posts on here Short prediction for next ep(spoilers) Terrible this is the first post... View all posts >


Good thing it's a moot point now that the cat is out of the bag I think each president and first spouse should be required to clean a toilet in the Whitehouse once a year. Ehh James Bond should have 007, always and forever like diamonds. Ok well that's something. Why not just say Trump's tweet was in poor taste and move on? Why defend Trump over this? She's gold digger smart, I'll give you that. It's a better tittle than the last 2 films at least. I swear they were on track to make the next one something cookie cutter like Terminator : Absolution. She's not ugly. At least he owns up to his mistakes and doesn't say everything he did was great. Annabelle's sweet 16. View all replies >