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OP is the reason why movies suck ass these days........ and sjw feminists as well... of course passengers for me Russia Russia Russia Russia indeed... sweden has been lost for years. that is why they needed this girl with mental issues, to divert the real serious problem over to this climate debate. Try to watch some youtube videos on swedish no go zones and crime and rape in sweden...... They also used this girl and climate hysteria in neighboring Denmark.... left wings parties used climate is the big boogie man, and used it as the number 1 topic in the june 5 election. Brainwashing the youth left wing parties won the national election ! :-( lame move How petty tom petty typical...... libs and left wingers all around the world: DON'T DO WHAT WE DO...... DO AS WE SAY... watch SNL (with her new man) ... poo also comes out the other end. get the super glue out homie ! it's a real fixer upper 🍑 🍆 ........ 🍄 ahh yes..... butt remember, after that lazy canadian ryan reynolds has been there, there might not be much muscle left. that butthole could be looser than a european tourist's stool on a mexican vacation. just a normal part of living in a big city -Khan View all replies >