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shame Greta didn't chose to focus her energy Dark fate deleted scene perfect as the Joker can anyone here come up with a better story for last blood how could the alien breathe in space.. does it not need oxygen? is the "Repulsive Violence" committed by the joker? movie critics find it problematic Movie might not be good, but critics have no power or merit anymore bad reviews for this movie and the new joker movie View all posts >


exactly. you nailed it if you can't afford them stop having babies. overpopulation, the root of all bad things on earth yes.... all left wing women should travel a bit.... go to africa and the middle east and everywhere islamic and see the "women are lower than dogs and donkey mentality".... it's a good wake up call, that shit could, and maybe will be in the future: A WHOLE LOT WORSE ! yeah LeMan = sexist and misogynistic .... need a LeWoman reboot why exactly did skynet hate humans that much. And once skynet had defeated the humans what would skynet and the terminator do all day? sit around knitting, or just bask in their glory? what exactly would they do and why. hitler was not a fascist, he was a national socialist right, but Greta is a lot more insane.... and her parents encourage her, not sure adolf's did that that is true..... a nice backpacking / tent trip to Morocco, would open their eyes.... or more likely close them forever FU SN and all libturds and left wingers..... move to the middle east, where you will find all the censorship you desire so much..... plus all the violence and women abuse you desire because he is a left winger.... one of those that value mooching muslim migrants higher than canadians who live and breathe for canada. Trudeau , one day at gay pride parade, next day at a mosque among gay haters.. smfh. oh canada..... View all replies >