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Thanks for Covid Yahoo suspends comments on stories as the majority do not fit their political agenda Trans Abby Gets Smashed Hard, Last Of Us 2 J.K Rowling Gets CANCELED By The Twitter Mob Anita Sarkeesian Calls For LEGO To Remove Police Themed Sets Lucas films hire racist to write new female driven series Welcome to Sweden Lucas films hire racist to write new female driven series Disney Eyeing Female Lead for Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot A trio of witches are trained to become powerful weapons for the American military. View all posts >


she is still fucking a camel Low IQ alert yahoo did not suspend the comments section because they wanted to create a safe environment. They did not like that their articles were being voted down or commented negatively by margins of 5 to 1. Articles like the BLM riots were peaceful . But allowing contrary facts and opinions didn't fit the left's narrative. Instead Yahoo reporters want to hide the peaceful protestors destruction like throwing rocks and water bottles filled with urine and acid. Then they hide behind the clear deception by claiming they are being responsible by suspending (euphism for eliminate) the comments. That's not safe, that's brainwashing censorship. Doggiedaddy ... ugh that POS is the worst. what a name as well..... his daddy took him doggystyle still... no need to let the rest of us know :-( Alien was a great movie Or maybe the programmer thought he was making NFL 21 LOL Aggressives: 99 Tackle:99 Stamina:99 God DAMN ! the indians were the ones that used the name to describe themselves. only ones that want the name gone, are white low IQ libs, that are offended by everything and anything, and even on other peoples behalf. "Linguistic evidence indicates that, while some tribes may have used red to refer to themselves during the Pre-Columbian era based upon their origin stories,[10]:634 the general use of the term was in response to meeting people who called themselves "white" and their slaves "black".[10]:629 The choice of red rather than other colors may have been due to cultural associations, rather than skin color." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redskin#Red_as_a_racial_identifier lol :) "Blacks are less than 13% of the population" but to be fair... those 13% commit 50% of the serious crimes View all replies >