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Stalker (1980) Now free to watch on Youtube. When AJ threw Tess off the water tower the mother creature couldn't jump off the ground and break her fall. NOT A PLOT HOLE: I see people saying this movie has plot holes because where did they get food and where are bodies? Did the Nolan Brothers steal the Tesla Teleportation+Clone+Murder Machine from "Think Like a Dinosaur" (1995) Novelette? Is 2010: The Year We Make Contact the most forgotten good sequel of all time?? RIP Role Call for the Blues Brothers Movie Updated for 2021. View all posts >


Del Toro' is a Movie buff he certainly didn't do this on accident. He either just loved the cover art or perhaps there are parallels with "The Crow" and "Pinoccio" if you dig deep into the two films. i haven't seen "The Crow" since '94 and I can't recall any details of it's story so I don't know if the two films have many parallels or not. SPOILERS AHEAD: First off I highly recommend the Movie for many reasons. First off what better director to make a Roman movie than an actual Italian?? One reason being it's actually filmed in Egypt and there are 3 set pieces that blew me away. First we see the actual step Pyramid casually in the background. Second shot we see the Great Pyramid and Egypts other giant Pyramids. Finally we see a shot with the Sphinx and they mention something about why does the Sphinx keep smiling. What's interesting is we get a great look at the Sphinx before they did it's restoration in the 1980's and it had a much different appearance than now. The Movie reminds me of a Tarantino movie with the way it casually plays with Historic facts. The movie is said to take place 25 years after Spartacus which would be year 46BC. By 46BC Crassus was already dead for 7 years by trying to campaign in Partha. He took his army and got lost in the Desert before the Partha Army found them and slowly killed his entire army including Crassus son who proved himself as a smart tactical leader and fought very bravely for Caesar in Gaul. It's been said the Partha Army accepted a request for Crassus to talk terms of surrender. Crassus must have liked his chance at negotiating for his life being the richest man in Rome he should have some bargaining power but instead they killed him by pouring molten gold down his throat (as the movie depicted). My big gripe with the movie was it's "Hollywood' happy ending. IRL in 46BC Caesar was literally the Dictator for life and he couldn't allow a 4th Serville War to go unpunished. Crassus had 15K slaves crucified after the 3rd Serville War (Spartacus uprising). The son of Spartacus (Randus) should have been put on the Crucifix and make it an allegory for Jesus is what I was hoping for. If Caesar killed Randus he could feasibly allow the other slaves to live. I recommend this film like Kubricks other Sequel 2010:space oddysee. Both get 6.5/10 If you haven't seen it yet and based on this post I'm guessing you haven't. The best Basketball movie by far was "Hoop Dreams". It's a documentary of 2 kids we follow their lives dream of playing in the NBA. When we first meet the kids they are in 8th grade and by movies end we have seen their lives and basketball careers end when they get out of Highschool. Will they get scholarships will they make the NBA? Their are funny part's and others had me tearing up. Great movie and great stories. I still have a copy on VHS. Hoosiers was great but Hoop Dreams hit's hardest. That movie had me in tears in parts. Truth is darker than fiction. I was 13 and to old to admit I liked Turtles. I watched the hell out of the move on VHS though. I was just a touch too old for this. My childhood was He-Man, Thundercats, Transformers, and Voltron. You sound like an over protective parent. Let them enjoy this film. When I was their age I was already watching Revenge of the Nerds including the scene "We've got BUSH!" I agree this movie was great but best adaptation ever? Even the biggest turtles fan has admit Godfather is a better adaptation than this. Lord of the Rings Trilogy?? This was great but not even same galaxy as those classics. Red Letter Media recently did a special review on TMNT The Movie with Mike and Rich Evans talking about how great it is and how bad TMNT 2 was. This movie has captured the greatest representation of what Hell would be like I've ever seen and it gets great marks for that alone.. The story is probably their but you have too interpret it through symbolism and I might not be artsy fartsy enough to decipher that. I'll have a family member watch it that's big into are and she can explain it to me. Dude I was just gonna post this exact message! It's absolutely feature length Tool Video. it's a cross between a Tool Video and and the silent movie "Metropolis" from 1927. Steampunk tech. All very cool shit but the movie like "Metropolis" is silent leaves us very little in terms of any narrative. Feels like this is an artistic representation of hell and it's best representation of it I've ever seen but as far as a "Movie" goes it's like I can go run a 5 minute errand and not feel like I missed anything on the plot. Russia has openly threatened to Nuke every country in the west at some point over the past 9 Months because of his disaster he created in Ukraine.. Putin needs to give these old flicks a rewatch because he may have lost touch with reality. View all replies >