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The Secret of the Sword vs Masters of the Universe: Revelation Scare Glow scenes did fans really hate orko? fans are not allowed to dislike something they kept alive for 30+ years this would have been a good storyline in like season 2 or 3 Kevin Smith tells fans "Grow the f--- up" Rate: Masters of the Universe: Revelation Fans rate show 25% on Rotten Tomatoes IGN - Basically, this is Teela's show. Did he act in Poltergeist? View all posts >


Mattel rather the fans that buy toys be happy its good troll the daughters were implied sons in the original films Gwildor is awesome i thought it was poorly executed though , some good ideas, Teela a little unlikable , there was not enough buildup to kill off He-man and Skeletor in the first episode , love Evil-Lynn in this but poor Orko this is great camp fun , enjoyable but not really He-man, its even better than Disney Star Wars no one thinks He-man is dead , i hope part II is better, they tried to shock fans , but all they did was ruin Teela and kill off some fan favorites . Its not Nolan tone at all , more like Zack Snyder 🤣 I liked it but it's Shera in name only View all replies >