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Career over Oh Bill Bearding for Cory Booker Captain Marvel Takes A Literal Shot At 'Sexist' True Lies Over/Under 60% 2nd Weekend Drop? Solo or Captain Marvel MCU Ranking Best To Worst 7/10 Good For A Marvel Film Audience 61% Men | 39% Women On International Women’s Day View all posts >


2 weeks [url][/url] around 54% drop, will have to wait for finals but +/- 2% in any direction Awesome, bring it on its making 1.1b so yes nope , i think it will take 4 weekends. In China it falling fast , 80% drop expected. 7/10 above average mcu film Yes Take a career hit like Wesley Snipes, maybe do some time Troll bots spamming 1s, and fan bots spamming 5s i can't even rate Captain Marvel on RT. All other movies i can. Conspiracy View all replies >