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10000000000000000% tick tock plastic surgery Tim Miller i think it will inspire as much as anything else, if a cbm triggered someone, than it would just be something else if this never existed. so either way people will be psychos regardless of film Bob Iger since the real world sucks, and the movie is too real so it sucks, more a commentary than criticism Is Joker art, or is it ugly, empty nihilism? Maybe that question shouldn’t matter; it might honestly be both. But the truth is that entertainment doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and a movie with the message this one hammers home again and again — that life is nasty and short; that no one cares; that you might as well burn it all down — feels too volatile, and frankly too scary, to separate from the very real violence committed by young men like Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck in America almost every day. (We’ve chosen not to grade Joker, which had its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and comes to theaters Oct. 4) [url][/url] Cop out Kylo will serve a purpose , probably suicide View all replies >