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Yup, MCU fans trying to trash Avatar record, i agree, 100% [url][/url] At this rate, expecting worst-case outcomes for Endgame is pointless. It's shown us it has the momentum and popularity to not just beat worst-case scenarios and even regular lower-end predictions, but to in fact score closer to higher-end potential. [b]So I'm ready to commit -- Avengers: Endgame will top Avatar as the highest-grossing movie in film history by the end of its run. Even in the face of strong consistent competition in the coming weeks and months, I see no realistic scenario in which Endgame suddenly falls of a cliff around the world and "comes up short" to the tune of "only" $2.5-2.6 billion. Even if the next couple of weeks see it dropping to the tune of 70% or so, it will eventually start holding better again and slowly inch its way toward the #1 position on box office charts.[/b] losers Omg, it was supposed to be a foregone conclusion, but Endgame dropping so bad with no 100m openers. he got cast 250k , crazy its going to be close, if Di$ney cheats they will piss off Jim nice and hairy Time travel 🤔 2022 View all replies >