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My Most, Savage reviews Lived long enough to see himself become the villain Interview by Bill Moyers Great quote... Poster hall of fame [CLOSED] ***BAKER'S DOZEN: Snap to it! [CLOSED] ***Baker's Dozen: Songs with whistling How to Succeed in Business, the Bob Iger Way Archived vandalism from his Wikipedia page And when Kathleen Kennedy saw the breadth of her domain... View all posts >


Good, I'm glad we could make peas. I'm not complaining. These puns can't be beet! Now we know the source for all this corn. Blondie Renaissance Nightwish There can be only one explanation for the low scores. It's so super-duper great that the millions and millions of fans are either too enthralled by endless re-watches or they're desperately looking online to buy their Yord and Jecki figures to give this masterpiece its well-deserved 10 out of 10 reviews, leaving it vulnerable to those mean old mean bad people. Oh, Leslye Headland, did you have to be that good? I half expected someone to say Whitney Houston. Radio days. Allen was the narrator. He didn't appear in person. Then there's the ever-so-forgettable Sgt. Bilko and McHale's Navy. Also Arrow (the first two seasons, anyway), Banshee, and Hannibal. View all replies >