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The Birds link to Alien The Birds were attacking because they were offended by Tippi wearing the same [email protected] everyday Its bombing because of the patriarchy, simple as that!!!! The Final Girls (2015) should be considered a F13th movie The Final Girls (2015) should be considered a F13th movie A perfect time capsule of Stallone's ego in 1986 Its burning question we have been asking for decades and only NASA knows..... Joes PR Team doing a good job..see below...not above. Would a monster of the week format be better? View all posts >


"I dont care what the HATERS say" Argues with anyone slightly negative about anything WB/DC related. Of course he can. A low budget VOD with no star to name of is dead and buried, probably won't even get greenlit. Add John Travolta or Nic Cage, they come in, film gets greenlit, gets some press based on their star power, they demand half the budget and basically strut around set like kings. You think Travolta is cowering in a corner over a two bit production with a no name director, no name crew and no name actors. He is paid based on his name. His name gets the movie made its as simple as that. Most CGI a couple of years later is cringe worthy. Because the youbglings cant handle it. Janky overdone CGI with crazy physics and uncanny valley faces is the only way to go. The best solution would be to make it look really good, blend perfectly into the scene in regards to lighting and have it move stop motion like following the exact same path and movement. Have it overlay and not redo the whole scene. But we all know hollywood, they will probably start doing triple backflips with crappy CGI. The only problem I see is the matting effects are bad and the picture looks washed out and lower resolution when the exo Terminator is walking to the door where Kyle and Sarah are trying to shut the door and you have that square where its matted over and a lower frame rate. Even if they clean up the matting a little better and improve the frame rate differences. VODs: All the budget went on him and he can do what he wants and makes as many demands as he wants, thats why he takes them. He makes godawful choices. He walks into any old role, mostly comes out smelling of crap, occasionally smelling of roses with a decent director who can give him the guidance he so badly needs and it revives his career because he does have charisma and talent but cannot channel it well himself. What was there not to get about the whole thing? Out of everybody in his circle, mainly his own family, she was the only person he could trust and was honest with him. She showed humilitiy, cared about more things than money and overall she was a good human being. SHe was his only friend. His family were leeching, counting his money and waiting for him to die so they could get his money. "it was more a factor of the large field of movies managing to split votes. " With Parasite being considered the best by more of the Academy voters. We all know the Oscars are a joke but Parasite was pretty good. What was your favorite film this year in general? The Little Women story has been told more times than the Batman origin View all replies >