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WooOoooH! The parents are just as accountable. "fooled" my ass! Will China save this bomb? yet another star is born, with laddy gug gug this time So this almost won best picture........why? Flop Tarman is Greatest Zombie creation on film The girl was a trashy character MT Score has identical parts in North by Northwest score. Why when i load front page, Trump always on the screen. is he the hottest movie star in the world or what? Visually stunning, great soundtrack, terrible acting and dubbing. 8 out of 10 View all posts >


All style and no substance. It did hold its enjoyment pretty well. You should try Shakedown with Sam Elliot and Peter Weller. Cop and a lawyer buddy movie. The stunts are insane, the only thing lets it down is the ending,, it looked like they ran out of time and money to finish it. oh kid, if it was a film you disliked you would be doing a little dance around the 25% thing and holding up as truth. It comes to a film you are fanboying over and suddenly you are suspicious. Not just of me but many, multiple people reporting that the Chinese government have a deal to release 34 non-Chinese films a year and only giv back 25% of the takings up from a measly 13% before they made the 2012 deal. So where is your evidence that China gives more back to the studio? Show me where you found reports that its bullshit? Im skeptical of your bullshit dude. >Over at Captain Marvel, a knowledgeable poster says Marvel gets a pretty good return in China. A poster (chortles), but journalists who work in the industry are to be side eyed and dismissed because it doesn't fit your narrative. Disney straight up distributes its own films in China. Not that you would look into that or know anything about it. Of course not, but are somehow skeptical because your "knowledge" tells you different. When theres another mouth to feed down the line like a distrubuter, thats another percent of the box office not going back to the studio so the 25% is again SPLIT. Who knows what kind of deals Disney is making over there compared to other studios. And figure in that China has been stealing box office money from the studios, not that you would know anything about that with all your deep knowldge of the industry which leads you to be skeptical. [url][/url] Multiple multiple accounts that the takings are 25% with detailed explanations as to why. [url][/url] The average cost of a movie ticket in China currently approximates RMB 35 ($5.10), from which RMB 3.3 ($0.48) is paid as a Value Added Tax (VAT)* RMB 5 ($0.73) is apportioned to the National Special Funds for the Development of Film. From the remaining RMB 26.7 ($3.89) RMB 11.48 ($1.67), or 43% gets divided by the production/distribution companies, with the particular split determined according to their own agreement. RMB 13.35 ($1.94), or 50% is kept by the individual cinema operator RMB 1.87 ($0.27), or 7% will be passed on to the theater’s cinema circuit. *In 2016, an incentive was added, stipulating that theaters which derive two-thirds of their annual revenue from domestic films only have to pay RMB 2.5 ($0.36) as Special Funds. According to published reports, operating costs of a Chinese cinema are reckoned at roughly 10% for rent, 10% for labor costs, 7-8% energy costs, and 2-3% for marketing. Consequently, the net income from the purchase of an average RMB 35 ticket will be roughly RMB 9.34 ($1.36). This model applies to domestic Chinese productions. Hollywood imports and Co-Productions are accorded their split (25% and 40%, respectively) from the full revenue, with the distributor and theaters subsequently dividing 91.7% of what’s left over. [b]About the author Jonathan Papish currently covers the Chinese film industry out of New York City, but previously spent 8 years working in China. Jonathan has been a social media and digital assistant for dGenerate Films, a distributor of Chinese contemporary independent cinema and, most recently, he covered the Chinese market for Jonathan is also an audiovisual Mandarin to English translator and has subtitled several high-profile Mainland films and television programs.[/b] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [b]Under the current agreement, signed in 2012, studios get 25% of gross ticket receipts, half of what theaters usually cough up in other major territories. The agreement also allows just 34 overseas releases to play in China each year, though that quota was exceeded last year. The agreement is due for renegotiation this year, and the studios will be seeking to sweeten the terms.[/b] [url][/url] [url][/url] [b]Under the current deal, international studios receive 25 per cent of Chinese box office revenues (compared with around 40 per cent in other markets), with the rest going to local co-production studios, Chinese distributors and cinemas.[/b] [url][/url] [url][/url] Now just please, stfu. $100 million made in China is $25 million. if some of thats not stolen on the way We will hear Alita 2's been greenlit when we hear word of the Warcraft trilogy, which also has China as its biggest box office country. That good old Chinese fanbase. You going to travel to China, meet up with all the other Alita heads, cosplay as one of the characters for the premier of Alita 2? Domestic could care less, Europe couldn't care less. It hasnt made its money back yet, still in the red. Studio only gets 25% back from Chinese box office as per a Chinese government agreement unless the film is a co-production with a Chinese company then it gets the average 40% the studios usually get back from foreign markets without using an outside distributer or other factors. Thats why its so important to hit domestic or co-produce with China I'm not passing the blame. MJ is the monsterous beast. The mothers delivered their own flesh and blood to be devoured by the beast. They should be held accountable and from what it looks like one of the kids is holding his mother accountable. >The parents who got fooled Ha ha fooled. they knew what was going down behind closed doors and facilitated it. They fed the beast their own sons just to be in the glamorous lifestyle and continued to feed the beast for some scraps of glamour after they were shut out of neverland, she delivered the kid back to the pedophile. >are not primarily responsible A parent is primarily responsible for their child's welfare. Would you let your child sleep alone with a grown ass man and especially after he was suspected of pedophilia? And she wonders why her son got fucked in the ass? Like she was duped? Bullshit, total bullshit. Rocky 1 9/10 my imdb scores Rocky Balboa 8/10 Rocky 2 7/10 Rocky 3 7/10 Creed 7/10 Creed 2 6/10 Rocky IV 6/10 Rocky 5 3/10 Rewatched them all recently Creed 1 didn't have the same impact the 2nd time I saw it. It was a good film and I was glad to get another good Rocky film. Rewatched Rocky Balboa and it resonated much much more >you can't even spell shekel correctly. CHinese spellling dingleberry You dont understand plain and simple math. $350 million box office does not translate to $350 million directly back to the studio. Especially when a big chunk is earned in China. Its not that hard to understand. The firgure that wildly moves from $350-$500 million moves for a reason. A film that takes $350 million at the box office does not bring in exactly $350 million back to the studio. Everybody is taking a their cut before it gets there. Now the number $500 million is based on if its making the money back in China who take a bigger cut of the box office compared to domestic. $350-500 million is not some bullshit figure, its depndant on where the box office is coming from and how much of a cut is being taken before it gets back to the studio. It hasnt broke even yet because the majority has come from overseas and mainly China So when a movie ticket is sold domestic, how much do you think goes directly back into the pockets of the studio? Now apply that to China. If you think a film that takes $350 million at the box office has a $350 million return you are very very wrong. Now apply that to China. View all replies >