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Its bombing because of the patriarchy, simple as that!!!! The Final Girls (2015) should be considered a F13th movie The Final Girls (2015) should be considered a F13th movie A perfect time capsule of Stallone's ego in 1986 Its burning question we have been asking for decades and only NASA knows..... Joes PR Team doing a good job..see below...not above. Would a monster of the week format be better? Why are Game of Thrones fans allowed to be disapointed but Star Wars fans not? Why are Game of Thrones fans allowed to be disapointed but Star Wars fans not? View all posts >


>Also helps if characters are multi faceted not just Girl Power caricatures. The Drew Barrymore Charlies Angels came with the positive baggage of being well known and having a career to bring something extra to the role and in 2000 Barrymore and Diaz were a draw, with Lucy Liu bringing something to the table. There was appeal to both men and women. To top it off Bill Murray is Charlie, Sam Rockwell, Matt Le Blanc off the back of Friends, Tim Curry, Luke Wilson, LL Cool J and Crispin Glover filling up the cast. In this version two no names and the Twilight girl bring nothing, the Twihards are too old to care if Bella is in a movie 10 years after the fact. Main casting is awful in this one. I look at the poster and my face is blank. I see they tried something with adding Patrick Stewart but he alone is not enough to captain this sinking star ship. Anecdotal evidence. Besides, you are trying to argue that Matt Damon and Christian Bale are lesser-known and carry less box office draw than British TV bit-part girl with a cancelled after one season TV show. Nobody knows who they are apart from Twilight girl and nobody cares, they have zero draw, this film has zero draw, thats why it is failing. I expect to be "cancelled" real soon because I didnt pay good money to see a film I was not interested in. >These days looking for a film without agenda is like scanning for pearls in the desert. I'm a mouse looking for crumbs on a clean floor. non-Agenda crippled or good movies both. Charlie's Angels lead actors: Naomi Scott is currently #12 on the IMDb Starmeter Kristen Stewart is currently #16 on the IMDb Starmeter Ella Balinska is currently #22 on the IMDb Starmeter Go back a couple of month then see what they were on the Starmeter. >Without question, interest in Charlie's Angels and the lead actors in this film is huge. So I'm shocked as to why, despite all the interest, it did so poorly at the box office here in the U.S. Because there was very little real interest. NO! its clearly because you hate women and have never been laid yet! Its your internal mysoginy telling you that you dont like them /S Y cannut U dekide? Rear Window Psycho North By Northwest Dial M For Murder Rope Vertigo Strangers on a Train The Birds The 39 Steps The Last Jedi subverted our expectations for the next film. People are about as hyped for it as an Avatar sequel. It will have to have some pretty strong reviews, not just by critics this time, by the fans in general before I pay to see it. JJ has been left with a pretty hard job with the scraps of crap RR handed him. Luke a miserable old man is gone, Lei alive but dead in real life. Rey's parents are drunks, JJ is going to pull the rabbit out of the hat with this one. Rey is the Emperors kid. Just like Anakin was a darkside kid. That happened? Who made the decision to include that old tired "joke". Im glad I checked out after 3. Torrented Salvation, will never pay money to see another Terminator or Die HArd again unless they seriously up the quality. View all replies >