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Why are Game of Thrones fans allowed to be disapointed but Star Wars fans not? Why are Game of Thrones fans allowed to be disapointed but Star Wars fans not? It's time for his Oscar Hawkeye's new fuckboi look WooOoooH! The parents are just as accountable. "fooled" my ass! Will China save this bomb? yet another star is born, with laddy gug gug this time So this almost won best picture........why? Flop Tarman is Greatest Zombie creation on film View all posts >


yep >Their films are literally like watching a child shake a box of toys around. Yet their action scenes are followable and don't turn into a video game mess with no spatial awareness. And they carved a character into a CGI bad guy making him one of the best villains in movie history. >If the Russo’s hadn’t made these films, somebody else would have If Nolan didn't make Batman somebody else would have and it wouldn't be as good. And it would be something else entirely, like the Justice League. The characters were held in bear cages season 3, turn the wheel and get the food. Many other things after that explain the use of polar bears by Dharma. And the question about the polar bears still gets asked. The one that often creeps up that makes me laugh is "why was there a dead polar bear in the desert, they never answered that" If you actually took notice the show did answer it gradually through the seasons. From season 3. It's like they want someone to pop up on screen, speak into the camera giving them a full answer on the polar bear in the desert. "it isnt leggy" Wait, tell me how much it has made up to now? And tards like you usually say this "but wait till those BluRray and Netflix sales." But this time wait for those Bluray and netflix sales. For the next 25 years, no doubt. These last 2 films will clean up like Lord of the Rings, Star Wras type clean up. Not like a Taken 3, Alita Battle Angel type Blu-ray clean up. Not like it needs it because its one of the biggest money makers of all times. of all times. And a success with the audience that paid to see it. So after cinema this series will smash any profit exectations, pay for any salaries multiple times over. And you will sit at 70 years old bitter and angry while this series has made a staggering amount of money while making a staggering amount of people happy. And you will sit, stinking, bitter. the FBI walk in, cuff you up and they will dig up under your house to find all the bodies. While you sit on death row, these films will make more money than your whole family line since the dawn of time until the end of your family line when you get a bolt through the brain sanctioned by the government End game was a rip roaring success in box office and audience approval. So whatever Queen fan. Everybody walks away a winner. Apart from you. how many screens did it play at on its first week? Everybody went to see it in the first week hence the massive box office so quickly. Queen trying to play it off as a minus, one of the biggest money makers of all time and deservedly so. A pop corn flick for all the family that is actually good, unlike Jurassic park reboots and Transformers garbage. >You ever been to a depo shop? All of that in one place in any larger town around. You can confirm there was a depo shop close enough to the waterfall with enough lumber, tools, supplies and a cart large enough, with good enough wheels to trawl through a muddy forest? You saw this in the movie? >or, you know, dont have half the family die when a baby cries. contardicts: >Depending on what they are building - months Months? they so they are going to carry a baby around on those 10 mile lumber trips now? or you know, there is no depot close enough. Done. there is your answer. >Dude, i have built houses before, in fact im in the middle of helping my father build one right now. Silently? in the middle of a wet, muddy forest with rocks all around? Or was it in perfect conditions, picking the perfect area of flat, dry ground and making as much noise as you like? Having built houses before you must know you cannot do it silently. >They made trips to towns for food, they can make trips for construction material. A few tin cans are a lot different to hauling a load of lumber around, enough to build a house with. >you get a manual cart and ride it down. Down where? like a hill? it could be anywhere, miles, many trips, more noise. Through a forest lol, a muddy, wet forest. So now they have to find a cart big enough to carry lots of lumber around on top of finding all the building materials enough to build a whole house. If think we have your answer, Why didn't they just build a house next to the waterfall? Because they couldn't find the materials to do it. The town did not have a lumber yard. Done. >meaning they could make that trip to construction site easily. Wheres the lumber yard? Where is the farm, where is the waterfall? You dont even have distances, for all we know it could be a few hours walking to the waterfall from the house and the town was in the opposite direction. >My idea is to make your home in an area that makes you immunte to detection of creatures that will kill you. The whole area would make you immune? Again, they had to get right under the waterfall before they could make any noise. Its like logic has gone out of the window with you and forgotten how sound works. They cannot build a house directly under a waterfall. close would not be good enough, the sound is not loud enough to cover them. Just think for a second how sound works. In front is wet land, rocks, trees. And very low sound cover and the more you step away from the dead front and centre the less that sound cover becomes. Robocop 2 has its moments yeh. The part where they show all the new Robocops they are testing and they all keep failing, going crazy. Robocop 3 is just dumb. View all replies >