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Joes PR Team doing a good job..see below...not above. Would a monster of the week format be better? Why are Game of Thrones fans allowed to be disapointed but Star Wars fans not? Why are Game of Thrones fans allowed to be disapointed but Star Wars fans not? It's time for his Oscar Hawkeye's new fuckboi look WooOoooH! The parents are just as accountable. "fooled" my ass! Will China save this bomb? yet another star is born, with laddy gug gug this time View all posts >


He is always bringing his dog on set and has demands for premium dog food and toys which really cuts into the budget. I heard one story that his dog walked into the frame while they were filming a scene, he refused to do a retake so they had to CGI the dog out. Wachowski's released the sequel Matrix movies and the fans got mad, nobody liked them. Why are you choosing Star Wars fans to vent on? Those horrible toxic LOTR fans who dislike the new Hobbits. How dare they not like it. Those horrible toxic Matrix fans who dislike the sequel Matrix movies. How dare they not like it. Those lovely SJWs that bullied August Ames to suicide. what a nice bunch. ad hominem and gay shaming. Would it bother you if I was gay Aquaman is out on Bluray, so is Pacific Rim 2. Fighting robots! Go watch that. The cast weren't any better really. The script was worse by far and the film making is of a lower standard by far. Wes Craven was a very competent horror director, horror writer and came up with great concepts. Jack Sholder was a TV director mainly. Writer David Chaskin had a very short career. It seemed like the script was unrelated to the nightmare series and in a rush to cash in on the success of Nightmare it was pulled out of the trash and they quickly changed the demonic possession antagonist to Freddy. Its not like I hate the film, I like all of the Nightmare series, had seen them all as a child in the 80s. Recently from horror podcasts I had heard they were all bad and a chore to get through apart from 3 but after I rewatched them years later I enjoyed 2,3,4,5, New Nightmare and less so 6 being the lowest point and Part 3 being the highest point after the original In fact they were more enjoyable than the pretty lacklustre (in my opinion) Halloween sequels after part 3. But there is no way any of them are better horror film making than Nightmare on Elm Street 1984. There is a resurgence of popularity with Part 2, mainly based on how wacky it is with the gay subtext and a nostalgia trip. But....there is a reason why 1984 Nightmare is considered classic horror and Nightmare 2 is not, only to be considered a fun little amusement from the mid 80's. Theres a reason why part 3 is remembered most fondly and 4,5 and 6 are not. >Also other ones had bigger budgets. Bigger budgets equal better films. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3 had a bigger budget than the original. = better. At least Leather face was in Texas part 3, Freedy was barely in Nightmare 2 even though you claim its far superior film making and story telling. He is trolling. The first film, its concept and execution are ten fold on part 2 which is a rush job cash in on the popularity of the first film. Part 2 was most probably a script pulled out of the garbage and they added in Freddy at the end. He is barely in it. "its seqwills arr betta!!" Does that mean 4,5,6? which gradually get worse in film making, directing, acting and story telling? with a weekly monster show you can still have character arcs throughout the season. it just jigs the format up a little. I'd love to see all that exposition dialogue translated to Chinese then back to English. The majority of the film is exposition. People floating in front of each other explaining rules the other person already knows. View all replies >