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Richard Pryor and Marlon Brando were lovers, Pryor's widow confirms Marlon Brando Wanted To Play Jor-El As A Bagel In Original Superman Movie Portrait of an Impossible Mission: Protocol 23 Forgotten really really good film Apparently he was in possession of a large weapon but tried to conceal it Burning vs Sleepaway Camp Burning vs Sleepaway Camp A recommend for a lazy Sunday afternoon Looks like someones been inserting themselves into movie credits Greatest Movie Poster of All Times. View all posts >


>Yes I have a Master's degree in writing. I beg to disagree. Your post history shows some awful writing. It's not bad enough to be incomprehensible or nonsensical, but it's not great at all. Example 1: And why oh why did Aj takes on Elias again? THey run out of other Wrestlers who AJ can face? Seriously, Drop the title from Drew, give it to Aj. Have AJ get a new stable with Samoa Joe. Tired of these boring storylines. Roman is getting boring as well Retribution = boring All wrestlers = very plain and boring. AEW has more action but most of their moves they use in ring look like finishers. How many kicks to the heads, sweet chin music do all Wrestlers have to use? Example 2, a horror movie synopsis: The premise of the film, a young teen, Michael Myers, loses it and kills two boys on the school bus on Halloween on the way to school who is wearing the trade mark costume is on the loose while deputies and a Dr who he has been counseling him is on the pursuit. Michael ends up at a Halloween theme horror event at an old abandon Hospital where he terrorizes a group of young teens. What I know, the beginning has a one on one with him and a female Dr and it looks like he has been seeing her for years. He commits a murder and gets away with cops and his Dr in pursuit to find him. He terrorizes a group who puts on a Halloween horror theme at an old abandon Hospital where he encounters a new scream queen heroine. No mention of Sam Loomis or original characters. Hold on hot shot, there were many great 90s teen films. Highlights being Can't Hardly Wait, Dazed and Confused, House Party 1 & 2, Pump Up the Volume, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions, She's All That, Rushmore, Heathers. Then you get into all the teen horrors with a strong cast like Scream, Final Destination, I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Faculty. Then there's American Pie which was probably as important for teen movies as American Graffiti, Animal House, Porky's, Fast Times, Ferris Buellers, Breakfast Club, Superbad. I watched pretty much every teen movie of the 80s and 90s (rated above 5.5. imdb user score to filter out the junk) during COVD lockdowns. List of the better ones is below. If there are ones people feel I missed I left them off the list for a reason. (for example "My Science Project" and others I sat through and didn't like),asc&st_dt=&mode=detail&page=1 Knives Out was great. He stumbled with his take on Star Wars. >Unlucky erm, wut? Not quite my tempo Its common knowledge why both did not appear in BTTF 2. Manure clickbait article at its worst and I hate manure. I tried to read it, then realised it was the ramblings of a mad man >Is it possible that the Columbine shootings would have not occurred if Steven Spielberg had never wafted his putrid stench upon our culture, a culture he helped homogenize and propagandize? >Would the culture benefit from Steven Spielberg’s murder, or would it be lessened by making him a martyr? Or would people then begin to realize their lives had become less banal and more interesting due to his departure? >kids they were auditioning for no reason because the script didn't actually call for any kids to be in the movie. Funny because Elijah Wood had a speaking role in part 2, maybe ask him if Spielberg fiddled and the kids with speaking roles in part 1 from the 1955 skateboard scene. So Glover supposedly threatened a press conference outing everybody. They screw him royally. Then he forgets to hold the press conference. Or ask why Glover completed all of his film duties for part 1, while he was aware of kids being messed with then only gave resistance about it at a much later date when it came to pay talks, threatened to whistle blow then didn't and turned a blind eye on kids to getting raped while he took action in court over his likeness. Wouldn't they do auditions before Glover even had hold of a full script so how did he know who they would need for auditions? If he was there for audition days for part 1, he wouldn't have a full script to check over to see if kids had speaking roles. Other than his audition days for part 1, how would he know what went on? Is he allowed to hang around the studio buildings at leisure anytime he wants between movies. >Oh, sure, they invented a couple background walk on type roles for the kids to appear in to make sure the parents were assuaged. Journalism. Its obvious isn't it? Yeh you're right about the Changeling. It always felt like a 70's movie to me so I mistaked. Straw Dogs could be another though. Nolans taking a stab at mumblecore View all replies >