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wow - a decent actor completely ignored by the hollywood umm...ok-ish? reality vs fiction Impressive nice lil parody flick better than quiet place but barely crap ignore at all costs I've seen waaay better films with all-asian casts it does have a twist... View all posts >


Oh, Neil... I think the reason why I liked it is because I believe that a normal human being can actually be turned into a criminal rather easily - especially if placed in an environment where acting like a criminal is the only way to survive without being subdued/raped (prisons, unfortunately). I'd say that Hollywood is pretty racist towards Asians. More so than black peeps - and I suspect it's because they are the more vocal minority. Asians in general don't talk much about racism - for black people it's a common topic of discussion. One could argue it's because Asians don't experience as much racism as black people - but in hollywood, I'd argue that Asians get discriminated against by far more than black peeps. Whenever I see one of those 'post-apacolypse' films, there's a bunch of white and black peeps - seldom asians. I'm like - WTF happened to Asians? And hell - middle-eastern Asians get discriminated even more so - b/c even when they do put an Asian to fit the diversity gap hole - middle-eastern peeps are nowhere to be seen. It's hilarious because India and China make up half of the world's population - but Hollywood is an American entity - it's the like the world's epicenter of racism, so it's not really surprising. Having said that, I see more and more films where they do feature Chinese just to appeal to the Chinese audience - you'd think that's great, but those roles are usually so minor that it becomes clear from the onset that it's nothing more but a way to pander to the Chinese money. She is actually a legit actress. Waay better than the lead of Voyager in terms of acting ability and charisma. Yep - plenty of corruption in the police departments - could be a good one. though I imagine it would work better as a season-long story arc - rather than villain of the week sort of thing. Whoa - in today's society and culture - that's some real social justice warrior potential right there! Only black people get called out for gay jokes, yo. Welcome to amerikkka Just checked imdb - apparently it's going to be at least 2 seasons - which I think is an overkill for a show based on one book. Even the audiobook lasts around 7 hours (and it's a rather slow audiobook - with descriptions being the bulk of the book - so they are definitely stretching it. Dude, if Bortus got fired, he'd file a discrimination lawsuit! That's racism and homophobia trump cards in one! Starfleet would have to pay trillions in damages - and possibly cause a a bunch of brexits in the process. The story was also summarized in the original trilogy - there was no point in retelling it. View all replies >