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Fair point. But it's possible that Elvis' estate really is arse poor - so there's no money to be leeched from that bandwagon. I side with Jackson's estate in this whole farce lawsuit. MJ was messed up - I heard stories his friends recalled - and his behavior, voice, etc - it was all odd at best. He acted like a 5 year old child in a 40 year old man's body. That tells you there are numerous psychological and mental issues at hand. I have major problems believing that a dude with a mentality of a 5 year old would have much interest in molesting little boys. I'm not saying it's impossible - but rather improbable. Most pedophiles appear to have adult predatorial mindsets - not the mindsets of 5 year olds. But... MJ kind of brought it all onto himself by having little kids stay over at his place. Then again, I don't expect peeps of 5 year old mentality to know any better. Hmm - having said that.... just saw this video - It's a lil bit creepy. And the video is correct in stating that michael lied to the camera on more than one occasion about plastic surgery, etc. Here he is repeating the stuff about sharing the bed - but denying he'd ever do anything sexual - looks convincing - Bah - i dunno what to make of it all - I ain't taking no sides in this shit hole, but again, when dudes file a lawsuit after the accused is dead, there is no denying that money is the primary motivator. Justin Bieber is back in rehab and shit - it's not the abuse but rather a messed up childhood that gets you there. These kids come from broken families - their daddies offed themselves sometime after the divorce - their parents scared them more than anything else. Dude, R Kelly ain't an actor but he was pretty convincing. You don't need to be an actor to act your arse off for some money or for good testimony to avoid prison. So many story lines - and yet I seriously don't care much for any of them. Both discovery and orville are a huge fail S2 - that's not a good sign. I suspect that the resolution we got is a prelude to some sort of poor man's DS9 season-long war. I'm calling it now - there will be a time-travel episode where humans will witness how horribly bots were treated by their masters. The resolution to the war will cause robots to understand how wrong they were in seeing all organics as being the same - bla bla bla - we are so sorry, etc. Don't expect any sort of grey area here. Though admittedly, the reasons for the DS9 conflict were equally screwed up - and the resolution to that conflict was also fairy-tale like. The thing that DS9 did have going for it were fairly complex characters, sophisticated relationship between bajor and the federation, and a few other things which made things interesting. I wonder if I'm just not into sci-fi for teens anymore.... at my age, I want complex characters, mature storylines, lots of grey area, rather than white and black - so yeah - I'm getting too old for this shit. The question is, do you want those questions answered? At the end of the day, this TV show is for the new generation - it's kind of like the new star wars - same story retold. As such, I don't expect much of originality nor intelligence from orville. Discovery started off pretty well in the first season - but the second season it's a shitty soap opera. up I think OP died. Do not watch the film if you have a heart condition, folks! This being a sjw rendition of star wars, he'll probably say I am your mother - and then we'll get a surgery flashback. Cause racial tensions in the land of the free is already at pretty dangerous levels. So peeps are angry about him trying to turn things even more hostile via a hoax. The media is already being labeled fake - so them running with this story makes them look even worse. Having said that - I don't feel bad about the mainstream media, given how running fake stories is the norm these days. View all replies >