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the justice will now never be served err actors respond to ending of season 8 season 2 the brothers wore all-body hazmat suits - stinks like bullshit Has strong religious undertones looks like a failed pilot for a tv show - who still wants to read the final 2 books when GRRM wakes up? the last stand was the last decent xmen film View all posts >


This movie made you cry 12 times? Dude...... are you joking calling yourself a strong man? Anyways, I know a troll when I see one. Troll on, brother. Star wars was still a thing before the prequels. And the prequels can be blamed solely on the SW creator. All I'm saying is, the SW train got derailed a long time ago. Disney just took a step further in that derailment. The smartest thing GL did was to sell Lucasarts with all of his past accomplishments to Disney for a rather hefty sum. Because - the truth is, if not for Disney, he would have burned it to the ground all on his own, and unlike the disney deal, he would have made no money on that bomb - in fact, he would probably lose a lot of his own savings. So.... I might blame Lucas for a lot of things, but he did prove to be a rather astute businessman in the end. So at least that much should be applauded. ;) True - but that too is related to poverty. You will find that in most cases, the poorer the nation, the less paid the government workers, the more corruption there is. In the US the corruption is less on the local level, but is by far worse on the global level - especially when it comes to the US military - where the budget is so high that corruption there is at extreme levels. It's so bad, that US has started plenty of wars just to prop up the military budget and/or to have other parties keep buying US military tech (if fear mongering fails). Keep in mind, those wars cost thousands of lives (usually on the receiving end). So, as I've already said, extreme corruption in the US is most evident on the global scale - but not so much in the local level. The best reason not to live in Russia is the level of poverty. The average wage in Russia is lower than it is in China, for example. Crime is high. Corruption is high. But justice system? It's just as fucked up as it is in the States. Do not delude yourself into thinking that Justice system is somehow superior in the States. Suicide at the jail, which serves mainly as a holding facility for about 765 men and women awaiting trial for federal crimes of all levels, is rare. A review of published stories found only one such death in the past 21 years, the 1998 suicide of South Philadelphia drug kingpin Louis Turra, who reportedly hanged himself. NYPOST vs. CBS - take your pick. One of them is telling the truth, the other is lying through its teeth. I'm going to venture a guess and say that Epstein was murdered, because there are too many factors pointing in that direction. And yes, I don't give a fuck about what the mainstream media states - I think the vast majority of people now realize that a whole lot of it is bullshit, especially when politics is involved. This case was very political - a lot of powerful political figures were on the hook. Unicorn, unicorn, unicorn. Last I checked, USA already has the biggest prison complex in the world - with 1 percent of its population being behind bars. Once again, you should note that the vast majority of the people on whom the justice has fallen are poor. The rich and the wealthy avoid the slammer - unless, like Epstein, they move against the more wealthy and powerful - and even then, as we have just witnessed, they won't be able to say their word - the guilty parties - the wealthy and the powerful - they won't face justice. North Korea is worse, yes. Russia? Not so much. Yeah, rule of law for the poor, not so much for the rich. And once again, in your unicorn land, all of the mainstream media is owned by the 1 percenters. Apparently the last suicide this prison had was 21 years ago. In other words, given what we know of the case, and how many parties there were interested in seeing this guy disappear before he spills the beans, and how this prison was designed to be suicide-free - the odds of this being an actual suicide are less than 1 percent. It's bullshit. It's a cover up. It stinks. But the best part is? The mainstream media doesn't question the findings - and that tells you all you need to know about the mainstream media of today - it is owned by the rich who were most likely affiliated in one way or another to the white house/Hollywood pedophile ring. Justice in the 'land of the free' doesn't exist for the rich and powerful in the 'land of the free.' View all replies >