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not good episode 4 decent flick episode 3 episode 2 their jeffrey epstein double parter he seemed annoyed and agitated post the monologue For people with attention deficit disorder saw the cutscenes film the ending.... pretty open and suggestive of a sequel View all posts >


Yeah - one UK thinktank came to a similar conclusion. But... I dunno man. If law was an actual thing, USA would have been sued to bankruptcy years ago just by Iraq alone - with the whole WMD debacle. (Can you imagine me raping some woman and then saying in court that I did it to liberate her?) Having said that - u now have Trump and he doesn't mind using military for profit (just like every other US president). I suspect once USA overcomes cv19, it will start aiming its guns at China for real and the consequences of this won't be pretty for all parties involved (nor the innocent bystanders). There is this one Russian doctor who was being asked about the impact of cv19 on Russia and whether it could be as bad as Italy. He said it was unlikely, because Italy has a long life expectancy, while in Russia people tend to die quite young. I must admit.... he's kind of right. Living in Russia is a bit like living in the jungle, only the strongest survive - and once they weaken, they die early. I ain't clicking on that shit. We have a board here for a reason - Actually, you are wrong about the last bit Current smokers are 7-8 times less likely to get infected than a non-smoker. However, if they do get infected, they are twice as likely to end up in ICU than a completely healthy person (keep in mind - people with other pre-existing conditions are anywhere from 10-30 times more likely to end up in ICU). The workforce wouldn't be anymore disabled than it would have been from the common flu. What's causing the economic crisis is not the flu, but the actions undertaken by most governments of the world. I'm now reading that food shortage is coming as well. I feel like humanity cut its finger, but rather than putting a plaster on it, it is opting to amputate the whole goddamn arm. It doesn't look like we'll get to those numbers in April :( Keep in mind, 80 thousand people died from the common flu last year in the USA. The current numbers are pretty damn disappointing, given all the hype this covid19 is getting. Dude - the film has plenty of logical fallacies - not just the ending. My issues - anytime someone tries to fight the invisible person, they either can't grab him (as if he's a ghost entity), or they cannot overpower him/her (even when they are clearly more fit than the person in the suit). So, yeah, they gave the suit a few extra abilities, which director uses in random and often illogical manner - the ability to become intangible (it manifests in a few fight sequences - like the one with the black cop, when he was protecting his daughter) and the ability to double or triple your strength (this seems to be used in nearly every fight sequence - maybe the suit really does have this ability?). If he were to say he wanted to make more films with black/asian leads, there wouldn't have been a problem. Him saying no white leads, period - that's racism. In fact, if he were to direct films with only non-white leads (without verbally prohibiting the possibility of whites as being leads), people wouldn't complain - because he wouldn't flat out deny the opportunity for white leads in his future films. Words do matter. There are plenty of white directors that have only white leads in their films. No one is accusing them of being racists (unless they start featuring white leads in a Martin Luther Rr. biopic). If they say that they'll never have black leads in their films though - believe me, they'll be labeled as being racists and rightfully so. Key and Peele was very good - get out was good. The rest, including the twilight zone... umm... pretty crappy, actually. Him saying that he won't cast whites as leads in his films - what a dumb and racist thing to say. Any way you put it, he's on the creative and intellectual decline - artificially elevated by the woke Hollywood moguls. Yeah - this was more of drama than comedy - essentially it's dark comedy, but with very few comedic elements. It wasn't bad... but I must admit, I would have preferred just a comedy with more laughs. Still, the acting was pretty decent. I'd say it was much better than 'deadly adoption'. At the same time, if you go in expecting to see a comedy, this might prove to be a major disappointment. View all replies >