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saw the cutscenes film the ending.... pretty open and suggestive of a sequel crappy film - much worse than the original new trailer - ah... Decent film a kid's film disguised as a film for adults - don't go if you're an adult not bad the justice will now never be served err actors respond to ending of season 8 View all posts >


If he didn't do it himself, he (and his family) would be next - or at least that's what was implied by Pesci character. nah - make a legit tv series with good sfx, writing and decent actors and you may just be able to revive this pile of crap. I think this film is over-hyped (it's not bad, believe me, but not quite a masterpiece)- and I'm not a big proponent of imdb or other review sites where the ratings have been bought by the studios for many years now. You want reality? check the forum posts here - this is why imdb shut down the forum boards, peeps kept calling out imdb for inflating ratings, and when the film was actually crap, forum posts always reflected this. Scorsese should have used younger, lesser known actors. Instead, he went for nostalgia and sure thing, thereby ending up with a pretty flawed product. And I think he ran out of money at some point, due to a few sloppy scenes, which I'm sure he would have re-shot if he had the funds (a very big chunk of the funds went into the de-aging tech). I'd say no - primarily because I saw those films earlier - and this film felt like a rehash of those films in many ways. It's very possible that had this film come out prior to those films, we'd be saying that this film is his masterpiece and not vice versa. The point being.... there's a reason why some films are called classics and others are not. There's also a reason why earlier films of the same kind tend to get better scores than the later films. When something feels like a derivative of previous work, it no longer contains the same element of surprise or drama - mostly because the viewer has already seen a similar film before, so the element of amazement and surprise is gone. I do wish Scorsese was brave to venture into other film genres. Spielberg has tackled various film genres, and he made quite an impression as a director because of it - and because of the quality of those films. Scorsese is doing the same thing for which he's criticizing the superhero films (rightfully so, but.... why not lead by example?). Apparently, you are full of shit. So, stop spreading bullshit on the net. Read and learn and stop defending the tranvestites who fucked him over. In fact, you can help Chong by buying the book he wrote this year about the corrupt movie industry - The Kill Off By Marcus Chong Oh - and here is him talking about what happened - What is dumb on his part is that he thought he could win against the corporate machine - he should have known better. Apparently he thought he would destroy WB with this 'documentary' - The documentary is crap - and the fact that he threatened them with this documentary..... makes him seem naive at best. I'd say this was a good series - i haven't seen the film, by the way. There is a good mix of comedy, horror and pure desperation from the lead, who sees that the war is being run by incompetent morons who treat human beings like cattle to be sent into the oven. If I were in the shoes of the lead, I'd have gone on a shooting spree on the base rather early on, after realizing that the command would not let me out until I am dead. Or.... perhaps I'd have done real harm to myself in order to get discharged - blow off my hand or something. When the insane run the war, even this insane act is sane in comparison. But again, I'd say this was a pretty decent series and really picks up after the second episode - I wanted to binge watch it, but i had to go to work. I'd go further by saying that this film felt derivative - like something we've seen before. Then again, one could say that about a few mafia films by Scorsese. The first ones felt like masterpieces, sure, but the ones that followed them were.... well, copies of sorts. Hmm - I kind of agree..... in that Scorsese didn't offer anything new with this film. It looked like a replica of his older films - the gangster stories, after a while, all begin to look the same, kind of like superhero films. So, while he is right about superhero films being bland.... he didn't have much to offer either. I saw a few interviews - apparently the old peeps even had problems doing the most simplest tasks like getting up from a chair in a way that did not look like they were in their late 70's. I wonder how many reshoots were necessary for such simple things. Deniro, observing his de-aged scenes said that he could have a job for another 30-40 years because of the tech, but.... not if there's action in the film - like any action at all. Then again, with deepfakes these days, it's kind of obvious that it should be quite easy to convincingly use a stunt double for body actions with actor faces attached later on. View all replies >