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another netflix looks awesome, little substance flick how woke is it really? here is the answer hypocrisy of the mods 'Known for' section luke deepfake partially fixed on youtube wtf was that? a sci-fi? lol Lucasfilm Reportedly Wants All Star Wars Projects To Have POC Or Female Main Character surprisingly, not bad BOSS LEVEL is way better View all posts >


Bullshit Bush started a crapload of wars, a few illegal ones at that - could barely speak, like trump. Now he's the the darling of the dems - lol The odds are, Trump will be trumped in the near future by either a dems or a reps president in mediocrity. Biden could easily be the guy - i know he's just reading stuff from the prompter, but i suspect that the establishment is not even trying at this point, and getting the crappiest writers for a few pennies. As someone else has pointed out though, media plays a big role in how these fuckers get remembered. Corps control the media, if usa gets a socialist el presidento in the near future, u can bet your arse that trump's depiction will be like that of an angel in comparison to how the socialist candidate will be depicted in the media. As long as the sheep keep watching mainstream news media, that's how this crap will flow. We'll get a more neutral look at history after the revolution, after the corporate stoogies are massacred, and corporations are a distant memory. lol We'll finally know which medically exempt athletes are best? Why only that board though? Where is the consistency in that? I agree, but then you should have kept the trump page as is, rather than remove most of the threads Let's be consistent, shall we? you go on biden page to discuss movies? what about herd immunity? Another thing to consider - where are the rest of the human-like androids? I mean, the only other instances of robots that we see are plain robots, no humanoid features, no superior AI, etc. There's simply no way that there'd be a such a jump in technology from crude robots to one single prototype android which is impossible to tell from human. There are steps in every innovation - we saw absolutely no evidence of that here. Again, crappy writing - crappy world-building. I agree - I tried watching the first episode and then.... err... nah Besides, US network doing a hit piece against Russia? Typical shit. The cold war never ended - and I ain't gonna be pulled into this propaganda crap. Enjoy your little infowars, creeps. For now, the Biden page is largely a suck up orgy. Just because it's filled with supporters, doesn't mean that the discussions are not of political nature. As such, there's a definite lack of consistency. Thus, moviechat has now joined the likes of facebook, twitter and other creepy social media platforms which pick sides and censor anyone that doesn't agree with their narrative. They weren't woke in that galaxy. They'd get cancelled in an instant in our society ;) View all replies >