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who still wants to read the final 2 books when GRRM wakes up? the last stand was the last decent xmen film unfortunately not funny a minor issue on the sci-fi front Racist Peele said he'd never cast a white person as a lead in his films the best thing about GOT is - neverland firsthand: documentary by the MJ estate invasion resolution possiblities True SJW crappy 'home alone' for adults View all posts >


I hear global warming is it - is it true or not? I dunno. The truth is, we do a lot of shit to this planet - pollute seas/oceans/air/cut down forests, etc - I live in Asia and I can tell you right now that this region that serves as the world's factory does major damage to air/water. I can see this shit with a naked eye. Chernobyl, on the other hand, actually became a safe haven for animals/plants from the human activity. haha - apparently even back then fake news was ruling the mainstream media. Oh and I imagine that the whole 'if they didn't do this, the whole europe would have been uninhabitable' scenario is also absolute bullshit. It would have led to bigger radiated zone, but by no means a doomsday scenario for europe or even soviet union. Upon succeeding and emerging from the water, according to many English language news articles, books and the prominent BBC docudrama Surviving Disaster – Chernobyl Nuclear, the three knew it was a suicide-mission and began suffering from radiation sickness and died soon after.[91] Some sources also incorrectly claimed that they died there in the plant.[90] However, research by Andrew Leatherbarrow, author of the 2016 book Chernobyl 01:23:40,[86] determined that the frequently recounted story is a gross exaggeration. Alexei Ananenko continues to work in the nuclear energy industry, and rebuffs the growth of the Chernobyl media sensationalism surrounding him.[92] While Valeri Bezpalov was found to still be alive by Leatherbarrow, the 65-year-old Baranov had lived until 2005 and had died of heart failure.[93] I have a suspicion he spends too much of his time on the HBO series - and with spin-offs in the works, forget about the books, unless he hires a ghost writer to finish his stuff. Also, it's possible that he simply doesn't know how to end it well - there are, as you said, more than one side-story that is in the book but not in the tv series - it all has to interconnect and conclude within 2 books, and let's not forget that he is not getting any younger. I doubt his brain functions as well as it did when he was in his youth, so it may all be too much for his fleeting brain. His legacy is now the HBO show/s - and unfortunately for GRRM, it won't be a great legacy. He creates worlds quite well - and comes up with fairly complex characters, but doesn't know how to end complicated plots. I imagine the first of the last 2 will be ok, but the last one will suck arse. I actually think season 6 and 7 weren't that bad - and I think they were based on GRRM's writings - but the ending that he has in mind, he hasn't planted enough seeds in the series for that sort of ending to come to fruiting in a coherent manner, which also explains the failure of the 8th season. Perhaps if the producers were to hire a legit writer to finish things off - even with the mad targerian arc in mind, the season could have been salvaged, but they clearly didn't - hence the wasted time in the initial 2 episodes. Agreed. Agreed - they had 7 seasons to better develop Dany's madness - there should have been bigger signs of it way earlier on. Or even in season 8, there should have been stronger signs of her losing it - bouts of rage, madness, etc. There was no chance of that in the first 2 episodes, cause the writers used those for lame meet and greet sessions, which was dumb and uneven as hell, especially given what followed. Hell, even the Stark gals nearly starting a coup against Dany came out of nowhere - again, giving me a WTF moment. Essentially, there were way too many moments where characters acted not like themselves for no other reason than for the shock value. I think he will soon learn that his fans are losing any respect they might have once had for him. GRRM will be dotted down in history as an example of a good writer whose writing quality fell off a cliff due to greed and laziness. Greed and laziness. It's generally easier to write for TV - and you make more money. The problem is, his guidance is shit - hence the 8th season of GOT. Now he is 'guiding' 3 more tv shows all at once and I expect those shows to be just as mediocre as 8th season, unless they hire a legit writer/director for each of those shows and that doesn't seem to be the case. But we have more than triple the population of people today - than in 1920s I look forward to reading you review - perhaps you'll see things differently? View all replies >