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Will Trump supporters watch it? Too depressing. Should I keep watching? Flop or hit? What's your prediction? After watching Godzilla: King of Monsters I have a new appreciation for this movie. Do young people care about him? Agent K is a stalker. Most spoiled moment in movie history after "Luke, I am your father"? Why is Hudson a fan-favorite? The best alien design of the 4 movies? What do young people think of Easy Rider? View all posts >


Original. Look, pa, I caught a big Trumptard! He and his uncle were definitely Trump supporters. Breaking Bad was great because the writers room was made of seven people. It's just too slow to be universally acclaimed. You believe social media accounts of movie stars are representative of who they are? I don't whether to laugh or roll my eyes. Incel says what? Triggered over numbers? There's no such thing as a one-off in Hollywood today if it's a box office hit. It has grown exponentially. View all replies >