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I thought the hate for Captain Marvel was ridiculous... until I saw Endgame. Shortest 3+ hours movie ever? Both this movie and the remake committed the same cinema sin. It's a great kids movie. Whitest modern blockbuster. Would he be as popular if he weren't an attractive white man? 70 millions for the second weekend is better than most movies' opening weekend. Will the haters give up? Bob can't feel his leg at the 45th minute. The movie is 2 hours long. Did anyone else love this one as a kid? OJ and R.Kelly were found Not Guilty too View all posts >


"So you came to the conclusion that the hate surrounding Captain Marvel (it is BEYOND ridiculous), hate that was being spread all over the internet MONTHS well before her solo film was ever released, only exists because she is... too overpowered?!? Fella, quit lying to yourself. Now! " Nice reading comprehension skills, you dumbfuck. I thought the hate was ridiculous because it was for reasons that were completely unrelated to the character. Now that I've seen the character in a movie, I understand not ALL of the hate was undeserved. She's boring as fuck. Lots of people find Superman OP and the least interesting superhero " leftist political injection" 😂So you're one of those right wing snowflake "I know you are but what am I?" I take it that you don't watch foreign films Hey, I have my own preference for women too but I don't let that to ruin a movie for me. It has no impact on the performance. So your problem is that she doesn't have curves?! How old are you? Curvy ballet dancer? Where have you seen one? Me thinks you're a young boy who wanted to get off watching this movie I watched the original last a Friday night and the remake the following night. I had high expectations for the original because of the classic status and low expectations for the remake because of the mixed reviews and bad word of mouth. I ended up being disappointed by the original and pleasantly surprised by the remake. View all replies >