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Worth watching even for a laugh? Generic white lead. Is the story easier to follow than Part One? Why would this be a box office hit? Worth watching if I didn't think much of the movie? Toxic Masculinity: The Movie CGI The right-wing misreading of ‘Blazing Saddles’ is so telling "Bang! Bang, bang!" View all posts >


Sounds like it works better on cinemas than alone at home. Does it hurt your fee-fees when he makes fun of Dear Leader? Saw this last night. Disappointment of the year. Just plain boring. I hope it flops and puts the final nail on comic book movies. What you love about the remake is what I dislike about it: it shows too much. aah, this good old far right talking points from people that stopped learning history after the civil war ended. Was it for "states rights", right? A love letter to cinema doesn't seem like a bad final film. no, it isn't. it makes perfect sense if you read what's his reasoning. There are some but it's not an overreliance on them. Why would you point out the lack diversity and inclusion? Are you racist or something? View all replies >