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The narration. This should be screened to every Trump supporter. What do conservatives think of this movie? Tarantino ripped off this movie Still very relevant Only made 50 millions at the box office? Unrealistic ending. Who wants to bet the audience ratings will get brigaded by men that haven't even seen it? "Fuck you, pig" "Anti-American propaganda" View all posts >


What an incel thread. How did she hurt you? She's taking a break from acting. You think she's the first actor to do it? That no studio would send her scripts? "I know you are but what am I?" Are you stupid or something? >I noticed the odd, non-fitting housekeeper as well, especially her haircut. Not only you agreed with that user, you also added another minority. Anything else? Not even out and Republicans are already triggered? 😂 Aren't you the one complaining about a black woman being on this? Women also support Trump, so it doesn't surprise me, then. So people with high IQ are just born smart? They already know everything without a formal education? These damn Hollyweird producers corrupting the minds of the youth. Bring back the Hays code and promote good conservative values. >I guess being dark and satanic with an SJW agenda doesn't quite work for teenage witches. The '90s just called. They want their satanic panic back. View all replies >