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Is it any good? Why is this board being brigaded? She's disappeared after doing the Star Wars trilogy. One of the most offensive comedies I've seen. CE's most conservative movie? Am I the only one having trouble remembering the characters' names? This is going to get review bombed so hard even if it turns out great. Is it a girls show? Is that Olivia Cooke? Now that the season is over, is it worth watching? View all posts >


No one gives a fuck about your gay sex life, fg Do you know what a top is, right? If you were one you could envy Fassbender. Geez... "I know you are but what am I?" What are you, 5? sAme gOES FoR lIbeRAlS. He's in jail? For what? Everyone knows they won't get killed by demons because they died of old age! Kubrick knockoff. Nonsense. He's not that visually original,like say, Wes Anderson. Stick to Transformers movies, then. What does being gay have to do with penis size, anyway? View all replies >