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Would he be as popular if he weren't an attractive white man? 70 millions for the second weekend is better than most movies' opening weekend. Will the haters give up? Bob can't feel his leg at the 45th minute. The movie is 2 hours long. Did anyone else love this one as a kid? OJ and R.Kelly were found Not Guilty too Critically and comercial success. One of the most shocking openings in cinema history. What if instead of The King of Pop, Michael Jackson were a catholic priest? His girlfriend is a b***h who's going to get him killed! The reason this movie won the Oscar View all posts >


The point is the a whiny, sensitive, conservative loud minority claim that, not me. >She would be a knockout though if she did lose some weight She already is. I gasped when she showed up. I'm glad they kept her cameo under wraps Your ideas are stupid and I'm glad you are not a screenwriter. There's no point for a cameo except fan service. Clickbait crap. The kind you see promoted at the bottom of a website. >but I feel it would have been more emotional if the characters would have talked like real people... I feel it wouldn't have been as effective if the characters reacted emotionally to what was going on to them to what? Are you serious? I don't even live in the USA and I watched everything related to OJ and R.Kelly Who's talking about quality? By the way, I didn't start shit. YOU people did. "Average opening weekend" Do you really want to compare opening weekend of superhero origin movies? Don't make me waste my time googling it. You know you lost again. "And nice how you bring "Ant Man And The Wasp" into this. We both know when this movie was released :)" I don't know what's that supposed to mean. Ratings brigaded by trolls mean NOTHING, as box office and Cinemascore just proved ;) View all replies >