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Review-bombed by royalists. Now that it's over, worth watching? How can Americans not get hooked on soccer?! Does this doc bring up Elon Musk? Income? Looks like... Cinematography. Diversity? Too extremist even for Arizona, wow. So, overturning Roe vs Wade ended up backfiring on Republicans. View all posts >


Look, I hate dudes like OP, they ruin the board. But he's right. Tim Burton is being accused of racism: "you can put it anywhere" Thought it was The Onion. Isn't that the right wing rip-off? The seven million points, you fucking idiot. God. You're annoying. You didn't watch this. You're just trolling this board. You're just another anonymous idiot on a forum, why would anyone think your comments are legally binding like advertisement? Try to be more clever next time, hun. Let me introduce you to the concept of "contest rules", kid Because I didn't meet the requirements, duh. I thought this was a troll thread. I'm actually shocked. She rants about liberals all the time on Twitter. I Thought she was fine. Still stuck in 1952, boomer? Okeydokey. View all replies >