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Incels came out in droves to see Captain Marvel Fury was character assassinated like Luke Skywalker The post credits scene is on Youtube See "Fighting With My Family" Instead Now this is true girl power Brie is a cheese not a name Leave Rottentomatoes Feedback (link) Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Incompetent Kiri Hart "Leaves" Lucasfilm Story Group SERIOUSLY With this Title? View all posts >


This is true. Good call. "Who cares about those 40 year old white guys? Captain Marvel wasn't made for THEM!" LOL Do so called Marvel fans even notice what has been done to Fury? The scenes was going well until she showed up. Fury was completely out of character fawning over that cat. Not surprising. Everybody needs to stop pretending a significant amount of women like superhero movies. Are you getting this info from Flixter? RT is still hiding the stats. I followed WWF and WWE till the late 90s. I don't watch now, but I like Paige on the reality series Total Divas so I found this movie very fun and entertaining. "Fighting With My Family" with Dwayne the Rock. It will just be paid shills bribed by Disney anyway. View all replies >