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Do the Blurays look good? W.A.S.P. "I Wanna Be Somebody" Rocked! I watched 2 episodes of this and could tell I Skipped the "NURSE Who" New Year Special Still sucks even with Morgan and Sherry Gina Carano Interviewed By "FANDOM MENACE" Youtuber Drunk3po I thought this was "Little Annie Fanny" when I saw it on cable Where did Ahsoka go during Revenge of the Sith? This is better than "Porkys" Peter Dinklage as the giant midget was View all posts >


Nice reference! : ) It's very simple, the twatters mass harassing Gina are not Star Wars fans and anyone inside LFL who has a problem with Gina can hand in their resignations or be fired outright. THEY are a cancer in need of removal. Is the Academy going to ignore their new diversity requirements for this movie? Just like every crap blockbuster and tv show of the past 4 years. SO unexpected, lol. Tom Payne "Jesus" from "The Walking Dead" gets my vote to resurrect this dead show. Wikipedia says the comic ended in 1988, but in 2000 Playboy tv planned a CGI cartoon that was never made. You're right about "Barbarella" being very similar, I hadn't made that connection but I should have. It's fascinating how big name stars like Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, and Ringo Star are in "Candy." A movie like this would never happen today with famous actors. Gina isn't some Twitter low life. She's obviously not trolling. You seem like one of those lunatic Gina haters from Twitter. Part 3. So, if there aren't degenerates and perverts in charge of destroying Star Wars anymore, then newbies and fake fans call it fan service. "Where's muh subverted expectations? DERP!" View all replies >