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She looked flawless in "All My Sons" (2019) I watched this for Jenna Coleman I watched this for Jenna Coleman "Scream" Needs a Diversity Remake! This show is just silly cosplay This Show Needs a Diversity Reboot! This Movie is Austin Powers 4 This Movie Needs a Diversity Reboot! Fans were surprised this show fell apart? Rachael Taylor should have played Olivia in her biopic View all posts >


I blame Twitter for giving Neo Fascists their signal boost. It's become a very dangerous tool. I agree, this movie's casual attitudes towards murder and death were disturbing. Pretty sick, especially for a supposed kids movie. The studio was smart, Gunn is stupid. Where was the trans, Mexican, Chinese, midget, deaf, representation? I'm offended! The show was disgustingly woke so everyone involved pretty much was a perverted scumbag. I guess karma is real. That Cere is actress is from MAD Tv and she has always had disturbing bug eyes. That's good news, TFA is trash. Netflix will ruin it. I'm not surprised. I always thought Marylin Monroe was the inspiration behind the character. Exactly, this is becoming the modern day equivalent of Nazis burning books they disapproved of. Everybody needs to wake up. View all replies >