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You are clearly a triggered NPC so fuck off. I do ignore Craig Bond movies, trust me. Who didn't expect this nothing movie to fade quickly? The fact that Alita is a motion capture character ruins the movie. They should have cast Ella Purnell if big eyes are so important. [url][/url] Because it's totally awesome. Female led sci fi movies is a 40 year old concept. This taunting only happens when idiots who know nothing about sci fi invade a franchise. Hard to screw up Terminator? Have you seen the most recent ones? This will be Ghostbusters 2016 all over again. I can't wait. Great point about Hopper. No way in hell he would have put up with that singing number going on so long and endangering the lives of everyone he loves. He was written out of character so the show could impress fans who used to watch "Glee." Lame! That overly long singing number was a far fetched event included for novelty and it hurt the quality of the episode and series. Fact. View all replies >