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Those aren't comic book movies. You also missed Terminator Dark Fate in your examples but otherwise you "nailed it." Great post! : ) You are afflicted with a mental disorder known as "Trump Derangement Syndrome." How did that impeachment turn out for ya? LMAO! : ) She's a familiar character as opposed to these new lame ones and the trailers show her going full on Terminatrix with 2 guns. That could be entertaining. I turned the episode off after 10 minutes. I liked the pilot, though. When 7 of 9 shows up, I'll watch that episode. RT is protecting this woke SJW bullshit from audience backlash. True, and Shatner is holding up better than Patrick, but I have to admit it was good seeing him and Data again. GOTG are lame cringe comedies. Everyone who likes them are Tide pod eating morons. You don't now what the hell you're talking about either, kid. View all replies >