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Oh yeah, I forgot MeTV has been showing it. I wasn't sure if Buck Rogers was a show that would find a new audience that never saw it's original run. Cool, how did you find out about this show? Nah, trust your first impression. That Streep scene was pure cringe and should have been cut out. Wrong, sleazebag. Completely out of character for the wholesome Mary Poppins. Walt would have never allowed it and Julie Andrews did nothing of the sort in the original. Maybe. I just thought it was slap stick comedy. Yeah, the song or the movie should have been mentioned even if only briefly. Queen opened concerts with that song many times. The funny thing is, I think Gwen Stephanie may have gotten the idea for "Ain't No Hollaback Girl" from this. Also, I think the Beastie Boys sound a little like they were influenced by Ant Rap. You spelled smart wrong, you SJW dumbass. Looks like all the women and a 10 year old girl are leading the group now cuz Girrrl Powerrrrr! I'm talking about the preview for the next 3 episodes. View all replies >