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Taika is an insufferable hipster douchebag Won't be better than "Hogan's Heroes" Sincere Parable About Immigration LOL! Thank God Brave Comedians Still Exist That doesn't look like Palpatine on the poster Giancarlo Esposito is awful Stan Lee's Daughter Rips Marvel and Disney When is the Harvey Weinstein movie getting made? Disney Caught Inflating Revenue for Years Thankfully this tripe is hidden behind a pay wall View all posts >


I like Trek 09, but it is nowhere near a masterpiece and has almost zero rewatch value. Lucas still owns those and he wouldn't allow it. I predict the audience score will be very low and RT will delay posting them like they did with Sticks and Stones. Then you must be a douchebag, too. Yep, Ragnarok was a stupid cringe comedy and this jackass Watiti is to blame. "Hogaaaaan!" I'm sure degenerate NEO Disney employees feels force users are too spiritual for their nihilistic plans. So, nobody was ever fired for saying the wrong thing? Do you even know what Cancel Culture means? If Chappelle is not relevant, Cancel Culture sites like would have no need to keep telling people to skip his special. The reality is Dave gave you fools a black eye.'s butthurt meltdown continues. I love it! View all replies >