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You don't need to announce that you're putting me on ignore, just do it. Besides, you're just bluffing since you're addicted to stalking me. LMAO! What is with toxic WOMANbabies and soyboys trolling the board of a cartoon property they've never watched? And Smith just turned 51, math is hard for you. And what do you like about the Filmation He Man and the Masters of the Universe series? NO NEED FOR ALL CAPS. What was your favorite part of each "Revelation" episode? Netflix can't even keep their bullshit straight. "We made Teela into a guy cuz Gal Gadot, yeah sure that's the ticket." What sport? Minababe24 definitely touches herself while watching Netflix She Ra. It's a form of mental illness. And she's STILL melting down, this is great. I'm living rent free in her retarded head. That's why they call them toxic WOMANbabies and Soyboys, folks! LMAO! If Teela and Adam hookup at the end of this, it will look like 2 guys hooking up, which is probably what the gay producer, Ted Biaselli wants it to look like. I know, right? And they post a picture proving themselves wrong. WTF? View all replies >