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Everything about that cartoon is superior to GOT. Check out the live action D & D from Brazil on Youtube here... [url][/url] The DVDs had an audio play of the script for the unproduced finale episode. It's on Youtube here... [url][/url] I would too, but the SJW scum in today's Hollyweird would ruin it. Are you referring to the Opera Man part? He seemed to be looking down in shame as if he was just going along with the fascists he was surrounded by. Yep, I've seen tons of Alexandria Cortez news stories ripe for comedy, the SNL I grew up with would have jumped right on. SNL needs to start focusing on being funny rather than campaigning for the Democrat party every Saturday night. This is just Hollyweird trolling Batman fans now. That somebody is YOU. Soon Starbucks coffee cups will litter Star Wars, too. Check out Kenny Metcalfe perfectly performing Tiny Dancer, even the impossibly high chorus vocals! [url][/url] View all replies >