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What's wrong with metal? >For as far as recorded history goes, it did. In fact, why do you care so much about an institution attached to a religion you don't like? I wasn't aware that Ancient Greece and Egypt were Christian. >On this we can both agree. But Islam is right about women and homosexuality. Is it? In what way? You think women should be forced to cover up and subjugated into second-class citizens? You think LGBT people should be persecuted? You appear to be inventing positions that simply do not exist in the USA, or any western country. They sound dystopian enough to be parallels to Saudi Arabian morality police. You have more in common with an anti-western Islamist, than any westerner by the way. Going to comment on this observation? >One led to the other. When you open the door for accepting degeneracy, there is literally no limits to it, and everything becomes justified. No reason to believe gay marriage is "degeneracy" in the first place (and I doubt you can define "degeneracy") By this logic, allowing people to do anything leads to everything else. Listening to "degenerate" music leads to "everything else" becoming justified. Drinking leads to everything else. Doing anything fun leads to it. Pod people society. Drone society. >Everything in the media, as discussed earlier. Oh you mean any positive depiction of an LGBT person is "propaganda"? >It's not just knowing or seeing them, it's the influence. Identical to other societal disruptions, such as swinging, polyarmory, or open relationships. People can be swayed into a destructive lifestyle via social contagion. Hence the saying: homosexual cannot procreate only indoctrinate. What is the "influence" of seeing two gay people holding hands? And you didn't answer this: People just by knowing a couple are gay would become gay? Would two gay people holding hands in public constitute some form of "disruption"? What if they went out to eat? Or appeared as characters in a TV show? Should all of those things be criminalised? >Did I ever say I was? So what are you then? >Where was it made clear that they were irrefutably lies and simply not your misinterpretation of his colloquial disposition? And on what basis is Melton accusing me of being a pedophile? What is it he knows about me? I've given you the links where he suggested it. Why is that acceptable? >The high loneliness rates falls into the demographic for Taylor Swift's audience: You have provided zero evidence that this phenomenon has anything to do with being a fan of Taylor Swift. > This has nothing inherently to do with gay sex. 'Woke' is a relatively recent phenomenon and there's a number of reasons why self-declared progressive (woke is a pejorative) might identify their happiness negatively. >Why do you care about the morality of Milton's actions? I happen to think that life is worth living and that a prosperous society relies on co-operation with each other. We are a social species. That's not specific to Melton's actions. I'm more calling his (and by proxy yours) hypocrisy as you both posture your moral superiority over others whilst engaging (in your cause supporting) bad tempered and bad faith actions. Also: Should it be, ought it be legally permissible to do this? Are you in favour of bringing in legislation that criminalises making fun of christianity, and depicting occult/satanic aesthetics in media? Provide evidence for 30 million illegal votes please. Yeah, you finished it up? The episode? They worked out that the universes represent their frame of mind, as when Amanda opened the door into the snow world, she was thinking about her time in Argentina on skiing holidays at the time, trapped in cars surrounded by a blizzard Because they were in a really bad state of mind, panicked, stressed, anxious, desperate. So it reflected their state of mind Why? Counterpart has some gay characters. You should want Counterpart to be banned. Baldwin was a lesbian. People don't care now regarding this. You have invented this scandal in your head. >I think what happened here is people on Twitter saw the picture and assumed it was a Romeo+Juliet movie remake and started sharing the picture around and it went viral. Stupid American anti-wokers keep thinking this has something to do with Hollywoods. News at 10. Romeo & Juliet has been race-swapped for years, especially in plays, especially in London. The settings have been modernised and edited constantly. No-one gives a fuck >Yes, I'm aware. In fact that was the moment that radicalized me. The thought of my homeland being wokified and turned into a shithole like Paris or London was what started me down a path to the cultural right. You can be part of the cultural right without being a bloodthirsty anti-western hateful piece of shit fascist. "left-wing propaganda campaign" = political parties and activists/journalists calling for people to turn out. >The people who voted for Tusk, almost immediately regretted that vote. He started illegally purging the Polish media of people whose politics he disagreed with and putting politicians in jail. It's hare to find any unbiased information because all of the major media institutions in the West are pro-EU and pro Tusk. I did manage to find this article which covers some of what is going on and isn't some pro-EU propaganda: Have you actually looked at any polling whatsoever post-election? There's zero evidence of any regret from the Polish people. The former administration had already captured and had public institutions under PiS control. Tusks government just reversed that. Who has been jailed? >And the food... I can't describe how delicious everything tastes. It is also a very conservative country. They don't tolerate homos, trannies, or queers. They don't like blacks either. It think it will be the right fit for me. They just elected a social democratic party and threw out the national conservatives. View all replies >