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Replies Moving away from the crowded June 7 weekend which now has Sony’s Bad Boys 4 and Lionsgate’s The Crow, New Line‘s Ishana Night Shyamalan horror movie The Watchers is going a week later on Father’s Day weekend, June 14 which is where Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out 2 resides. Just like Star Trek! TOS episode, Discovery S3 and maybe S5. Wade Allain-Marcus directed French Dirty (5/10) and two TV episodes! Last Aug: 70th Anniversary / 4K Ultra HD; 2160p/Dolby Vision Move to Russian and the feds won't bother him. I'm pretty sure NSA is monitoring any calls he makes to Putin's thugs. Yes, that's legal! There is no such thing as a Canadian tree. Same as Washington trees. Majority of viewers have never been to Japan. The ocean coast scenes are Ucluelet Peninsula. Rocks are rocks. Port Moody is more accessable and has been used in hundreds of films. Vancouver was only used for staged sets. I doubt you've ever been near the city! Imagine if they filmed westerns in Spain. Trolls would be SO OUTRAGED! Everything listed here: ARRI ALEXA LF have the same types of lens as 35mm. Can even use PL mount with adapter. Incel who calls everything "woke"! View all replies >