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Your own fault for not visiting IMDb first. “Bad Boys for Life” earned $59 million over the traditional weekend and should cross $68 million through Monday. Heading into the extended holiday frame, the “Bad Boys” threequel was expected to debut to $38 million to $45 million. But solid word of mouth from both audiences and critics (It landed an “A” CinemaScore from moviegoers and a 76% on Rotten Tomatoes) boosted ticket sales and justified Sony’s decision to revive a 17-year-old franchise. “Bad Boys for Life” now holds the second-biggest opening ever for a January release (behind “American Sniper” with $107 million), as well as Sony’s best start for an R-rated movie. Only of interest to Marxist elites in the UK. From here: Was the host Tavis Smiley? Barbecued koala. He was great in "Hell on Earth 2006". Are you incapably of googling? Of course it's true. More of a defender of terrorism. Facts are not hate. You must be a Democrat! dteam0: "The only one unhinged here is you." LOL! Absolutely no insight. That's an actual sign of mental illness. Several psychologists recognize Trump Derangement as a disorder. However, I saw the same thing starting with Reagan during the 80s (at University of course). Bush era was even worse. You now see it on CNN and several Democrats (the Squad). I don't understand the bit about religion. Christians are split politically, the wokest are barely religious now. I also saw the "sock puppet" paranoia in the 90s on Usenet. One poster was clinically delusional in other areas. View all replies >