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They can afford blood transfusions from virgins. "all in a Simulation (as many Scientists are starting to believe) " No, real scientists don't believe in shit like that. It's magical thinking. Didn't know that. Woody Allen! Dozens of agents need to go to jail. We also need to start prosecuting the Fake News racket for election interference abd defamation. Trump right again! Official: Lady Gaga, Klaus Nomi. He was 10 years old when it ended! Idiot!!! Intelligence pick up Iranian chatter about an attack. Instead of ignoring it like former presidents, he said he would retaliate. Just telling Iran he knows what they're up to. Doesn't mean war, just bomb the shit out the attack source. Worked in Syria! Rayon and Viscose were available in the late 19th century. It was considered artificial silk. Nylon dates to 1930s, but for clothing after 1940. ALso: View all replies >