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Two assholes triggered! What a pathetic troll. Go eat some puppies! All the MoronChat idiots who don't recognized a good trolling! Woosh! Parody, not triggered. Theatre releases in several markets: S Korea 17th, Hong Kong 18th. Pajiba is a far-left blog of no relevance. Get a fucking life! Keep watching Batman 1966 reruns, geezer! You just proved you are an idiot with no sense of humor! The audience was cheering. 2M+ views on youtube. I just googled Stewart and only WaPo and other far-left sites had a problem with the show. All the Reddit rejects flocking to MovieChat! For you lefties still in CRT denial: Fat Marxist lectures whitey between KFC buckets. Ashleigh Shackleford - All White People are Racist View all replies >