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Diane sexually molested almost continuously in opening episodes! Boyd Bodwell is... Is she the same as Caster Semenya? Does Tom Cruise have custom motorbikes made for him? The premise here of an AI outgrowing their human partner is flawed Is he blind or does he just look blind? Never heard of this guy... Any good? Is this more like Back to The Future or Primer? Harry Bishop was an old dude in the 80s... View all posts >


No worries, thanks 👍 I didn't appreciate your OP was from four years ago! Did you read it in the end? I've read it. Pretty good but not as good as Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake. If you've only got the time to read one book, out of the two I'd certainly choose that one. ^ This is a load of rubbish. They knew full well they weren't retuning to Earth (well at least their Earth). They discuss and are fully aware that they are now in the far flung future.. Looks great! Looking forward to this now... 🎼 Mr. Strawman, bring me a dream (bung, bung, bung, bung) 🎼 Of middle aged white men who'll always be seen (bung, bung, bung, bung) mmm, you have provided some limited additional context but I most certainly was not wrong on these points. e.g. You believe the priest being "drunk" makes the comment [Quote]Diane being grabbed and sexually assaulted by a drunken would be priest - then forgiving HIM saying it doesn't matter![/quote] invalid?!! I literally described him as drunken. Are you saying that a man should be excused for sexual assault because he's had a drink? 😂 I'd agree with the comment above ^ re your wording being off. It almost looks like you're saying that men should be allowed to touch women non consensually otherwise they may go off on a shooting spree! I don't think that's really what you meant but the point still seems wrong. i.e. "incels" is just a modern day labeling. Back in the day of Cheers - and I'm sure long before - there's always going to have been non attractive guys who failed with women. The example of the sheltered guy who's going to become a priest in Cheers is a good one. Without money or a physicality to overcome his poor looks, you can bet that nowadays he is very much the sort of guy who'd be labelled an incel. But it's still wrong, and should have been seen as wrong in the 80s (not that long ago in the scheme of things) that he can just grab her. The best beverage either side produces is Pespi Max. Truly the best carbonated cola on the market now and it's sugar free somehow! ^ Raises an interesting point re the validity of Kowalski calling into question the maturity of other posters yet indulging in this highly mature "look at me" shtick... It should be called Reeves and Mortimer's Phoenix Nights if we're going with putting the creators in the title... View all replies >