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Ferris Bueller's Day Off 2? Not much diversity in this is there? Did Steve Gutenberg allow the unfortunate rise of Tom Hanks? It's all a bit "Carry on..." Barbara Windsor what with... The tone of this show is exactly where Better Call Saul should have been Will people be sad once Trump has gone? Apologises for her disgusting part in mocking those with "Limb Difference" Top 3 Hits Any relation? Taking on the Ruskies on their own patch: Queen's Gambit Vs Rocky IV View all posts >


Ha ha, very true! Good call OP 👍 Actually ironically it's this which is weak. James Corden came to prominence initially as a fat kid getting picked on and slapped by some orange Tango men. His weight was pretty much a selling point in landing that role. Everything he has subsequently achieved was off the back of being that little fat kid. (No offense to any portly chaps out there - just making a valid point, although fair to say that advertising campaign wouldn't be allowed these days) I haven't seen the last one but yeah I'd also rate TFA above TLJ. Not true! Ellen Philpotts-Page was his / her name. She readily dropped the maternal contribution to her double barrelled surname presumably to help her career. Somewhat surprising though to find that her name itself was pretty much a literal enforcement of the patriarchy... 😂 Vicky Christina Barcelona or whatever it was called left no one looking good... Yes. The stupid half. However I doubt someone with single digit IQ would have the ability to switch their TV on let alone get excited about race in Star Trek 😜 [quote]That really has to be an indicator of a single digit IQ...[/quote] Er, double digit IQ surely? Otherwise this would seem to be an indicator of a double digit IQ... Have you read the book? ... and here we go:- Beth to turn into a religious fanatic, become a Holocaust denier, then applaud 9/11 - That'd make some second season! View all replies >