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[quote]Should anyone really care?[/quote] Well I'm from the UK, so I guess we should since it's largely "our' fault - together with the US. I think that's why it's nice to see the protests being so large here and from people who you wouldn't normally see politically driven at all. But when all is said - I don't think it will make any difference. I suspect Israel will take all the land now - I mean they've practically fully destroyed Gaza by the looks of things - and rebuild as part of Israel. They'll forever more be on the verge of more and more terrorism but that's the way Netanyahu seems to want to play it... [quote]Freudian slip perhaps?[/quote] Don't get you... Otherwise, yes - I said as much on another thread on here. Israel should really just massacre them all and steal all the land. Probably the "cleanest' solution all round... In twenty years we can all be going to the Gaza beach front on holiday... [quote]...It's just "<b>Jews bad</b>, need to stop them"...[/quote] Nice, willful conflation. I think the reason people are more outraged by Israel's atrocities is that they are supposed to be a real, functioning country. Not just some despot state slaughtering people undermining their rule or people of a different ethnicity. In a way it's a complement - Hey, you should be better than this, you're embarrassing other countries which view themselves and you as progressive... Why did they do the draw now rather than waiting for the play off results to sort themselves out? Oh Rusty, give it a break... I've been very clear I have no interest in "discussing" this situation with you. Are you some kind of Zionistbot? Bla bla, holocaust. Bla bla, World War 2. Every. Single. Time. People with common sense also know that Hamas != Palestine. People with common sense also know that Israel's current path of ethnic cleansing and rampant slaughter means that No Hamas != No future Palestinian Extremism. In fact it ensures it. Couple of entertaining videos re Israel's behaviour:- The second one in particular sums up the situation precisely... I think it's hinting at a multiverse... Three surely if you only thought two? Electric Feel? I'm not sure there's any nuance involved. View all replies >