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Lacks Sweat When Leia says "I'd rather kiss a Wookie" isn't Han's response a little bit weird? Lack of Diversity is Appalling Freeing the space horses question A Searching Question Once upon A Time In The West followed by There Will Be Blood, what's next? Why was Javier Bardem so embarrassingly bad in this film? What was the point in calling this 6 Underground without the Song? Seems to have A LOT of medals! Heavy Changes by Gene Page View all posts >


Surely Chewbacca is more than a dog as far as intelligence goes. I don't think Han views him like a pet. If Han is aware of the high quality of Chewie's kisses, I think that implies some cross species homosexuality between the two shipmates... [quote]they were killed and <b>left to rot</b>[/quote] Wouldn't the space French have enjoyed eating them? A nice space horse steak... I don't know. In Rambo, the second film - First Blood, Part 2 not Rambo 4 which is also called Rambo - it has that really touching scene where his Girlfriend goes "You take me America Rambo?". And he just has time to grunt that he will before she gets blown away in a hail of bullets. Rocky doesn't have anything like this. Just a constant stream of anger from Adrian telling him not to fight, he can't beat the other guy, etc... Ha, their Star Wars comments are spot on:- [Quote]Given Padme, it is clear prequel women have a strange sense of deciding when to die.[/quote] But the other examples seem to show Shmi's protracted efforts are very much the exception to the rule... Sure, being gunned down or whatever and holding on long enough to say a few words is well known movie cliché, brilliantly lampooned in Team America:- But I'm not sure we'd find any examples in the same context as this one. They even have a discussion before Anakin sets off saying how long it's been and she's surely dead. Hence why we can question, was she really overwhelmed by injuries within a minute of being untied (having been held for over a month) or did seeing Anakin cause her to simply lose the will to live. For reasons we can't explain. [quote]... (including the audience).[/quote] 😂 So you would call it just a coincidence then? She gets taken a month before but the injuries sustained overwhelm her continued existence just after Anakin unties her? Better than Daniel Craig's hugely embarrassing version that's for sure... True but that's not the point. The moment the Olympics allowed Pistorius to compete they confirmed that athletics wasn't simply about pure sport but of celebrating society and it's diversity. Once you allow someone with carbon fibre limbs to compete against normal limbed bodies, it's an entertainment event rather than pure sports. Therefore how can you then make a standing argument against transgenders running in women's events? [quote]... she has his kid and never tells Roy until many years later.[/quote] Yeah, she should have sent him a text message or, perhaps more appropriately, an email as soon as she'd found out... View all replies >