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BOYCOTT James “The Snowflake” Cameron!!!!!

Boycott this beta soyboy femtard. At first I was wondering what on earth happened to James Cameron, the director of some of the most masculine and alpha action movies of all time. But then I realized that he’s ALWAYS been a libtard snowflake!

Think about it!
- Sarah Connor goes from being some vanilla white girl spermdaddy cheerleader who only wants to fuck highschool CHADs to suddenly becoming a ruthless warrior with zero training or experience.
- In Aliens, Ripley is an androgynous masculine alpha-type shemale with zero combat or military experience, but she picks up a gun and suddenly she’s more deadly and knowledgeable on war than highly trained marines!
- In True Lies, Jamie Lee Curtis plays an androgynous masculine alpha-type shemale secretary who becomes a spy in like 5 minutes and is suddenly just as knowledgeable as Arnold!
- Titanic has a liberal snowflake woman in 1912 following her dreams by not getting married to a rich white conservative man and instead goes after a woke soy boy liberal boy!
- Avatar is ALL ABOUT how the white man is evil and how everyone should be a woke treehugging anti-American hippie libtard!

We’ve been blind this whole time, people! Wake up! James Cameron has ALWAYS been some woke SJW libtard scumbag puppet of the left! He’s ALWAYS crammed some SJW nonsense into his movies! We just haven’t seen it until now. Sure, most of the movies I listed above are at least a little better than Terminator: Dark Fate, but that doesn’t change the fact that those movies have also been hiding SJW propaganda.



time for your meds.


My only medication is the red pill, which has made me realize how manipulative and left James Cameron is. Thanks for the argument though, snowflake.


I disagree. Both Sarah Connor and Ripley became ruthless to protect their kids. They're credible as women, both in terms of personality and physical capabilities (you don't see them punching down big guys, they use weapons to compensate the difference of strength).

I don't remember Jaime Lee Curtis becoming some kind of superspy in 5 minutes, able to hack computers and speak languages out of the blue. She's more of a common John Doe character in the middle of a big intrigue, like Cary Grant in North by Northwest, for example.


So if Wokebot9000 from T:DF did it to protect her kid, suddenly that would make it logical and reasonable for her to have mysteriously aquired these skills from nowhere? Sorry but just because my kid is under attack doesn’t mean I’ll transform into Bruce Lee or something. I’ll try to fight but the chances of getting my ass kicked are a major possibility.

And watch True Lies again. She’s killing terrorists and even fights a highly trained terrorist with her bare hands in the limo scene. They even make her a spy just like Arnold at the end of the movie!

Thank you for the response.


Sarah Connor didn't mysteriously acquired skills from nowhere. That's actually explained in the movie: she banged every guy that could teach her or her son any useful skill in guerrilla warfare. She has been raising John for years, preparing him to fight a war.

A True Lies, c'mon, that's a movie where Arnold drops a gun, and the gun rolling down the staircase kills several guys by itself. A fucking gun, killing people by itself. The shootings in that movie are pure arcade.


I´d also liked to say where is it stated that Tia Carrere´s character is highly trained? JLC´s character becoming a spy at the end is pretty much a joke ending, just like how Bill Paxton character even appears in the ending scene. True Lies is just about as much comedy as it is an action flick.


He always was a techno-phobic environMENTAL hippie nut job, the whole Terminator saga was a pacifist anti Capitalist manifesto disguised as a male fantasy action sci fi movie(Abyss too without the action and male fantasy that's why it flopped like DF), during the Reagan era when America won the Cold War ,off course being a Master Director he knew he couldn't show all that blatantly and the reason DF was such a failure was that agenda was the main focus and not subliminal like in his other films.Cameron's politics didn't affect his movies they are masterpieces at least T1-T2&Aliens ..Avatar not so much he went full hippie there because of his status as a Hollywood mogul he could say whatever he wanted...


99.999% of the time I don't look for hidden, or like DF not so hidden, agendas - unless a book or movie is about a serious subject, I generally like to take things at face value and just want to be entertained. I'm not a person on a mission trying to find a deeper meaning to fiction - especially in action or sci fi movies - aren't most intended to be just fun? I wouldn't have cared about the female story line in DF if it had made sense and was a good story, but unfortunately it wasn't.

Not sure I agree with boycotting any future Cameron movies - if they are good why wouldn't I go? I guess it's up to me to determine if I think a movie is crap or not - not the critics or other people.

To make it clear - I don't like Cameron anymore - he did sell out Terminator, but if I let who I dislike off screen influence my choice in movies, then I probably wouldn't see many.


Just ban women from being in movies. Clearly, they just aren't allowed to do anything besides scream and be rescued. "Realistic", right?




The liberal troll again, wasting everyone's time, his own most of all.

Quit feeding this troll, people. If you go back to his previous posts he/she/xe/it talks about "anti-sjw neckbeards" and other liberal crap - so now he's here with this ridiculous strawman mocking tone of the opinions he thinks he disagrees with. He's a full-on SJW in reality, pathetically attempting to troll.

You can see his real opinion on Aliens here for instance, the opposite of the OP of course:

BurningSun: "Exactly. All these anti-SJW “masculine” fighters for “logic” claim they aren’t sexist because they love Ripley from Aliens, but I gurantee if Aliens were released today with absolutely nothing changed, the same anti-PC police would be bashing James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver for being SJW feminist libtards pushing a leftist agenda. Hell, all these anti-SJW’s kept begging James Cameron to return the Terminator franchise and make it awesome again, and he literally is doing just that with Terminator: Dark Fate, and look how old the dorks are reacting!

All these “masculine” Trump supporters are saying “I’m not sexist, Linda Hamilton as Sarah Conner is one of the most kickass characters of all time!” are the same ones now saying “Seriously, this movie has to star a woman? Fuckin libtards ruinin everthin!”

The conservative dream is to wipe all women or minorities out of the film industry, as, according to them, it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to make a good movie starring a female or black person without having some crowbarred SJW message."

BurningSun: "If Aliens came out in 2019... ...would all the internet warriors be accusing it of pandering to SJWs and being sexist against men for starring a strong female action lead? Even if it were literally the exact same movie?"

BurningSun: "Anything staring women and minorities in 2019 is automatically against white people now?"


So again, please stop giving this jackass what he wants.


Noted. thanks.


Yeah, I think he stretched it too far in the original post. I'm sure he had some people hooked though, but it was way too far over the top.

It's amazing that people actually sit there on a computer or phone and do things like that, trying to change profiles or personalities and be someone completely different just to get a rise out of people.

How much time do these people have on their hands?

It's kind of sad. Be yourself and be real, whether in real life or on the internet. (Cue the "The More You Know" commercial graphic flying across the screen, lol).


So it’s okay for him to stalk me for hours? Lol okay cool! Clearly this shemale has no time on his hands! At least I’m at work right now!


How do you know it’s not the other way around? Nice try, snowflake. Let’s stalk you and see what you think.

This dude is just butthurt that I annihilated him in pretty much every argument he’s ever conveyed. Clearly I’ve triggered him pretty hard. I’d be mad too if I were that pathetic. “Full blown SJW” LOL! Guess that’s a what I get for destroying him like Ben Shapiro would!

Need proof! Let’s get on his level and do some stalking!

Exibit A:

Exibit B:

Exibit C:

Skim through these and you will see EVERYTIME I present an arguement to him, he just whines about me trolling and runs away! Here he is doing it again: dumping liberal bullshit and running for the hills.

Post under construction, I’m on mobile mode because I’m at work, something this libtard doesn’t do.


Wow! No response. What. A. Fucking. Shocker!

Sounds about right. Present an actual argument to a leftist and they run away with shit in their britches! Hope that safeplace you’re hiding has some fun coloring books, maul! He’s probably hiding away in the Greta Thurnberg threads, lol.

Seriously we’re going to trust the guy who named himself after a character from the Star Wars prequels? Cut me a break.


I'm not sure if this is genius or pathetic, but regardless I'm in tears at this shit. Well done, both of you.


It's not the message anyone has a problem with, it's the way it's conveyed. James Cameron conveyed the message through clever writing and well developed and defined characters. We didn't need to know Sarah was tough by having it thrown in her face, her actions and her interactions with other characters did the talking for her, same thing with Ripley, Helen and Rose.

However I think what most people have a problem with is DF didn't seem to respect what came before it.