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Actors who never met their full potential? What Oscars will this get nominated for? Damn, that's the official teaser poster? Crash (2004): Yay or nay? Bill Paxton's lost "Twister 2", what could've been. Biggest LOVE/HATE films? Why do people take this film seriously? The ultimate LOVE/HATE film? The best MCU film? Comes so close to being excellent... View all posts >


Agreed with John Goodman. He was phenomenal in 10 Cloverfield Lane, easily the best part about that film by a very wide margin. The dude can act his ass off. Overplayed. I think I've always found the song to be a tad bit overrated because it's not the best Ozzy song (see Mr Crowley, Flying High Again, Hellraiser, Bark At The Moon, Dreamer, etc.) and if we're counting his stuff with Black Sabbath, it's not even in his top 25 songs. But I swear it's the only metal song to ever be used in any movie. Is there something in every movie contract that states if a song features heavy metal music, it must only be Crazy Train? I don't get it. I did enjoy the song as a kid though, and I still maintain that it has an excellent guitar solo. Crazy Train, aka the only metal song any Hollywood executive has ever heard of... Actually, a survey by Sight & Sound magazine concluded QT was the most famously known filmmaker name on an international level, more than Speilburg or anyone else. Right, it was Furlong who would be Spider-Man. Leo DeCaprio was also considered. I think Cameron would have to be nuts to cast a 35-year-old Michael Biehn as 17-year-old Peter Parker. 1. Inglourious Basterds 2. Pulp Fiction 3. Reservoir Dogs 4. Jackie Brown 5. The Hateful Eight 6. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 7. Kill Bill 8. Django Unchained 9. Death Proof I don't even know the last time a Treehouse Of Horror has even been good. Like, it should be relatively easy to just spoof the most recent horror film, or to throw these eccentric cartoony characters into some wacky yet horrific scenario. I can come up with funny ideas for parodies of A Quiet Place, Get Out, The Witch, It Follows, Hereditary, The Conjuring, The Purge, Babadook, and plenty of others, and I'm just some guy. I imagine pedigree writers who are getting paid to come up with ideas could definitely come up with stuff leagues better than my ideas. They did Split, but I haven't seen it so I can't judge it, but at least they did an actual horror film again. You're seriously right. I love how they thought the movie would automatically be good just because they recreated the first movie in the intro. Like "we got the house spot on, so that means the story and writing don't matter!" Thank you! I hate all the incels right now, how any movie starring a woman or minority actor MUST be pushing some agenda. They all rave about how amazing Ripley is as some sort of proof to show that they aren't sexist but I guarantee Aliens would be accused of pushing a leftist agenda if it were being released in 2019. Whiplash is one of those odd examples where the film is just magnificent and flawless on the surface but immediately becomes more and more stupid if you go even inches deeper. It's still brilliantly made, despite its flaws. View all replies >