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The future for Star Wars following Episode 9? Does this really erase T3 from the canon? Was this movie really THAT hated? Good action, not much else. Biased fake news: only bad when it has a liberal agenda... If Jesus Christ returned to earth and announced his dislike for Trump... Quickly decreasing IMDb rating... They fucked up the sequels by not having Luke be the main focus Is there something seriously mentally wrong with him? Still the best portrayal of a tornado in any movie ever View all posts >


I agree. My thing is just how fast the rating has decreased over the years, and if it will continue to decrease. Back in the 80's, the Razzies were literally (and I mean literally) a bunch of frat dudes sitting around at a house discussing their least favorite films of the year. In 1980, the first year of the Razzies, the entire Razzies council only had 10 people! Compared to the Academy, which had around 1,100 that year. This is why The Shining got a nomination for "worst director": one or two people out of ten disliked it, therefore it recieved a nomination. Cool, thanks! I didn't think of old Arnold and young Arnold working together. There could be a cool Gemini Man dynamic going on, expect better...hopefully! Though, imagine the T-800 turning against human Arnie at some point...that would be even more surreal! How horrifying would it be to be an old man being hunted by a younger version of yourself. Imagine looking into the eyes of your younger self, but they aren't friendly; they're cold, mechanical, and hostile. Maybe at the end, the T-800 realizes all humans must die for their greater plan and decides to turn against Arnold after they've gotten far enough together. I also thought of the idea of Edward Furlong returning to play John Connor as an out of shape bum, pretty much how he is in real life. Realistically, Connor probably would've turned out to be some delinquent had Judgement Day never come,, and in a way, he's bitter that he never got the chance to be a leader like destiny said he would. Now, he's just some druggie felon who nobody will ever know could've been the savior of humanity. I'm sure in reality that idea would fuck him up a bit. Sure, humanity would've been doomed, but at least he would be somebody instead of the nobody loser he is in this reality. I'm not sure if this is genius or pathetic, but regardless I'm in tears at this shit. Well done, both of you. Just ban women from being in movies. Clearly, they just aren't allowed to do anything besides scream and be rescued. "Realistic", right? That's certainly not a bad idea. I would've rather seen that then the T3/T:G hybrid we got for this movie. I've kinda put some thought into it and this is what I think I would've done: Make it fairly low budget and closer in theme and tone to T1. Set it in the past. Have a new Terminator sent back in time to defend, but not the good guys. Have Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, but not as some 75-year-old robot. Instead, make Arnold play the character he should've played in TG and T:DF...that being a normal human scientist/engineer/designer related to Skynet. Arnold is now a target to the Connor's due to his blatant knowledge on what will happen in the future (similar to Dyson in T2), but instead of owning to his faults, human Arnold tries to run while a highly advanced Terminator protects him to ensure Judgement Day occurs. So the roles are reversed, to where the Connor's are now acting as the Terminators and the villain is the one being protected. Also have a police detective investigating the Terminator's bizarre murders and blaming it on the Connor's to add the noir feel from T1. Obama got a fuckton of flack from conservatives for "killing" the coal mining industry, but like...who cares? Next we'll be bashing Trump for killing off VHS's or something. Things have always been fairly hostile between the two parties. Conservatives were asking for Bill Clinton's head back when the Monica Lewinski thing came out. Liberals were rioting and picketing in the streets back when Nixon was president. Hell, people even got trampled on to death during a press speech from then-president James Buchanan. I'm sure things will be like this decades from now. Out of every response, this one made me laugh the hardest. Good work, Burk. Sy Parrish - One Hour Photo. The dude was meant for horror thrillers. View all replies >