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I am a frequent traveler. I just returned from a cruise 2 weeks ago and last Wednesday I booked another one for June. I'm not sure I would trek off to Asia or Europe right now simply because I would't want to be quarantined for 14 days in my cabin that far from home, but right now I wouldn't hesitate to hop on a ship. You really can't be referring to the new Vettes? My son owns a ZR1 - it is beautiful. Problem is this time the "news" is creating economic havoc. I don't know what to expect from the market this week, but the sell off last week was crazy and all it will take for it to go into a bull market is a few more deaths in the US. The news media will have a 24/7 field day with that causing people stop going out to restaurants, movies, shopping, etc. What a mess! My son and I go out for a really nice dinner to celebrate holidays - like Capital Grille, Morton's, etc. We have a great time together and split the bill. Judy - Interesting movie, but depressing. I thought Renee did a great job capturing the mood of Garland's last year. The fact that she was fed pills by the film studios from the time she was 17 is horrible. They were monsters and I can't imagine why anyone would trade a normal life for that crap. Right now, yes I do. According to the John Hopkins website, the flu caused between 291,000 - 646,000 deaths world wide last year alone, yet other than reminding people to get a flu shot, the media paid little attention to it. There have been less than 3,000 deaths so far and primarily in China. We have had 1 death in the US and the sky is falling. Unless people continue with their lives and use common sense precautions the economic repercussions of this virus could be far worse than the actual disease if mass hysteria takes grip. I saw it this afternoon. Our cable went out last night and it was just repaired. I went to Red Box this morning and picked up this movie, Knives Out, and Judy to have something to watch. The key word is "reportedly" and this belongs on the political forum. 1) Small Soldiers (1998) 2. Toys (1992) 3. March of the Wooden Soldiers (1934) 4. Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993) 5. The Indian in the Cupboard (1995) 6. Miracle on 34th Street (1947) 7. Child's Play (1988) 8. The Devil-Doll (1936) 9. Toy Story (1995) 10. Ghosthouse (1988) 11. Annabelle (2014) 12. Pinocchio (1940) It was a cool spot to visit! Funny story about camping - as I previously mentioned, we traveled all over the US and to some remote locations. We had a propane fridge in the camper so we could keep meat cold w/o having to bother with ice. We also hooked up a small grill to the tanks and many times we would pull off in a secluded area and grill burgers or hot dogs for lunch because there just wasn't anything else around. According to my son who was 15 at the time, that was THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING HE HAD EVER DONE IN HIS LIFE, because normal people went to a restaurant for lunch. He moaned and groaned until one night we were in the panhandle of Texas and we told him we would go to Mc Donald's for dinner. When we checked in we asked where the nearest MD's was and were told, "Oh, about 60 miles east of here." He got another burger from our grill that night. View all replies >