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A Female villain again ?NO thank you Hollywood ...hard pass How to save the Terminator Saga-A huge Future War R epic The Critical Drinker deconstructs this lame Woke Terminator sequel *SPOILERS* The Terminator has a ... Good not great it doesn't deserve the hate The human cast sucked Disappointing cast Magneto in the MCU If I had to cast the Remake of SiT This movie was ahead of its time before Braveheart, Gladiator, Last Samurai, 300 ,Apocalypto View all posts >


Prometheus is underrated and it wasn't a flop NOBODY GIVES A F ABOUT THIS DEGENERATE HACK Young Female villains do not work in movies like this He always was a techno-phobic environMENTAL hippie nut job, the whole Terminator saga was a pacifist anti Capitalist manifesto disguised as a male fantasy action sci fi movie(Abyss too without the action and male fantasy that's why it flopped like DF), during the Reagan era when America won the Cold War ,off course being a Master Director he knew he couldn't show all that blatantly and the reason DF was such a failure was that agenda was the main focus and not subliminal like in his other films.Cameron's politics didn't affect his movies they are masterpieces at least T1-T2&Aliens ..Avatar not so much he went full hippie there because of his status as a Hollywood mogul he could say whatever he wanted... The Terminator saga is a primal MALE fantasy the T-800 is a fantasy of being an indestructible scary machine(cyborg-android) badass. Kyle Reese-John Connor are patriarchal archetypes the vast majority of the fans are male and most of them over 35 (Millenials, Gen Z don't care about Terminator),when you turn this into a mediocre WOKEFEST about illegal immigration &neo-feminism claiming that this is Sarah's story and killing on screen John then you deserve to FLOP SO HARD.They missed their target audience who wanted the damn Future War directed by Cameron himself NOT SALVATION NOT T2 3D a TRUE T3 starring JOHN CONNOR (not Furlong necessarily) Kyle Reese maybe Dr.Silberman as an "enlightened" old man who regrets not believing Kyle&Sarah(you could have him being the mentor of Kyle)and Arnie as a human(maybe older Dutch from Predator) who was the basis for T-800 and showing him being tortured by Skynet and having multiple de aged Arnie T-800's fighting the Resistance and the end should've been Kyle inside the TDE traveling back in 1984. If Cameron didn't want it I would give it to Mel Gibson to shoot intense futuristic battles and reinvigorate the alpha male badassery to the Saga... the Pro choice manifesto "...woooomb" scene +1.000.000 Bale didn't work as Connor he is a monster of acting, but he didn't work maybe he looked more like Batman than John Connor...I mean the hype of TDK was still very fresh and the trilogy wasn't over yet with TDKR coming out 3 years later anyway he was the best choice for the role I can't think someone better as John Connor maybe Mel Gibson if he was 10 younger (btw Gibson would've directed the shit out of a Terminator Future war movie).. CGI Arnold was horrible I agree.Sam Worthington couldn't carry this film he doesn't have the screen presence and intimidation he is better on an ensemble movie like Hacksaw Ridge or as a supporting character and Avatar came out 6 months after you're right even Clash of the Titans which came out a year later ,I think Salvation would be more profitable if it had came out after these two and if it had 3D, I remember I hated Sam Worthington but today after all this woke bs on a retrospective he is fine not great but fine. Anyway Salvation even though it was a very mainstream by the book and played safe blockbuster ,looks like a Terminator masterpiece compared to the blasphemous Woke Fate it wasn't that horrible 7/10 It would be a BOX OFFICE MEGA HIT though ...Critics slaughtered the Passion of the Christ and it still is the highest grossing R rated film in History domestically ,not even Joker managed to surpass it and I don't think it will ever be surpassed in the domestic Box office. Genesys at least was not anti American and misandrist. View all replies >