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I totally agree Dracula,Inspector Gadget ,M.Manson,An Indian chief L.Neeson(de-aged) as Sheeran S.Graham(Tony Pro) as Hoffa Andy Garcia or John Leguizamo(aged) as Buffalino De Niro was too old for the part maybe 20 years ago he would have been better and more convincing I don't think so ...this title goes to Mel Gibson's masterpiece HACKSAW RIDGE I totally agree De Niro's age ruined this movie...Neeson would've been P E R F E C T..This movie needed a Father-Son angle between Sheeran-Hoffa and Sheeran-Buffalino not just friends or brothers I would've gone further and I would cast Di Caprio as Sheeran.Pacino was ok but he was terribly unconvincing as Hoffa...I would have cast John C. Reilly as Hoffa... De Niro would've been good if this was made in the 90s but today it looks fake&forced...he ruins the film as much as the horrible editing and unnecessary sequences 7/10 ...and Hopkins...I also think Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson are very underrated as actors Prometheus is underrated and it wasn't a flop NOBODY GIVES A F ABOUT THIS DEGENERATE HACK Young Female villains do not work in movies like this He always was a techno-phobic environMENTAL hippie nut job, the whole Terminator saga was a pacifist anti Capitalist manifesto disguised as a male fantasy action sci fi movie(Abyss too without the action and male fantasy that's why it flopped like DF), during the Reagan era when America won the Cold War ,off course being a Master Director he knew he couldn't show all that blatantly and the reason DF was such a failure was that agenda was the main focus and not subliminal like in his other films.Cameron's politics didn't affect his movies they are masterpieces at least T1-T2&Aliens ..Avatar not so much he went full hippie there because of his status as a Hollywood mogul he could say whatever he wanted... View all replies >