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Good not great it doesn't deserve the hate The human cast sucked Disappointing cast Magneto in the MCU If I had to cast the Remake of SiT This movie was ahead of its time before Braveheart, Gladiator, Last Samurai, 300 ,Apocalypto Mel Gibson should have had his "Han Solo" moment in this Shuri was kinda Jar Jar No Best Actor nom outrageous Man of Steel brought me here.. View all posts >


He would have been the ideal Bond in 2005 1000 times better than the bland boring wooden ugly Graig Henry Cavill -Richard Keira Knightley-Elize Tom Hiddleston-William Fawcett Robinson the manager Jane Seymour-Old Elize(with old age make-up-cgi) Michael Caine - Old Arthur Christopher Lloyd-the Professor Totally barbaric like Africa as a whole Kubrick after 1970 directed only 5 movies ,great directors are picky and perfectionists Gibson like Kubrick will do whatever he truly believes that will be a masterpiece.There is still bad blood in Hollywood for Mel it isn't the easiest thing to give him big movies and that is disgraceful just imagine him directing a massive historical epic like Braveheart again(the Fall of Constantinople 1453 is a great story btw),but the only certain project is a Passion of the Christ sequel and it is about 1-2 years away(Jim Caviezel isn't getting any younger and recasting sucks) and the second project is Berseker it is like a Viking version of Apocalypto that can be done with a low budget around 30-40m but it is in development hell for around 7 years ,DiCaprio was attached at some point,probably for attracting funds but it can be done with unknowns like Apocalypto,now that Mel seems to be back if he truly wants to make this movie he will...He mentioned last year an idea for a Netflix mini series or TV movies about Alexander the Great he said that only a mini series with a huge budget(like Jeffirelli's Jesus from Nazareth) can do justice to Alexander so maybe he has something in mind that would be so awesome I hope he plays Phillip or Parmenion too but it is just wishful thinking... we wish... I agree it is an underrated gem with great production values that stands the test of Time it aged wonderfully it should be at 8.0-8.5 but women liberals and old farts don't get the irony and satire.It is an iconic cult classic sci-fi action movie like Total Recall from the same director He is the black Jai Courtney TLJ:5/10 F3M:BRAVEHEART-SCARFACE-TERMINATOR 1 MERRIN/CARRAS 2016 Where fvckin' Snoke got his power!?And basically where the fvc' is Lando he should have been the one going Kamikaze into the FO fleet not feminazi Purple hair even Admiral Ackbar would have been better...but Disney proved that they hate the Originals and the Prequels View all replies >