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A blatant attempt to ridicule the "Trump crowd" Who would you cast as Jeffrey Goines instead of Brad Pitt? Honest Trailers going too soft on Terminator Woke Fate Fails as a parody,fails as drama Wel,well,well...the Solanum virus originated in China Jack Nicholson reacts to Kobe's death Not a single film or TV series about Greek History except Troy:FOAC Sinatra Anne Hathaway View all posts >


because they expected ALIENS 2 OK the stellar OST had copyright issues but all the other categories deserved a nom ...1992 wasn't such a competitive year ... there were lesser movies that got noms Braveheart is the best movie of its genre If this was made in 2006 I would've cast Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix as Jeffrey Goines I meant non symptomatic replicates just fine inside animals but it's not as lethal as in humans He is amazing I agree the Academy snubbed him because of his action star persona(as they snubbed 12 Monkeys in general with only 2 noms)...that year the list of best actor should've been NICOLAS CAGE-LLV MEL GIBSON-BRAVEHEART BRUCE WILLIS-12 MONKEYS SEAN PENN-DEAD MAN WALKING ANTONY HOPKINS-NIXON (my 1st choice would have been Mel Gibson and 2nd choice Bruce Willis both overlooked for their acting chops because of their star status especially in the 90s.BTW Brad Pitt deserved the Oscar for best supporting role too) Animals are non symptomatic carriers in the 12 Monkeys Universe the premise is brilliant and quite allegoric ...and the Virus is a genetically engineered airborne bio weapon designed to kill as many as possible(99% of human kind), also it mutated who knows how many times thus they needed the primal form of the virus for a vaccine which is the plot hole IMO ..I mean the virus mutates constantly what's the point of requiring the primal form ...I don't know I'm not a virologist ...Anyway 12 Monkeys is a cinematic masterpiece A male Gorilla ...It is a relative to humans and a majestic powerful animal , it would've made me a more suffer-able hybrid *Accurate depiction of Turkish mentality and so called "Civilization" this is movie is a gem one of the best movies ever made...with immense BALLS Post modernist Nihilistic emo bs ....terrible song especially for a Bond movie but anyway the Graig era sucks so it fits View all replies >