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Not even close and you’ve not even established that he even had anything incriminating unlike Diaper Joes crackhead son I never said that, however considering Trump’s lawyers were not allowed to be present at the raid (which is unprecedented) they had plenty of opportunities to plant classified documents. If this truly was a legitimate process then Merrick Garland shot himself in the foot by banning Trump’s lawyers from the raid. I accept your concession, dingleberry Considering how many times the far left has lied about him I am more inclined to believe President Trump. This is the same far left cult that said he collided with Russia, that he tear gassed a non violent crowd and that he said white supremacists were fine people These aren’t conspiracy theories, Merrick Garland labeled concerned parents who were worried their children were being taught radical, racist propaganda “domestic terrorists”, while in the meantime BLM and Antifa were allowed to burn cities and murder people without consequence. Yes that is very close to the original aside from the A New Hope title in the opening crawl and C3PO’s extended dialogue. However on this DVD set you can get the actual theatrical version. Unfortunately with the aspect ratio it’s very hard to see what’s going on so you may have to zoom in or something. You are if you are a DemoKKKrat. When the left is serious about investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop then maybe they’ll have something resembling moral authority. The documents were declassified so President Trump didn’t do anything wrong, and you gave a free pass to Hillary and Diaper Joe when they did far worse. Hillary destroyed documents that she knew the feds were coming for which is a federal crime. Diaper Joe on the other hand did indeed try to have Justice Kavanaugh murdered. No one tried to hang Mike Pence, and hanging Mike Pence was totally fine with your cult from 2016-2021 as you people were actively wishing death on him along with President Trump. Your sudden concern for his well being is ringing incredibly hollow. View all replies >