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I accept your concession, at least you had the balls to admit you were wrong. That's far more than I can say for the majority of your cult. I'd love to see your proof that "right wingers" are obsessed with this movie. Because the only comments I've seen "right wingers" make about it is in response to the left's temper tantrums about it's existence. Remember the left literally tried to ban the public from seeing it. I never said the left was "laughing" at it, I said the left was having a meltdown over the fact that this story was allowed to be told. The left is very triggered by this and it's disturbing because it has a message that everyone should be behind. Also there is no such thing as a "right winger", there is "left wing" and there is moderate. Anyone who isn't a far left radical is considered to be a "right winger" by the left". Also it's odd you bring up Q Anon because it literally has nothing to do with Sound of Freedom. SOF was made years before Q Anon even existed. Sound of Freedom is not political, it does not have a religious message, it has nothing to do with left vs "right", the left are the ones who made it political as they do with just about everything. Either show me proof of your assertions or admit you're a liar. - "Book banning" - you mean keeping pornography out of elementary school libraries. People can still look at porn outside of elementary libraries, the fact that you people want porn in elementary libraries is disturbing _ "Forcing 10 year old rape victims to have babies" - I'd love to see you justify that. Show your source or admit you lied - "Religious fanatics on the Supreme Court" - You think anyone who is conservative is a religious fanatic yet you're too retarded to realize that the DemoKKKrat SCOTUS justices are Christian also. You're just bitter that Conservatives own the SCOTUS are are not letting your cult get away with your evil - "teachers fired for attending a musical show" - We've already been over this, she agreed to the contract Are you all through or do you have more lies for me to debunk? Also in the meantime your cult literally wants to murder white people and anyone who doesn't agree with them. Then you have no business criticizing it, numb nuts. And yes your cult doesn't seem to like inconvenient truths, you people would rather be told comforting lies. Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows, there is evil in the world but I guess it makes you feel better to just ignore it. You don't know what you're talking about, you haven't even seen it. Stop deflecting, whether or not QAnon is a cult is irrelevant, the DemoKKKrats very much are a cult. I said you’re just as much of a bigot as you CLAIM the pastor is, learn to read you retard. Take your fear mongering to someone who doesn’t know you’re a complete liar. I guess it all depends “Transfer” money, that doesn’t mean “defund”, even if I take you at your word (and that’s a very big “if”) you still haven’t proven your premise you liar. You just want to keep underprivileged students in failing schools where there aren’t enough teachers and whatever staff does remain is going to convince kids to take puberty blocks and chop off their genitals. You have not provided one shred of evidence that anyone wants to “defund” public schools, sorry sweetheart. Show me proof that anyone wants to force people to be “Christian nationalists” I’m not worried at all, calling me “UnGodly” means nothing to me and your fear mongering about a “Christian nationalist” has nothing to substantiate it. If there’s anything to be afraid of it’s far left terrorists like BLM and Antifa along with your cult leader Diaper Joe telling his mob to go kill the SCOTUS and “MAGA Republicans”. View all replies >