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Did Coppola remove that very long opera sequence? Dusty old bones, full of green dust Due to Disney Han Solo now literally goes through the same character arc 3 times Favorite song from each Queen album Seriously it's just a squirrel "I knew Harvey Dent. So if Don Juan was shelved... “The experiments on the inmates of your nuthouse” Why wasn't William Holden pissed Are they going to make a movie chat app? View all posts >


I'd choose the Holiday Special any day of the week and twice on Sundays BLM was also shouting "shoot the white folk" along with looting, rioting, and arson. They also murdered a toddler in a stroller and a St. Louis Police Captain among others, both of whom ironically were black. Defunding the police would not hurt people like myself who live in a safe neighborhood, or Nancy Pelosi who has tax payer funded security, it will hurt underprivileged people (many of whom are minorities) who live in high crime areas, you know the people the left claims to be advocates of (they really aren't though, minorities are just political pawns to them), not to mention this assertion that the police have nothing better to do than to go out and shoot innocent people because of their skin color is largely a myth and there is very little evidence to back it up. Even when the left can point to a legit example of police brutality (George Floyd) there is still no evidence that the man was targeted because of his skin color. The left uses the police and violence against minorities to score cheap political points plain and simple, they are the true racists. I didn't mind Part III, I mean it was a serious step down from the first two but it was still an OK movie, heck it did get a Best Picture nomination. I'm really interested in how he changed the film, however my least favorite part of the movie (the opera sequence) from what I understand is still there. It was supposed to be Winona Ryder but she did Edward Scissorhands instead (in my opinion a good decision on her part). But yeah Sofia kind of sucked. Pacino however I thought was good as always and Garcia also nailed it. Is it still in the film? The killing montages in the first two were epic but that opera music just ruined it in Part III What were the differences? Not even close but either way I don’t mind the scene I just hate opera music True but he could have changed the music, he could have left the killings in but just replaced the music much like how Lucas did to the end of Return of the Jedi View all replies >