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Any part without dialogue. Absolutely. It really is stupid. The original script by Jonathan Nolan was loads better - don't know wtf Chris was thinking because he ruined it with his rewrite. Doesn't work nearly as well as facial expression in addition to body language. Way to totally strawman my post. I said that facial expression is a fundamental, important aspect in portraying emotion, especially if you want to maximize it in a visual medium - are you seriously denying that? If so, I feel bad for you, I really do. "You can't see my face, but if you could, you'd know I really do." Thanks for proving my point. Where did I say that because it was a remake, it's automatically bad - moron? Because choosing someone for something based on their race, is in fact regressive and not a good thing. Hard concept to understand, I know. Seriously, I grew up (late 80s/90s) with the concept that we were moving beyond any racial divides - to where I didn't care or even think about someone's skin color. Now, it matters more than ever apparently, and everyone is judged based on it... truly regressive and sick. I like how the original it showed true non-racial decisions, based fully on talent and effectiveness - having some voice actors be black for when the characters were kids, and white when adults. Race played no part, and why would it? That was the direction we should have been heading in, and I thought we were heading in, until all this regressive SJW stuff started to take hold. We're humans, and we respond to human emotions and expression. Making it more "realistically animalistic" does absolutely NOTHING to enhance the film or its impact, quite the opposite. Maybe we should show this film to a bunch of lions - is that the real audience here? Also, why make their non-facial movements unrealistic and highly animated (the jumping/spinning/dancing), but not their faces... where all the emotion is? It makes no sense whatsoever. These are not real animals - they are animated characters with human emotions, and they should have the ability to emote in a human-like way... if you want to have the audience (humans) be able to feel the full impact. Like in, you know, the original legendary masterpiece. Is this seriously a question? Watch the animated, and nothing else. View all replies >