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The US wasn't a third world country in the 90s, for fuck's sake. Fight Club, but it's definitely not Tarantino's style. Only a fool would go see this trash. What else were you implying then, exactly? That a minority of black people didn't support the moon landing? So a minority of a minority opposed the moon landing... which makes my post more valid and yours even more ridiculous. I'm not even going to take your Hidden Figures bait and attempt to derail - you just conveniently ignored my entire post and its points, as expected. First of all, what did you expect NASA to do? Oh, "most black people, specifically, don't like the moon landing (which is presumptuous as HELL on your part, btw), we better scrap the whole project. Fuck the moon race, fuck the Russian dominance in space and technology, fuck the Cold War, fuck Kennedy's wish... 'black people', 11% of the population, in particular, don't like it. SCRAP IT." Secondly, and the main point here: the movie is a character piece about Armstrong, not the fucking politics of the moon landing. It doesn't affect the plot, the characters, it has NO relevance or impact on the story being presented. You SJWs have to make EVERYTHING about race/gender, don't you? You really do have some kind of mental disease/defect. An OCD-like tic that you have to scratch constantly, and hyperfocus in on... for anything and everything. I think The Master was almost on the same level as TWBB, personally - the 70mm cinematography made it special, and the performances are unreal. Inherent Vice was a disappointment for me. Phantom Thread is pretty great, gets better on repeat viewings, but yes, it's not in the same league as TWBB. I don't know, I think we're in for another classic soon. I think a lot of it could depend on the subject matter he chooses. Yeah, you're a fucking piece of shit. Or a troll. Poe's Law makes it impossible to tell unfortunately. This shit seriously makes me sick. I'm honestly hoping for an asteroid at this point. You'd fuck her in a heartbeat, especially considering it's likely you've never had sex. Totally. It was out of place and completely unnecessary. Not to mention, it actually gave a bit of credence to the right-wing types who thought the "flag planting" omission was some kind of statement. I don't think the flag planting was necessary at all, and it wasn't even a planting per se, but a long process of getting the thing to stand upright. However, the filmmakers explained its omission by saying this was a personal piece about Armstrong, not about the moon landing itself. Then they go and add this shit, which is totally inconsistent with that statement... View all replies >