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Haha look at you getting all wound up because people are calling you a troll, hehe. What ever you say troll, enjoy. No, they have a thing called character development. Where they fail, learn, and grow. Mary Sue's are flawless and ridiculously capable from the get-go, like Rey. And male versions of this can exist, this is just the name given to a female character who exhibits these traits. Is that your go-to after being revealed as a dumbass, just claim out of nowhere that someone is getting "wound up"? Like a totally random "umad bro"? Yikes. You must use that a lot I bet. No, you'll just waste your time repeating the same shit day in and day out, complaining about people who express how it's bad. A very simple metaphor that apparently went right over your head, which I guess is exactly what I should have expected. The house is falling apart, the interior is covered in shit, and family heirlooms are strewn around in shattered pieces... but hey it has a nice paint job. Oh, you don't like shit and broken things? What, are you brainwashed? Look at how nice the paint job is! Did you miss the part where he was in the hospital with a bunch of stitches? I mean, you're referring to the alternate ending, obviously? There was only the one ever released as a deleted scene, and it certainly never involved the T-1000. I have a memory of Return of the King where Gandalf gets cornered when the big trolls break through in Minas Tirith, and uses a spell to kind of blast/stun them and escape. I even remember talking to my friend about it right after we got out of the theater, about how he doesn't use obvious magic often, except for two specific parts in the film (the other being the Nazgul). I was 18 and have had this memory ever since, but I obviously must have imagined it somehow as well. View all replies >