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It was quite well done. Very unlikable, no doubt. And comments like yours are why fanboys are a plague, defending all kinds of fucked up decisions by someone/a company through blind praise without any critical thought whatsoever. The kind of mentality where there's no accountability whatsoever. If everyone acted like you, we'd have nothing but trash films without respite, because you need to consume, consume, and consume some more - don't dare question the great Lucas, or the deific Disney. So I take it you're okay with this type of behavior, the behavior that George himself said was "barbaric"? What a top notch apologist you are, advocating for the literal destruction of historical film reels to push a distorted version of classic films with no alternative. But hey, you're George's boy so it's all worth it. Maybe someday down the line when you meet him, he'll specifically remember this post and give you a cookie. You think I'm going to just blindly praise Lucas because I don't like Disney? Or be a Disney fanboy because I dislike these decisions by Lucas? No, some of us have this thing called a brain, and the ability to use it. The ability to judge things beyond this mindless black and white fanboy mentality you have, which is the antithesis of critical thought. Absolutely disgraceful, that there's people out there like yourself who condone this type of thing. I mean, the millions of fans who want to purchase the actual films they grew up with and supported for decades... how dare they, am I right? You are seriously messed up. *By the way, can you point to any other well-known classic films, where a filmmaker has released a distorted version and actively suppressed, even destroyed, the original film? I can't think of any, because doing that is seriously fucked up and insane. "Barbaric... a great loss to society", says Lucas. Yeah, it is. I wasn't convinced in the first half, but the latter sealed the deal. No, because it was a one-time thing, like is stated in the spell. They already used their chance by initiating it that day. It really was, not convincing at all. A glorious song, one for the Suicide Playlist. The fact that they try to call it the "religion of peace" is straight up comedy. We're talking about "up" as in, away from the surface of the planet. Like a normal vector on a sphere. Where you are on it is irrelevant. He said Disney Star Wars, not Star Wars. There is a big difference. View all replies >