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SJW can't take a joke. What a surprise. She was superhot in Trees Lounge. I liked her in American Psycho as well "The obvious" to a dumbass who apparently doesn't understand Star Wars, sure. Why are you here again? Giant SJW hypocrite. Wow, so you've already retconned this in your mind like a good little fanboy, haven't you? You make Disney proud (they're keeping tabs, remember). "Hey quick, we need to mine some more nostalgia, what can we do?" "What about Palpatine?" "Genius! They'll eat it up!" Three movies into this horrid ST and they're shoehorning in Palpatine because Ruin Johnson stupidly killed the big bad so Kylo could become the big bad. Then JJ's like fuck that noise, whiny bitch Kylo already got beaten by no-experience Rey once and made a fool out of by Luke... we need someone actually threatening, and let's MINE THAT NOSTALGIA while we're at it. Vader had been a slave to Palpatine for decades, and doing bad shit on his behalf for decades. Palpatine was instrumental in seducing him to the dark side, and keeping him there. His redemption wasn't just about saving Luke, it was about finally freeing himself from the dark side, and Palpatine. And as a result, he didn't just save Luke, he ensured the Empire was essentially fucked. Like cutting off the head of a snake. ROTJ had a happy ending for a reason - it wasn't a "well, Palpatine might still be out there..." ending - no, he was fucking dead. And in the first two movies of the ST he was fucking dead. It literally makes no sense for him to have survived somehow, and now to be suddenly showing up again. Character-wise, story-wise, world building-wise... it makes no sense. Now, for NOSTALGIA-MINING-CASH-GRABBING purposes, it does make sense. Destroys Anakin's sacrifice and the OT. Way to go JJ and "Lucasfilm". You're crap. That's all I have to say. In today's political climate, that's a reality unfortunately. If you don't see that, you are truly blind. It's hilarious how much the media protects this medium-talent actress. An SJW talking about people being "pro-fascist" - that's rich. I agree, even as the script as it stands with its flaws could have worked a lot better with different actors, and maybe the ending wouldn't have been as jarring. I did enjoy Butler's performance however. View all replies >