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Best Dinosaur FX prior to Jurassic Park? Not the movie that was promised International dubbed versions? Great film! The Catrix Isn't the matrix a win-win situation? Do you need to see the first two Spider-Man movies before this? Severed head blowjob scene? Has the director been in a coma during the 90s? Where is my mind View all posts >


what backlash? did i miss something? of course the legacy cast has more promo appeal, that's why they did all the promo work. but unlike "ghostbusters: afterlife" where the legacy cast did all the promo work as well, but in the movie itself they only showed up for a cameo in the last 10 minutes, in "jw: dominion" old and new stars at least get equal screentimes. one of the very few good things about this movie. yeah, i know ray harryhausen's stop motion stuff, also some czech movies by karel zeman. thanks, haven't seen this one. please post in the existing topics instead of making new ones. the topic already exists here: 1.) jurassic park 2.) jurassic park: the lost world 3.) jurassic world: fallen kingdom 4.) jurassic world 5.) jurassic world: dominion 6.) jurassic park III this, plus many critics calling it the best action movie in years, plus it won't be released on vod for months. "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth." i think it wasn't worse than the average marvel blockbuster (which usually are way overrated by the same critics). it had a few cool scenes and was slightly less cheesy than the first jurassic world movie, but of couse, it's still mediocre and lacking the movie magic of spielberg's works. 7/10 would be fairly overrated, imho, 5/10 at best there's so much wrong with this movie. even small moments, like the scene when reynolds punches his father on the campus. so a professor gets punched and students just walk by and don't even look what's going on?! View all replies >