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i've seen the kidnapped version and skimmed through the rabid dogs version on youtube - are there any other differences apart from the replaced score and scenes with the woman on the phone? the latter i found unnecessary, but i think i might prefer the kidnapped score as it's less obtrusive. but is there a third version?! i came across this on youtube: not sure if this is a fan made intro, because it's neither the intro from the kidnapped nor from the rabid dogs version. i guess it wasn't supposed to be suspensful, hence the detective work was barely shown in the movie. it's more about the characters and the human drama. because it didn't find the middle ground (which is subjective), it deserves the worst possible rating in your opion? well, glad the movie is more valuable than your reviews then... it wasn't highly rated by critics when it came out. it got its acknowledgement later on, when its effect on hollywood became apparent, hence what's now called new hollywood as opposed to "classic" hollywood. [quote]Inherently, I like the idea of framing a film from the perspective of the lowest character or characters. Chaplin, of course, did this to great acclaim, as did Welles with “Chimes at Midnight.” And certainly most of the all time greatest directors have some variation on “the fool’s film” somewhere in their oeuvre. Using that point-of-view is an interesting perspective. But if you choose to do nothing with that perspective, what exactly is the point of doing it in the first place?[/quote] isn't that the point of a "fool's film"? fools will be fools and don't have a character development. do you hate star wars because r2d2 and c-3po remain comic relief robots? do you hate forrest gump because he's still forrest gump in the end of the movie? do you hate the simpsons because homer is still homer at the end of each episode? it's all about the eye brows i guess. rashomon by far. seven samurai has a thin plot that can be summorized in a few senteces, yet the movie is fricking 3.5 hours long. rashomon, on the other hand, is only 1.5 hours long and tells a story from 4 different perspectives. why bother to reply to a topic if you got nothing to contribute? <blockquote>We experience a microcosm of our own pursuit, struggle with, or denial of these questions through the characters' journey throughout the Seventh Seal.</blockquote> yeah, that's what suprised me the most. i expected it to be focussed on block's struggle with death. but it's really more like a road movie, showing a multitude of characters and their indivdual perspectives on life and death, thus the viewer can or cannot find themself in the different views. that doesn't answer my questions, so i take it that you didn't get the movie either? View all replies >