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it's going to be funny in future seasons, when they realize that mrs. byers looks like an older version of beetlejuice star winona ryder. the t-800 in t2 was also a re-programmed killer machine. a terminator is basically just a weapon. if you can use such a weapon to help defend yourself - why would you just throw it away? sarah realized this in the deleted scene from t2 (inlcuded in the director's cut) where she was about to destroy arnold, but eventually stopped herself from doing so. nope, john will be in that movie (albeit only for a short time). that's called black comedy. what "future" are you talking about? sarah connor has been the hero of the first two films. and you can always watch terminator 3 rise of the machines, if a female (looking) antagonist makes you happy... why? because a good protector terminator is obviously more useful to sarah than a terminator who tries to kill her and all other skynet opponents. in the same way, arnold's terminator in t2 was re-programmed as a protector and sent back in time. how? you can access the control unit of a t-800, it was shown in the deleted scene of terminator 2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there's no new trailer with the "real" sonic, is there? the movie is supposed to come out in half a year already, so it's going to be rather expensive and risky to re-render all the cgi shots. if she's a ghost like pascow that would be an explanation. (even though a very unsatisfying one) there's no vod release date yet. View all replies >