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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ there's no new trailer with the "real" sonic, is there? the movie is supposed to come out in half a year already, so it's going to be rather expensive and risky to re-render all the cgi shots. if she's a ghost like pascow that would be an explanation. (even though a very unsatisfying one) there's no vod release date yet. i checked the scene again. you're right, it was obviously the cat which made the noise (by smashing a picture onto the floor) and ellie appeard at the bottom of the stairs... BUT before that, we actually see jud locking the door of his house! if ellie broke in by smashing a window or something, sure that wouldn't be left unnoticed (it would certainly be louder than the noise the cat was making). and how did she manage do sneak out and in of her own house, unnoticed by her father? (apparently not through the front door). jud heard a noise from upstairs, went there, looked around and got attacked by ellie. you may argue, maybe the noise wasn't from ellie, maybe the cat was up there (how did it get in?) and made the noise. maybe jud forgot to lock the door (even though he knew she was after him?) and while he was looking around, she sneaked upstairs. but that's too many "maybes" for me. also, it doesn't explain how she appeared back in her own house again, right on time before her mom arrives. well, even if she was very fast, there would have to be a secret underground tunnel connecting the two houses, so that she could arrive in jud's house and go upstairs before he entered the house. it wasn't dull by any means, just a very odd pacing or editing and a disputable direction for the story in the third act. wasted potential... ok, i just checked the movie again and can answer the question myself: i didn't miss something - it is a MAJOR PLOT HOLE. apparently, ellie "beamed" herself to jud's house. anyone? View all replies >