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Show Don't Tell. "I bought the airline" Ray was kinda creepy, too Arnie: "There's blood, there's gore, there's guts..." The Plot A plot hole so big you can bury a dead body in it 2019 vs 1989 version Can someone explain? [spoilers] R-Rating confirmed Junkie XL to score Terminator Dark Fate View all posts >


yeah, i liked both films. i thought the natalie character seemed more comprehensible in the chronological cut. i'd prefer the original version though, of course. i wonder how they managed to sneak in such a raunchy joke in a disney family movie... haven't seen his previous films, but they have solid ratings: "the longshots" 5.3, "the education of charlie banks" even 6.6. also he made a couple of music videos. not sure if fisher knows that saito is on the plane, but sharing the same room, it's likely they have seen each other. fisher should have been accompanied by a bodyguard because of the threat of extraction. it's revealed he had some training to fight off intruders in his dreams, so he knew about the dream espionage. lol [url][/url] closet gay? you seem to confuse men with female feet. it's going to be funny in future seasons, when they realize that mrs. byers looks like an older version of beetlejuice star winona ryder. the t-800 in t2 was also a re-programmed killer machine. a terminator is basically just a weapon. if you can use such a weapon to help defend yourself - why would you just throw it away? sarah realized this in the deleted scene from t2 (inlcuded in the director's cut) where she was about to destroy arnold, but eventually stopped herself from doing so. nope, john will be in that movie (albeit only for a short time). View all replies >