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showing boobies would have been awkward, considering the three main actors are a family in real life (parents and daughter). the toilet scene was awkward enough. some more stalker movies that come to my mind: love and death on long island (1997) - the crush (1993) - one hour photo (2002) - this french film is also about a female stalker: À la folie... pas du tout - and of course, stephen king's 'misery': well, there's a recent one called 'the fanatic' with john travolta as obsessive fan. directed by fred durst. (not an actual recommendation though - it's pretty bad! lol) yeah it was boring. the opening credits went on for 10 minutes and the rest dragged too. glad that quentin tarantino's own movies are better than the flicks he recommends! no, i think you're right. yeah, same twist as in <spoiler>the game by david fincher</spoiler>. and that they let him beat alexi to death without intervening wasn't believable at all. as if they didn't watch him on monitors as he approached alexi. i disagree about the subtitles though. the protagonists don't understand russian, hence you're not supposed to understand what the russians say either. agreed. it's a gripping violent chase thriller, not more, not less. basically how i wished the last terminator film would have been. you've replied to a specific comment with an implied false statement instead of a counter argument, only to admit shortly afterwards that you had been deliberately lying in order to steer the discussion to a general moral debate (again, as if we didn't have enough of it on this board already). i'm not interested in playing that game, so stay on-topic and stop wasting other people's time. <blockquote>So, according to your logic, we need to really decapitate actors now in horror movies because "authenticity"</blockquote> no, because unlike twerking girls in a coming-of-age drama, decapitating actors in a horror movie would actually meet the two exploitation criteria i've mentioned above. so you basically proved my point, thank you. <blockquote>... blow up actual buildings in action movies because "authenticity".</blockquote> yes, i do prefer practical pyro effects and real stunts over poor cgi anytime. ("authenticity" is usually not the goal of action movies though) <blockquote>Filming a half naked child's crotch is filming a child's crotch. Just because you slap a fancy "art" label on it doesn't make it magically okay..</blockquote> i've said this a thousand times: context matters. and the context is given here. this is a film forum, i'm here to discuss art and not your personal morals, i don't care what you think is "okay" and what not. if you don't appreciate "fancy art", go somewhere else or start your own board where you can discuss that sort of stuff. View all replies >