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That's old news. Once fear spreads, people do whatever is needed to survive. That's why Holowka was thrown under the bus by his own colleagues and ended killing himself a couple of weeks ago when Zoe Quinn accused him. It's the same pattern that has happened before and will happen again. When people wonder 'how that could have happened back then?', well, we're living that now. We have the idea that totalitarian regimes are some kind of violent ones, because that's how movies portray them. But they portray that way because that's how you make a movie thrilling. Actually, they can be very peaceful. When people are really afraid, they don't even dare to say they're afraid. They do whatever they can to look 'normal', so they're not the next one to be hunted down. Or fired. Or blacklisted. Right now you don't need to threaten dissidents with jail, everything is connected nowadays, you can just threaten them with homelessness. Into the Mirror <b>DON'T</b> watch the movie until you have watched the show. Just don't. Not because of the movie, but because of the show. The show is really well written, one of the best written shows in the last two decades. It's a bloody masterpiece. The day you start watching it, you wanna do it without spoilers. And there's gonna be a lot of spoilers in the movie, since the movie continues the story. So, watch the show, and then watch the movie. This way you will enjoy the show without spoilers, and you will enjoy the movie much more. Be aware that 'incel' is only an <b>INSULT</b>. Actually, leftists are the ones <b>more</b> likely to be single or separated. https://content.gallup.com/origin/gallupinc/GallupSpaces/Production/Cms/POLL/zeg6jd9n9kmawsg1dhiobg.gif This is interesting because insults and derogatory terms are usually based in exaggerations. Derogatory term 'SJW' is a parody of a person that pretends to care about social justice (his idea of social justice, at least). But 'incel' is based in a complete delusion, since it goes against facts, which are that leftists are more likely to be single. What I meant with 'interesting' is that while the term being an exaggerations is normal, what's odd is that the exaggeration is not rooted in real facts but in a delusional view. It shows how disconnected from reality those people have become. I don't think that's the cause the media trashed it. My theory is that the movie is basically a journey into madness, it's about the mind of the main character, probably without any political message or even subtext. My guess is that the media expected the character to be portrayed as some Trump supporter... and it has been trashed because the movie didn't went political. I hope I'm right, because a non-political movie would be a breath of fresh air. Funny thing. ADHD here, and I have the same experience. I've watched the whole franchise 2-3 times (both Japanese one and American remakes), one of my favorites. You get used of it, and it's very rewatchable since the non-linear timeline makes it more difficult to remember. Actually, it gets better in 2nd or 3rd view. I watched it cuddling with a girlfriend. Best choice ever. Stereotypes and prejudices are profiles that have proven to be often true. Without further info, they're usually a good bet, even the best bet. What's wrong is to believe that they must be true each and every time. Now we're gone to the opposite extremist side, where the politically correct position is to believe that they must be wrong each and every time. This position is as close-minded as the previous one, and even much worse, since it lies further from the truth. Both masculinity and femininity are being promoted as toxic, that's why males and females look more and more androgynous. Modern movies, sometimes it's becoming difficult to say whether it's an actor or an actress. Check Terminator Dark Fate, or Tessa Thompson in MiB. But at least males are fighting to defend masculinity. Females are not doing the same with femininity. The moment they wanna go back there, they're gonna find themselves in a wasteland that has been trashed for years without anybody defending it. That's old news. 3rd and 4th wave feminism are male-centric. Virtuous women are portrayed as male with boobs, while female characteristics are dismissed and even attacked. Once the current feminist trend passes, women will find themselves in a very low social position, because feminism has spent last decades promoting that femininity is despicable. So what happens when you want to go back there? 50 years from now, women are gonna have a very hard time. View all replies >