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Funny thing is that Ripley is indeed one of more beloved characters by the same people that dislike feminism. Ripley in Aliens is the perfect example of how to make a great female character in an action movie [b]while remaining a credible female[/b]. Ripley has to be blackmailed because she doesn't want to go 'on adventures' to chase Aliens, which makes sense in a female character, 'chasing dragons' is more a male trait. And she doesn't engage Aliens until they kidnap Newt, and then she enters [i]'don't mess with a mother'[/i] mode, going from avoiding violent conflict to willing to take any chance to get Newt back no matter the risks. Again, a credible female character. And she doesn't have an unreal physical strength, she uses weapons, and the crane-robot, to fight the Aliens. Again, it's pulp, it's a movie, but it doesn't break immersion like it happens when you watch a little chick knock down a big guy with a punch, wtf. It seems that the modern meaning of 'misogynist' has no relation with real women anymore, and is about hating those men with boobs and vagina that have become standard characters in modern movies. Usual racial quotas in modern Hollywood. They didn't blackwashed the main character, but secondary characters follow the usual pattern: whites-bad, non-whites-good. Lots of diversity, but no need to say, the bad Church guys are white (go to the frame in 1:06, and then to the one 1:14, watch for yourself), and then in 1:55 you have a wide plane with a lot of bad guys in the Arctic base. All of them white, of course. Another anti-white series. Damn. That's really sad news :-( I knew about this studio after watching Miss Kobayashi series (which is a little wonderful jewel with one of the best main characters I've seen in Anime). The studio is not very known in Western countries, but extremely well considered in Japan. If IGN says a woke series is bad... it must be REALLY bad... Nope. Jim Carrey is white, which means they should have rewritten the Genie as an evil psychopath to fit his race. The story works much better when the Genie is a good guy, and requires him to be non-white :-) There's a proverb in my country 'barking dog doesn't bite'. I think Gibson is the kind of guy with a big mouth, but that's it. People like that have it hard when the society becomes more sanctimonious, like the one nowadays. [url]https://crberryauthor.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/lion-king-sex-cloud.jpg[/url] No way. Western world has become much more sanctimonious than it was a couple of decades ago. And a Nazi. Dont forget it: if you aren't a SJW, then you're racist, sexist, and a Nazi. [quote]bullshit , there wouldnt be half the hatred for this if the character was male and it looked like it was going to be shitty , stupid plot , money milking exercise.[/quote] Exactly. People rarely hate shitty movies, they just avoid them. The keyword you didn't include from the comment you answered was 'political'. People hate being politically lectured and indoctrinated, and what's more, watch how the old stories the loved when they were kids are being used and screwed to sell this new religion to them. View all replies >