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I f*****g would like to see him in a Christopher Nolan movie ***Baker's Dozen...Eerie mystery town*** CLOSED It's sad how Hollywood movies have become so predictable I miss some diversity This could be Marvel's equivalent to Doctor Whoke Game: try to find the two women in this song by ear RottenTomatoes is deleting (again) negative users reviews It seems like a BIG BIG flop Holy shit, even a series about Dracula has to be woke! :-( What do you think it'll be the next 'upgrade' for Doctor Whoke View all posts >


It sounds VERY promising. The trailer is brilliant. I was afraid it would go woke, but having bad mainstream reviews, it seems that we're gonna have a good movie after all!! ^_^ The trailer had it sold for me. But bad reviews from mainstream critics... well, that's make the movie look even more promising, if possible :-) How about two animals combined? Like 'Sharktopus vs Whalewolf', or 'Octopussy'? And why don't participate in other threads? You have only a dozen messages here, and all of them have been to attack me in this thread and in the Witcher one. I'm flattered that you only have eyes for me in this forum 😄 but you should try to socialize with other people. Bye. Go to imdb and look for "Storyline". You have there the plot described. You're welcome. And I said, it fits what I predicted. You don't get more insightful than that. :-) I was very insightful. I was so insightful that I could even predict the argument of the movie. That was predictable. They can't fire her without being accused of being misogynist. And at the same time audiences are in fast decline. BBC made its bed, and now they don't know how to fix it. <blockquote>To be fair I’ve never really understood what wokeness is at all</blockquote> If you don't understand the term, then why the hell you defined Sarah-Jane Smith in 1973 as woke?. "<i>I don't understand what's Taoism, but this is sooo Taoist</i>". Brilliant. <blockquote>Straight up Doctor Who has always been progressive</blockquote> 'Progressive' is a term that meant completely different things in different periods. The KKK was founded by progressive people. 50 years ago progressive meant classic liberalism. Nowadays progressive means wokeness. Camille Paglia was feminist according to classic feminism, nowadays she's assigned to far-right. Modern Doctor Whoke has zero relation with 70s Doctor Who. You can do whatever you want. I have quite some respect for classic liberalism and classic feminism, for what matters, which are ideologies with zero relation with wokeness. Nothing. 'Feminist' in 1973 had a completely different meaning, it was much more related to classic liberalism. While the roots of wokeness were already planted, it didn't become a mainstream trend until the 90s. View all replies >