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So according to you, spending $50M or $100M in protecting your brand, that worths thousands of millions, is insane. If you say so... Domestic or worldwide. It has been done before. In China, for example, there's quite some amount of fraud in screenings, so companies that want to increase the numbers screen in empty theaters to compensate. There was an article in Business Insider about that: [url]https://www.businessinsider.es/dwayne-johnson-china-what-is-box-office-fraud-2018-7[/url] Of course, you could use it to compensate... or use it (more) to create the feeling that the movie was successful and the franchise wasn't damaged by the political agenda. A friend of mine that worked in a movie theater as a projectionist hosted a few ghost screenings for indie unknown movies, though those were aimed to reach the amount of tickets necessary to get a subsidy. [i]Yes, a narratively delivered example of her point about the disparity between critic demographics and target demographics.[/i] The problem is that is just an excuse to promote some kind of chosen people according to racial modern narratives. You really don't give a shit about the disparity between critic demographics and target demographics. Why? this guy is just a decent standard director who has been overpraised beyond his real merits because he's black. That's all. Shyamalan has directed one masterpiece and had a huge influence in modern cinema. He became some kind of one-hit-man, but the hit was big. Peele is just a guy with a couple of nice horror movies. There's quite a few like him. If you wanna be precise, that would 13 days. The movie opened in Thursday in some countries like China. Actually, it does make sense. A flop could damage the whole franchise, specially if it's related to some backlash because of the movie being too political, and that could be far more expensive than buying tickets of your own movie. It didn't. It was just a good movie. But media is so desperate to find some good black director that they transformed it into The Big Next Event. It happened the same with Black Panther, which was a standard Marvel movie and according to Rotten Tomatoes it's the Greates Movie in History (not kidding, it's still ranked as #1). The consequence of that behavior is that, after a while, people notice the pattern and start to discount: if a black movie is said to be great, it means it's good. If it's said to be good, well, you know. Then that attitude will be labeled as racism, and so we go again. [i]This film has some pressure to live up[/i] You mean: the critics have some pressure to [b]vote up[/b] [i]You're not allowed to make a movie in Hollywood if you don't mention racism. Gotta keep that guilt machine running full throttle.[/i] That's it. View all replies >