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Let's hope this follows the original ones and doesn't get into virtue signaling. I find it difficult to believe but... who knows? Maybe there's some hope after all. And Jason Reitman is a damn good director. [i]Nobody complained about racism when movies and TV shows were inaccurately portraying history or omitting people of color like U.S. Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves.[/i] That's not the same. Movies were made by white people, including actors. It was NOT a politically intended omission. Black cowboys were omitted, that's true, but black slave owners were omitted TOO. And there were lots of black slave owners. Nowadays, it's political. And it's purposely and intentionally racist, portraying white males in negative roles while non-white males in positive roles. Black cowboys are portrayed. Black slave owners? Don't hold your breath waiting for it. 👍 Actually, she's kinda solid. She's never great, but she's regularly good. That's good news. George Lucas has always treated fans extremely well. There's a big difference between executives who just got there through some MBA or Ivy League degree, and the ones that worked that industry from the bottom. I thought you were gonna say that they canceled the movie. Don't delude people that way, dude. >:( [i]Simple as Star Trek was it gave a vision to what the US, and the UN would evolve to be. [/i] Then it was garbage too, or delusional wishful thinking at least. That series is a much more accurate vision of what the US would evolve to be. [url]https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6692188[/url] That's a new low, no matter how you sell it. Asking them not to monetize it, or asking them not to have benefits, that would be OK. But monetizing a fan film, that's despicable. There's very few cases where it doesn't look forced. Ken Loach movies, for example, would be one of those cases. But he's a classical leftist, which has become a very minority ideology, so nobody really cared about his ideological purity (50 years ago it would have been different). However, diversity is the current trend. Too many eyes checking the story's saintliness;. It's not some obscure title. It was one of those highly praised horror novels in the last two decades. I started to read it a few years ago but left it after 50 pages. It was not bad, though. It was just one of those slow burning fat books. Actually, I'm thinking now about giving it another chance. View all replies >