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They can't use sexual reproduction, so they reproduce by cuttings. If you plant a foot and you water it, you get a new unsully. That comes in handy after a battle. [i]It's over. Now Let's hear all of the bitching. I swear it is hysterical logging onto this site after an episode of GOT just to listen to people whine about it. All you losers can start setting up your petitions now because of how "awful" and "pathetic" it was, lol.[/i] Haven't seen so much whining and bitching concentrated only in three sentences, in a while... XD Of course... LITTLEFINGER: You're the unmarried heir to the North, a prized commodity. I'm the man who betrayed your father and made him killed. But now I'm good, pinky promise. Do you come with me and my personal guards to the Vale? SANSA THE FUTURE SUPER-SMART RULER: Oh, I trust you so much!!! I'm afraid he's right. This is not like Dexter, where you can just watch the four first seasons. Or like House or X-Files, that are procedural series with independent stories in each episode. Here there's a single big story from beginning to end. Last two seasons were like the third act in a movie. You screw the third act, that makes the movie hardly rewatchable. Well written??? First seasons, she was dumb as a brick. And suddenly she becomes super-Sansa the super-smart commander? Did she grow a brain out of thin air? Margaerys was a smart character. Dany was a smart character. Sansa?? WTF? No way. Her arc was ludicrous. Because she's a WOMAN, and she was a better fighter than Jaime, and now she's a better writer than Sam. Probably she would be better sailor than Seaworth, and a better commander than Tywin, not to say taller than everyone else. This is how it works nowadays. Actually, I do. I feel curious, though, what was you reasoning behind that conclusion? GoT going into superhero genre? Indeed, there could be a cross-over with her joining the Avengers. She has super-agility, shapeshifter powers (like Mystique) and some degree of regeneration powers (not as much as Wolverine, though, but a bit). The spin-off could be called 'Captain Westeros'. [i]Did she not? that bitch looked straight up villainous all in black with a cold expression on her face as she was being crowned.[/i] You don't say 'bitch', you say 'empowered'. You don't say 'cold expression', you say 'modern and independent'. And you don't say 'villainous', you say 'feminist'. Please, use the right terms. Easy. They knew all along that they were gonna run out of books at the last seasons, BUT they had the characters well defined, and the whole plotline. So you hire some pro screenwriters WAY BEFORE reaching the 'no more books' point and you make them prepare the story in detail. That way, when you reach that point, you don't find yourself suddenly lost. It's not that difficult: scifi and fantasy writers have often worked with secondary authors. I'm thinking now Terry Pratchet, Orson Scott Card, Asimov (to name a few). Usually, the main writer (the famous one) defines the main events, characters and plotline, and the secondary writer does the hard work and fills the details. [b]HBO could have used RR Martin's info and hired some ghostwriters to prepare the missing areas in advance[/b]. HBO had several years to prepare it BEFORE reaching this point and realizing they didn't know what to do. View all replies >