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I Enjoyed This Film! LeBron James comments on NFL Owners One of the funniest things I've ever seen! Loved Rick's Last Episode! I'm loving this show! "Time's Up For The Gang..." An Oscar movie trend I never understood... So...The Emmy Awards Ratings, and Awards Shows in General. I Think it will be better the 98th time they remake it. Sex, Food, and Sports View all posts >


I've been asking myself the same question. I have no idea what WJW stands for... "Women's Justice Warrior"? I've noticed the last few weeks it's become a thing now. SJW and "snowflake" were clever at one time, but as people tend to do, they ruined it, and now the terms are so overused they don't even have meaning anymore. Haha, dude, put on your Captain Marvel pajamas and go to bed. You're getting way too heated about all of this. Michael Jackson was whiter than Elvis. Shove your race card up your ass. ...and quit defending pedophiles. Speed is awesome! What the hell are you talking about? They played "Walk" during the entrance to the MMA fight. I thought it was decent. Not the greatest, but I enjoyed it. I was pretty shocked at the "big moment" towards the end of the movie. Didn't expect that at all, so they got me there. It was a nice throwback to the bad ass action hero days, you know, when it was cool to be masculine. Explosions, plane crashes, gun fights. No tag along 4'8" female PC sidekick beating the shit out of 6'8" cold blooded mercenaries with ease, haha. Having Pantera on the soundtrack gave it extra points. My god Lori is still so sexy!!! Were you there? Do you actually know if he did this or not? No, you don't. The only people who knew what happened were Michael Jackson and the kids he was with. Speaking of deflecting, how about busting out the DEAD tired race card to justify the innocence of a man who was barely even black. White American loved Michael Jackson. He owned the universe. Why the hell would anyone want to destroy him? Everyone loved him. He fucked up by having sleepovers with little kids, and more than likely sexually abused them, which if it's true, is some of the most horrific actions a human being can ever be capable of. Shove your race card up your ass. I can't facepalm hard enough at how dumb politics make people. I'm out. So many morons out there. Too many. I'll rent Captain Marvel at some point down the road, but these psycho feminists don't deserve to have their movie watched when they act like this. Brie will be happy to know this white man will be staying home this weekend. Con Air is an awesome action movie! A lot of fun and entertaining as it gets! I don't know what the hell you're talking about. It also made over $100 million at the box office back when that was something special. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and listen to you bad mouth Cameron Poe and Cyrus "The Virus". Speaking of Oscars, I'll watch Con Air over The Shape of Water any day. Or Shakespeare in Love. Or The King's Speech. You get the point. I love Face/Off and The Rock too. Great movies! Nicolas Cage was on an all time action movie kick back in '96/'97. View all replies >