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How does she keep winning awards??? Ok. This really needs to be said... Piss off Elizabeth Banks! Mac sucks now... This looks interesting... The Sex Scenes... Why is the MTV VMA's on every channel??? Really? Is this journalism? This was really good! View all posts >


It was a joke. A simple god damned joke. What in the hell is wrong with people? The fact that people were offended by this is pathetic. The circling the drain of society into complete lunacy is almost complete. If you’re offended by this, you’re a moron, and you’re the person at a party that nobody wants to talk to or be around. Yeah, and his pants always fell down while he was being led to the police car in handcuffs. One of the funniest episodes they’ve done! Randy feels he has to get drunk and fight at every game. Lol. So I was reading this “She-Hulk” writer’s twitter a little bit, and it looks like she just constantly baits people into being pissed at her and making mean comments at her, and then just plays the victim to the max afterwards. Looks like she really enjoys it. Also, in the middle of her comments she plugs her books that she’s written. She’s obviously annoying as hell, but actually kind of clever too, haha. After everything she tweets to get people fired up, her supporters always say “look how all of these comments from angry men have proved your point for you”. She plays the sexism and racism cards on Twitter better than I have ever seen. SJW’s could learn a lot from her on how to turn sexist and racist tweets into sympathy for yourself, but hopefully they don’t. I would never really care about a “She-Hulk” show regardless, but at least now I know for sure to pass on it. That episode was classic, how they used old clips of Chef to make his new dialogue. Every group gets pissed when “their” group gets made fun of, that’s the great part of it, to see how thin skinned the world is. How they’re willing to laugh until it’s their turn to be made fun of. That’s why I love South Park so much. Eventually they’re going to come after you, so hopefully you can laugh at yourself too. Family Guy, The Simpsons, while really funny shows (well, The Simpsons seasons 1-8), only make fun of the people or politics they disagree with, and everyone else for the most part is off limits. South Park destroys them all! And let’s face it, nobody is safe from satire or parody. I love baseball, and I still laughed my ass off at the “baseball is boring” episode. It was hysterical! One of my all time favorite shows! It’s brilliant! Whatever you say man. You said the words. It’s hysterical. “Waabulance”. 🤣 Uh oh, feelings hurt so resorts to stalking. Take care man. Stalk away. What a pathetic human being she is. Those tweets are insane! South Park is genius, and she gets to work on a piggyback show (or movie? Don’t care to look) called “She-Hulk”. Haha. Yet with these tweets she is not called a racist or sexist by our wonderful, logical, “fair” and “unbiased” media? 🤔 Gotta love the irony and hypocrisy of people like her. Hahaha! Now I want to see you keep going! You are absolutely humiliating yourself for the amusement of anyone who looks at this site! You’ve shown yourself to be a toddler who knows absolutely nothing except rehearsed propaganda points! It’s beautiful. This is sadly hysterical...”Waabulance”??? Did you really just say that!??? Hahaha! How could ANYONE ever take ANYTHING you say seriously after that?!!! You saying that answers it all, you’re just a dork. A simple, pathetic dork in the truest sense of the word. I don’t watch Fox News, but you keep coming back to it, even though I’ve said it several times...fuck Fox News, but you keep bringing it up, because you have NOTHING! Absolutely nothing, just your 3 main Rehearsed taking points you use over and over and over to several people on here every day, because you are a complete loser who has no life whatsoever. This is all you have. It’s hysterical! So yes, keep it up. I need a good laugh! I’m happy to feed into it now if you keep going! “Waabulance!!!“ Really? So quick, look up some discredited stats from biased websites around the web, pass them off as your own knowledge, like you actually know anything outside of the four walls of your parent’s basement, and get back to me quick with insults as “clever” and as “classic” as “Waabulance!!!” Thank you for that! Holy shit is that funny! Bernie has a smart group of followers, I’ll tell you what. Pure geniuses. “Waabulance!” You’re a dork who thinks he knows everything, nothing more. Classic! I hope all the other people who argue with you on this site will end every post to you with this classic phrase: and I quote, “Waabulance”. 🤣 What an absolute tool you are! Hurry up and respond! I’m looking forward to it! You are EASILY the most pathetic human being I’ve come across on this site. And yes, move to Japan. Move anywhere away from the US. You only speak to hear yourself talk. I’m guessing moviechat is probably all you have, which is the real embarrassment, so by all means keep up your “I’m an annoying know-it-all socialist extremist who wants to bang Bernie Sanders, and who talks down to everyone like I’m the world’s gift to humanity.” Yes, Bernie the socialist has 3 mansions and several beautiful cars, even though he’s never had a real job. He sold out to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats last election, and doesn’t feel the need to “spread the wealth” from his chunk of change for being a pussy who falls in line and does what he’s told. He just feeds the bullshit to his moronic hippie college supporters, who eat it right up like naive little kids they are. They’ll learn once they get older. Just because you don’t have it doesn’t give you the right to take it from someone else. You sucked me back in for one last post. I’m seriously done with you. I’ve had better conversations with the toilet after a night of heavy drinking. Keep calling people losers, while you live on this site 24/7 picking arguments with strangers to try and feel better about yourself. You’re too dumb to realize no one has EVER won an argument about politics. It’s just two people yelling back and forth. You’re a joke, and so is your candidate. Oh hey, it’s you again. Please, just move to the said countries you just mentioned that you feel are better than the US, and take Bernie with you. The hypocrite might not want to leave his 3 mansions though. He’s milking the shit out of this, and playing his cult of followers for all it’s worth. At least you didn’t use your “you read one or two books on...” line in this post. Haha. We’ve already had our discussion before. I don’t feel like doing it again. Agree to disagree. Have a good one. View all replies >