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This is frightening! Lesbian “Die Hard” remake starring Charlize Theron? Politicians telling us how many people we can have in our homes for Thanksgiving??? Some positives about a Biden win... Where is she??? Tim Dillion goes after AOC on podcast. Jenny Slate should be in jail!!! A remake is announced for 2021...truly disgusting!!!! In Honor of Blazing Saddles getting a “proper social context disclaimer”... Can anyone find an article about this shooting that mentions... View all posts >


Why do I write exactly like another poster on here??? Everyone writes exactly the same moron. They’re called words. Why do you sound exactly like the mouthpiece of Doggiedaddy or Melania'sMirror, the former liberal extremist toolbags on this site? Are you their sock account? See, I can deflect like that too. You’re a hypocrite and have an overall horrible view on everything going on. I remember having another conversation with you a while back...I think I just labeled you “The socialist”. The time wasted trying to talk logic with you wasn’t worth it then, and it’s not worth it now. I was a member of IMDb for 12 years until they deleted the message boards. I’ve been on this site since it opened with the same name as I had on IMDb. I’m nobody’s sock puppet dick bag. Believe it or not, not everyone agrees with your bullshit hypocrisy. Not literally of course. 🤣 People who complain to moderators are pussies. <blockquote> Are you going to defend BLM blocking the entrance to a hospital so that an ambulance couldn't get in while chanting "we hope you die", are you going to defend the murder of David Dorn, Davall Gardner Jr and countless others. </blockquote> Really wish he would have even attempted to answer these questions you asked...the hypocrisy of some of the people on here is unbelievable. The fact that so many of our liberal friends on here are calling for everyone’s heads about the Capital Hill riot, and are right back on the fascist “ban and censor everything” train, while in the same breath flat out refusing to acknowledge ANY wrongdoing or similarities with the summer BLM riots...just astounds me. I give up trying to reason with these people. They have no logical response. They just lump everyone who disagrees with them into a group and bust out the common generalizations “Trumper, trumpist, etc.” without even trying to make any point. Yeah they did! I loved that! Wish they would have beat his ass to death! The documentary told the whole story, and really well. They mentioned once he was in the police car and safe from the citizens who took him down he was flicking his tongue at them like a serpent. This dude was a whole different breed of insane. <blockquote> Looks like the mostly White militia can't wage their little civil war when they're outnumbered 99 to 1.</blockquote> Thank you for the race report added in there! I needed that update. 🤣 I guess the “mostly male” posters on here can get back to bitching about something else. Didn’t that become a funny meme that ripped on CNN during the BLM riots? There were buildings ablaze in the background on CNN with a headline that read “mostly peaceful protests” going on? I love it! Haha. Hell yeah! Now let’s ban all of Kevin Spacey’s movies, or any movie made by someone who got a DUI, or anyone who was ACCUSED of anything, or let’s remove any actor from movies who’s politics aren’t extremely left. Progressive morons continue to show how spineless they are, and they’re going to continue to find reasons to ban everything they disagree with until there is nothing left. And they call everyone else fascists. Unreal. Like Trump, don’t like Trump...I don’t care, but to anyone who supports this removal of a 2 second scene because it “upsets” you: 🖕🏻 Jesus Christ....🤦🏻‍♂️ “Yeah, mr neuro’re going to take home the same pay as the guy who delivered the candy to the vending machine earlier today, even though you worked 14 hours straight today and saved someone’s life, but he delivered extra butterfingers to the machine. Yay socialism!” I just can’t with this... [url][/url] 🤔 View all replies >