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I Enjoyed This Film! LeBron James comments on NFL Owners One of the funniest things I've ever seen! Loved Rick's Last Episode! I'm loving this show! "Time's Up For The Gang..." An Oscar movie trend I never understood... So...The Emmy Awards Ratings, and Awards Shows in General. I Think it will be better the 98th time they remake it. Sex, Food, and Sports View all posts >


I'll take things that make absolutely no sense for 400 Alex. I love the demonic possession horror films, or the films about seeing people you care about, but it isn't really them anymore, and they want to hurt you. Those type of horror movies always scared me the most and had the most emotional impact for me. Yeah, they'll survive without you, because they'll tax the living shit out of you. Socialist assholes, at least this new ultra progressive bunch of morons who want everything for free. Painted On My Heart is such a great tune! Love The Cult! Alter Bridge - When I'm Gone All That Remains - The Waiting One Cinderella - Heartbreak Station Theory of a Deadman - Not Meant To Be Pearl Jam - Betterman Motörhead - One More Fucking Time ...I'm a Rock N' Roll fan in case you didn't notice, haha. I've always liked these songs after a dose of heartbreak. Great tunes. Theory of a Deadman is more of a guilty pleasure, but I really like that song. She's awful. Easily the worst part of the first movie. Really good movie otherwise. The SJW crowd sure does love her though. The word racist is so overused these days when it isn't warranted that it has completely lost its power and means absolutely nothing at this point. Usually it's the racists always calling people racist anyway. Have a good day. He has made some excellent films. I love "The 25th Hour". Phenomenal. It can't be any worse than the two main political parties we have now. Haha. Look up all of the times he's had complaints on the basis of race. Constant. There are hundreds of times he's complained about race. He does it more than anyone. Just because you're an African American, when everything that comes out of your mouth has to do with some complaint about race you're a racist in my eyes. Anyone is free to feel differently. I'm sick of every topic in the world today being about race. There are issues with racism from all races, but not every damn thing that goes on is because of the color of someone's skin, or their genitalia for that matter. That's just how some people choose to deflect issues about themselves, or not being able to handle any criticism, or being able to handle anything that doesn't go the way they want it to. So yeah, in my book, Spike is a racist. Welcome to 2019...everything that happens in life has to involve race and gender somehow to the point of nauseum. Lol. View all replies >