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This looks interesting... The Sex Scenes... Why is the MTV VMA's on every channel??? Really? Is this journalism? This was really good! Gave it a chance... Really good, funny movie, except... Are you allowed to dislike "The Squad"? The Letter Scene *spoilers* View all posts >


Wow. Solid rambling. Have a good night socialist. Everyone else will wake up and work hard tomorrow to earn their pay so you can leech off it. Then move to a socialist country. None of the evil capitalists are keeping you here. I like the concept of being rewarded for hard work. Socialism doesn't follow that concept. Therefore, fuck socialism. You get K-12 for free. Pay for your own damn college, and quit picking majors that don't pay anything. You'll be fine. Oh for fucks sake, some people really need to get a life with this shit. It's over. Move on. I hope her 15 minutes is extended to 18 minutes, mainly because the memes have been absolutely classic! Haha! What do you mean "You people"? Lol. I did read what she said. It's funny how they don't reply when you inject some logic into their panicked minds. Very nice, rational, logical post. The world isn't ending anytime soon. They've been saying it for hundreds of years. I'm not against helping the environment, I always do what I can, but I am sure as hell against these weirdo climate doomsday prophets telling me the world is going to end tomorrow. This is a serious question that no one ever answers: Why isn't everyone pissed at Greta, or Leo DiCaprio, or Al Gore, for burning more fuel into the atmosphere flying around in private jets or airplanes...polluting more than any of us will ever get close to in our lifetimes. These climate nuts should be furious with Greta for flying on planes, or ANYTHING that could harm the environment. Right? This is the most hypocritical issue out there in politics right now, and that's saying a lot in these moronic times we live in. They're all ridiculously overused. Funny how you only pick the ones insulting liberals. The other ones are ok, right? Good old political hypocrisy at it's finest. Oh man, you called me a "snowflake". Ouch. Lol. Enjoy "Batwoman", I'm sure you'll love it. Have you taken a look at the red and blue states in this country? The majority of the country BY FAR is red. The higher populated areas are blue. You know, the big cities loaded with crime, gun violence (in gun free zones), and homelessness. I'm sure you've seen it, but look at the map yourself. [url] [/url] Hell of a lot more red than blue. I'm not saying this to side with republicans. I'm saying it to be logical. Without the electoral college all of that red in the middle of the country doesn't mean shit, and they should just stop voting if the electoral college goes away. By the way, I LOVE, absolutely LOVE, how you can sit there and call republicans corrupt (which is true) and in the same breath think the Democratic Party is full of angels. That is the funniest part of this entire conversation. And since you type all of your biased bullshit in bold, I'm supposed to take it more seriously, right? Give me a break. The democrats could execute a child on national television and you would find a way to justify it...that's how brainwashed you are. I've got some news for you...THEY'RE ALL CORRUPT. Red, blue...the only thing they have in common, is they don't give a shit about me or you. I'm done now. Nobody has ever changed their mind during a political discussion, EVER, and it becomes pointless and boring to try and keep going back and forth. You think you're right, and I think I'm right. So we'll end right where we began, just like with every political discussion. Have a good day. Yes, there have never been any floods, hurricanes, fires or tornadoes before this year. Lol. She absolutely should NOT win any award. I support the environment, but this hysteria is laughable. Just the next thing to try and freak people out over. Yeah, get rid of the electoral college. Then your vote truly won't matter, unless you're a New York or California liberal. People in smaller states shouldn't even go to the polls. In fact, only California and New York, and maybe Texas need to vote in every presidential election from now on. Everyone else can piss off. How about EACH state be represented in electing a president of the United States, not just the highly populated ones, and that is done by including the delegates of EACH state in the presidential election until one is elected. I don't need to read your articles...they're bullshit, just like any news site today. I don't buy a damn word they say. It's all based on your bias, which you're not shy about hiding. You can twist it any way you want. And you wouldn't even be bitching about the electoral college if Hillary would have won. I've never IN MY LIFE seen a group of people whine, bitch, cry, complain, and throw temper tantrums to the point where violent acts were committed and protestors were ruining everyone else's day as much as I have watching the democrats absolutely melt down like 2 year olds because they lost an election...and they're still going. I figured at some point people could stop bitching, but I've definitely been proven wrong there. It is truly an unbelievable thing. What a group of absolute babies. Politics is preschool for adults, and they damn sure act like it. And like I said before, that includes Donald Trump. I'm glad we have the electoral college, so two areas of people who have the same political ideology don't elect every president every 4 years. View all replies >