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She banned her child from watching Cinderella and The Little Mermaid??? That was the funniest trailer I've ever seen! It's over. Now Let's hear all of the bitching. The song played when they are talking about Cliff's death? Captain Marvel a lesbian? Wow!!! Netflix Teaser Just Watched This on Netflix... I can't believe Joe Biden got "Me too'd"! This was great! View all posts >


The hypocrisy is absolutely staggering. Absolutely mind blowing. And since she's a black woman everything is cool. "No offense", but her, and Brie Larson, and everyone like them, can kiss my ass. I'm done being lectured by Hollywood hypocrites. All she's doing is judging people (cough, cough) not by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin...or genitalia, etc. It's sad. Not many people have a problem with diversity, but to say you don't want to work with a certain race or gender...isn't that racism and sexism??? And just because she's black it's ok to say that??? These are the reasons racism, sexism, and all the other "-isms" are never going to die. People are morons. Yeah, nothing like that has ever happened before in the history of this country. (Shakes head in disbelief) "That's saying a lot" is because BOTH political parties do plenty throughout the day to embarrass themselves. They have no shame. It was a jab at politics in general, as well as him, saying it takes a lot to be an embarrassment to your political party, because they do stupid shit every day. I wish I had a board and some magic markers so I could draw you a diagram of this joke, lol. Well, it's much like how Trump's antics embarrass his political party. The childish nature of Doggiedady's constant over the top posts and insults reflect poorly on the Democratic Party as a whole from an unbiased viewer. He's basically acting like Trump while insulting Trump. But most people who rely on their political party for every thought they have aren't able to see that. Really? Everything seems pretty similar to me in this country from the last several presidents. Not much has changed. Except this guy is more unprofessional and tweets more. Here's a little secret for you: Democrats suck just as much as republicans, and they are just as corrupt, just as evil, and just as stupid. Here's another secret: You're not changing anything. You're just a blind sheep following the pack. But hey, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Insult everyone who doesn't think like you. Leech on to someone you hate, obsess about him and and talk about him all day every day to make yourself feel better about you. Great way to live. Take care. Are you so obsessed with Trump that you post on here 24/7 analyzing every little thing he says and does to ridicule it? It's pretty unhealthy. You might have a problem. Hey, I heard Trump sneezed the other day, and MSNBC was lucky enough to be there to catch it on camera...what an imbecile this man is for sneezing. What a dumb bastard. I get it, you don't like the guy, but you're really grasping at straws at this point. You're embarrassing your political party...and that's saying a lot. Hahaha! Jesus has a page on Moviechat??? Wonder what he's been in lately? Hahaha! That dude is definitely off his rocker, isn't he? That post was classic stuff. He still thinks it's clever to turn standard words into insults. "Reich Wing"? Wow. Brilliant (does sarcasm translate here). He even took the term snowflake, generally reserved for liberals, and reversed it to use against conservatives! That's some clever shit there. We're dealing with an absolute psychological mastermind of epic proportions here. Talk about making your political party look bad. Lol. Thank you for the definition. I was aware I could look it up. Just figured I'd ask while having a conversation. Fair enough. I choose to not get upset when insults are hurled at me at an online messsge board, and instead find them pretty funny and enjoy the back and forth. You don't. To each their own. I like the moderator's comment down below these comments. Very true statement. I guess I just have a higher tolerance for profanity, and a darker sense of humor than most on here. I certainly don't insult many people on here, though there have been times, but to me it's all in the fun of the debate. The topic of what's right and what's wrong, what's censorship and what isn't, and what's offensive and what isn't will be going on for the rest of time. It's a good discussion piece in itself. To YOU, calling him that is too far. That's your line. That's what I'm saying about getting offended on message boards, and in general. Everyone has a different line when it comes to humor and what's tolerable and offensive. I recommend you and kspkap watch the film "The People vs. Larry Flynt". Great film about this topic. View all replies >