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This was really good! Gave it a chance... Really good, funny movie, except... Are you allowed to dislike "The Squad"? The Letter Scene *spoilers* AOC takes "pulling the race card" to a whole new level. Looked at her Instagram posts... Finally Watched This Film... Bernie Sanders's rules for Baseball. View all posts >


This is one of my all time favorite comedies! You're right, you can't make movies like this anymore, or classics like Animal House, Caddyshack, Blazing Saddles, etc. People today don't understand jokes or humor. They take everything literally, are ALWAYS on the defensive, and can't laugh at stupid shit that doesn't hurt anyone. People need to cherish movies like this, because they are done, and comedy itself is on really thin ice, because most of the "offended" people out there are young college aged kids. It's awful. Grow a spine and learn to laugh at things you wouldn't normally laugh at. It makes life a whole lot more fun! Just because their is humor in a movie about race, gender, or sexual orientation, and just because you laugh at it, doesn't make you a racist, sexist, or homophobe. You are a racist if you legitimately hate other races. You are a sexist if you legitimately hate the other gender. You are a homophobe if you hate gay people. If that isn't the case, then you have no problems, and it's ok to laugh about things sometimes. You can't call me whatever you'd like. We were friends on the other board. Haha. Have a great day. Remember now what the SJW's of the world have told us...if you don't like everything about Rey you are a bigoted sexist who is afraid of women. Lol. For me personally, The Exorcist and Pet Semetary were the two that scared me the most, like the kind of scared when you feel your stomach drop out on a roller coaster scary. I still look at my closet at night and expect Zelda to jump out and run at me with her twisted back, haha. This movie should have won a TON of Oscars, not just Best Director. This film is phenomenal, and one of Scorsese's best! I will never understand the appeal of Pete Davidson. He's ok. And for the life of me I'll NEVER understand how he was able to land Kate Beckinsale. Holy crap, he had to have sold his soul to Satan for that one. I know dudes in Hollywood don't have to look good to get a beautiful woman, but Pete Davidson looks like Jason Vorhees without his hockey mask on...and he got Kate Beckinsale! Haha, Touché man. Touché. Hahaha! Hollywood has stumbled onto a gold mine here! Who would have ever thought of doing this type of movie in 2019? It's so stunningly original! You know what else they could do? They could remake classic movies that are fine the way they are, and instead of casting males in the main roles, they could remake it with all women instead! We are onto something incredible here! Vaginas instead of balls! Genius! The Dark Knight disagrees. Yikes...I know that article is very biased, but if those are official quotes, I'm not going anywhere near this film. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have anyway. I'm saturated to the breaking point with comic book movies, and I probably ended my caring about Marvel after Endgame. Looks like I got out just in time to avoid the dog shit that lies ahead. Sounds like a wonderful action film, where everyone learns to use words instead of weapons in their fights, and everyone can learn so many life lessons from political extremists. Yay! Lol. Give me a break. Not going near this. <blockquote>From the comments I heard after the movie was over, many of the young people seemed very perplexed about all of it.</blockquote> Then I would tell them to log off of Instagram for 5 minutes and google it, or god forbid, read a book about it. Just because kids under 30 don't know about it, doesn't mean it wasn't a significant horrible moment in American history. Hopefully they looked up the actual events, and learned what a horribly tragic, sad situation it was in real life. I'm 36, and I can NEVER remember saying about a point in history, or even a movie about a historical event I didn't know, saying "I don't know about this, therefore I don't care, it's not important, and I don't want to see it." I really hope most younger kids aren't that self centered, but what do I know. View all replies >