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Blu-Ray ruins the films Best movies for the Halloween season? “No Arnold, no Terminator movie” Just saw it. It isn’t very good... Who was this made for? On its own, it’s not that bad Is this movie actually great? Stilted dialog... Still an awful film. This movie is not bad at all. View all posts >


With echo location, since I lost my eyesight due to stray mortar fire in the Peruvian Plastic conflicts. Just kidding ;) i saw it at a premiere screening in LA. They had a few across the city. Should’ve clarified this. Way to completely miss the point of my post. Yes, the movie was low budget. Yes, the movie was made in 1987. I said the original effects look just fine, but that the blu-ray make them look bad, even though they really arent. Not too hard to understand, right? I wasn’t slamming the effects, I was slamming the blu-ray. Should I repeat that? hope your kindergarten teacher doesn’t catch on your phone during nap time. I didnt even know 4/4 stars was a thing until my early teens. I remember seeing an ad on TV for a movie that had a critical review giving it “four stars!”, and I thought “kinda weird that they’re boasting about how they got a 4/5 stars, which is an 80/100. Like, it’s good, but not critic-quote worthy.” It wasn’t until I started following Roger Ebert that I realized 4/4 stars was a thing. I still don’t get it, honestly. What about 6/6? 7/7? 3/3? People say “why do you need the range for 5/5 or 10/10?” But through basic math, you’ll get the same number anyways. A 2.5/4 equals a 6.35/10, which is WAY more specific and unnecessary than 3/5 or 6/10. People say giving something .5 is pointless, but .35 is alright? What’s sad is the John Wick would be nothing unique if it came out 20 years ago. Shaky cam is a fairly new invention, at least on a widespread scale as it is now. We’ve just forgotten that action flicks could be well shot, which most of them used to be. Hell, even Ghosts Of Mars, which is often considered to be one of the dumbest action films of the 2000’s, is shot very similiarly to John Wick. BLACK PEOPLE BAD GRRR THEY MAKE MOVIE STARING BLACK PEOPLE GRRRR WOKE PC LIBTARD SJW MILLENIALS RUINING HOLLYWOOD GRRRR This is how you sound. This is hilarious, just because it shows how strange a child’s mind can perceive otherwise obvious stuff in movies. I was young when Episode 1 came out and for some reason I was under the impression that Darth Maul and Palpatine were the same person. Why? I dont know. The original screenplay has Yoda and Luke becoming physically romantically involved, complete with a moment where Yoda trains Luke to use a force didlo on him. Lucas removed this because he thought it would be too controversial and distracting in 1980. This is why Luke so suddenly stops being interested in Leia. What a bummer. Just stay home and watch the classics thus Halloween, boys. I’d rank theme pretty much in chronological order, with The Terminator being my favorite, all the way down to Genysis being my least favorite. TDF is the only one that breaks that ranking; I’d place this one in between T3 and TS Calm down, Nostalgia Critic. This isn’t widely distributed knowledge. View all replies >