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Which directors will front the “next era of Hollywood”? Anyone else think Grint was... Better than the first What HAPPENED to this movie? RDR2 doesn’t take place in the Rockstar Universe... Best lines? Duel Of The Fates would’ve been better, still not great Shamefully underrated Best gore moments in studio movies? Stop talking to yourself View all posts >


Oh sure, let’s bring politics into this. The party that supports rights for minorities are the racist ones. The KKK don’t vote Democrat... The title is awesome, and the only reason why I was interested in seeing it! “Annihilation” is such a nihilistic, badass title, especially with the R-rating at the bottom of the poster to show people like me that this film means business. Great film too. They mention in the screenplay that they tried using boats, but aggressive whale-sized dolphins kept capsizing and killing anyone who tried sailing in. I think Portman and Leigh were to watch recovered footage from a camera describing the scene or something. It’s a bit stupid but I think they should’ve left something about it in to eliminate possibility of using a boat. We need more three-titty space chicks! The 2012 version might have been okay as its own film. As a remake of 1990 Total Recall, it’s absolutely a trainwreck and a complete joke. Not setting the film on mars and instead crafting some giant elevator shaft that goes through the earth’s core is mindblowingly stupid and probably should’ve been the primary focus of the film. Every episode will end with a stupid secret-revealing cliffhanger that will be revealed in the next episode. However, when the next episode airs, the cliffhanger is never shown and we never find out how that cliffhanger was gonna come out to be. Every episode has no plot and is only made to set up hype for the next episode, which will deliver none of its hype when it airs. CANT WAIT!!!! I do think a new renaissance is on the horizon. Now is the perfect time for indie studios and new filmmakers to rise. Big corporations wont be releasing their usual $150 million blockbusters at the moment because coronavirus has struck down both theaters, practically eliminating the market and making it very risky for them to make a profit. Indie studios have nothing to lose with their cheap films and easy-to-recuperate profits. A few succesful $2-15 million productions should be all it takes. Imagine if something like Get Out, which cost $4 million and grossed $260 million, were to be released to similar success 5-10 times. Boom. New studios, new actors, new Hollywood: It shouldn’t be allowed to post triva for movies until their release date, or at least very briefly before its release date. Almost every modern movie has pointless trivia facts like this, mostly from eager fans who just want to read more facts about a movie they’re hyped for. I mean, maybe? Because AOTC takes place in a distant universe while SM was filmed in the early 2000’s. But regardless, SM is a far better movie with better characters, writing, and especially directing from Sam Raimi. 20 years ago you used ta be able to call a stupid black the “n-word” but now you cant because they think Trump is bad! A word is a word. View all replies >