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I don´t buy her account either. I got the impression she overstated her importance in the whole operation of it, indeed the main reason the game existed was to bait billionaires into losing money to Tobey Maguire. Misery loves company. The first film worked because it wasn´t a standard "love story". Lorraine didn´t fall for George until the end of the movie and the film was basically Marty trying in vain to get his parents together while his survival literally depended on it. On the other hand, Marty essentially becomes a side plot in BTTF3 to the romance between Doc and Clara who basically fall in love at first sight which is plain cheesy and forced. And yet you can´t help but invest time arguing about "fantasies and delusions". Its not logical at all because it makes a judgment about a moral standard from someone that does not have a "moral standard" to judge by. Secondly, it makes the assumption that God is malevolent because he does not intervene but if God intervened every time someone wronged him and his laws/commands, the person making the assumption wouldn´t have the free will to make this argument in the first place. Thoses verses are not an allegory. It is not a contradiction of free will either because you have interpreted the metaphors through the eyes of an unbeliever. Humans being bad doesn´t mean we don´t have free will, we have the free will to commit whatever sins we want, when we want. We also have the free will to repent and become born again. "So that includes "innocent healthy small children" that deserve to be stricken down with some virus/disease. Are you sure you are not confusing a god with a devil? ...not that it matters since they are one and the same." I have already answered this question. "The bottom line is that your only argument and reasoning to justify and excuse the malevolent actions of a deity is "free will"." No the difference is I don´t blame the God of the Bible for the fall of humanity. It is our own depravity and wickedness that puts us under God´s perfect judgment. "-Hurricanes, tornadoes...which predate humans is the cause of "free will". They are not the cause of free will, they are the consequences of it. All natural disasters are judgments on our own depravity. "Viruses and diseases that randomly strike down healthy children on a daily basis is the cause of "free will", and that is ok with you?" They are consequences of it, not a cause. Knowing they are going to a much better place than here, where they don´t have to suffer and live in eternal joy with the Lord is perfectly okay with me. "Based on these results, there are no distinctions between a malevolent devil and a benevolent god as they are proving to be one and the same with two sides." Why do you blame God for the death of children? God kills everyone as a consequence of sin but somehow you have a soft spot for children because they didn´t live "long enough"? Speaking of dead children, do you picket abortion clinics for prematurely ending the lives of unborn babies? I bet you barely bat an eyelid when someone decides to mutilate their unborn children. Firstly, Matt 7 is not a parable. Its just a passage that uses fruit and trees as metaphors. The good tree is a saved person and the good fruit are works of the saved person. The bad tree and bad fruit are the works of the unsaved person. There is nothing contradicting free will. "it does not apply to humans since bad people can do good and good people can do bad." It does not matter if a bad person can do good. Isaiah 64:6 says our righteous acts are like filthy rags because they have been tainted by our sin. No one is good in God´s sight, Rom 3:23. "So only a born again person can understand scriptures? Who told you that lie?" Jesus did. Matthew 13:10-17 Matthew 7 does not contradict free will. It isn´t even about free will. It is about the saved vs the unsaved. Being saved is conditional. How does 1 John 3:4-10 apply to "everyone"? Verse 6: "No one who abides in him (Christ), keeps on sinning; no one who keeps on sinning has either seen him or known him. Verse 9: "No one born of God, makes a practice of sinning, for God´s seed abides in him and he cannot keep on sinning, because he has been born of God. Verse 10: "By that it is evident who are the children of God and who are the children of the devil..." Verse 10 specifically distinguishes two groups. So it can´t apply to "everyone". The reason you don´t understand scripture is because you haven´t been born again. Matthew 13:11 Which parable? Parable of the sower? How do those verses contradict free will? "Just because a christian does something "bad" does not mean he/she is unsaved and without the holy spirit. This is the same rubbish excuse I have heard several times from those justifying their immorality and wickedness." If someone is justifying their wickedness with the Bible, they probably aren´t saved. How about this? 1 John 3:4-10 "There is no certain method to incontrovertibly prove one way or the other that he/she is lost or saved." That is correct, a Christian doesn´t necessarily know who is saved and who isn´t but we are given enough spiritual discernment to know that someone who is molesting children has not been born again. " mean the same holy spirit that allows them to molest children?" How did I know you would go there? Matthew 7:15, 21-23. View all replies >