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The one with Ross´s grant. Season 10. Bad things you have done, you feel guilty about. Which character remained most consistent throughout the entire run? Biggest star of each era? Any anime fans? Is it true the guys she picked up off the street weren´t actors? Why the obsession with BO numbers? The Last One Underrated episodes? Robert Stack episodes uploaded to Youtube View all posts >


No they don´t. That´s just some myth perpetuated by NRA and pro-gun lobbyists. The last thing on a spree shooter´s mind is the presence of guns in the target area, since most if not all intend on dying anyway. I don´t have all the answers, Im not an American citizen but I think my suggestion would be anything to do with weapons should be regulated at a federal level because differences in state laws makes gun control on a state by state basis less effective. Since anyone can bypass stricter state or local laws by buying interstate. Tougher penalties on private unlicensed sellers could be another option. Absolutely think people with mental health issues should not be able to purchase weapons, how this is enforceable, I have no idea. Doesn´t matter anyway, 80% of firearms used for criminal activity are bought from unlicensed sellers meaning no background checks. In addition, background checks determine if a person has ever been a criminal, it doesn´t prevent someone with mental health issues who has never been a convicted felon from purchasing a weapon. Correction, any Joe Blow can walk into a store and buy a high-powered gun and wait 3-5 days to receive it. Better? Netflix makes billions a year, $500M a year for Seinfeld is nothing to them. 15 Yemen road. Yemen. Combination of many factors imo. Narcissism for one. How their society and media places a big emphasis on fame and fortune. A lot of the perpetrators are young kids who apart from wanting revenge on people that bullied them, also realise that they will get media attention for committing a mass shooting. The ease with which one can obtain a firearm is also part of the problem imo. People with mental problems, should have absolutely no way of obtaining a gun but it has happened repeatedly and with dire consequences. Its written into their constitution, which is obviously outdated and with the improvement of technology is a bigger issue/problem 100´s of years later. Never heard of them. Lol at wanting to keep $12. If it was on the ground in the street its fair game. If its on same table in a shop, I hand it in. I only remember her from A Knight´s Tale. And a small role in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. What else was she in? View all replies >