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Sal being Gay New to the show Any streaming service that offers classic movies? The one with Ross´s grant. Season 10. Bad things you have done, you feel guilty about. Which character remained most consistent throughout the entire run? Biggest star of each era? Any anime fans? Is it true the guys she picked up off the street weren´t actors? Why the obsession with BO numbers? View all posts >


The prototype was the character from the book, not from Connery´s version of Bond. lol Why does everyone keep repeating this blatant lie? The script was written without John in mind. If John was written into the script and they didn´t want Furlong they would have just replaced him. The script usually comes first in the movie-making process then the actors come second unless you are huge star when the script might get written for you, which Eddie isn´t. James Cameron wrote Aliens featuring Ripley without ever having made a deal with Sigourney. So please stop repeating this nonsense that Eddie was out of shape and that´s why they wrote him out. I´d get behind it if he was proven guilty somehow, not because of some accusations made 10 years after his death. I think it sets a dangerous precedent especially with regards to dead people who can´t defend themselves. That said, Polanski is a sex offender but I definitely like some of his movies, so in that regard I can separate the art from the artist. Also interesting that Disney takes the moral high ground on Michael Jackson but knowingly hired a convicted child sex offender for a Disney TV series. 1. Ripley isn´t butch. Apart from being tall. She´s skinny and lady-like. She shows her maternal instincts by taking care of Newt. Vasquez even ridicules her appearance, calling her Snow White. 2. Ripley doesn´t outdo the marines, nor does she always succeed nor is she perfect. She is actually imperfect because of her vulnerability, she never wanted to go back to deal with the xenomorphs but is forced to if she wants her old job back and because of her nightmares. She actually survives as long as she does BECAUSE of the marines. She hides behind them up until the very end which is why she outlasts all of them. They also save her ass when Burke locks her in with the facehuggers and she spends most of the movie running away from the aliens. It´s actually her idea to nuke the site from a safe distance, hardly a bad ass move. She fails to protect Newt while fleeing from them. The only time she kicks ass, is when she rescues Newt by surprising them and when she uses the loader suit against the Queen, something she has experience in, not a badly written Deus ex Machina like you see in some recent movies. It will take many years to get to IMDB level but I´m optimistic, I noticed an increase in traffic in the last 6 months or so. Chile I prefer to own stuff too, but I´m in a non-English speaking country so I´m kind of limited when it comes to being able to purchase blu rays. It´s 2019. How do you not have unlimited internet yet? lol. Yeah I guess you could make it work. I lived in Australia back in 1990, in those days if you wanted to own movies you had to record off TV, buying VHS titles was also pretty uncommon especially obscure ones and cable tv in those says didn´t exist for us, I don´t remember cable being introduced until around 1995/6. I don´t even remember if was possible to buy whole TV series on tape. I remember if there was a tv show you liked, you could buy a VHS tape with like four episodes just because of the limit of data storage. They were officially dating but when it came time to have sex, they both felt it was too weird, so they ended it. I kinda felt like they used it simply as a season 9 cliffhanger because they were running out of ideas. View all replies >