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1. Die Hard 2. The Matrix 3. The Terminator 4. Memento Joker (haven´t seen) Nolan is anti-digital. All his movies are shot on film, not digital. <blockquote>That's not proof. We are all born with both x and y chromosomes and until the y chromosome kicks in during the development, we are both sexes. Then during the maturation process, we become male or female. But every person, male and female, has both testosterone and estrogen in their system. Men just have more testosterone and women have more estrogen.</blockquote> So if we are neither male nor female at birth, are we born without genitalia? It might work if they got back the original writing staff. I agree. I think its an underrated film that gets unfairly criticised. The first act is amazing. I can´t say I care for the ending or the Robbie character though. Article is about 20 years too late. Changing their ages wouldn´t make the show any better. She was one of the characters I barely cared for, so the resolution of that story was of little interest to me. I think as a character, her story had run its course, so the writers, rightly shelved her until the final season. I´m trying to think after season 1 and 2 if she did anything noteworthy apart from be Charlie´s love interest and look after Aaron. I don´t think it takes much to get under your skin, tbh. Its up there for me too. As an ensemble of characters, nothing beats it. As far as Network TV goes, its the best. We should do an MC rewatch. Has been years since I have watched it all the way through. View all replies >