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Irritating elements of the show ruin it

The premise of the show is interesting and the babe makes it good eye candy and easy to watch her scenes, despite her lack of acting skills. However, there are a few very irritating elements of the show -

* the main actor with his overdone acting and horrible accent (I thought British accents were cool like on Colin Firth, Hugh Grant and Pierce Brosnan) but he is just terrible and irritating overall. Someone should also tell him his acting is hell'ish... hehe. Dial it down.

* the irritating little girl and her irritating scenes. The child actress is cringey and annoying imo. She was unneeded and useless fluff

* the irritating ex-husband. In fact, the whole divorced single mom aspect of the show was cringey and ugh

* the whole past with the Hot Tub High School was cringey

* the side kick girl of Lucifer was irritating and bad actress

* the whole - making inappropriate comments, being nude and doing things any normal person would get a restraining order for, but the heroine just rolls her eyes and goes on as if 'uh huh... boys will be boys' type nonsense despite him publicly humiliating her for saying he wants to sleep with her but she's not reciprocating etc.

** The biggest WTF was - Chloe and the other cops have Lucifer surrounded in the Lux nightclub and he reaches for his gun and they open fire on him and he.... disappears right in front of them. Because Amenadiel has slowed time and whisked him away.... BUT these super high IQ bright cops go 'drats... he gave us the slip'. And Chloe says - 'oh well, he can't have gone far. Search the area.' I mean really? "SEARCH THE AREA?". Dude literally disappears in front of you and your cops into thin air after having shots fired at him and you're like 'oh ok, just search the area'. What the f is wrong with all of you? And then the show continues without anyone making anything about a guy literally DISAPPEARING into thin air and reappearing somewhere far away.

There's just too many irritating elements of the show. The psychiatrist was fun for a while though.

The plot was crap and many many things were just rubbish about the show imo. Interesting premise and just not living up to minimal expectations I had.

I'm not gonna bother after midway through S1.

This show is total crap. 3/10 from me. 1 for the premise, 1 for the good looking heroine and 1 for the psychiatrist who was spunky.


After trudging through S1, I must say this show is utter crap. Just pure garbage. The actions of the lady cop defy logical common sense reality. Not to mention the whole devil/angel and the side kick chick angle is...ugh.. so pathetic.

I mean, the lady cop was so unbelievable. I kept shaking my head at this nonsense of a show. I mean, what is wrong with modern TV shows? Why are they all such garbage? From Star Trek Discovery and Picard to others.


Trudged through S2. So much cringe and crap. But I'm determined. I'll wade through this B-grade actor list and C-grade acting, D-grade casting and F-grade cringe and make it to the end.

This show is so bad.


Sorry you didn't like it. I thought it was fun. You shouldn't take it seriously.


Finished S2 and am on S3 and it was ridiculous...cartoony and beyond logical. Everyone has slept with almost everyone. It's just nonsensical. Lucifer + Maze/Linda, Amanadiel + Maze/Linda, Chloe + Dan/Pierce, Dan + Chloe/Charlotte. I mean, WTF is this.

The whole Charlotte thing is beyond stupid. And no one in LAPD is really going "hmmm" when suddenly a lawyer who has a 10 year old and husband is proclaimed step mom of a black and white guy and is always around them.. WTF. And then in S2 end she disappears for good to start a new universe. Lol. WTF. And she is THE goddess of all creation.

And then the whole god thing is so ridiculous imo.

Even as an atheist, I'm finding this offensive... not for blasphemy but for an insult to just whole concept of making movies/tv shows.

Actors are getting better on plus side. Lucifer is finally acting well and in S3 dude actually starting looking less "devilish" and more "heroic". He almost looks like Nathan Drake of Uncharted now. The black angel is good. Maze was funny and good. Charlotte is strikingly good looking despite her age and acted quite well. Dan/Chloe are the worst of the lot. Chloe especially is near 0 in acting. She has only 2 faces - bland and lost, even more bland and lost. And the forensic uber cliche girl, yes, well, I'm just gonna pretend she doesn't exist

I'll trudge through S3 and S4 just to see how bad it gets.


If you don't like it and find so much to complain about, why are you watching it? Its not like there aren't literally thousands of other shows to choose from.


I was about to when Smallville guy showed up. Tbh, I never watched nor liked Smallville but he seems to act well here and seems like a huge pillar of the show now with his presence. It's very....commanding.

Rest of the show is beyond cartoony and silly now but I want to see how his arc resolves at the end of the season.

I'm hoping the forensic irritant is killed off, the child is sent to a boarding school and the formula changes a bit. Every show is the exact same - a murder, nasty comments, innocent guy picked up, "what is it you truly desire?", oh no! he's innocent, find actual killer, some family time nonsense. Interspersed is Maze going bonkers, Amenadiel acting more clueless and more stupid inexplicably, Linda now a therapist for the Devil, his angel brother Amenadiel, the unnamed goddess of all creation who somehow has no name except Charlotte Richards, Cain from the Bible, the Demon Mazikeen of the Lilim and Able, Cain's brother is walking around the earth as a lesbian now having sex with chicks. Meanwhile, everyone is banging almost everyone else. WTF.

This is a 45min joke that is so bad, but not in a good way at all. I will force myself through this hell and hope it is over by S4.

But I read yesterday that Netflix renewed it for S5 and S6 16 episodes. Wow. I think Lucifer paid Reed Hastings a visit and asked him what he truly desires and how he can put his viewers in TV hell.


The next season is the last season. I just really dont understand why you would waste your time on something you aren't enjoying. There are so many things that you dislike, why do you even care what happens?


I just finished S3 and it was very bad and whacky. So Cain goes from a good guy to bad guy? WTH. And he wants to become immortal again? Makes 0 sense.

Also, Chloe discovers Lucifer is the devil and accepts it.

And then 2 very weird follow up episodes that makes 0 sense.

I thought I was done and I see there's S4. Going to watch this and finish it. It's my punishment for this weekend. I watch FF'ing it.


Again, what is the point? Unless it makes you feel some how good about yourself to watch something you arent enjoying just so you can go online and bitch about it? I don't get it.


I would recommend highly against S4. I found the premise interesting to begin with but the show has gone done steadily over the season until season 4 and then someone pushed hyperdrive and headed straight into blackhole... I don't even know if I'll bother with S5 given the absolute garbage S4 was... I had had hopes that with S4 being a Neflix series and not a regular network that they would at least amp up the sex and violence... no such luck the producers seem to be stuck in PG mode.


oh my god, S4 was so horribly atrocious. Let's see - Lucifier sleeps with girls, guys, gangbangs and yet Chloe wants to marry him? Then Linda is having a baby? And an angel baby. Hahahaha. WTF. Then the whole politically correct diverse angels show up (really looks like China owns Hollywood imo) and Earth is filling up with heaven drop outs like Eve???? WTF. Hahaha.

S4 is like a drug filled stupor. It's reached Zardoz levels with the stupid nudity episode. I feel like some LGBQT type people write this show with weird themes and what not. The whole vulnerable, not vulnerable and all the other junk was beyond irritating. Smallville had really brought some interest in the show in S3 but I'm actually glad for him he's no longer associated with this crap.
I just hope they get rid of the irritating forensic...sorry, I forget that she's not in the show anymore as I FF every scene as soon as she appears

It almost feels like the 4 seasons of Lucifer are some torture chambers in hell.


Disagree about Tom Ellis, he makes the show. His self absorbed characterization of Lucifer, especially in the beginning, is perfect. And he has a good singing voice.
* Wasn't a Dan fan at first but he grew on me.
* Lauren German is good enough for the part, a bit vapid, but the character leaps all over the place. Part of it was the network screwing around with episode order but even still, Chloe is very inconsistent right down to her wardrobe and makeup.
* Mazikeen adds something to the show and I think the actress does okay but it's a poorly written character. She's basically the ninja maid anime trope.
* Linda is the 2nd best character and Rachael Harris is doing a great job.
* Amenadiel, okay, cliche atop cliche
* Aimee Garcia is an abysmal actress with no charisma. She makes me want to FF.
* Charlotte/Tricia Helfer, both great, no complaints.


Trudging through S5 and wow. It's just so.....bad.

From Chloe's plasticky face to everyone's phone home acting plus the irritant forensic person is still there and the plot line is very bad. The best part of the show was Smallville guy Adam. They really should've kept him and a spinoff with him will be far better imo. Not even sure why they made him a bad guy and killed him off. The whole Michael evil twin brother was laughable along with no one recognizing him + the actor's horribly bad American accent. I didn't even realize it was an accent till the closed captions said "[American accent]". Haha.

Unless I missed something, I don't remember any demon coming to take their baby, a wholly insane and ridiculous plot point. Plus the whole time duration thing is weird - so time passes faster in Hell and Heaven than on Earth? So 2 months on Earth = 1000s of years in Hell? Lol. what?

What is a good material for one comedic 2 hr movie has been stretched far too long. I know S5 is the final one but it is something they shouldn't have bothered with (S5), not with this crapola of a plot point. I guess, people need paychecks.


Unless I missed something, I don't remember any demon coming to take their baby

Yes you missed something, like the entire Season 4 season finale.

While I do not think it is the crap show you think it is, I do find it frustrating at times. I do not think it handles love stories well in that they have several times come close to getting Lucifer and Chloe together only to have some silly thing keep them apart. I find the acting to be very good, not award winning, but many scenes are done very well.


People need paychecks and the woke police continue to make sure all the PC quotas are fulfilled, which generally limits the ability to be true to the original story/vision. The TV show only seems to take a few key points from the comics and then mixes them in with heavy doses of woke shit.


The PC quota people are the true racists imo. PC quotas are what keeps racism alive. Look at ST:TOS or ST:Voyager or others. They had people of diff skin colors, women as Captain (the best in all of ST imo) and it all felt so fine and normal. Why? Because it wasn't thrust in your face non stop with outspoken agenda and scenes just to show how powerful women are by making men weaklings. Worst display here - Supergirl. Where all powerful chars are women, enemies are women, heroines are women, there's no heroes and all men are weakling PC quotas. It's just insane how emasculated men are in Supergirl. Ugh.

Now look at ST: Discovery or ST: Picard even. Total PC crap and you can clearly see China owns Hollywood, especially with how they went from enemies in movies to Hollywood being scared of them and changing movies to their will. ST: Discovery has it in your face nonstop like "look at us. look at how progressive we are". As a liberal guy, it is sickening.

What happened to good old story telling? No one cares about people's skin colors or agendas. Just make a good story and have good actors. Look at Heimdall in Thor. Amazing casting and amazing story telling. No one has a problem because it was well cast. And there's no crazy agenda behind it. Same with Black Panther. Just an awesome movie with no agenda.

Lucifer is a pathetic crazy batshit insano show imo. Now they have god in S5E8. I mean why not. Lets throw everything in there. Just seems so insane.

The lead char's good enough imo and at this point everyone's slept with everyone else, if not, let's get it over with as well.


I wasn't even sure if it was the same actress. She looks very fake and cold.


I couldn't get thru season one either.

The L.A. portrayed in this TV show is on par with 99% of most TV shows and movies that make L.A./Hollywood look like this alluring slut waiting to suck your genitals into oblivion. While there are indeed excessive elements to certain parts of Southern California it's only a small representation. It's like how "Friends" makes New York City look like a single 20-something's dream where young hipsters congregate and flirt with each other non-stop.

Aside from that, the writers get too cutesy with the idea of Lucifer's plight and his idea of taking a vacation from Hell. I would have preferred a Lucifer who travels around the world instead.


The whole premise can be boiled down to "Lucifer is a very naughty, self absorbed lord of darkness with serious Daddy issues and a crush on a girl who has friend zoned him".

That is basically the whole thing and Maze and many of the other characters are far more evil than he is. Not that anyone is actually that evil in the show anyway. Just naughty really.