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Trainspotting I like the movie, and as much as I like the actors, all the characters are pretty despicable. Even Spud. It was very disappointing. I really liked the first 2 seasons, but the third was painful to get through. I'm Canadian. Excuse me, pardon me, and sorry are deeply ingrained in our speech. 1) Parent Trap III (1989) - Creel Triplets 2. The Suite Life Movie (2011) - Sprouse Twins I've been waiting for this and Parent Trap II to show up on Disney + I didn't have one, but my friend who lived on an acreage had one into the 90s I probably should have responded to him with that second paragraph as I agree with your questions It's legal in Canada. I think it's important to note that not all strains are the same. Higher levels of THC aren't that great for anxiety. You're better off using a strain that's higher in CBD, or getting just CDB oil. It was really well done. Not quite my cup of horror tea, but it's worth a watch. View all replies >