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I really liked the first season of Lethal Weapon. It was a shame that the behind the scenes drama ruined it. I totally agree with What We Do in the Shadows. I thought I wouldn't like it because I loved the movie so much, but that show is great. The sad thing is that the producers force that kind of drama because the audience eats it up. When audiences no longer want the drama it will stop, but I can't see that happening. They aren't my political games to start. I'm just someone who enjoys movies. I don't understand how kicking ass and working out is boys being boys. Even before the world became PC, I didn't see many average men bulking up like Stallone. I also didn't see that many in movies either aside from a few 80's action men. Yul Brynner didn't have a six pack in the ten commandments. I think Scott Eastwood is more buff than Clint was. I think perhaps you are stuck on one kind of masculinity. Does Hugh Jackman not count as masculine because as manly as he was as Wolverine the second he puts on tap shoes he's no longer a man? Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were huge stars before the world was so PC. There are plenty of testosterone films out there if you want to look. Just because one directors thoughts on Spiderman is that he is still a kid and might have fears doesn't mean that cinema is shitting on men. I did read the whole thing. I just think that lumping masculinity or femininity in neat little box isn't helpful for anyone. Okay, I wasn't sure in which regard. Although, it is worth noting that although oil companies are laying off employees, they still seem to be making profits. So.....I think Alberta needs to embrace this new reality and perhaps feel sorry for ourselves that we had a conservative government for 40 years that failed to do anything to prevent the pain from this. The had to. They had to open the door for romantic tension between that dead person's person, and the other person who likes the dead person's person. I responded awkwardly as well. It's all good. Okay, so just so that I'm clear here, you think that masculinity means working out and protecting weaker women who in no way could be stronger than a man?? I was really responding to Forsaken's comment <blockquote>He is unimportant regardless of what a random nobody on a forum thinks</blockquote> I would argue that the leader of any country has importance. View all replies >