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This is kind of serious. Did you hear about the cheese factory explosion in France? Closed *** BAKER'S DOZEN - Numeric Songs 14 - 26 *** Closed *** BAKER'S DOZEN - Song titles in numeric order *** Why do some posters need to post for attention while others don't? Closed *** BAKER'S DOZEN - 2 word song titles where one of the word is Cloud(s) *** RIP Frank R.I.P. For bird lovers Closed *** BAKER'S DOZEN - FOUR word song titles which include the word SUN*** View all posts >


Moose riding is vile! Unless the moose approaches you and kneels down to present his back, you just don't do it. I know, them poutine eating, toque wearing, kerfuffle causing keeners should stay in their igloos. I know eh! I-I-I mean Hey Y'all. I know. That's why I am concerned. I never gave season 5 a chance, just couldn't make it through 4. I just didn't care anymore. 1. Alien (1979) 2. Goldfinger (1964) 3. Juggernaut (1974) 4. Galaxy Quest (1999) I think a lot of the protesters are angry. I just don't know how many of the protesters are the rioters and vice versa. I agree they are just like the football, or any sport rioter. You are correct that both situations are wrong. I'm white. I don't generally fear the police here in Canada. My ex husband was first nations, and he did have to fear the police. I almost got myself arrested because I couldn't believe the way he was treated one time he was pulled over and I was in the car. It was such an eye opening experience. There is a problem with police culture. They are not above the law, but they have been allowed to get away with so much for so long. I don't condone the rioting, but I understand the anger. Nothing has changed since the Rodney King riots back in the 90s. I agree that they represent the city. Police have to be held to a higher standard. They are there to protect the citizens. I know that they put themselves at risk everyday, but there have been several different outlets that have investigated how police are trained in the US. I know it's not an easy to solve situation. With the gun culture in the US, I think it would be terrifying to be a cop, but this situation it's totally a problem. We don't have this issue where I am in Canada. But where I am there is systemic racism against indigenous people. Although they aren't killed by police as much as we aren't as armed, watching some of the arrest videos really shows an issue. 🥂 View all replies >