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Its only correct if a woman has a child. Milkers is also incredibly demeaning. Lol. Awesome. Thanks 😊. Sunset is 4:58 where I am. May I still be grumpy? Ah, I had totally forgotten they covered that. Me too. He was pretty freaky. I think that kids like dark stories though. No, there was no humour in that at all. I didn't eat out much before, but I can say that the cost of groceries has really gone up in the last year. So, no, I'm not saving money on food. 😥 Have you seen the video clips of her before the election talking negatively about Trump? There is more than one out there. I don't think it's so much the statements that don't conform to "leftist dogma" it's that she's a hypocrite, and she's not the only one. It's not just one one side of the aisle, it's just that currently there seems to be more video evidence of Trump supporters saying one thing and then completely doing a 180 and saying something completely different to support the former president. Is it that she has changed her mind on this issues? Or is she just doing her job? If she's just doing her job, what sort of person can constantly say things that they don't agree with and they know aren't true? I agree. It's implied that it's a retreat for couples, not that the retreat is couples. So it's should be couples' retreat. Simple. Same with alcoholics. View all replies >