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Too old and too short Kinda Hot Santa Alan Tudyk **Baker's Dozen : Movies with Fruit in the Title** Closed End Credits **Baker's Dozen : Movies that were basically ads** Thread closed They are Macarons So sad to hear that John Mann has passed. Doesn't matter what I see her in I need to experience this View all posts >


I just watched Commando this weekend. So much fun. 6 is a guilty pleasure as it's really the only one after 2 that takes place at a camp, and there are actual children there.😊 I will skip 8 and 9. 8. San Andreas (2015) I have such a hard time understanding how he won an Oscar. Ten Inch Hero (2007) - Really stupid rom com that is a guilty pleasure Surviving the Game (1994) Avenging Force (1986) Deep Blue Sea (1999) Starship Troopers (1997) High Tension (2003) Mortal Kombat (1995) I wonder why Canada has been in a spat with Malaysia with all the crap that was dumped there that Malaysia wants to send back. I don't think that anyone is arguing that Asia and Africa aren't huge polluters, but China has made strides. One of my second cousins had a daughter through artificial insemination at 39. She divorced and really wanted a kid. My great aunt who was about 95 at the time kept telling everyone that her great grand daughter was a 'sperm' baby. She was actually really proud of my cousin. Not at all. I originally wanted children but my ex husband had a problem with alcohol and I decided that it would be best not to have children with him. Now, I have fertility issues. I don't regret not having them though. Of my childless friends only a couple have never wanted kids. It was an expectation for me as well. Now I'm in my 40s, divorced, childless, and living in sin. Honestly I've never been happier (aside from health issues). I have cultivated a circle of childless friends as well, and there is a lot of hurt in regards to those expectations. It's like if you don't want kids there has to be something wrong with you. Or if you haven't found a spouse then there really is something wrong. I'm glad things have changed, but I think that there is still a lack of acceptance with older generations. View all replies >