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Dumb characters doing dumb things I really like this version ... Banned from Twitter If it weren't for the gay scene Hardly a Moclaturd in sight, E1 Generic mockumentary Having a hard time getting into it. Should he be charged with manslaughter? Superficially Sopranos View all posts >


I would watch it! He carried S2 and should have been the main character. Why did they switch actresses? Kit H is a collateral descendant, according to Wikipedia. Geezer? There's your answer. Already heard your opinion. The military stuff is nonsensical bordering on comical, it's really not a very good movie. It happened to my dog too, until I sprayed water on him and his bitch. I liked her, still the same trope of petite brunette asskicker. White is a skin color, not a race. Mexico is a mixture of European and Native Indians, not a homogenous culture. Karla Souza is white. Google photos of her if you don't believe it. View all replies >