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That is a surprisingly well written article for these days. I'm treating Starlight as an equal. Not every dog rolls over when someone snaps their fingers. I hope not, he's one of the few left still making good action movies. Should I rewatch any of the movies to refresh my memory? Or doesn't matter? I was kind of hoping it would be another violent film like 4. Gotta put butts in the seats somehow. You're being childish and you suck at analogies. I like the movie, it's based on a true story and there are interesting social dynamics at work with a bunch of bored teens, drugs, and a violent bully. Gotta watch all the episodes. Nope. Equality means taking responsibility. Even if she believed him, she could have said no and walked away and dealt with it legally, they mention having contracts. Deep had no leverage and lacked the physical ability to force her. Even IF she believed her high school crush had the ability to get her fired, she was easily swayed for someone who has been fighting criminals for years and is entrusted with public safety. Equality means that double standards have to end and everyone is held responsible for their choices. What else were they going to do with the children? You originally asked, "Please explain how order 1066 was anything but racist," and I answered you. (9066 fyi) We can look back and say it was unnecessary and therefore cruel and purely racially motivated but the people making decisions didn't have the luxury of 20/20 hindsight. You can believe that you are better than them, that you would have made different choices because you are enlightened; but we all live in the time in which we are born. View all replies >