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It's not bad but it's not interesting Not funny 2 eps in and I want to like it. Rough S4 start Not good On Netflix as of fall 2020. C-bra Woman On Amazon Prime, 2020 It's as bad as you've heard Enjoyed her in Better than Us Better than the movie View all posts >


Jimmy Carter gets it and he always did. It's a shame he didn't get a second term. He's a cliché, the guilt complex trope. All the characters are tropes except maybe Torri Higgonson. I finished the season but feel no attachment to it. I read the Hardy Boys in the 70s and don't remember a lot about it. The series has been around a very long time, but I don't believe this story is from the books. You might like The Hardy Boys, it's not period but is a mix of decades (mostly 60s-80s). Nancy Drew reboot sucks donkey ass. Yes, they live in Ohio. Me maybe, but I didn't get tested. As if most of American television wasn't cast for looks over talent. Update: The main character is racked with guilt about things that no one in real life would feel guilty about, like that he can't bring his parents back to life. They toned down the obnoxious white girl to be almost likeable. The angry black woman is still angry. The angry older female doctor has been dialed down to stern and her role scaled back. She is angry because she had to work harder in a man's world. The grumpy boss is less grumpy, but sometimes nice. Torri Higginson is the most realistic character, but maybe too nice for a head nurse. It's okay. I agree wholeheartedly with the author. It's not bad, the retro feel is a mix of decades, but unfortunately the grandmother is the most interesting character but isn't a main character. No. Eating poop is associated with many mental disorders, thankfully I have none of them. View all replies >