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The tans would have loved you, don't ask questions and never hesitate to lick a boot. Thought of another, Sleepaway Camp, the whole movie really. I think most gen y/z would need therapy after watching it but in the beginning a pedophile makes lewd comments about the young female campers and no one blinks an eye. There is rape, children are murdered, peeping toms, transgenderism. I'm sure everywhere was different but we used fag almost to mean "metro," because we didn't know that word yet. Nice clothes were fag clothes, i.e. going out with Kim tonight, gotta iron my fag clothes. New shoes or dress shoes were fag shoes. You look like a fag -- you look well put together. If you wore a necklace, like I did, you dressed like a fag. Queer = homosexual. If we talked about gay people, we usually called them queers, not fags. The slur for homosexual was faggot. If someone called you a fag it was nothing but if someone called you a faggot it was provocation. Probably wasn't like that everywhere but it was where I grew up. Excuse me now, I have to change out of my fag clothes. What decade do you think I picked? So that website also supports my conclusion, good to have additional confirmation but apparently I was right and chose the best metric after all. Thanks. You didn't answer my 2 questions. I get it, I don't like it when people just constantly crap all over something but I also get just as tired of people loving crap that sucks. Like modern comedians, the big names, they aren't funny. Now the men and women on small stages will have you bent over holding your stomach but the comedians that get Netflix specials aren't funny (except Bill Burr, he's kinda funny). But people go on and on about how funny these comedians are and I find them dull. Their jokes are retreads, they pretend to be edgy but are really just being politically correct. Dull. Comedians need truth and most of them shy away from it because they are afraid of controversy. As for football, I played football in HS, loved it. Watching the NFL is boring, well not always, but it's all too perfect, too polished. The more teams that switched to astroturf, the more I lost interest. I watch maybe one full game a year and several halfs. If the game isn't close, I turn it off. I Love Lucy was one of my kid's favorite shows around that age, and that was only about 10 years ago. They found it themselves and watched it everyday. What made me weird was I loved science and read Encyclopedias cover to cover like a novel. אתה מתערב על התחת המתוק שלך Kinda covered that with: " 2010's will be left with around 6-8 films in the top 100 within a decade." I also included Oscar wins but they just happened to be essentially identical. I think any metric will be skewed either by fake voting, manipulation, or political correctness. The advantage of IMDB is it has a metric ass ton of people using it and imdb uses algorithms to weight votes as a countermeasure to fake voting, they've been doing that for years. Also newer movies are going to rate higher because all voting systems are relatively recent, the population and number of users increases over time, and movie ratings go up or down over time. So the problem isn't just the metrics you choose to compare but also comparing metrics for old movies vs new movies is never going to be apples to apples. You could include box office but I think that's problematic because there are movies like The Thing that did poorly at first but is now considered a cult classic of horror. So the fairest objective comparison I could think of was imdb and it is just for fun. At least I tried to objectively answer the question. What metric do you suggest and do you disagree with my conclusion? View all replies >