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Trump encouraging violence against the media? Chieffff already back on the golf course Way better than Solo Listen up you snowtard libflakes Now on Amazon Prime, doesn't feel like Poirot Nancy Wins Again, Trumpflake hides, Ann Coulter tears are delicious Worst Ramsey show yet Head Games, S3 ep13 Too old. Lacking in atmosphere View all posts >


How do you get that from my post? Ok. Just stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself, that way you only hear what you want to hear. Bye bye. I think so too. Trump is going to win again and Dems can throwaway a candidate. Plus Trump is the best thing that's happened for the Dems in a long while. He made the people who matter wake up. I still don't know who he is. If it weren't for this forum bumping posts with his name I would probably have never heard about it. Dittohead inconsequential rage of the week. Not very evolved are we. LOL I quit during the old guy, I feel like it was bad casting. Unintentionally perhaps, the Doctor was going through a mega-arc since the new series. First he was dark, dangerous, mysterious, and sometimes sad. A war vet carrying the weight of too many dead. Then (Smith) he was born anew, youthful, fun loving, playful. Then suddenly we have an old man who acts tired and a bit cranky, like a man waiting for his children to visit but they never come. It didn't make sense. It felt, out of order. I quit. No idea what the woman is like but I think ratings are still poor. Harris' son, an assistant US attorney, has now admitted he warned his dad about the vote tampering. It just keeps getting better. My guess it will be cancelled. Nothing. Everything on the internet is temporary. View all replies >