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Lung cancer is a blessing Any good? Suspension of disbelief? Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer I don't understand why people get so upset about celebrity deaths Great show. The original is a lot funnier. S2, April 15th Anyone watching this? Very much investigation oriented rather than murder exploitation View all posts >


Buddy in another state said there was a run on flour, sugar, salt, and coffee at his local groceries, they were already out of paper products and some cleaning stuff. In Italy the bodies are being trucked by military convoy to crematoriums. No idea about other countries. "The previous generation," which generation is that? We have 4 named generations, Boomers, GenX, GenY (Millennials), and GenZ. Boomers were drafted or draft dodgers. Gen X & Y were volunteers, Z hasn't gone to war. I haven't seen Grantchester but this is a middling show. I wouldn't watch it if not for my wife, she loves it. What is Grantchester about? I agree it is never a blessing but nevertheless Limbaugh said it is a blessing for him. He must really hate his life. The world is less violent now. Europeans love to keep records, churches, local and national govt's love to record history going back centuries so we know for a fact that violence has decreased over time. There are more sparse records going back longer than suggest violence has decreased the world over. Humans are said to be, self domesticating. A tv show like this could easily stray too far into heavy cheese territory and the dark humor balances it out. The problem with cancel culture or whatever they call it, is that outrage is easily faked. Recently Nature magazine received 10k emails in protest to an article they were publishing, but the emails were all fakes and came from one organization. Politicians regularly receive high volumes of protest email and under scrutiny most are fake. Another trick is a fauxporter will write that "people are saying" which might be true although it's a very small number of people. The world is less violent now than it was then. In fact, violence has been decreasing for centuries in all places for which we have historical records. Also our culture in general has changed immensely. That said, a lot does stay the same because people are people, culture changes, tech changes, but people don't change, well except for becoming less violent but that's probably culture too. What makes him a bigot? Being gay doesn't make you special, it doesn't mean everyone has to fawn over you. View all replies >