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Better than the movie Disney+ Removes Daryl Hannah's Butt From Splash With Bad CGI Meerkat Manor returning in 2021 Lung cancer is a blessing Any good? Suspension of disbelief? Rush Limbaugh has advanced lung cancer I don't understand why people get so upset about celebrity deaths Great show. The original is a lot funnier. View all posts >


I did finish it and it's like the cast is on Xanax or something, zero energy. Humans did this concept way better. Before BBII, Megan was in Holiday in the Sun and wore a bikini and was braless in a white shirt (nothing visible). She also appeared in Two in half men as a sexy girl. In The Help she wore a low cut tank top and showed off cleavage. She sexualized herself. I'm telling you this as a favor, when dittoheads say the orange man bad thing, you sound like retards. "A cop must arrest/restrain a potentially dangerous guy who is uncooperative." Why must they? When I moved to this area, cops felt they had to chase any vehicle that refused to pull over ... and they killed a lot of people and destroyed a lot of property in high speed chases. The city changed the rules so that cops couldn't do high speed changes except in very specific circumstances and you know what happened ... less property was destroyed, few people died, and the crime rate didn't change. Our legal system is broken... As a metaphor it was a bit ham fisted. In the series they explain the tailies are unticketed passengers, stowaways who forced their way onto the train out of desperation, I don't remember if they said that in the movie but it makes sense. While I don't blame the tailies, I would have done the same, the train was not set up to house or feed them which breaks the metaphor as a modern society. This is what happens when you ignore problems and pretend a significant portion of the population don't matter, eventually people overreact. edit/ uh oh, kkk got his feelings hurt. Overreacting like electing a bigoted fascist for president of the US, mocking and propagandizing against cities with significant minority populations, an obsession to undo everything accomplished by a black president, building a giant wall on our southern border, deploying guardsmen to patrol the border, building concentration camps for brown skinned people and separating families, illegally imprisoning American citizens and denying them their right to counsel, asking foreigners to spy on and discredit Americans, inviting foreign interests into our election process, threatening to use US troops against American citizens, threatening to take over American cities with US troops, a president declaring random crimes to be domestic terrorism and blaming (sans evidence) it on a group that happens to be opposed to the same president in order to disarm and deny those American citizens their rights. Yeah, we wouldn't want any of those things to happen. No it isn't. Exactly. This is what happens when you ignore problems and pretend a significant portion of the population don't matter, eventually people are forced to overreact. View all replies >