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Explaining why it is important to you may help me understand why it should be important to me. Why do you care? When guys were doing it, they picked petite little girls that could roundhouse kick grown men across the room. What's going on now is neo-feminist silliness, the men are milquetoasts and the women are butch. Feminists are the biggest sexists as they define strength as man-like and attack traditional female behaviors. Was she Terminator obsessed? I don't remember that. That was a good, if often frustrating, tv series. If they want to be edgy, make them straight white masculine men. Why are you scared of him releasing his tax returns? Dittos are in full panic mode and are smearing anyone and everyone they think might even remotely possibly think about one day running for president. AOC making dittos look dumb. She was super cute in Twister. Hebrews become enslaved by Babylon and adopt it's mythology to their own culture. Hebrews are set free. Hebrews are enslaved by Egypt, adopt some of that mythology, and are set free. Hebrews wander around for decades taking credit for attacks on major cities and scavenging, claim their god did it. Hebrews become subjects of Rome and reinvent their religion as Christianity to make it more palatable to polytheists. Christians adopt conservatism/neo-fascism and forget about Christ. View all replies >