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Melissa got lost? How? Dumb and historically inaccurate S2 is weak Renewed for Season 2 Cancelled Cancelled Do they do anything besides visit shows? Did any IMDB-lite forums work? Losing steam The Energy Vampire View all posts >


New boards are being created for political figures without movie or television credits, how does that play into policing trolls and being a legit movie site? It doesn't, it creates new feeding grounds. Ditch the Trump forum and all the other political figure forums and focus on movies and television. I'll hold my breath. My wife is Catholic and there are Japanese Catholics at her church. It's a time killer. Better than some seasons but not as funny as the first. You're doing that thing car salesman do where they ask what you don't like and then brush the answer aside and ask again. I've said more than once what I'd didn't like. Murray and his daughter were THE plot of s1 until pushed aside to focus on EG and suddenly there was no plot, no story. Murray went from hating her to calling her his daughter in one episode. Just shit writing. I'd out it in my top 5 comedies, watched it twice, about to go for 3x. It's a Roger Corman movie, he made like 4 or 5 movies on the same set, in a short period of time, with hardly any money. Probably most of it went to Barbie Benton. There was a sword and sandal / sword and sorcery resurgence in the 80's and early 90's, probably kicked off by the popularity of Conan. Most of them lacked good writing, storytelling, and acting, so they made up for it with action and sexy men and women. [url][/url] Are these online anywhere? Lost - best finale I've ever seen. B5 - nearly everything wrapped up, goodbyes said, bittersweet ending. Life on Mars (US) - I was expecting a twist but not that twist. I'm apparently one of the few that liked that show. Cheers - tearjerker from what I remember Farscape the movie, it was a great ending. MASH Boston Legal, good ending Travelers, good ending This makes me realize that so many great shows either petered out or ended abruptly. Or their fate in general. Maybe it was in the movies. View all replies >