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Diomede Islands - Russia and America, nearer to each other than you think. Newcastle - here I come. I recently saw a documentary on Pat Benetar Why do people think that evolution has ended? It's Beer 'o Clock! Australia tour summary - Awesome! Australia tour update - going home, completing a lap of the earth for the first time. Australia tour update - today I ate a Vegemite sandwich 🥪 Which (sci-fi) film are we most likely to end up like? Would you like to see an Enhanced Olympics? View all posts >


I'm a big fan, so I liked his 80s output. I always had the feeling that people considered it to be his second wind (especially around the release of 'I'm Still Standing'). Ah, I see. It is nice though when you come across someone who genuinely wants to help. The Wizard of Oz Star Wars Planet of the Apes Fair enough, but politeness costs nothing. I've always found the service in America to be second no none. Honestly, the UK (and I'm saddened to say, England in particular) is the USA's polar opposite when it comes to service. No - I absolutely love life! I love my family. I love my friends. I love this amazing world. I love learning new stuff. I love having my mind blown. I love laughing and making others laugh. I appreciate how incredibly lucky I am and I'm grateful for what every day brings. The service is pretty crap here - minimum wage, minimum effort. I've never really liked the brown stuff. I've been running my company for 20 years now and absolutely love it. When I first started it was tremendously hard work and stupidly long hours, but it was definitely worth it, as I'm able to relax a lot more now. I run a Financial Consultancy, so we do a lot of investments, pensions, mortgages and insurance. Every now and again a provider will want to say thanks for the support. Sometimes it'll be local or nearby like Southampton. Sometimes I might have to go to places like London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester or Newcastle. Sometimes it can be more glamourous like New York, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Paris, Lisbon, Seville, Rome etc. View all replies >