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SE Asia - Here we come! 🛫 [Update] 🌨️❄️ Snow pays a visit to ‘Sunny’ Bournemouth ❄️🌨️ Has the internet ended the art of joke telling between friends? I am in the South samoanjoes hits 45000 posts! So, is Captain Marvel now a Disney Princess? [Spoilers] So is Captain Marvel now a Disney Princess? [Spoilers] Will photographic evidence soon be inadmissible in court as a result of AI? Tonight! - Queens of the Stone Age, BIC, ‘Sunny’ Bournemouth 🤘🎸 View all posts >


They also have a lot of fantastic musicians too. Seat 5A & a glass of champagne 🥂 Duly noted. I can run fast. Thanks. I’ll say hi to them for you. A leader doesn’t push or pull; a leader lifts. Going to bed early as I’m flying to SE Asia in the morning 😘 Ok, until my liver runs out. Erm, no. View all replies >