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Tonight - Squeeze and Heaven 17 - Bournemouth Pavilion Do you think autocorrect will one day be responsible for an international incident? ELO are currently No.1 in the UK! US Grand Prix - Lewis Hamilton going for a 6th title. **Baker's Dozen - Films about sport** Abu Dhabi - final update - camel racing, belly dancing, night boat cruise. Did you know that TGI Fridays is shortened to Fridays in the Middle East? How much is a pint of beer or lager where you live on average? Abu Dhabi update - Dune smashing in a 4x4! Abu Dhabi update - alien spaceship has landed?! View all posts >


How about ‘RootinTootinShootinSoloCuppingSouthernBelle’ That’s nice of you to say. Forgive me for repeating myself, but life’s too short for pointless fighting. I’d rather buy someone a beer than get into fisticuffs. Besides, the Brits are famous for diplomacy (and being great villains in films, but that’s one for another thread). What’s another word for thesaurus? 🤔 It was just a typo, no-one died. I’m still scratching my head. If in the unlikely event I fell out with someone, it’s not like we’re going to get in a ring and physically duke it out. I guess I’m just too naive to see the benefit of doing this. It just seems like a waste of effort. I’ve never understood why people do that. The Thing. Being a fan of the original comic, I thought the film was spot on; I like juvenile humour. ^Nuff said^ View all replies >