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What the hell did I just watch? Happy Father’s Day (UK and North America). DOES HAVING SEX WITH PAN MAKE YOU PANSEXUAL? Portugal lay down marker, France brush Germany aside. Just watched it and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. What happens when you get all you wanted? I just binged watched it - an excellent series. MovieChat’s youngest honorary member turns 7 🎈 Just finished a 4 Indiana Jones Movie Marathon with my 6 year old daughter. Do you feel more excited when you know a stunt is being performed by real people, rather than cgi? View all posts >


How very 'Murica centric of you. 🥰🥰🥰 🍻👍 Hope you had a great day 👍 🍻👍 Sounds great 👍 🍻 Oops, silly me, for some reason I thought you had it on a different day to over here - I’ll edit my title. Hope the bbq goes well 👍 And? Lol. View all replies >