Cancelled What If Christopher Nolan Directed An Incredible Hulk Movie I Hope He Plays Mr Fantastic Reed Richards From Fantastic Four I Just Got Done Watching it Amber Heards Bad Reputation Might Hurt The Movie I Hope They Drop Her From Aquaman 2 I Just Got Done Watching it So what do you think of Joaquin Phoenix & Would You Do Him So What Do You Think Of Hugh Jackman & Would You Do Him I Saw it View all posts >


RIP The Trailer Was Awesome RIP RIP Yes Yes You Cant Be Serious She is Very Attractive & is A Talented Actress I Agree With No More Harley But if This New Harley Quinn Movie Flops I Don't Think it Will Hurt Her Career She Will Bounce With A Good Movie After That The Wolf Of Wall Street One & I Tonya She Was Also Great in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood I Hope There is A Sequel Since Phillips & Joaquin Are Talking About it View all replies >