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His Fingers in Everything Underappreciated as a conflicted character actor Not acting anymore? Scott Bakula, your break out biopic role beckons you Franco settles Sexual Harassment suit by two former "students" LOL! WTF? posed for Playboy Yeezy brand valuation is mostly "fake news" He should have suffered the same fate as Taylor Lautner Is Lacey Chabert really Lauren Boebert? View all posts >


I think Carla ran her course after season 3. She was suppose to be the counter to Sam's impetuous nature, but I feel they should have moved on from her as she found a better career. I didn't like it when they tried to slide in new bar customers who just didn't have any business being there, but at least the writers sensed this and stopped doing it as the seasons progressed. US version isn't I did and actually liked it because of its odd-ball premise. It also featured a part of American culture that today is completely and utterly ignored by mass media and the general population itself. It's an interesting contrast because back before the Internet era and the cancerous narcissism culture of social media, you could create a TV show about everyday Americans in the smallest of work capacities and make a good series out of it. Modern sitcoms like "Community", "The Office", "Parks & Recreation", "Two Broke Girls" and "SuperStore" don't really capture this aspect and are more interested in trendy comedy with characters that are caricatures. Is that like Trump being a Christian because Born-Again's say he is even though he doesn't attend Church and actually uses the bible as a political prop? Patrick looks like a younger Bob Odenkirk. If Vince Gilligan ever wanted to continue stretching out Saul Goodman's character arc with a pre-prequel he could always recruit Patrick to play Slippin' Jimmy during his Chicago days even though he'd be 10 - 15 years older. Even so, Bob's in his 50s and has been playing young 40ish for 5 years now in Better Call Saul. I think he could have done a much better job and has more range than actors like Ashton Kutcher, Breckin Meyer, Jimmy Fallon, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Long. All these guys were getting loads of roles in the 2000s and bombing spectacularly YET kept getting more roles after roles. That's all I'm saying He actually had a few good roles. You seem eager to bury him for good. If Quintus helped Maximus after he was arrested in Germania he would have been arrested and executed for treason. Maximus knew this as well. In the deleted scene where Quintus tells Maximus that he was only doing his duty he even reminded him that explaining is actions away is on par with foregoing his duty. Basically, you make your bed and sleep in it. I don't think Maximus hated Quintus either he was just being level with him that they both entered into the service on the same premise He was first and foremost a Praetorian Guard Captain. What makes you think he was a snake? There was no peacetime under trump. He was bombing Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and Venezuela (Oil of course). He also didn't bring any of the troops home, just redirected them to other global bases. View all replies >