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Ooh la la O'Russell imping Tarantino? I didn't know that she died Who does She Hulk resemble? Dark Brandon has MAGAits soiling their panties The Reagan Patriarch is 6 years older than his son Frank Well written, good pacing, and cinematography BUT Dave Grohl Who is the Neckbeard INCEL on the movie poster? Daily Reminder: Dark Brandon kicks Fat Trump Culter's Asses View all posts >


I don't blame her. Her nude performances were natural not salacious and contrived. I can see an ugly American producer offering her the role of Monique in "Better Off Dead" or an Au Pair to a Michael Douglas-driven movie Does o Scientology not recognize medical remedies and procedures? Travolta lost a son and his wife for different reasons but their deaths seem to have had the chance of being preventable. It's not even available on US Amazon for purchase (physical media and streaming). Seems the snooty Europeans refuse to share. HBO did run this on cable in the late 80s though and that's how I saw it. Blockbuster video also carried it, but well into the 21st Century it seems le French pulled it back IN. The Passionate Last Supper of the Christ He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (2003, France)? Woody referenced Russian Jews as having horns in "Love & Death" Shilling for Big Oil got you that They're all frauds. I didn't buy the two escort hussies' storyline either. She's the burnt out MILF from American Pie. Her shtick should have perished along with the rest of that cast. Only the very talented Eugene Levy moved on. I'm not white, so you're shit projection had no merit. View all replies >