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He didn't ask who they were in that scene. In an earlier scene when Jack gets Marty to have the satellites retasked to scan the pin pointed bases to verify who was there and reviews the satellite pics with his boss Greer it is Greer who tells him that SAS can take out the entire camp in minutes. "The weird thing is that people keep insisiting that it is prophetic, but it isn't. The director admits as much. Rather it is intentionally vague. It isn't actually about anything. There is no profound message but what you choose to read into it. The pro-immigration theme is the only coherent one." Eh, you weren't watching the movie or paying attention to the story but rather extrapolating what you thought was a hidden "leftist" agenda", especially when your take away was "racism is bad". WTF does that even mean and where did the movie press this issue? There is no pro-immigration theme as the story is about a country in complete lockdown as the rest of the world's super powers and neighboring Europe are in complete chaos. The refugee camps are a reflection of the conditions in the story, not some message saying that they should be set free into the general populace. As for being prophetic, one can look at today's hysteria with regards to the reaction to COVID19 with certain factions playing the blame game on "outside forces". He associates eating meat rare as a very uppity way of enjoying food so yeah he's just breaking balls in a polite way. Ewww...any movie with Jason "look at me" Patrick drops a notch in my book. I'm glad he faded away into the ether. It depends on how they died I actually don't think people really care. The claims her and her family make about being worth close to a Billion dollars are also nefarious and probably bullshit. I use to work for a merchandising company that manufactured store displays for Sears when Kim and her sisters had a line of clothing and women's care products there and it was interesting learning about all of the 3rd party firms that actually made most of the profits from their products. They were just getting a small portion of the income thru naming licenses and such. Holy Sheeit...I didn't know was still a thing. I found all of the "bad guy" characters rather obvious and too easy to dislike. I also laugh at all of the simpletons who thought the blonde kid playing Joffrey was a "great actor" because he made them hate him. He's on record for wanting to decrease immigration from non-white countries and has openly stated his preference for European immigration instead. He also described Mexicans as Rapists and said Mexican-American Judge Curiel was not qualified to be a judge due to him being of Mexican descent. Imagine if he said the same thing about Jews? Yeah I thought so. "he's done better for non-white Americans than any president in recent memory." No he hasn't, and don't bring up that farcical lower unemployment in history crap either, because the growing service econony isn't something he started, let alone enabled. You also are ignoring the current economic meltdown affecting ALL Americans, not just blacks. View all replies >