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Mysteriously ill? Back to Meth Damon, again Joanne actually resembles tgexreal Jeannie Buss Rings of Power Anti-Big Bank but not Anti-Oil Quietly dumped by Dr Pepper? Puff's cameo in "Made" Was it really a dead worm? Keri Russell or Lindsey Lohan? Lillo Broncato? View all posts >


Dr Fauci had zero impact on the Pandemic. He's just a boogeyman for armchair conspiracy goons. It looks like Doge Interesting opinion, but a hard disagree from me. TL;DR She has a right to use her celebrity as a platform to spread unfounded claims, sure. However, there is currently no link between Autism and COVID vaccinations. Furthermore, she hasn't produced evidence that her son became autistic because of childhood vaccinations that have NOTHING to do with COVID. JoAnn Mueller, played by Kate Arrington. FBI OPEN UP!!!!! The point of the ending is not the killing of Howard and his brother but Howard winning his bet and experiencing that brief moment of euphoria. It's better than sex, better than his family, and obviously better than his own reputation. Even if he wasn't killed, he would have taken the winnings back to the bookies and probably blow it all away. Howard epitomizes that term of "I blew it all on Hookers and Blow!" Miles Teller Part Deux His hair transplant always annoyed me. View all replies >