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Premise = Rocky V? Repressed Australian accent? Trying to find an imdb poster (semi famous) Will a staff member expose Drew soon? Always mixed him up with Ken Wahl Movie poster By his looks you'd think he's a MAGAit Resembled R. Lee Ermey Such a funny little gal A question for the Brits View all posts >


Black cowboys, farmers, and ranchers existed from Texas all the way up to the Kansas and far west into California and Nevada. Golden Age Hollywood's portrayal of the West as a romantic frontier with righteous white people taming the land and spawning the facade of the American Dream in the 20th Century still holds strong with many Americans who don't know better. His Foghorn Leghorn accent was amusing There are Qeksh and Irish people who claim to be descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel, but yeah it's amusing how his perceived Jewishness continues to be a topic of discussion. You missed my point, but that's on you. It's nice and round Brad Pitt. Seeing how well he portrayed Achilles in "Troy" he would have killed the role. If viewers weren't keen on a blond Roman Iberian, they could have changed his ethnicity to a Roman Gaul. There are four screenwriter credits for this movie and you can feel the competing tones and narratives which results in mesch of kitchen sink realism. Cusack was miscast, and felt like demographic filler, along with Bridget Fonda. I wonder if Daniel Craig borrowed Cusack's shitty Southern accent as well? J.C. plays the same character in everything I've seen her in. It's cool that she's getting critical recognition and all, but she needs to stop playing the tragic diva/mommy figure to flamboyant gay men and lustful siren to pubescent teenage boys. He has the physical posture of a 70s Disneyland humanotronic Julianne Moore vibes View all replies >