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Look into "Pluto TV". I have it as an app on my Roku (I am sure it is available on other formats). It basically has a lot of streaming channels of which one is "MST3K" and the other is "RiffTraxx". These channels show MST3K and Rifftraxx films all day. Honestly, Atomic Blonde was a one off story as it was. it was never meant to be a franchise. It has been a while since I watch Return of the Jedi but was the information from the Bothans about the flaw in the Death star or about the fact that 1) it existed 2) where it existed 3) the codes used to get on to the planet 4) the location of the base on the planet I think the information was about all of those other things. No, this will be more of a direct sequel to Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle. I would recommend seeing that film however. It was quite fun. Because of how Rachel died. He blamed both Batman and Gordon for her death. He felt Batman was to be blamed because Batman saved Dent (although he thought he was saving Rachel) and Gordon's men did not get to Rachel fast enough. So he made the plan of killing Gordon and his family (because Dent lost his potential family when Rachel died) and blaming it on Batman so both would have suffered. Dent was a hero because he fought crime, especially organized crime, as a lawyer out in the open as opposed to Batman who did it behind a mask. That was why Dent was the hero Gotham deserved because he was someone the citizens could look up to. The thing I find interesting is that the setup for the TV series is better than the setup for this film from a feminist point of view. The feminist POV is that women are better than men in power give them credit for. This film's setup is that each of these women are the "smartest and most highly trained women from all over the globe". So the women are already respected. The TV series is that each of the women were in thanks less jobs that did not take advantage of their skills until they were recruited into the Townsend Detective Agency. It was the series whose POV is "do not underestimate women" but it the film's POV that women are already respected. well, without being too spoilery it has to do with an infinity stone. Actually, now that I think about it within the context of your posts here you will not like how she got her power because you would think that she should have died and never have survived the incident. I agree that she should have died but it is not as important to me in this case as it seems it would be to you. So, I will change my advise and recommend you do not watch Captain Marvel. She will do implausible things but a reason is provided within the film well, there is a lot of CGI so maybe you should not see it but if a friend has it and will let you borrow it then it would only cost you a little time. View all replies >