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So we now know how Leia learned ..... (spoilers for episode 4) Is Moon Knight another character? At the end of the film (spoilers) Question for Episode 1 Bill does not understand how congress works and other things hownos: You may like this this video on Henry the VIII Sanford Harris I am not sure if I will understand it Baywatch on Pluto TV Everything GREAT About Kong: Skull Island! View all posts >


If I understand it correctly, the X-men films have two timelines. "The Wolverine" takes place in the first timeline. "First Class" is in the second timeline. X-Men: Days of Future Past starts off "In a dystopian 2023, robots called Sentinels have been programmed to hunt down and kill mutants" The actions taken in that film create a 2nd timeline and apparently the films after Days of Future Past (such as "First Class") all take place in the 2nd timeline. Have you seen "Son of the Beach"? Congratulations on your coming out. I am sure you will feel more comfortable with yourself now that you have done so. Season 6, Episode 10 :"The Race" Jerry crosses the line and therefore beats his high school rival Duncan Meyer again An actress. She may be best known for playing Candy on Two and a Half men. You are right. She was 34 8 years ago :) For you CWell, It is a remake of the 1960's series called "Dark Shadows" from 1991 staring Joanna Going (aka Natalie) I did not see how it was implied but how people inferred it to be that way. There are other plausible explanations such as the other guy was his butler. After all Blanc is probably rich enough to afford one. The fact the people involved all made it clear in the interviews throws my idea out the window. I am fine with him being gay although they did miss a big opportunity for some representation. Blanc could have been someone for a person like myself to look up to. I am a cis straight man who is alone. Earlier in my life I did want to find a wife and have a family but for several reasons (some in my control and some not) I did not get that outcome. Now I am at the point where I just do not feel I can be a significant other to a woman because I was never able to develop the traits that are needed to do that. So, I am alone. Blanc could have been a character that *I* could have looked up to as someone who avoids romantic relationships and is still a happy person. The thing is that while I am CIS and straight he could have been a role model for anyone of any sexual orientation who for what ever reason did not feel being involved with someone romantically was a good thing for them. The fact that he is gay, while not being bad by itself, just makes him one of many many characters of representation for the gay community. So I am not mad that he is gay at all just disappointed he is romantically involved with anyone. Casino Royale was not adapted because the producers (EON Productions) of the Bond films could not get the adaption rights to Casino Royale because Fleming sold the rights to Gregory Ratoff in 1955. At the time Dr. No was being made the rights were owned by Charles K. Feldman. EON tried to purchase the rights from Feldman but Feldman declined. By 1999 the rights were owned by SONY and EON Productions was able to purchase the rights to the book for about $10,000,000. Because he does not lie about things but about himself. His false claims were about things and ideas that he got credit for like the creation of the boxes, the details of the mystery weekend or the idea of the Alpha company. He does not lie about things that show off how much money he has like the island, the car or the Glass Onion. Miles is 100% about him and his reputation. Both taking credit for the ideas of others and showing off what his money (money he has acquired by taking credit for the ideas of others) can buy are used to boost his reputation. So with this in mind I do believe his claim that is the real "Mona Lisa". I believe he made the arrangements to have the "Mona Lisa" in his house on the island because it is something his money could buy. View all replies >