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I do not believe time was compressed in the quantum realm itself but only in a "time vortex" When Scott went into the quantum realm at the end of "Ant-Man and the Wasp", Janet warned him to not get stuck in a time vortex. She was able to avoid them so she grew old at the regular rate. Scott might have fallen into one and not realized it. I would be glad to... There is absolutely nothing that would prevent a version of Black Widow from being brought into the prime timeline in the same manner that the 2014 version of Gamora was. Avengers could set up the contraption, go to some point in history and bring a copy into the prime timeline after the final battle of Endgame. Of course that Black Widow would be a different person What they could not do is get the version of Black Widow who lived through the same experiences as they did. THAT version of Black Widow had to live through the same experience and unfortunately sacrifice herself. She HAD to die in order for them to get the soul stone. You might have a problem with my explanation or simply ask "Well, a copy is better than nothing, so go get one." To that I would say it is better story wise for the powers that be to not do that. Black Widow sacrificed herself and any re-occurrence of her after Endgame would, to use a phrase, be an insult to her memory. In Gamora's case however, she did not sacrifice herself she was sacrificed by Thanos. In Infinity War it added to his character in that it showed he could love another person. For Gamora's character it was a waste. Now with a copy of Gamora from before she met Peter she will be able to grow again. If you are thinking that we have seen her grow once we do not need to see that again this time there is a difference: In the first two Guardians films Gamora seemed to be the more mature person in comparison to the childish Peter and obsessed Nebula. NOW the dynamic is turned around and, at least I think this way, the character development of Gamora will be more interesting. I hope this helped. I have seen all of the Bond films, have them all on blu-ray, and like the first half of Skyfall. Once Silva shows up it goes downhill for me. Actually this kind of time travel makes the most sense. A multiverse is the only way time travel to the past can actually work. My only problem with the specific execution in this one was the "splitting" of universes. I never liked that as it implies that the split allows a copy of the entire universe to be created instantaneously. To me it is just easier to have each universe already existing and people jump from one to the other. Sometimes he does it over the phone in a code that only "M" understands: From Quantum of Solace: M : Ask him about Slate. Tanner : She wants to know about Slate. James Bond : Slate was a dead end. Tanner : He says it was a dead end. M : Damn it! He killed him. I love how Tanner just did not pick up on that. While all of that is true it just means they either never found a replacement or they did and the replacement "did not work out" Honestly, if they were to do this type of change, THIS is the way to do it. People want to believe that James Bond is a code name when in reality 007 is the code name. Any character can be given the distinction. [quote]“Avengers: Endgame” has already played in over 1,200 more theaters in the U.S. than “Avatar” ever did back in 2009.[/quote] WRONG! Endgame opened in more theaters but Avatar had more US theaters playing it in total. Over its 10 weeks in the theater Endgame is shown in 31,662 theaters (based on Box Office Mojo). Over its 34 (YES 34 weeks) the total number of theaters that showed Avatar was 43,198. What you seem to miss is that while Spock is "deep under all his layers of self-protection and logic, someone who does not let hatred and brutality drive the love out of his heart.". This is only true because of the influence on his life of Jim Kirk, Leonard McCoy and the "century or two" of living among humans. Quinto's Spock has not lived that life yet and as this is a different timeline he might not. [quote]It doesn't matter if, intellectually, you know that your home is still there if you can't ever return to it.[/quote] Actually it does because you know the people that you knew on that planet, the people that you interacted with were still alive. The subject of the discussion was how both Spocks would react to the Vulcan in the alternate timeline being destroyed. Now, Nimoy's Spock might feel sad that he can not get home it is not the same as seeing your home planet being destroyed, killing billions of people. View all replies >