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Ahh. I knew it got pulled from many syndicated markets. Thanks [quote]That was before we knew he was a pervert. [/quote] Well, does that matter today? Can you find the Cosby show on anywhere? All of that show was done before we knew. It is a one sided argument: Cap felt the Avengers should be trusted in making decisions and HE proved with his actions in Civil War that they can not be. As soon as HIS friend was in trouble Cap put HIS priorities above everything else. I am sorry but to use your comment : "I am sorry your son died in the big car crash in the tunnel but Captain America feels his friend is more important than your son and everyone else that died in that tunnel. Oh and by the way, there are people that think he should be trusted to make the right call on his own." [quote]The actor’s onscreen persona leads me to believe that he will be another in the current trend of nebbishy, nerdy Lex Luthor portrayals. The trend started with Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Luthor in the DCEU as a criminally insane nerd whose lust for power is belied by his skittish, nervous mannerisms.[/quote] I will admit I do not follow these shows/movies so I may be 100% wrong here but how many "Lex Luthors" have there been between Jessie Eisenberg and Jon Cryer? I do not know of any and if I am right then how is there a "trend of nebbishy, nerdy Lex Luthor portrayals"? One person does not a trend make. Warp Drive, in the Star Trek universe, is a faster a than light drive. Of course there is something that was not brought up here. The idea that, in the film, the amazon women do not age like non-amazons do. This is important because it shows that any person playing Wonder Woman's mom does not have to appear to be old enough to play her. The article states "The role of Diana Prince's mother, Hippolyta, would later go to Connie Nielsen. At 53, that makes more sense." Actually it does not make sense because that would mean that Wonder Woman's mom is WAY older than she should be. In Ackbar: A solo Story you find out all of the things about him that no one really needed to know like how he could recognize traps so easily. The answer: Before he joined the rebellion he was a fur trapper on the moon of Endor. :) If he said "So the 7th entry in a franchise is like the first, well Creed is a lot like the first Rocky movie so there" then MovieChatUser497's complaint is valid. The Rocky series should go back to the 1st movie as a completion. It is about a person's life where there story is the one and only focus. It shows how Rocky started out young and needed help thru his time at being at the top and now in his old age he is able to help the young. You may retort with that is Luke's story and that is fine, Luke teaching Rey is excellent but all the other things that are the same make it a bad argument. The plans being hidden in a droid, the new hero being on a desert planet, another fracking death star type weapon, Rey seeing her mentor (Han) getting killed right before eyes by the villain, (then in TLJ) you have an opening scene where the good guys are on a planet that they have to escape thru a blockade, the splitting up of the main characters into their own stories, a battle on a planet with white substance (in empire snow, in TLJ salt) where the bad guys are using AT-ATs. There are just TOO many similarities to ignore. While Rocky is a personal story, Star Wars is an epic story. In Rocky the similarities between the 1st and 7th are used to encompass the story. Star Wars is not over yet. It is like you are reading a book and the 1st and 7th chapters are the same with character names changed. That makes for a bad book. If Luke did not leave the map then why did R2D2 have the rest of it? You could say that the resistance had been gathering pieces all along except for 2 things: 1) R2 was in hibernation since Luke left so he was never 'awake' to add the pieces and 2) when the part of the map was revealed everyone reacted like they expected it to be the full map. It is apparent, to me anyway, from this that Luke got the map to the temple and hid most of it in R2 and gave the 'missing' piece to Lor San Tekka. He did this because while he did not want to be followed he also knew that one day the resistance might need to find him. As far as the film saying Luke "disappeared looking for the last Jedi temple", to all but perhaps those that NEEDED to know it was a better cover story for his disappearance. gjb2074 said [quote]If they are making LOGAN's run, make LOGAN's run. If not, call it something else and let a female lead it. [/quote] Atomicgirl and LemmyLegosi If you actually read this part of gjb2074's post you will see that he is obviously not against a female lead just against them calling it "Logan's Run". I would also be against them calling it that because it screams "we can have a female lead but we must attach ourselves to a man" and "we are making a remake" in order to be successful and that is the wrong way to go. There are many films that are remakes but you would never realize because the titles are different. "The Last Man On Earth" (1964), "The Omega Man" (1971) and "I am Legend" (2007) are all versions of the same book ("I am Legend" by Richard Matheson. Female leads are able to stand on their own without the attachment to an established male lead film. The thing that really hurts the effort is the hype that surrounds them. Look at "Captain Marvel", "Ghostbusters 2016" and "The Last Jedi" in comparison to "Atomic Blonde", "Alita: Battle Angel" and "The Hunger Games". All 6 films had female leads yet only the first six had any "female lead" controversy. Why? In my opinion it was not the female lead it was all of the hype surrounding it. People were acting as if "Captain Marvel" was not just the first Marvel film with a female lead but the first film ever with a female lead. Any criticism of the film (I like it a lot personally, She had me at "You wanna fight?") is met with claims of misogyny (exactly like what happened here). View all replies >