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<blockquote>If the marines failed then it was down to their own false sense of superiority and their stupidity.</blockquote> Now that you mention it... lol yup. <blockquote>Logically the next step when faced with an Alien outbreak would be to nuke the site from orbit. Wouldn't be much of a movie though.</blockquote> Actually, that would make for a fantastic film, especially if the Predators see it as an opportunity to hunt, humans just want to wipe the slate clean, and the Engineers are giddy to see their creations erase themselves from the galaxy for them. A simple plot is that a xenomorph outbreak has taken place and human command want to nuke the site from orbit, so Predators swoop in and blast the satellite/ship/payload delivery system out of orbit because they want to maintain the infested site for hunting purposes. What do the humans do now? You could take a story like that 1,000 different ways: <b>1)</b> Make it like Dr. Strangelove and showcase the deliberations and strategies command goes through to rectify the matter (political sci-fi drama). <b>2)</b> Show it from the perspective of the civilians trying to survive the infestation (horror movie style). <b>3)</b> From the perspective of the marines trying to save/kill civilians to contain the infestation (sci-fi military action film). <b>4)</b> From the Predators perspective, constantly thwarting humans' effort to clean the infestation site while attempting to operate in a clandestine fashion to hunt (espionage sci-fi thriller). But as we've established, even a simple plot like that would be duly ruined by the writers/producers/director(s)/suits in Hollyweird. All three of the big hardcore sci-fi monster/space franchises were gold mines: Aliens, Terminator, and Predator. They managed to torpedo all three successfully. <blockquote>instead of bringing in some good writers they just work on the effects</blockquote> You know what's really sad? The effects in Covenant look atrocious, especially that sequence with the xenomorph dance-walking on the lander while they're trying to get it back up to the ship. It looked so stupid. Alien and Aliens -- and even to lesser extents, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection -- at least still look somewhat plausible due to using a lot of puppeteering and practical effects. But Covenant's awful 3D will look even more awful half a decade from now (heck it still looks awful and it's only a few years old). <blockquote>making the characters and the plot as stupid as possible.</blockquote> This is what boggles my mind, too. Even a 12-year-old wouldn't make the stupid mistakes they have grown adults making in these films, especially Prometheus and Covenant. I was facepalming on behalf of the characters making stupid decisions. <blockquote>I've never got it, let alone why they didn't make some sequels earlier?</blockquote> I used to read some of the production scoops from back in the day, and originally they were supposed to make I think AvP after Alien 3 or something like that, but producers pitched to studios that they would need a $250 mil budget, and the studios (rightfully) said "no!". So they made Alien: Resurrection on a much smaller budget, and shelved AvP up until the early aughts, where it was once again a butchered, low-budget, nonsensical mess. You're absolutely right. Even insinuations of rape from men towards women in fiction is now frowned upon or highly dissuaded in fictional media, even if the depiction is steeped in realism or used to tell a compelling story. The only time it seems someone can get away with rape in fiction these days is when a woman is involved and it's sort of a rape-fantasy scenario like in Outlander. For instance, in the show the main female character is gang-raped, but not in a typically humiliating and violent manner like in real life, where most women die from blood-loss or the trauma caused by vaginal tearing (something that happens often during war-rapes). Instead, the character is simply tied up and each man has his way with her -- it's somewhat gratuitous but nothing like one particularly shocking sequence at the end of the film Street Heart, which certainly captured a more realistic scenario involving men having their way with a woman, which left the character emotionally and mentally broken. The scenes and scenarios in Outlander are all too fantasized, like when the daughter was raped by the pirate; it was just a few ear-whispers and a couple of gentle-caressing moments away from coming straight out of a romance novel. But the gay rape sequence of Jaime was altogether something else. You could tell this was some deep female fetishizing come to life. And you're right that Hollyweird and all the degenerates that stockpile across the interwebs (though hilariously enough YouTube automatically shadowbans your comments if you even dare to call a member of the Rainbow Reich a "degenerate") flocked to and praised the scene even though it was highly unrealistic, disgusting, and debased. I suppose it fits with the saying: the only standards the Left have are double standards. Ouch. I think the thing people forget is that there's no point in repeating the same thing twice, and so Aliens is a very proper, logical, intelligent continuation from the first film. Do I think they could have nailed home how dangerous a group of xenomorphs were? Absolutely. One of the biggest issues is that the only way we know that xenos can become cannon fodder the way they're depicted in the film is because of the weapons the Colonial Marines are using. They sort of rattle through this during the drop down to the planet, where Hudson explains that they're using caseless explosive rounds in the pulse rifles, which is why the xenos were exploding upon impact when the marines were lighting them up. What they really should have hammered home was that basic parabellums had no effect on the carapace of the xenos. I can't remember which movie it was -- maybe it was Alien: Resurrection? -- where they were shooting the xenos with basic small arms and it just ricocheted off their outer shell. But I think Aliens really lacked a sequence to visually showcase that without proper armament you were SCREWED facing off against a xeno, something that was made apparent in the first film but only through off-screen actions. It's also a shame because the AvP movies could have been perfect vehicles to showcase just how outmatched humans are against both xenos and Predators, but instead those movies devolved into stupidity, and Alien Covenant has killed any chance whatsoever at there ever being a good Alien film again. In some alternate universe Neil Blomkamp would have been able to make the proper Alien 3 he pitched to Fox and all would have been right in the world. *sigh* Wow.... I have to say that I actually agree with you. Covenant is almost unwatchable but at least they had guns and explosions and used some sort of common sense to deal with the xenomorphs (even though I hate that movie with a burning passion). I refuse to watch Alien 3 ever again, assembly cut or otherwise. I really hate Alien 3 so much. A lot of it is because it is, as strangenstein pointed out, a move backward compared to Aliens. Had it come out after the first Alien then I might have been more forgiving to Alien 3, but even the assembly cut was too long, and I didn't care one iota for ANY of the characters in that punk-grunge prison. It was the epitome of stepping backward in terms of HOW we expected people to deal with xenomorphs (viz., exploding rounds, shotguns, smart guns, or go home). As he rightly points out, we already KNOW what one of these things can do on its own. We saw how an army of them can take out elite marines like a warm knife through butter. The next logical progression either should have been the exploration of the Engineers or how the Aliens deal with Predators, albeit in a strictly logical fashion of these diverging species' ecosystems clashing together. There's a fantastic sci-fi story to tell in all of that, but Hollywood has no interest in intelligent sci-fi films, and no director seems to be able to competently put together a film that contains non-schlocky action to make the efforts worthwhile. It's all propaganda to brainwash people into giving up their rights, foregoing their culture, and indulging in societal vices that essentially intellectually cripple the populace so they become welfare-ready recipients of big government, which in turn is controlled by big tech. Diversity is definitely our enemy, and it's destroyed more than just streaming television, it's also destroyed the comic book industry, the video game industry, and the REAL LIFE lives of people who have been subjected to refugee rapists and terrorists due to open border policies. And it is. Have you seen the domestic abuse statistics? The substance abuse statistics? The child abuse statistics? The depression and suicide-rate statistics? Mentally well people don't engage in such self-destructive behavior at such a high rate per capita. That emote is the epitome of my actual reaction to that trash article. View all replies >