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Why did people think 4 is decent when it's filled with more plot holes than the potholes in Connecticut? They have Reece on a kill-list but capture him instead of killing him. They bring Marcus back to the Skynet facility just so he can save the two people Skynet wants dead the most. The Terminator proceeds to throw around John Connor instead of just crushing his neck. Dark Fate is outright stupid but to their credit, at least the Rev-9 was consistent in trying to kill that obnoxious Dani chick every opportunity it had instead of throwing her around like a reckless father giving his 9-year-old some parachute-free falling lessons. They sort of explain it in the other media such as comic books and video games. Apparently the time machine requires a heck of a lot of power, even for Skynet, which is why the humans had to hijack the time machine by raiding a Skynet facility to send Reece back and later the T-101. Even Skynet (or Legion) only used it sparingly due to the energy consumption. If it caused a significant blackout in their operations due to the overload, it would make sense why they didn't use it often. They also didn't clarify if some of them may have been sent to help. That was one of the things that crossed my mind. They already had an Asian Terminator in Genesys. The movie was stupid for that reason. The Rev 9 would infiltrate and then just blow its cover in the stupidest way possible, especially compared to how the T-800 killed John at the beginning of the film like an absolute pro. This movie was so obnoxiously nonsensical that I'll just leave that as it is to avoid going on several paragraph-long rants. The two chase sequences were some of the best filmed action scenes I've seen in a long time. The boat/jeep/motorcycle chase between Interpol, the police, Samuel L. Jackson, the bad guys, and Ryan Reynolds was really inventive, and it was filmed beautifully. The second chase sequence in the aqueducts among the construction with the Ford Focus was also very well done, and I loved all the damage taken by and done to the vehicles. That's not to mention that the fight sequence between the three henchmen and Ryan Reynolds was quite gripping for an action-comedy and actually better than most fight scenes in other "real" action movies. No, he's talking about Criminal, with Kevin Costner. They're both equally evil depending on context. There's really no such thing as consequences of life without the nuance of context. It's like someone saying, "Should cops kill bad guys?" and people instantly thinking, "Yes!" because they're bad guys. But what about cases of Les Miserables where a guy becomes a thief to steal to keep from starving? The hermeneutics of the phrase relies on the interpretation of "Who" the people are being killed and "Who" the people are being protected. Is it really wicked to protect a businessman? Of course not. But what if he sells drugs on the side to kids? Well, it's wicked if you know he does evil but still protect him, same thing with a sex trafficker, drug smuggler, or... a hitman. Is it really wicked to kill sex traffickers, black market organ scalpers, or pornographic producers for pederasty? Some would argue that's for the courts to decide. Others would say less so. But then what about all the grays in between? It's easy to point to the worst of humanity and justify that it's not wicked to kill such individuals, but most aren't as wicked as the most vile pieces of trash I listed above. Is the guy who gets paid to look out for cops just as bad as the guy who gets paid to steal kids off the street? Does he deserve to die if he doesn't know what's going on but takes the money for his own survival? What about the guy who steals cars for illegal border crossings? Is he deserving of death? And vice versa, what about the man who protects the men who run such operations? Is he so wicked to mind his own affairs while safeguarding those engaged in wicked affairs? There are so many different variables to the answer, but I would say that the man who protects them is only slightly less wicked for not taking a life using his own judgment. Allowing people to use their own individual judgment to decide who deserves death gives way to every individual's interpretation of what they deem as evil, and what they deem deserves death. As much as I love this movie, all your criticisms are 100% spot on. I had the same qualms with this film -- we didn't need any of the close-call moments with the humans. Nobody cared! I think they did it better in Gareth Evans' flick where most of the time anybody nearby those things (or just within the city) were in danger of dying. It seemed like they treated the threat of survival a lot more serious in that than they did in this film, even though the stakes were much higher and the monsters were far more devastating, especially Burning Godzilla who was a freaking walking atom bomb! Oi, mate they mentioned in Skull Island that Kong was just a wee boy in that one. He still had some growing to do to reach his full height and potential. You're right, though... Kong is nowhere near as strong as Godzilla and I don't even see how they're going to properly fight given that Godzilla had been around for thousands of years, battling, evolving and getting stronger. He looked SOOOOO badass in that last movie. I especially love his face expressions, a pissed off brawler tired of monsters trying to take his thrown. I think GKOTM had the best face out of all the Godzilla movies, especially the ones where he used to be cross-eyed. View all replies >