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As much as I love this movie, all your criticisms are 100% spot on. I had the same qualms with this film -- we didn't need any of the close-call moments with the humans. Nobody cared! I think they did it better in Gareth Evans' flick where most of the time anybody nearby those things (or just within the city) were in danger of dying. It seemed like they treated the threat of survival a lot more serious in that than they did in this film, even though the stakes were much higher and the monsters were far more devastating, especially Burning Godzilla who was a freaking walking atom bomb! Oi, mate they mentioned in Skull Island that Kong was just a wee boy in that one. He still had some growing to do to reach his full height and potential. You're right, though... Kong is nowhere near as strong as Godzilla and I don't even see how they're going to properly fight given that Godzilla had been around for thousands of years, battling, evolving and getting stronger. He looked SOOOOO badass in that last movie. I especially love his face expressions, a pissed off brawler tired of monsters trying to take his thrown. I think GKOTM had the best face out of all the Godzilla movies, especially the ones where he used to be cross-eyed. Whoa, bizarre... I was just thinking about this thread. I was planning to come back to see if anyone added any movies to the list. Can't believe this thread is SIX YEARS OLD?! Crazy. [quote]Ive rewatched this a few times already just cause I enjoyed it. I do think that Predators was technically a better movie, but theres really nothing in there that makes me want to go back to rewatch it. Took itself too seriously, IMO. Anyways, thanks for sharing! [/quote] Yeah I know what you mean. I've almost been inclined to rewatch it again myself. I think it's because it moves at a rapid clip, has a lot of action sequences (even though they don't always make sense) and interesting but underutilized characters. Predators was definitely a better made film with more consistent pacing and much better continuity. The thing I didn't like about Predators was that Adrian Brody was horribly miscast as the lead (it should have been Vin Diesel or The Rock), and there wasn't one memorable action sequence in that entire film. It definitely looked good, and I liked that at least the weapons worked against the Predators in that film, but I hated a lot of the casting choices and some of the plot choices. I think I would have been slightly more forgiving to The Predator if they at least didn't kill off the Savior Predator halfway through the film. He was actually the most interesting character in the whole flick and he had some really funny mannerisms. [quote]What's wrong with a feminist agenda? Anyone who's educated knows that feminism benefits both sexes.[/quote] The current feminist agenda is more anti-male than pro-equality. Pro-equality is about equal opportunities, not equal outcome. This film was not about equal opportunities but about equal outcome, which took an already stupid movie to even greater heights of stupidity. An intelligent person would have responded to my post saying "Yes, Olivian Munn's character was completely nonsensical, but they could have remedied that by having a female on the loony team to compensate for a female character with military expertise." But obviously common sense and progressive thinking are overrated and underutilized facets of the human condition this generation. [quote] Even if they have given her a decent background and she kicked ass, it’d still reeked of girl cootie agenda. Poo![/quote] Except they didn't. They wanted to force the pathetic agenda that women need to be in STEM, but then decided that they also wanted to force the agenda that women are just as tough as men, so you have this completely unbelievable character who can fire military grade weapons like a sharpshooter but is also proficient in molecular biology. The only people who stand up and cheer for that sort of nonsense unironically share the same level of I.Q., as the people who think that drone striking innocent civilians in foreign countries makes America safe. Eh, at least Predator 2 maintained continuity and suspense. The Predator made no sense. All during the forest battle, no one's bullets did any damage to the behemoth Predator, yet at the end the Sniper's pistol was able to kill the Predator. Also, the main bad black guy died in a blink-and-you-missed it moment that also made no sense. No one even referenced it or batted an eye at his death. Also, somehow small arms fire damaged the space-age tech of the Predator's ship?! WTF? That made no sense. Also the black guy jumping into the exhaust wouldn't have damaged it, if it were generating enough heat for propulsion he would have been vaporized before his body did any damage to the engines. This movie had so many continuity and logical failings that it's frustrating to even think about. Also, why was Olivia Munn's character shooting guns and chasing it down if she was just a micro-biologist? It reeked of the feminist agenda. Can't disagree with your assessment, and it appears to be spot on. Thanos doesn't kill unless it has to. He doesn't destroy unless he must. His acts are steeped in a dedicated sense of moral right long established since his youth. His cause is for balance, which is the complete opposite of the typical chaotic evil or neutral evil villain. In this interesting case he's a lawfully evil anti-villain, doing what's right to preserve and maintain balance at the cost of many things various civilizations, people and planets consider to be good. It's a fascinating character study that rarely gets portrayed in any genre of film, least of all a comic book movie. I suppose it's definitely applaud-worthy for the Russos to have gone with this particular Odysseus-complex to tell a story for one of Marvel's most indomitable villains. Is it really so different than building a wall to keep out the "evil" Mexicans and Muslims? It doesn't draw attention to her, it drew attention to [b]Him[/b]. That was the point. K/Joe was the decoy all along, and whatever outcome came of his investigation (whether he was killed or brought in, etc.,) he was going to be the fall guy for whoever went digging deep enough, which is exactly what happened. View all replies >