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CW rebooting kung Fu with a female Caine CBS Equalizer reboot starring Queen Latifa?? What happened to Caviezel Liked it more than I expected I'd be more interested if they recast Lara One thing i was confused about Finally watched and it was pretty good not great How does Jane take over for Thor? Trailer is here Not interested View all posts >


Tennant is the most popular Doctor in new who.This feels like a publicity stunt to lure back viewers who jumped ship after the trendy SJW influenced gender swap and story telling.It's a no thanks from me.they lost me with the gender swap gimmick.Agenda politics destroyed this once great franchise. I agree.With very few exceptions network shows are crap.i might give a female led Kung Fu a chance on a streaming service or even possibly on one of the other networks.But not the agenda crazy CW.Once Supernatural and Arrow end I'm ditching that channel. The difference is back then they weren't sickeningly preachy about it.They wrote stories back then.They didn't saturate the stories with SJW propaganda. According to the article shes playing McCall.unless they change the characters name as their changing his gender and race. [Url][/url] Either way I'm sure it will be good for a laugh.horrible casting. That I could take.but no way in hell am i buying Queen Latifa as the equalizer.whats next.Whoopi Goldberg as Kojack. Good lists from all.i would add Jack Nicholson Jeffrey Donovan Robert Downy jr James Spader Jeff Goldblum Tales from the crypt 1972 Vault of horror 1973 Definitely some over the top moments but I'm ok with that.the only character that I didn't really care for was the cop character. Greatest American hero - [url][/url] 21 jump street - [url][/url] The incredible hulk - [url][/url] Knight rider - [url][/url] View all replies >