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This got a season 2? Short lived USA network show (Solved) Really beating a dead horse I'd rather a sequel Finally finishing off season 2 These hostless overly political awards shows suck Christian Slater as Danny? Didn't like abra RIP Stan Kirsch IMDb reviews are bad View all posts >


Pike and Spock are a million times more interesting and likable than dreary know it all Burnham. That's it.thanks.I thought it was called spy vs spy or spy against spy or something similar. The Karate kid? That's what I've heard.i plan on bringing it this week. Jack Ryan The Boys is suppose to be good but I haven't watched yet. 3 rewatch's I particularly enjoyed in the last few years. The Equalizer Watched for the first time a few years ago and found myself binging multiple episodes a day.made me a fan of Edward Woodward. Kung fu Not really a fan of old western tv shows but I loved this classic.much more than I expected. Honorable mention: the Incredible hulk Very cheesy at times as you would expect from a sci-fi show from that era but good writing and Bill Bixbys great acting still hold up. No thanks.More preachy SJcW B.S.Other than Supernatural the CW has gone to hell.Its a shame.The original is one of my all time favorite shows.This reboot will be nothing more than an SJW joke of its former self.Hell I have no doubt that the campy 90s continuation will be better than the reboot. Ricky Gervais I watched this and the syndicated War of the worlds tv series around the same time in the late 80s.I remember being somewhat disappointed that it had nothing to do with the movies but i liked it. Some of my general go to's when I'm in the mood for an action movie from those era's. Lethal weapon Die hard 48hrs American ninja Commando Robocop Rambo The crow Terminator Total recall Beverly hills cop The hidden Big trouble in little china View all replies >