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Is Sarah a lesbian now NBC'S given a pilot order for a reboot Damn i thought that was Jason Segel Just go watch Person of interest C is for cop Another franchise killed by woke pandering (Spoilers) I knew it couldn't last (Spoilers) not once in 3 seasons... Armageddon corssover has been suprisingly good Did it get better View all posts >


The fan film sold me on Fillion.He would have been great. This is a part of woke culture that i find creepy.That they condone pushing these ideas of sex and identity on children who are too young to understand or care about such things. I'm Irish and i find absolutely nothing offensive in this show.The problem isn't the show.The problem is adult babies who can't comprehend the difference between humor and offense.I second ending censorship.Toxic cancel culture sucks. Since when has talent ever been a requirement in Hollywood.A great many actors get by on just looks.Hasselhoff is a shit actor but that pretty face of his and a nostalgic 80's tv show has carried him a long way. Sexism had no play here.2016 failed for 2 reasons.1 it was a bad unfunny movie.The Humor was cringy.And 2 if you want to appeal to fans of the originals then it's probably a bad idea to completely ignore them and the characters. I learned my lesson with Ghostbusters 2016 and Charlies angels reboot.People are tired of woke girl power movies where scrawny 120 pound women are unstoppable super ninjas who can beat up people 3 times their size and strength.Yet Hollywierd keeps churning them out. I was hoping for another season but i'm ok with how it ended.I always figued in the end Dexter would end up dead or in jail.What i found implausible is that someone as careful and experienced as Dexter who pulled the wool over Miami metros eyes for decades was ultimately caught by a young small town cop.Would have made more sense if Batista had figured it out. Had the potential to really cash in on the comic book genre cash cow.Unfortunately they pandered to the wrong audience.Woke activists don't bring in revenue.Fans do. I can look past race swapping side characters like Jimmy Olsen or Commissioner Gordon.It bothers me if it's an iconic character or a character that i'm a fan of.A black Batman would bother me as much as a white Shaft.Iconic characters like these should be left alone. I'm not a fan of race swapping characters in general at all.Especially when it's a real historical figure.Quality wise it adds nothing.95 percent of the time it's just pure identity politics pandering.There are very few exceptions.I thought Denzel was a great choice as the Equalizer although personally i would have went with Liam Neeson. View all replies >