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Doctor who /Torchwood. Not including woke who.Torchwood was hit or miss but when it was good it was good.Especially season 3. One of my favorite shows growing up.Bill Bixby was a Better Banner than Norton ,Bana and Ruffalo. The problem with extreme Trump haters is that its impossible to have a rational conversation.they could put a brain dead vegetable against Trump and the extreme haters would vote for the vegetable without thinking. I can't look past the Dems extreme failure to handle the out of control violence in their cities or Bidens declining memory just because I don't like Trump. Trumps a selfish narcissist but he's not nearly as forgetful as Biden.The mans memory is going. Not so much Bidens handling but his lack of verbal response to it.And Dems in general have handled it badly.Refusing federal assistance just to smear Trump only hurts the people being hurt by the violence.They seem more concerned with playing politics and smearing Trump than they do stopping the violence. And if you don't recognize that Biden is cognitively impaired then your not paying attention.Its obvious. Not sure where your getting that I'm defending Trump.Let me reiterate.Trumps an egotistical idiot.He's a terrible president.I'm not voting for him because I support him.I'm voting for him because I don't think Biden is competent to be president and I don't agree with his handling of the violence in the rioting. "Trump doesn't know how to lead. All he can do properly is golf, sit on the toilet, and tweet. And of course spit one-liners at a rally. Stupid people mistake those characteristics as leadership. It's a fallacy." Agreed.I don't like Trump or Biden. "You're harping on gaffes because that's all there is." Umm yea your damn right i'm harping on gaffes.Were talking about the most powerful seat in the country.I don't care if the person sitting in that chair is white or black man or woman or gay or straight they damn well above all else need to be of sound mind.Biden in my opinion is not. I'm not going to defend Trump.The guys an egotistical idiot.No argument.But the alternative is Biden whose made too many gaffes for me to trust his competence and Dems who are bowing down and letting arsonists and violent thugs run rampant. Both terrible candidates.For me the lesser of 2 evils is Trump for 3 reasons. 1. Bidens cognitively impaired.His supporters can bury their head in the sand if they want but this guy literally doesn't know what state he's in sometimes.He's just a puppet for the Dems at this point. 2. The Dems lack of action on the violent rioters.They vocally stand up for the protesters but generally stay silent when businesses burn or get looted. 3. They attack and financially cripple are police and turn down federal assistance while criminals run rampant and children are murdered in the streets. Trumps a blowhard asshat but at least he has the guts to call out the violent protesters for the terrorists they are.And he's trying to get assistance to those cities hit the worst with violence.Unfortunately Dems are more interested in smearing Trump than protecting their citizens. Most all shows have that one ditzy airhead character and it isn't gender specific.Joey was the airhead on friends.Willie Aames played the airhead on Charles in charge.Also Woody Harrelson in Cheers was the airhead. View all replies >