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Not interested ending was a little hokey but it was good Would have made a perfect Magnum in the reboot Would lowbrow humor like this work today Episode details and cast Why did they just let it go Synopsis for Blumhouses upcoming ramake Only on episode 7 but i'm guessing... Renewed for a fifth and final season I had a feeling this wasn't coming back View all posts >


Don't know how I could have forgotten Lee.He should be up there along side Cushing. Breaking bad The Twilight zone Life on mars (UK) Justified Twin Peaks Firefly Farscape Magnum pi (Original) Its always sunny in Philadelphia Seinfeld But at the end of the day their just making bad movies.I'm not saying there are no good remakes but their few and far apart.For every one half way decent remake there's 30 terrible ones that follow.When i introduced my nephew to A Nightmare on Elm st i showed him Wes Cravens classic.Not that god awful 2010 remake. Nope.Remakes are crap 98 percent of the time.This younger generation should stop lazily settling for piss poor imitations of classics and just go watch the originals.When i was a kid i watched older movies and tv shows all the time.Still do.I never needed them reimagined in a modern setting to appreciate and enjoy them. Can you imagine how watered down and censored Blazing saddles would be if they tried to make it today. I could see a show written as well as Cheers getting aired on broadcast networks today.But not Married with children.The Al Bundy's and Archie Bunkers of tv would never be greenlit on network tv in todays easily offended society that can't distinguish the difference between humor and offense. I watched this reaction video of teens watching scenes from Seinfeld the other day and was shocked by their reaction.This is a revered classic.I thought how can anyone find something wrong with Seinfeld.But they just kept seeing offense in some of the humor.Phrases like this would not happen today and sexist were thrown out.When did we become a society of humorless uptight babies. [url][/url] Life on mars is definitely a favorite.Misfits being human and Jekyll are also very good. Nothing current but i've enjoyed a lot of them. Misfits Being human Life on mars Ashes to ashes jekyll "Stan Lees" Lucky man Torchwood Doctor who - Stopped watching when Capaldi left. Sherlock I read it will be on vh1 now. It was officially cancelled. View all replies >