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I'd be more interested if they recast Lara One thing i was confused about Finally watched and it was pretty good not great How does Jane take over for Thor? Trailer is here Not interested ending was a little hokey but it was good Would have made a perfect Magnum in the reboot Would lowbrow humor like this work today Episode details and cast View all posts >


Haven't seen it in years but i'm pretty sure this was the plot of five days to midnight with Timothy Hutton.It was a syfy channel mini series. Hadn't considered that. Trek was always more of an ensemble.Also Kirk was a likable character that I enjoyed following.I'm not a fan of the actress playing Burnham nor her character. I was going to suggest this.just watched it a few months ago. who did she play.I've seen this many times and don't remember seeing her. Don't know how I could have forgotten Lee.He should be up there along side Cushing. Breaking bad The Twilight zone Life on mars (UK) Justified Twin Peaks Firefly Farscape Magnum pi (Original) Its always sunny in Philadelphia Seinfeld But at the end of the day their just making bad movies.I'm not saying there are no good remakes but their few and far apart.For every one half way decent remake there's 30 terrible ones that follow.When i introduced my nephew to A Nightmare on Elm st i showed him Wes Cravens classic.Not that god awful 2010 remake. Nope.Remakes are crap 98 percent of the time.This younger generation should stop lazily settling for piss poor imitations of classics and just go watch the originals.When i was a kid i watched older movies and tv shows all the time.Still do.I never needed them reimagined in a modern setting to appreciate and enjoy them. Can you imagine how watered down and censored Blazing saddles would be if they tried to make it today. View all replies >