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Nope.Still dead in the water to a lot of people myself included.It's weird.I freakin loved this show.I use to get excited at the prospect of a new Doctor or any news about the future of the show.But now after generation woke has had their way with it i couldn't care less. There's been months of rioting,deaths and violence.Democrats barely raised an eyebrow about it and instead spent all that time politicizing it to attack Trump.To feign outrage over the rioters and violence only when it's Trump supporters and they can politicize it to their advantage makes them look disingenuous and fake. Peter Cushing Donald Pleasence Ernest Borgnine This looks terrible.Woodward was just as old and out of shape as Latifa But at least he had the powerhouse talent to sell it.In spite of his age and weight he made you believe he was a threat.Latifa is a great singer but she's not in Woodward's league as far as acting.This isn't even a race thing.I liked Denzel as the Equalizer.I really wish PC Hollywood would go back to prioritizing talent over race and gender. [url][/url] Very doubtful.I like the plot though.This is the sequel we should have gotten over 3 decades ago.John Kirby was as creepy and menacing as Michael Myers.He deserved a few sequels. He was as pointless in season 2 as he was in season 1.Hell i forgot he existed in season 2 until that very short scene then he disappeared again.Maybe they plan on giving him more to do in later seasons. They really come off as hypocrites to me.How is it progressive to excluding someone from a job based on their race or gender.Is it somehow suppose to be less offensive because it's white males being excluded.This is just as offensive as if it were blacks or women being excluded. Tales from the crypt episode Abra cadaver. Nope.Perfect as is.I'm not looking for a color rainbow when i watch a movie.Just good writing and acting.And this delivers. Loved this show when it aired and revisited on DVD a few years ago.RIP Julius Carry AKA Lord Bowler. View all replies >