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Did you ever watch kids show when you were a kid and perve on the hosts? The watermelon genie Love it when the people in the audience called Daniel the bully. Game: Mainstream movies with titles that would work for porn. Was it just me or was the "Bad Guy" underwhelming? Is Hilaria even a name? Marnette Patterson in the final season. ***BAKER'S DOZEN: TEEN ANGST*** Is Iran a Hommus country? ***BAKER'S DOZEN: STRIP JOINTS*** (Done) View all posts >


Re: Gitmo detainees that could also be using them as guinea pigs before giving it to American's so maybe one for the win column? The site sells advertising so the more members and more posts the more it can charge. It doesn't care about quality. A very aggressive vibe also some very crass posts on some boards. Cliques. Anonymous moderators. It doesn't make for a pleasant site. Yep. Shit moderation will kill a site. I thought it was because I blocked so many people! Even then I was thinking it was much quieter. As I have mentioned many times before, the appalling moderators on this site as well as the generally aggro vibe will push more and more away. Soon you will just have trolls. Seen a few eps recently and I agree 100% every chance they get it is White Man = Bad. Women and Indians = Good. Except when the Indians are men in which case they can be bad too. A Die Hard scenario could have worked. Better scripts more than anything would have helped. The other issues with the theme Park setting in BHC are, Foley's boss being killed at the start is very serious and the movie starts off quite bleak as well so the Theme Park just contrasts badly against that. The Theme Park could really be anywhere so I for one never really thought of him as being BH like the other two films. Lack of humour. It's a Theme Park and they never really have fun with that. The whole film just feels desperate. Serge making an appearance is silly with how they did it. Even Reinhold's character is wasted. Just a bad film overall. I see this being a 1 season wonder if they are really lucky. I wish they would just leave it alone. Probably a tie between Ed and Katy, Katy having the more prestigious roles of the two). Christina was the one we probably all thought would go onto be huge but never really made it that big. I find the hypocrisy to be really weird down here. For example, I have to wear a mask in a crowded shopping centre or on public transport. BUT then I can sit in a cafe or restaurant etc and not have to wear a mask at all nor do I have to wear a mask in my work place as long as I can social distance. I get it to some extent but it just seems silly too. I could just as easily get CoVid by sitting in the cafe as I can on the train and we have extremely low numbers down here at the moment too. View all replies >