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Does anyone have a link to the fan edit director's cut? Isnt the wendigo part of east coast folklore? Is it just me or does it feel like the plot just kind of drifted off to nowhere? Is it safe to assume that todd... Which season has the best looking disc art? A plastic water bottle was left in the shot of the finale Apparently it's our fault that the show was too dark to see anything... What the hell? That's it? Man this guy really knows how to let Democrats hang themselves How do these liberal white feminists who hate white men accept that they wouldnt exist without them? we now have to assume the opposite is true of every racially motivated crime in the news Disney is fine with making an entire CGI set and characters for the "live action" lion King remake How long before the Buffy reboot? Trump signals support to ease up on weed ban legislation. How did I not see this coming? Uh, why are we feeling sorry for her and wishing her well and shit? All these people defending and praising Gunn were the same ones that were stringing Rosanne up on a crucifix What an emotional trainwreck this bitch is Why haven't we seen any proof of Russia's meddling yet? Is anyone else still hoping that the white walkers fuck everything up and leave the world in a cold desolate wasteland?