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we now have to assume the opposite is true of every racially motivated crime in the news

not enough legit violence coming from white trump supporters that we now have to fabricate it all? hijab girl, covington boys, and now this? lefties just keep digging their graves deeper and deeper.


I don't think we should assume the opposite is true, but we should damn well stop assuming anything the left says is truthful. They've been proven wrong more than right lately, yet they still insist on shoving their foot in their mouths.


> we now have to assume the opposite is true of every racially motivated crime in the news

I'd almost agree with that, except for the word "now." Nothing new about any of this. They're just more blatant about it lately. And yeah, race is their favorite topic now, but it's not just race; it's anything that can be pushed to lean to the left.

I'm in my mid-fifties, and I could tell you some stories going all the way back to and including Robert Bork's nomination for the Supreme Court in 1987. A lot of the crap being flung around about him was not only false, but so obviously false that no sane person should have ever believed it at all, much less reported it.

I already knew the MSM was slanted, but I think it was then that I first became aware of just what shameless whoremasters the media really are.

Meanwhile, stories like this one never get reported:


This was an lbgtq motivated hoax, hence the pro lbgtq layered "anti lynching" bill that was cited and successfully passed in the wake of the hoax. Smollett has "coincidentally" campaigned with Kamala Harris (she publicly proclaimed the hoax to be a modern day "lynching")who along with fellow politician Cory Booker were pushing this bill. Mission accomplished.

The racial aspect was merely to add credibility, drawing the false comparative/ equivalency between homosexuality and historical anti black terrorism which "coincidentally" is exactly what the "anti lynching" bill does.


I'm no proponent of lynching, but I have to (cynically) laugh when I see things like this, from the linked article:

"We must confront hate in our country... We are now making clear there will be serious, swift and severe consequences," [Senator Kamala Harris said]

Problem is, most of these leftie loons define "hate" as "any statement, action, facial expression, etc which I don't like." Bunch of wannabe tyrants.