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Man this guy really knows how to let Democrats hang themselves

First all of the hoopla about his tax evasion. Everyone was sure that just by not releasing his tax returns, that he cheated the system. Then Rachel maddow gets a hold of them somehow and its released that he paid something like 68 million in taxes...OOPS!

Then is became about all of the women claiming he sexually assaulted them. Stormy Daniel's among them. Then they start coming forward in truth flat out admitting they lied and were paid to by the Democrats. Stormy Daniel's was ordered to even pay back all of his legal bills...OOPS!

Then it became about the Russian collusion which has been beaten like a dead horse for the last two years and everyone and their grandmothers were so sure that Russia had something to do with his win. Now the cat's out of the bag and we know that didnt happen either...OOPS!

Holy shit man, I kind of feel bad for demicrats right now. They are doing everything they can to make something stick and nothings working. And all the while Trump doesn't even have to utter a word. He just let's them do their thing and they end up embaressing themselves in all their incompetence. Like damn. Every time they try to nail this guy he comes out looking cleaner and cleaner. Dude's cleaner than a whistle for crying out loud.

Bring on 2020 MAGA!


Admitted Dems paid them to lie? Got anything backing that up please?

Youre already down 1 point by incorrectly stating Stormy Daniels was an assault accuser, then essentially also saying Stormy is included with the Dem-paid liars.

And sorry, but Russia investigation was both successful and run by a Republican.


You've been watching too much of FOX news - the network that tells you "Mexico has three countries".

1. T-rump avoiding paying taxes for decades, and he called it 'being smart'. The SDNY is now checking into his 'inheritance' and the 'inheritance tax' he didn't pay. Hannity isn't telling you this.

2. Fox really screwed with your head on this one. He is currently being investigated for his hush money payments to Stormy and McDougal - his two mistresses that he had affairs with when Barron was less than a year old. Jeanine Pirro isn't telling you this.

3. The Mueller report has not been made public yet. Cat's still in the bag, and Barr is keeping that bag sealed tight.

'Cleaner than a whistle ?' Dude's dirtier than your crusty underwear you haven't changed since January.


Right on, the Dims are just a buncha little crybaby pygmies compared to the Donald.


This post hasn't aged well - and it's only four days old.


I'm actually enjoying watching him play them like a violin, particularly the press. He used to be one of them, so he knows exactly how to rile them up. The heads exploding on November 8th and 9th of '16 were particularly entertaining. Want some popcorn?

Oh, and don't forget how he tricked Elizabeth Warren into revealing what a fraud she was about her supposed "native American" heritage.


Lmao oh God how could I forget about that. After spending a lifetime convincing herself that she was native. She took the bait and ended up looking like a fool. Even a chief said that her claiming native blood was an embarrassment to his people.

Imagine the shame of being a Democrat right now. Just a relentless barrage of embarrassment no matter what you do.


I love how you console yourself with minor squabbling BS and program yourself to worship Trump, meanwhile you happily post lies here.

No wonder virus responded to you and you only -- Because you two are socks of the same feather.


It's most enjoyable watching how he makes you live your life like a 'spy' (as you said) and live like a 'chameleon' with your friends and family, as you can't even stand up for who you voted for and support. He really stripped you of any sense of self-worth you may have once had - what a shame.


It just occurred to me that I've yet to witness a single Trumper online that DOESN'T act like a fifteen-year old heroin addict. Strange...


Not strange at all. We are on where the most important thing is Captain Marvel vs Shazam and box office numbers. What type of demeanor are you expecting of people on this site?

I'm not even sure the Trump supporters on here are even really Trump supporters. They seem to say outrages things just to get a rise out of people. And I have to ask myself, why would Trump supporters be wasting time on anyway? Its bananas.

....just out of curiosity, why a "15" year old heroin addict? Its just a very specific age and number that really doesn't even need added when comparing something to heroin addiction. Just wondering.


I'm not even sure the Trump supporters on here are even really Trump supporters. They seem to say outrages things just to get a rise out of people

I have only found, in my view, 3 legitimate Trump supporters on this site, and only one of them used to occasionally post on this board.

Oddly enough, all three of them are also huge pussies, literally AFRAID of discussion and disagreement.


MAGA 2020? I agree. Trump has caused too much damage. Time to fix the mistake.

By the way Alexandria Occasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are triggering the right more than Trump is doing to the left and those two aren't even running for president.


1. Well, as usual, your dumb ass clearly has no idea what it's talking about.

2. Of course you didn't respond to a request for backup for your BS, because you were posting BS and even getting well-known media stories wrong.

3. You only like Trump because he's a raging racist and so are you.

4. People like you don't deserve to live in civilized society.