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Is it safe to assume that todd... Which season has the best looking disc art? A plastic water bottle was left in the shot of the finale Apparently it's our fault that the show was too dark to see anything... What the hell? That's it? Man this guy really knows how to let Democrats hang themselves How do these liberal white feminists who hate white men accept that they wouldnt exist without them? we now have to assume the opposite is true of every racially motivated crime in the news Disney is fine with making an entire CGI set and characters for the "live action" lion King remake How long before the Buffy reboot? View all posts >


Thay makes it worse. You made yourself clear as crystal. This whole time 8ve been pointing out why your argument doesnt hold water. You know what would have been a better alternative to using the word incel? Misogynist. That accurately and clearly describes the motive behind a guy like elliot Rodger. A guy that hates women goes around killing women. What on earth does his inability to get laid have to do with anything when he shares the same hate toward women that a man like Ted bundy or Jack the ripper did? Its nonsense. And we've been using the word misogynist that way up until cnn decided hijack the word incel. A complete bastardization of an otherwise harmless group of people. Have you been absent from the hashtag metoo movement? A movement that started out with good intentions by trying to get men with power held accountable for the rapes they've committed, and ultimately lost track with the goal by throwing innocent men who got the wrong idea under the bus. See aziz Ansari. Liam's Neeson made a quip about the issue as well calling it a witch hunt against men. Yes, it has has become embedded in our culture now to use these terms as frivolously as possible. Ut that's besides the point. You seem very determined to keep rape and nazi specifically away from the conversation. Which is odd. Does it matter which words get diluted over time? It is acceptable if incel is improperly used but not rape? Why? Which words are being used isnt the point here. The point is that words are being reapplied to meaning that has no relevance. Your personal understanding doesnt mean that it hasn't extended beyond what you've observed. Nor should that be a suitable excuse to defend the misuse of those words in the first place. The fact of the matter is, it has become all too common to call someone a racist or a sexist or a nazi for simply disagreeing with an opinion. Don lemon has gone on to compare trump's detainment facilities as concentration camps. Fuck, even politicians have done the same. And as a result, people have started using that term to describe them. Which erodes the severity of what Jews went through during the holocaust Now. As terrible as that is, this is just a natural evolutionary progression of the english language. Correct? Everything you're saying in defense of the misuse of the word incel, can equally be applied to the words rape, sexist, racist and nazi. All words have had a definitive meaning to describe the actions and attribute of the past, and now they have been diluted to mean anything that we want. I'm playing the devils advocate here when I say, this is a natural progression of societies desire to evolve the english language, and apply new meanings to these words. Surely you would agree gi en your stance. Only a small subset of the population uses the word incel in that manner as well. And yet here you are defending its use as a consequence of lingual evolution. Why shouldnt rape and nazi be used in the same manner? In fact, why shouldnt any word I choose to use, be compatible with anything I want it to be? It only happened because of stupid people that let it happen. Like I mentioned earlier. Language doesnt evolve out of nowhere. Rape no longer means forced sex against a victim, it now means a man so much as glancing at a woman the wrong way Nazi no longer means a german soldier working under Adolf Hitler, it now means anyone you disagree with politically. Incel no longer means someone who is involuntarily celibate, it means someone who is involuntarily celibate AND a psycho. Such is the innovative and progressive nature of english. Very revolutionary indeed. It was in use. It was coined in the 90s by some student in toronto to describe her sexual inactivity. Is that fair to her that the culture just decided to lump her in with a bunch of mass murdering psychos? All because CNN decided to rewrite the meaning? This isnt innovative, its regressive. Language only evolves according to the culture utilizing the language. If the culture is fucked, so is the language. So maybe we should work on trying not to dumb down the future generation by using words in their proper context. Ah so just rearrange the english language to the lowest common denominator then? How would we describe someone that gets all the sex he wants and still kills all of his victims? How would we describe Ted Bundy? How would we describe a man that only targets prostitutes like Jack the ripper? Do we have names for every varying degree of psycho? View all replies >