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Which season has the best looking disc art? A plastic water bottle was left in the shot of the finale Apparently it's our fault that the show was too dark to see anything... What the hell? That's it? Man this guy really knows how to let Democrats hang themselves How do these liberal white feminists who hate white men accept that they wouldnt exist without them? we now have to assume the opposite is true of every racially motivated crime in the news Disney is fine with making an entire CGI set and characters for the "live action" lion King remake How long before the Buffy reboot? Trump signals support to ease up on weed ban legislation. View all posts >


Only christianity promises eternal damnation after death, but Islam promises death. So there's a slight shift in severity. People of Europe are seeing the decline if their culture as a result of their hippy dippy libbie loving open border policy. America is the envy of the world bow as a result of having a strong staunch conservative leading them to victory. Western Europe will sacrifice 2000+ years of history and culture thanks to their spineless apathy. The only part of Europe that will remain strong, oddly enough, are the commie eastern European countries. Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Ukraine etc will be the only ones standing strong in 50 years. The rest will be sharia abiding shitholes like the rest of the middle east. The rest of the garbage left behind. I didnt even realize she was the "it" girl now... That's kind of how I saw it too. She acted more like law enforcement than a threat. If you kill a cop, that doesnt change the law. Would have felt like an unnecessary and frankly out of character thing for him to do. Dude, it's a remake. Its absolutley criminal to me how HBO allowed them to just cut the show down to 6 episodes instead of just getting better writers to finish it off. Why wasnt that an option? Why couldn't they just get fresh blood to take over? This isnt the type of show you sink into the ground like this on a whim because you're bored. No. It's not a strawman. Who decides how many powers he can have before it becomes illegal? There's no monopoly on origin stories either. Batman lost his parents, superman lost his planet, the punisher lost his what? Do we not make anymore stories involving loss? The crow and spawn both revolved around their protagonists losing their wives. Who's plagiarizing who? Spawn, the darkness, and venom all share the same symbioting shapeshifting power, who's plagiarizing who? If you want to go down this road there's no limit to plagiarism. Uh sorry but DC does not have a monopoly on super powers. If it was that easy than literally any work of fiction that had elves and dragons in it could be plagiarized from Tolkien. Do you understand how stupid that would be? Did marvel copy superman when they have wolverine super human healing abilities? Ir when they gave the hulk super strength? Or when they gave cyclops lazer eyes? What was the point of jaimes redemption? What was the point of the white walkers? What was the point of the prophecies? What was the point of dany winning the iron throne? What was the point of learning about Jon's heritage? None of this makes any sense. That's why people are pissed rughtbthe fuck off. View all replies >