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Since They Killed Two Thanos (Thanoses?)

Killed Thanos in two different timelines, wouldn't this leave a big gaping hole (hehe) in that other timeline? Like a vacuum of power

Meaning that Thanos, one of the strongest beings in the universe, has been killed off many years before he was meant to. And since he went around from planet to planet committing genocide, wouldn't this drastically change the history of this other timeline?

I ask because I read an article from comic book news site written way back in October that correctly guessed many elements of the story, making me think that they had to have gotten their hands on either an old draft, or (more likely) a fake draft concocted by the Russos to throw would-be leakers off

It correctly guessed the name Endgame. It included Ant-Man coming back with the time-travel idea. It described the Avengers traveling through many time periods to gather the Infinity Stones. It detailed the final battle between Thanos's army and all the Avengers. It described Hulk becoming Professor Hulk and him hurting his arm after using the Infinity Gauntlet, it described Captain Marvel not doing much in the movie

It has a lot of details that would be difficult to guess unless you had some inside knowledge, but it also has LOTS of incorrect details, which is why I assume this theory came from a fake script. The interesting thing about this fake script is that the finale actually involves the character Eternity and has the Avengers fighting Kang the Conqueror

If the writers cooked up a fake script including Kang, then it at least shows that the character is being considered for usage. And it's very logical to include this character now that time-travel was introduced into the MCU

If I had to guess, Kang will be the villain in the next Avengers movie. More as an Ultron one-off type villain than a megavillain like Thanos


I'd say that's a real sucko timeline for Xandar, since Ronan's still around, soon to be aware of the power stone, and without Thanos to rein him in.

But if we take the Ancient One at her word, returning all the stones undoes all the changes. So 2014 Thanos doesn't die - the version we see in this film simply ceases to exist (which he also did in 2023, conveniently enough).

My own boring theory of what Steve did: appeared an instant after the Endgame Avengers appeared, then handed them their respective stones. None of the thefts occur, and the "prime" timeline is perfectly preserved.


To be fair Thanos couldn't rein Ronan in before. The instant Ronan had the power stone he decided he wanted it for himself and turned his back on Thanos.

I don't think that's exactly what the Ancient One said. She said removing an Infinity Stone from that timeline would create an alternate branch of time that wouldn't turn out so well for them essentially.

Regardless what they do in the past, as Hulk said, it won't affect their present selves.


Thats not what the Ancient One was saying. She was saying that the stones enable the timeline to flow properly. In her timeline Loki still escapes with the Tessaract. That is exactly how her timeline is supposed to go. The same would apply to the 2014 timeline. When 2014 Thanos leaves and dies in our 2023 it is the way that specific 2014 timeline is supposed to go down.

We've seen tangents in just about every time travel movie ever made. We perceive it as change but in Endgame its the way things are supposed to happen but with one exception. The exception is that an infinity stone should not be removed from the timeline. According to the Ancient One that kind of change disrupts the flow of time. What exactly does that entail? We don't know because she did not explain. But its one of the things she and Strange have to safeguard against to protect reality. It will be interesting to learn how Strange deals with it now that the 2023 stones are permanently destroyed.


I thought Cap returned them to their correct timelines not destroyed them? Unless I missed that part.


Thanos destroyed them in 2018 approximately 23 days after he snapped his fingers. The ones Cap returned were from alternate timelines.


I don't think she was saying what any of you are saying. I think it was much simpler. She said that if she gave Hulk the Time Stone, the future would be bleak. If she kept it, she could use it to defend the Earth. I don't recall her saying anything to the effect that specifically taking an Infinity Stone creates an alternate reality, or that returning one undoes the creation of one. She simply said if Hulk takes it, her future is a lot grimmer.

The alternate realties/ timelines was brought up by Hulk, when he explained that when you travel to the past, that past is now your present, and your actions there don't affect your past anymore than your actions now do. Instead, your presence in the past causes a divergent timeline to form, and your actions can affect the future in that timeline. When you return to your own timeline, nothing in the past can ever be changed.

So, Thanos jumped from his timeline to the one we've been following in the films, where he was killed. So a timeline now exists where in 2014 Thanos and his entire army entered a time machine and never returned. Pretty good timeline if you ask me-- even better than the "main" one we've been following because no Snapture ever happened. Nice as it was that everyone came back to life, imagine the troubles that would ensue from that act. Better to have lived in the Thanos-free timeline, no?


How come Doc Strange didn't see this second possible successful future?


I was thinking about that when I left the theater. My answer is that in truth, it's really just one win. They only defeated Thanos once. That they saved two timelines is a nice bonus, but it isn't really a second victory.


"I don't recall her saying anything to the effect that specifically taking an Infinity Stone creates an alternate reality"

You will when you watch that part again :)


There are possibly endless alteranate timelines which means there are endless versions of Thanos , imagine if a dozens of them with 12 different infinity gauntlets pop up in the main timeline and all of them snap the gauntlet at the same time


There have been 4 snaps in the span of 5 years , i think because of this everything is messed up in the MCU now , literally anything could happen at this point , i'm pretty sure they'll bring back dead characters from alternate timelines at some point