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What if they got Nic Cage as Mephisto Conservatives no longer have a party or platform So now it's supposed to happen on March 4th. Trump should be impeached by the Senate Newsmax host walks out on My Pillow guy Many Capitol rioters didn't even vote? The Republican Covid Plan Giuliani could be in trouble QAnon Shaman now claiming he was duped by Trump Imagine paying $750,000 for a pardon... View all posts >


Does that mean we should ensure that Mein Kampf is in every school library? It's easy to complain about a line being drawn, but often difficult to know for sure that line exists. Is Biden's administration actively doing it, or passively doing something the previous administration set up? This is the same question I asked Trumpists about the economy during Trump's administration before the tax cuts, but the only thing I was able to get from them was drooling and fart noises. The hiring of three writer-directors took place before the first film. I didn't say the second and third film were written before the first film. Anyway, I've written everything clearly and concisely, yet you seem bent on being overly argumentative, so I'm just going to end it here. KK hoped all of the writer-directors would come up with a great story, but branched it out to decrease the possibility the whole endeavor would be crap. It wasn't crap. Abrams did a pretty good job in the first one. The second movie was financially successful because it followed it. The $700 million drop was because Johnson falsely thought subverting expectations was somehow what fans wanted. Then Trevorrow dropped out, so that left KK with the only option of bringing Abrams back to write something in a jiffy and direct it in order to make the 2019 release date. Fans were calling for Filoni to take over KK's job, which I agree is ridiculous. But KK made the right call in having Filoni and Favreau replace Benioff and Weiss. It's easy to buy, but extremely difficult to sell legally. And keep in mind the black marketeers get involved for profit, not to get high. More retailers fixes the problem, but the regulations currently in place make it nearly impossible to get a license. Nope. 81,268,924 votes. But remember, as of 2016 that no longer matters. It's that magic number 306. It's okay. You are allowed to hide it. You are allowed to reveal it, but I understand that doing so could cause people to think negatively of you which could cause you to hide it. Why is it strange for the 1984 lab to find an arm and a chip? Once again, they tout Youtube's like/dislike ratio as a sign of unpopularity. That's the third time this week on this board an OP has done that. They will do anything to avoid the reality of the polls. If that's how you really feel, then vote for competent leadership. Don't get suckered by the empty suits who just wanna play golf and tweet about how amazing they are. View all replies >