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The 'I Want Nothing. I Want Nothing. No Quid Pro Quo' "BOMBSHELL" Will Trump Attempt The "I'm Too Stupid" Defense? Hillary's Emails: The Biggest Nothingburger That Ever Was Tucker Turning On Trump? When All Else Fails... That Time When Hillary's Campaign Was Caught Receiving Foreign Help White House Leaks Talking Points to Pelosi Israel caught spying on White House A right-wing fantasy... View all posts >


He focuses on the weirdest crap. In that article he even complains that it's the energy-saving lightbulbs that are making him look bad. Like wtf? If you unironically believe this has a chance to be the "worst movie" ever then you should really consider not watching any more movies. Your brain cannot handle them. That's president Dump for ya. Not sure why so many criticize Schiff's looks when we have an orange president that uses the hair on one side of his head to cover the opposite site. He loses to Bernie there. He loses to Liz there. He loses to Biden there. He might even lose to mayor Pete there. It's not looking good for Trumpy. I'm not a fan of Biden but this is how you go after Trump. If you criticize Trump's corruption, repubs will ignore it because they like corruption that favors them. But if you hammer away at how much the world views him as a joke, conservatives get the itch to bend the knee to someone else. Yet she doesn't have all the world's leaders laughing at her. That's true. Trump would even discuss with Scarborough on air the possibility of Joe running as Trump's VP. Of course the Trump cult considers that to be by choice. It's like having your water supply tainted with lead, and the Trumptards claiming you can choose to not drink from it. <blockquote>Biden proposes $3.2T in tax increases</blockquote>Not likely. Biden is the one responsible for Bush's tax cuts becoming permanent. They were set to expire automatically in 2010, then Biden stepped in. So if you really cared about lower taxes (you don't), you would've thanked him for it. View all replies >