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I suspect its her donors. She is the queen of getting them to pony up to support the establishment and some of them support republicans as well. They could be telling her to pump the brakes on all the impeachment talk. Change of circumstances is complete BS. I'm as white as a person can get. My life hasn't changed because of diversity or immigration just like yours hasn't. You want people to think you are a victim, but you always run into a wall when asked how white people are suffering due to diversity. You don't want to just come out and say you don't like the idea of people of color mixing with white people. So you answer the question with another question around some obscure "change of circumstances" that you can't even define. lol. Its pathetic. Also, it doesn't need to make me feel like a good person to support immigration. Immigration has been the status quo for this country for well over a hundred years. Its up to YOU to explain why immigration needs to change. Diversity instituted by law or some other rule would be obligatory. There's no law that any country must become more diverse. Overall the problem you are having is the same problem nationalists have that immigration is the status quo. Wouldn't all immigration count as obligatory? If so then it makes no sense to focus on diversity. Being unable to prevent immigration is your problem. But it certainly raises the question, why the heck are you complaining about a country allowing in immigrants when thats how its been before you were born and how your family got there. Two sentences of what you believe to be true doesn't make it true. But it does reveal the heart of the matter. You don't like it because you believe you are being forced to do something. What is it that you are being forced to do? In what way are you forced to change your life? This was the question I asked above but received no answer. I will always be for Bernie, but he and Warren make a good tag team. Pelosi and the Dems need to stop dancing around. Its time for impeachment. Also keep in mind I said diversity for the sake of diversity. The mass immigration of refugees isn't diversity for the sake of diversity. Its diversity for the sake of giving people a place to live. I call immigration immigration. I call mass immigration mass immigration. If you actually had proof that it was obligatory, you would've described how it was obligatory instead of asking a question. Just like when the Irish and the Italians came here, it wasn't obligatory. Now when we first arrived and pushed the natives away, I guess I would agree that was obligatory since we siezed the actual land they were living on. To determine whether or not it was actually obligatory, you have to ask yourself how you were obliged to change your life due to the mass immigration. If there was no change to your life, your obligation was effectively zero. The people you described are grifters. They are saying what they say because they know where the money comes from. Candace Owens is a prime example. She used to be on the left, but through her website's donors she realized where the money came from. She got in touch with Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson and voila, she's a pro-Trump conservative who claims she was red-pilled. Leftists are more likely to stand their ground. If they catch their own committing fraud, they criticize it. The right chooses not to. They stand together. The problem with that is your values become so flexible that it appears they do not exist. Trump went on and on about how Hillary was tied to Wall Street, and now he has taken her place. Do any right-wingers care? Absolutely not. Not Candace Owens, not Dave Rubin, and certainly not the new grifter in town Tim Pool. They have one gear. Criticize the left, garner an audience, and maybe Koch or some other group pays your bills to speak garbage. I've already explained in my replies how our variety of capitalistic freedom lead to the gold rush which is where most of our diversity came from. You can argue that my first statement did not elaborate enough for you to make the connection on its own, but my replies are there for your reading pleasure. Also, diversity for the sake of diversity has never been proven by anyone to be obligatory. It sounds more like a logical fallacy. View all replies >