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I feel like the movie successfully took care of that problem. What you are alluding to is that it is next to impossible for him to keep his identity secret in this day and age of cameras being everywhere. This is why the movie chose to reveal his identity. Kinda like how newspapers are becoming obsolete. It doesn't fit in the modern world, so the Daily Bugle is now a conspiratorial website. Jews are not your enemy. Stop hating. Of course, you could just show his tax plan. But that would require you to be honest. Here's his tax plan. [url][/url] Most Americans will see no change in their taxes. As for the wealthy, well duh. They got a huge tax cut from their buddy Trump. A tax cut the middle class will be paying for as inflation goes up. That was the whole idea behind it. Welfare for the filthy rich. Which is team Pelosi: [url][/url] Beto, Kamala and Buttigieg are team Pelosi. Warren and Sanders are team AOC. Are you still siding with Pelosi over AOC or have you realized how stupid it is yet? It gives movies something to shoot for. You could ask the same question even if we did account for inflation. Whats the point of comparison? "That movie still didn't make as much money as Gone With The Wind." A movie with how many re-releases? Its an impossible task. The reason they don't account for inflation is to give new movies a chance to have their heyday. The old movies already had theirs. Old Fake News. Thats the 2016 account. Here's what has happened since then. [url][/url] According to the court of law, the test results were proven fake. Maybe we should start calling him Trum-P. :D There's no rationalizing with LordBootLick. Omar is essentially trumping Trump on his own populism that he campaigned on in 2016. Less wars, a government that works for the people, etc. But because she's a woman of color, Trump knows his base will love it if he tells her to go back where she came from, completely ignoring all his anti-establishment rhetoric of 2016. Its more important for Trump to rile up his base than actually be the populist he said he would be. You can't count inflation because then no movie would beat movies like Gone With the Wind which, if adjusted for inflation, is somewhere around $3 billion. View all replies >