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Oh I knew damn well it wasn't going to the people evenly. I said before anyone else on here it was going to big corporations like Boeing and other airlines. "No, no, no, it's to help the working class" the Trumpers claimed. Now we're back to square one. So yeah, if you make over $75k you don't get a check. But hey, if you make millions, you get a bailout of hundreds of thousands so your planes can sit on the runway. I know it takes actual thinking to consider how many people in the airline industry are getting big checks here. Most of the workers aren't. They are getting the standard checks that the working class are getting. So how many big wigs are we talking about that need a bailout to keep their corporations running while their employees are receiving standard checks? How many CEOs? Thousands? Imagine $500 billion being split to just thousands of people. It really is pathetic. $2 trillion divided by the US population is roughly $6,000 per person. They aren't getting half of that. Hell, they aren't getting a quarter of that. And skippy is bitching about the dems taking a dollar. Here's my source, skippy. It's called basic math... something you struggle with. $2,000,000,000,000 divided by 330,000,000 people... That equals roughly $6000 for every man, woman and child. Is every man, woman and child getting a check for $6,000? Helllllll no. Is every man, woman and child even getting a check? Nope. Kids will not get checks. Something like $600 will be added per child to the adult's check. And that adult's original payout will likely be in the $1,200 range. And that's IF the adult makes less than $75k per year single, or $150k per year married. So that's a lot of families not getting checks. On top of that are the people below the poverty level for years that haven't filed in years. Yes if they file this year they will likely get a check, but no matter how you slice it, the average payout for 327,000,000 people is going to end up being below $1,000 for every man, woman and child. You can't get around that, yet the government is still spending $2 trillion. But those darn democrats and their $400 million in pork. Okay, ya got me. Dems took a dollar and two dimes from every man, woman and child. Shame on them. Now kindly tell me where the FUCK the rest of that $5,000+ PER PERSON is going? Because it sure as shit isn't going to the people. Oh no, I swore. Yes, because this bullshit pisses me off. And people like you defend it. It makes me absolutely disgusted to the core. Doing so would save lives. Barbot was correct. Chinatown's markets were being greatly disrupted before NYC became an epicenter. The xenophobic response to covid-19 hurt Chinatown more than anywhere else, but didn't prevent the outbreak. Why? Because the outbreak wasn't caused by Chinatown. Pretty much. Neither of them can stop trolling even when there's a pandemic going on. I can't speak on the mental diagnosis of Limpbag but I can say for sure he is grifting hard for Trump. [url]#PotusIsAWanker[/url] You see, it's reverse psychology. The libtards are telling right-wingers the coronavirus is dangerous so that the Trumpers ignore them and catch it. Those libtards would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for the heroic evangelicals and Fox News that caught on to their plan. Hopefully that works for those who are self-employed as well like the 1099-miscs. View all replies >