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The CGI is lame, too. It looked so fake. The films did change in the '70s and afterwards. The originals are a product of their era just as much as the later ones are. If they made a Bond film today that was similar to those with Roger Moore or Sean Connery, it would be laughed out of theaters, because those sorts of films just aren't made anymore. That's the reason the films continue to succeed-- they change with the times. The Lady Eve I haven't seen that one. Any good? HMM LET ME SEE IF I HAD TO RANK THEM WHERE WOULD I PUT JASBSB? DOGMA CLERKS MALLRATS CHASING AMY CLERKS 2 ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK TUSK YOGA HOSERS (I DID NOT WATCH ALL OF IT BECAUSE IT WAS NOT GOOD) OKAY SO I GUESS IT IS 7TH BEST OF THE 9 OF HIS FILMS I HAVE SEEN SO A LITTLE LESS THAN MIDDLE OF THE PACK WHICH IS WHAT CLERKS 2 WOULD BE. ALSO MAYBE I LIKED TUSK A LITTLE BETTER I REMEMBER THINKING IT WAS COOL THAT THE GUY WENT FULL WALRUS AT THE END. I've never watched this, but have heard mostly bad things about it. I remember it coming out and bombing, but not much else. What I never knew, until today, was the premise-- a grown-up Peter Pan has forgotten who he was and must remember to take on Capt. Hook. That's really clever! I'll likely watch the film at some point soon, but assuming it's as bad as they say, count me among the crowd that would like to see that premise done properly. I DON'T KNOW MAN THE FIRST JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK WAS PRETTY TERRIBLE SO I RECKON THE REBOOT WILL BE EVEN WORSE WHICH IS OKAY BECAUSE YOU DON'T GO TO A KEVIN SMITH MOVIE TO SEE DOPE CINEMA YOU JUST GO TO LAUGH AT DUMB SHIT YOU KNOW? Lifelong reader of comics, and I am a huge fan of the MCU films. The other superhero films not so much. I appreciate that Marvel has found a way to stick to the source material while avoiding the cheese factor that comes from a too strict adherence. Some have clearly been better than others, but so far there has not been a bad MCU film. At this point, I'll watch any MCU film out of trust in the brand. I don't watch too many other comic book films unless something about them grabs me. When I opened Netflix the top half of my screen was Paper Tiger. I think it's based on Netflix's algorithm deciding what to show you based on what you've watched previously. I'm in California, too, so I don't think it's geography-based. That became quite clear one message into the exchange. :) View all replies >