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He can't prove it. It's something he heard about and it fits what he wants to believe. Arguing with him is like arguing with a flat earther. He believes it because he wants it to be true, not because he has any proof. One can be a film buff while not watching action movies or Chinese movies. Besides, FilmBuffWhoIsntIntoActionFilmsOrChineseMovies was already taken when I signed up. I'll lead by saying I haven't watched the documentary, and know next to nothing about any of this. What I've heard is that two grown men have recently come forward and claimed, for the first time, that Jackson molested them when they were children. I've also heard that they stand to collect lots of money if they are believed. And, finally, I've heard that the police tried many times to prove Jackson molested children, including unannounced raids on his home, and never found a shred of evidence. Have I been mislead? Is there more to the story? My opinion as of right now is that he was a weird fucking dude, but I doubt he molested kids. Oh, and one last detail-- my college friend grew up in Malibu, and his babysitter was friends with Michael Jackson. Once, Michael Jackson came over and hung out while my friend was being babysat. This was around 1978 or 1979. Michael Jackson did not molest my friend, or if he did, my friend ain't admitting it. Hell yeah. The entire soundtrack was solid. I especially loved hearing Elastica in there, but it was all great, and never in-your-face OMG it's-the-'90s! Just a great backing track that fit the mood and moment. They aren't terribly famous, are they? None are household names. I am looking at the imdb page of the first one on the list-- it looks like she's done mostly television shows, action films, and had a career in China. I don't watch any Chinese films, virtually no television programs, and rarely watch action films. Now I'm looking up Michelle Rodriguez-- she's know for the Fast and the Furious films, something else I don't watch. I have seen two of them, so I must have seen her, but I doubt I ever attached a name to the actress in the film and don't remember what part she played. And now, Rebecca Ferguson... I see she's known for Mission Impossible, and a list of other films I've not seen. I guess the moral to the story is that one can be a film buff without knowing the current crop of women who co-star in action films, and/or without focusing much on the names and faces of the actors in the films I see. I meant the name "Pooru-Potochi-Chunkay-Puum." That sounds like a creature with blue fur and a prominent topknot that Dr. Seuss would have invented. The trend I mean is the steady march towards enlightenment. If you compare man when he emerged from the wild and began building civilization to man today, you see a consistent elimination of violent tendencies. It isn't specific to any nation or continent. Hypotheticals involving folks who sound like the came out of a Dr. Seuss book aside, I get what you're trying to say. When someone else attacks you or attempts to impose their will on you by force, sometimes violence is the first response that comes to mind. Realistically, violence is never the best solution, but in terms of acknowledging and acting on that, it has taken mankind a long time to get to where we are now, and we still have a long way to go. Society exists to combat man's natural state when a better alternative exists, and societal trends are that violence has become less and less necessary. Compare human behavior in 1000 B.C. to 1500 to today. The trend is clear. So yes, sometimes nations still come into conflict, as do individuals, but with each passing day, we become more enlightened as a society, and need to rely less and less on violence to solve problems that are always better solved in a non-violent manner. Then you probably need to look for a new farm, or maybe give up farming and run for office and try to fix the system. Or emigrate to the U.S. where things are handled fairly in the courts. I agree, though the NFL is probably more of a guaranteed path to millions. If he's drafted in the first round, he's guaranteed between $10-35 million. With baseball, I *believe* he'll have to work his way up through the minor leagues before making anywhere near that sort of money. I wish he'd play for the A's. No, no it is not. View all replies >