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I would say he's more akin to the new Betty White, for he seems to be in on the joke, and okay with it. I did, too. I wonder what the original poster disliked so much. Maybe I should ask him. Seems we agree on quite a bit, this film included, though we disagree on westerns, as many of my favorite films fall into that category. On a whole I'm not a fan of the genre, but there are at least 20 westerns that I rate as top notch films. Tonto was the highlight of the film, though Silver was a close second. I watched it today and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I didn't see it when it was in theaters, and had heard mostly negative things about it, but it's pretty much what I wanted from a Lone Ranger film. When The William Tell Overture finally played I couldn't help but smile, and the following 20 minutes was brilliantly choreographed madness. The Lone Ranger riding Tonto through a train, shooting at someone in another train was just too much, and perfect for how they'd built the film to that point. I'm adding this to my short list of commercial/critical flops that I think deserved success. Sadly, not always. I think the problem may be that there just isn't much of an audience for a Godzilla movie in the U.S. I doubt the mixed critical reviews helped, but the bottom line is that the majority of Godzilla fans are males aged 45 to 65, and there aren't enough of them to carry the film. It was quite good, for what it is, and in a perfect world it would spawn sequels here for decades as the original did in Japan. I think you're forgetting that those fans are children. What made this new movie so great is that it's got all the elements we loved as children, but in a film an adult can enjoy. Watch the movie... Where would there be time for a break of a day or two? The events happen in one uninterrupted sequence. It's pretty clear that it takes place over the course of a day. I'm still looking forward to it, and hope the poor box office showing of Godzilla, King of the Monsters doesn't affect this film's release. Also, just FYI, there was only one version of the original King Kong vs. Godzilla. There's a famous myth about there being a second ending, but there was no such alternate ending. I don't think they knew much about Mothra's personality or history, and certainly not enough to assume she'd arrive friendly, especially since she's a newborn. Maybe her ancestors were nice to humans, but a baby might not behave the same, especially at first. That likely explains her actions. She's a newborn, and like a newborn human, she can't be expected to immediately act like a mature adult. View all replies >