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Does it bother you that the MCU differs so much from the comics? From horror to tragedy Does anyone know of this is getting a 2nd season? Do you personally include the Marvel TV shows in the MCU continuity? How should they build the X-Men in the MCU? Phenomenal cast Saul isn't the reason I keep watching this show What character/characters would you have wanted to be kept alive to get more character development with? Keanu Reeves Movie Marathon If they keep "home" in the title, what do you think the title for the inevitable Spider-Man 3 will be? View all posts >


After seeing him in Nightcrawler I thought he'd be perfect as a villain in the MCU, but with all the sort of indie movies he was doing I never actually imagined he'd join. His Mysterio was one of the best parts of the movie by far and I absolutely loved the movie as a whole. I feel Marvel Studios should be able to have the live action Spider-Man, but after Into the Spider-Verse (which is arguably the best Spider-Man movie out there), I can't say Sony hasn't done ANYTHING right. I absolutely can't wait for the Spider-Verse sequel. Also they may not have aged well, but the first two Raimi Spider-Man films were great for the time. Without all the studio politics, I'm sure Spider-Man 3 would've turned out a lot better than what we got as well. That being said, the MCU Spider-Man is the best live action iteration of the character in my eyes and I hope Sony lets Marvel Studios use him (and all his rogues) for as long as they want to make Spider-Man films. As far as I'm aware Sony is making a huge profit off that deal too, so what do they have to lose? Kind of surprised this wasn't information saved for SDCC. If it happens to be the last movie we see Chris Hemsworth as Thor in, I hope he passes the mantle to Valkyrie. He already gave her the title of King of Asgard so it would seems fitting. Plus, Valkyrie is an absolute badass and I hope she's in more outings than just another Thor film. He already gave up peace by killing on Continental grounds and then by also not honoring his oath to kill Winston. People will still keep coming after him. Honestly, I'm down for whatever Marvel Studios throws at me. It'll be off seeing three different versions of similar characters, but their abilities I feel like is where the similarities would end. Isn't the Iron Patriot in the Dark Avengers Norman Osborne? Not only that, but I think Spider-Man would take the place of the Iron Man stand-in in a Young Avengers film. Plus, Thor may have named Valkyrie king of Asgard, but he still seems like he's going to play a part in at least a couple movies going forward. No, the person I'm talking about didn't have a parachute. There was an explosion in the baggage compartment and the plane the survivor was in essentially fell apart in the air. Unlikely to survive, but again not impossible. The longest fall without someone dying was a little over 33,000ft. 200 is nothing to that. Fair enough Can we really know for sure that Mysterio is actually dead? It's unlikely, but it's not impossible. Again, his suit was bulletproof. I wouldn't assume he got up and walked away. Pretty sure one of the Bowery King's men picked him up and strolled off with him. If you saw the end of the movie, you'd know there's no way he could've walked away on his own. View all replies >