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Is this a real documentary? A better way for the film to end... Not necessary, but I absolutely can't wait Better for not sticking to the franchise roots How many episodes do you feel is ideal for a season of a TV show? Baby Driver 2 Phase 4 Announcement Ranking The old Ravagers (the original Guardians of the Galaxy) Timeline confusion Queen of Asgard View all posts >


I really hope so. There's a lot of cool characters there that didn't get justice with the show. I didn't find it very scary at all, but I was more interested in the continuing of The Losers Club's stories which came to a great conclusion. Not only that, but the adult counterparts of the kids were pretty spot on in terms of looks. I'm only slightly disappointed by the Henry Bowers stuff because it seemed really short lived as well as the kid Bill was trying to save. Directed and partially written by Fred Durst should tell you everything you need to know about this movie. The first line is literally "can't talk long, I have to poo". 😂😂 Whether it's real or not, it certainly piqued my interest. Definitely. I'll bookmark it. I think that's what was so good about it. Made ever more apparent by Jesse wanting to get out multiple times, but Walt manipulating him to get back in. I didn't hate Jesse in the beginning, but I didn't like him much and the deeper they went into his character and how much he developed, I ended up loving him and really feeling for him. I feel almost the complete opposite about Walt. I liked him in the beginning, and although he started to redeem himself at the very end, for a large portion of the last couple seasons I hated him. I remember hearing it would come out on Netflix first, but the select theaters after that or something. Are their any sources to back this up? If this were actual news it'd be makin waves and I'd be hearing about it everywhere. Yeah if they could st least do one more movie to tie up loose ends I'd just be happy with a solid trilogy. I'm not sure if Homecoming cracked a billion without looking into it, but I know for sure that Far From Home did. When Far From Home released I started hearing that if the movie didn't pass $1 billion at the box office Sony could take him back regardless of the contract. I don't know how specific the contract really is though if he is still supposed to have one more solo film and all the articles makes it seem like Spider-Man won't be back even for that. I'm still holding out hope though. Most of the headlines seemed a lot like click bait. I'll give it another couple months until it all seems concrete to me. Venom didn't do well critically at all, but it made bank which is why we're getting a sequel as well as a Morbius film. Into the Spider-Verse was sort of the opposite, but with how good people are realizing it is after the fact, I'm sure the next one will make a lot more money. View all replies >