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It's an elseworld type of story. It doesn't need to match up with the source material. Yeah you're right about him being mentally ill. Sorry it's been quite a while since I've watched this series. It's certainly not scary in the traditional sense, but the fact it doesn't look like a monster is what is scary. The concept is what's scary. The sense that it's never truly gone. It may be passed on, but it'll always loom in the background and could always come back to you unexpectedly. Visually no, it's not scary, but that's the point. It's the threat. It isn't, but is shot to look like it is. It was either he do it himself or stick her in a home where they would do it there. He did it because she was weak and he cared about her. I still haven't got around to The Witch, but I loved Hereditary. I honestly enjoyed Midsommar more than Heredity. I enjoyed more of the lore of Midsommar and it was interesting seeing the disturbing celebration of this other culture. Surprisingly it always being light out added more to the creepy asthetic for me because it can't be used as a visual aid for a passage of time like when most movies transition from light to dark. I don't necessarily know if I could consider it a horror film like Hereditary though. To me it felt more like a suspense movie. That being said I can't wait to see what else Ari Aster has to offer as well as Florence Pugh. Also I do think Todd bought pizza and beers still. Todd is a creep for sure, but I do think he's genuinely nice. I feel like he's just off a little in the head and because of that he's not rational in his decision making. He killed his maid just because she saw his money. He didn't think she would've taken it, but he feels like within the lifestyle he lives that's what he's supposed to do. The same reason he shot the kid. Joker also doesn't typically wear red and yellow, but this is a different iteration. How do we know it's not Joe Chill though? Are you saying the guy who shot Bruce's parents was the real Joker? Because that would've been Joe Chill. View all replies >