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What does the word "dating" mean to you? Still hoping Quicksilver comes back Sam Raimi confirmed as director No emotional or mental stress after missing five years? Who do you think would play you in a movie? Sonic couldn't have just looked at a map? What other ensembles would you like to see in the future? Any chance of Red Hulk and/or the Thunderbolts in the future? Who do you think should've got Cap's sheild? Your five desert island films? View all posts >


I still doubt it. Most of the DCEU has been a flop, but it's still canon regardless. The Batman being seperate entirely is a sure fire way for Warner Bros to actually make some decent money since people love Batman and if it's not attached to the shit show that is the DCEU, I feel moviegoers will be more inclined to see it. That goes with any show though. Is any show healthy for people who don't know that it's not reality? It's not really a biography like most people think. It really only follows him in his last year of life and his detiorating mental state. Just last year she was in Zombieland 2 and in 2018 she did that show Maniac on Netflix. I still enjoy movies I used to love as a kid, but I can recognize that an entertaining movie doesn't always make for a good one. I still love the Thomas Jane Punisher film, it's not great, but I still get enjoyment out of it. Everyone always complains about the lack of originality in cinema, but then they finally get it and always seem to complain about it. This is exactly why there's endless sequels and reboots. A solid 8/10 She may have viewed them as family because they seemed to accept her for taking care of Harlan, but as soon as the will was read everyone turned on her and their true colors started to show. She was willing to help the family with the money until they started to blackmail her using her mom's undocumentation as leverage. If Harlan didn't think they deserved his assets upon his death, then it would be against his wishes for Marta to give it away to them. Why do they deserve any of it? What shows in the end that she's greedy exactly? Because she's standing on the balcony? I don't think you know the definition of stealing. Everything she has at the end of the movie was GIVEN to her. View all replies >