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My position is ridiculous AS A FACT? I recommend that you invest in a dictionary. Or fuck it, just google "definition of 'fact'" (notice my proper quote within a quote notation just so you understand how intellectually tiny you are to me) I never proposed or advocated for the cessation of the Bond franchise. That was a completely different user than me. I disagree with them, I do not believe that Bond should be retired But since you are either too intellectually lazy or deficient to tell my perspective apart from another totally different person, then I find discussion with you unworthy of further argument Youre a fucking idiot, dude. The worst kind of idiot, the idiot who thinks he's clever. All of your points are easy to refute and have been refuted by multiple posters Then you act like a bitch and pretend that you're too good for this discussion. It's MY thread, you chose to reply plenty, until people started to point out all the flaws in your reasoning I agree that you probably should not bother to stick around. You're the dumbest tier of movie fan No. I disagree. Actually, I think your comment is a fucking joke Don't tell me what to do and I'll return the favor. K? :) I'll express my criticisms all I want. If you disagree, I personally don't care at all. But let us both express our opinions. Modern Bond has bad writing and lots of bad acting. If you disagree then ok? I dun care Agreed. Thank u 4 ur unput. Gr8 comment :) Thank you. At least one person sees it for what it really is and isn't feeding themselves a lie Im not a prude, sexually, at all. But let's be honest about how this franchise has handled the topic of sex. Sharp suits, Aston-Martins, Rolexes, and pretty faces This is a good franchise which almost never achieves greatness because of very lazy, untalented wriiting Sure, his liaisons often serve some sort of purpose, because they are written into the story lol. Your excuse is tautological. I think the writing in Bond films can be TOO formulaic. Yeah, you can write up some scenario where seducing some woman will grant you much-needed spy information or grant you access to a meeting with some other character But does Jason Bourne do this on a regular basis? Does Ethan Hunt do this in all of his movies? No, so the writers clearly go out of their way to add these plot contrivances into EVERY SINGLE MOVIE. And it just gets fucking corny. You're giving a positive spin to characters that are actually really bland when you say " The women in Bond films (especially in the past 20 years) have been strong, compelling and smart....often an equal match, or capable ally." Sure, they're written so that within the film universe itself they are supposed to be represented as these things, but the screenwriting doesn't make you FEEL these things at all apart from a few exceptions (Vesper Lynd) My comment, furthermore, was directed toward the "side" Bond girls. Because in every Bond movie Bond MUST have sex with, not just the main Bond girl, but with at least one other "side" Bond girl. That chick in the beach from Casino Royale who dies, Gemma Arterton who dies, that chick in Skyfall who dies, Monica Bellucci in Spectre who dies OF COURSE they serve some purpose in his mission, because they're PLOT DEVICES not real characters. Their role in the movie is to fulfill the obligatory PG13 Bond fucking scene and to move the plot forward, then they die after serving their purpose. Don't tell me that these characters are in any way compelling or smart I personally like the Bond formula. I mean, it's hit or miss, most recent Bond movies have sucked. Spectre sucked, Quantum of Solace sucked. So Craig has a 50% success rate. Brosnan had one really good Bond movie in Goldeneye and the rest were very mediocre. But, generally speaking, I like James Bond. I like the cheesy over the top villains, the gadgets, the music, the convoluted plots, etc. The point that I am really trying to make is that Bond will be made "woke". It's not what I WANT, I would be perfectly fine if he stayed the same as he always has been: a white male alcoholic, womanizing superhero who occasionally rebels against his own agency if its for the greater good. He's not the most compelling character in Action cinema, but he's solid But he will be changed. I'm just relaying a message of what will clearly happen, not what I WANT to happen. People (such as you) seem to assume that because I am a realist that I myself must be an SJW, but I'm not. I hate cancel culture, I hate the Oscarssowhite movement, I hate a lot of the trends in Hollywood But I'm a realist about Hollywood. Would I like it if things could go back to the 60s and 70s and CGI blockbusters weren't the Sun of the Cinema's solar system? Sure, but I know it won't happen. Powerful trends in Hollywood don't just go away. So this woke trend is never gonna go away, you guys can delude yourselves and fantasize about plummeting profits reversing this course, but you'll be disappointed I never once said I was against the fantastical elements found in Bond movies or that I want them "homogenized", you merely assumed that. Actually, I'd say that one gripe that I have with Craig's Bond is that they're TOO grounded. It was cool in Casino Royale, but the novelty wore off and I find Craig's bond to be rather bland Are you bragging about your ability to have sex on an anonymous internet forum? Please, for the sake of all that is Holy, disable your account I read "Well, that's your problem" as having a passive aggressive tone. If you didn't intend it that way then I apologize I gave a thought-out response to your initial post and then gave another thought-out response to the person who replied to me. Unlike 90% of posters on here, I'm not here to troll. I'll participate in a flame war, but won't go out of my way to start one Yeah...I don't give a shit View all replies >