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She's a strong independent woman. Maybe you're just intimidated by her fierceness? He had a big Twitter meltdown a few days ago. So his career might be slowing down considerably :/ Its related to morality and morality is one of the main themes in politics. Don't try to censor me Anyway, have you done it? 😏 Hmmm? 😏 Anything is a sex organ if you sex it 😏 No way of knowing If he was actually a person walking around calling himself the son of God then there's a possibility that he was either mentally ill or had narcissistic delusions or was a con man. If that's the case then he might have been a troublemaker like most other cult leaders If he was even close to the philosophical wiseman that Christianity portrays him as then he would've obviously been pretty cool I lean toward the former, only because most modern "prophets" like Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard are total boners. I think it's more likely that early Christianity just had really great missionaries Not that I have a problem with that. I think the masses need some figure to rally around in order to give them purpose and moral direction. Jesus is as good a figure as any Very well, you can try carrying it, but you will get frisked 😁👍 Would you rather... Attempt to smuggle an eight-ball of coke up your anus from Mexico to the U.S. for $100,000 or Flip a coin and if you lose you get shot in the face View all replies >