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Yes, I agree. That is how I felt about the movie The Phoenix/de Niro scene was supposed to be the climax. It should have represented a big shift in Phoenix's personality from weirdo into a more confident villain The script had many flaws, but was propped up by everyone else involved bringing their A game It costs you like 12 dollars to make up your own mind. Just go watch it dummy Isn't Tom Hardy like 5'8" to 5'9"? He's just more muscular and rugged, but pretty sure he's shorter than Topher Just stop with this bullshit, you retard This is bs. They both have majority positive reviews but neither is in the upper echelon of 95% or higher on RT And one is a comic-book property of one of the most popular fictional characters of all time and the other is a heady Sci-Fi movie that revealed almost nothing of its plot in the trailers. The only selling point for Ad Astra was basically Brad Pitt, and we live in a post-movie star era of movies James Gray, the writer-director of Ad Astra, has mainly only worked in the realm of indie dramas and crime films. Todd Philips, on the other hand, has had years of experience making mainstream movies that turn big profits. But compare their track records in terms of critical acclaim and James Gray wins hands down. So this is just keeping with what has come before I really liked Joker and I agree that it is refreshing in an overly PC age, but it's stupid to think that Ad Astra's financial performance versus Joker's is a reflection of how "regular people" feel about the political climate It seems like he has a flop every year. He hasn't reached Johnny Depp levels of washed up, but he's still washed up. It's amazing that Tom Cruise has been able to maintain such a long career of relatively well-reviewed movies. Really goes to show you the wonders that Scientology can do (joking) I hate these fan theories that are popular on Youtube. They're retarded and disrespectful to the creators of these movies. They imply that anything that is not explicitly laid out in the movie is subject to distortion and mutation in order to create entertaining "what-ifs". I can't see how any true movie lover would engage in this kind of bullshit as a hobby What purpose would a mainstream Hollywood writer have for burying such a silly plot twist so deep into a story? It would totally undermine everything that the movie was obviously trying to say. What it was SCREAMING at the audience. Penny was one of the main progenitors of Arthur's misery. She allowed him to be abused in his formative years. That's a real thing that many mentally ill people experience, that their parents are the very first people to expose them to traumatic experiences Todd Phillips clearly wanted to send this message. It's a standard storytelling "trick". Start the story off with Fleck being a loving, doting son. He bathes his mom, dances with her, humors her fantasies. But then he realizes that she was one of the main causes of all his suffering. The doting son kills the one person who it seemed he truly loved. it's shocking, it's transgressive, it's a Holy Shit moment. It would be totally undermined if they went with the cheap twist of "X was imagining Y all along" It was that raspy voice and slutty, hypersexual aura she has. It differentiated her from the average barbie doll archetype that is ubiquitous in Hollywood. Plus she has decent chops for the kinds of roles she went after LOL Yeah, agreed. It is pretentious. Haven't seen it with Blu-Ray commentary but that sounds hilarious. How jaded have we become as moviegoers that originality in and of itself is subject of such high praise? I can write a story about a sex-addicted platypus that travels the world looking for a cure for his addiction, but can't so everywhere he goes he fucks animals of whatever species is native to the area. Until he reaches Hollywood and the non-stop orgies and decadence is too much even for the platypus so the non-stop sex causes him to have a heart attack just at the moment that he discovers the cure for his insatiable libido There, that's an original story, never been done before as far as I know. Doesn't mean it should ever be turned into a movie It's a bunch of nonsense bunched together into a story that doesn't make sense, but it's given a pass because it's meant to "evoke the feeling of being in a nightmare". That's just lazy. In that case you could make a 2 hour collage of creepy incoherent images and call it a "nightmare movie". The little seashell phone that's meant to bring into question the year in which the movie takes place, the random literary references (T.S. Eliot and Dostoyevsky), the muddled STD metaphor...they're all signs of a writer just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Hoping that if they make the movie confusing and vague enough that people will fill in the blanks with their own "profound" guesses as to what it all means View all replies >