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I wouldn't say Hugo Weaving is ugly, but he is not really traditionally handsome Most character actors like Weaving can be said to have "interesting" faces. Which sort of means that they have facial features that grab your attention. Keanu Reeves is obviously good looking, but it the girl said that your face more strongly resembles Weaving's then it's not really a compliment. Especially considering that both Weaving and Reeves both look pasty-faced and emotionless in this movie To put it more succinctly: you ugly Well he gives a Rorschach-esque, racist monologue about how disgusted he is with the city and with society. I'm pretty sure he saves her because he's disgusted by the idea of a child being used as a hooker I've always seen it as an ironic ending He's this close to becoming known as a psychopath who assassinated a politician, but by a twist of fate he ends up becoming known as a hero who saved a child prostitute. You are certain the movie is going in one direction and then the ending takes a sharp turn to the left If he had just died there it would have been a generic ending (crazy, violent guy causes his own self-destruction) that a simple mind like yours may have thought was sufficient, but not to a great writer like Paul Schrader Velvet Buzzsaw was written by Dan Gilroy, though. And Mute was co-written by Duncan Jones. Apostle, written and directed by Gareth Evans, also has many of the same flaws as these other movies. So you can't solely blame Netflix for pawning bad scripts on these directors I think what's really going on is that Netflix is buying these scripts that writer/directors can't get made with studios. They are so desperate for content and to be taken seriously in the film world that they are allowing these filmmakers to churn out self-indulgent movies that no one would pay to see in the cinema I'm very curious to see how Martin Scorcese's The Irishman turns out. Because he is by far the greatest filmmaker that has ever collaborated with Netflix thus far Smart choice Correct opinion Wrong opinion It basically did fully recover. He got Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Director a couple of years ago and he's got several acting and directing projects coming up And this is considering that Gibson's remarks were wayyy more inflammatory than Neeson's. Gibson was recorded explicitly using the N word and ranting about jews. Neeson's comments were about something that happened decades ago under very different circumstances. Kevin Feige has stated in an interview that he will not show anything past the first 15 or so minutes of the film in ANY of the trailers, even the final one It makes sense because this is a movie that sells itself. Everyone watched Infinity War and Infinity War is the best trailer for Endgame that you could possibly get. Everyone wants to know what happens after the snap. So they might as well spoil almost nothing of Endgame with the trailers So, yeah. Assuming that the Tony Stark in space scene happens in the first fifteen minutes, we can assume he survives it, because if they were to kill him off it wouldn't be in the beginning. They'd put his death near the climax of the film "Arguably the best author of all time." HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HAHAHHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA View all replies >