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Probably reminds you of your mother That is in addition to all the other things in the movie that clearly show him to be socially retarded. Like taking a date to a porn theater For real, though, if you're a fan of solid writing/directing/acting, it's still a good movie The teenager characters are believably written, not in an annoying way. And Dylan McDermott puts on a really good performance Agree with you 100%, king Oh yeah and her kid has cancer or some other stupid shit shoe-horned in as "character development". But GASP, her cancer kid is actually a FUTURE cancer kid. LOL movie was so trash Aliens go to Earth to teach humans a language that lets them see into the future Not super complicated, bitch No, not every movie. Fast and Furious is not pretentious. Goodfellas is not pretentious This is pretentious. It pretends to be serious and have important themes about fate and grief and shit like that. But the characters are all totally forgettable. The plot is silly, even by sci-fi standards. No, the aliens aren't hostile, but they are very cryptic and vague, which is a stupid concept for an alien species that came to Earth specifically to TEACH us something. Being incredibly vague and ambiguous about one's intentions is good for dramatic purposes, which is what this movie desperately clings to. The question about why they're here is the only thing holding this movie together. And the answer is an incredibly stupid one if you hold it up to the light Inception is just one example of a "complex" movies done right. There's tons more. Memento, Ex Machina, Seven, Prisoners if you insist on sucking Villenueve's dick, even more if you venture into foreign films. Probably hundreds of films that have a script that holds up under a bit of scrutiny. But Arrival is definitely not one of them It's a pretentioius movie with a nonsense plot. How stupid, the aliens can see all the way into the future but decide to play charades with humans. Come on, this has nothing to do with it not having action. It's just pseudoinellectual garbage. Films like Inception have some sort of internal logic. This shit was just riddled with plot holes You can't even call them plot holes because it is so sparse in details that you have no real frame of reference as to what is happening. Why do they land their ships and just chill there? These are super-intelligent aliens, they should be able to learn our languages instead of having to awkwardly teach us theirs In USA cops bang prostitutes, yes He is View all replies >