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Yup This movie serves as a cautionary tale for talented filmmakers looking to make a jump to big-budget movies Most of Marshall's best work is small in scale and somewhat aimed toward a niche audience. And the fact that he's served as co-writer for his best work shows us that he is at his best when he has more control But idiot producers nowadays think they can be like Kevin Feige or Simon Kinberg and oversee these superhero movies and treat directors like their puppets. Superhero movies are not a good genre for filmmakers like Marshall right now. There's too many cooks in all of these productions I"m butt-hurt? Your entire existence is basically centered around being a butt-hurt asshole. You go out of your way to bring people down. It's pathetic and sad And your point is worthless. I could waste energy getting into an argument with you, but I think people like you suffer more when somebody doesn't give them the attention they desperately crave Like I would bother to do that just to respond to a bitter little guy like you Sucks that you are such a contrarian than you have never had anybody agree with you before and find it impossible that such a thing could happen. I dunno anything about Tazerface. Looking at his post history, he seems to be a Republican, which I am not Thanks! Can't believe this guy has almost 1,000 comments. What a waste of bandwidth Should I have started a campaign to get more people to go to the movies 10-15 years ago? I don't understand your point. I, personally, enjoyed del Toro's Hellboy films. I can't help it if not enough people went to go watch them. Not every franchise is meant to rake in billions. They turned a profit, that's more than this film will probably be able to say Looking at your post history, pretty much every comment you make is negative, so its pretty funny to see you comment on whining fans. You're pretty much the whiniest bitch on here Women Oscars are usually given to beautiful young women, especially if they showed their tits in a dramatic role But, that being said, Streep has been extremely blessed throughout her career. She has more Oscars and Golden Globes than 99% of other actors. Even if Katherine Hepburn has more Oscars than her, Streep will be more beloved when all is said and done, unless she's also the subject of a Mommy, Dearest-style hit job Why are you so hateful towards modern artists? It's like you think that movies should have just stopped being made after the 60s Sure, Nolan and Fincher are standing of the shoulders of greats like Hitchcock, but that doesn't mean that their movies are bad Fincher is one of the few directors working today who consistently makes good mainstream thrillers targeted for adult audiences. That kind of consistency is very rare in Hollywood. Enjoy them for what they are and stop focusing on what young people like. Your ugly, abrasive personality is not going to inspire anybody to seek out classic films And being an old fuck does not automatically mean that you're smarter or have better taste, you just grew up in a different time period with different films. Most movie lovers' taste is determined by what kinds of films they were exposed to as kids, and most kids first watch movies on cable/satellite/antenna or in the movies. So yeah, most people will prefer the movies from their own generation. You're just old and can't accept that most people on the internet are young and want to talk about movies that speak to THEIR generation. Go start a movie club in your local retirement home if you're so in love with Golden Age films I get you. And I hate Edgar Wright's movies too. But I would not encourage LetThemEatCake. He is a bitter old man who hates on pretty much every modern artist EVERY SINGLE PERSON, including you and LetThemEatCake, pay more attention to artists from their generation than they do older artists. Do you spend your free time reading medieval literature? Do you watch old silent films? Do you feel that every musician since Beethoven has just been treading the same ground? No, no, no Yes, lots of great films were made in the 50s and 60s, but you kind of have to go out of your way to watch them these days, so it's totally understandable that most young people, even those who consider themselves film fanatics, haven't seen most of them. It's not like they show Hitchcock movies on cable. Besides, I don't care how good you think Citizen Kane or The Seventh Seal are, Martin Scorsese's work stands up to that of any other filmmaker in history Did you just put Edgar Wright's name on the same list as these legends? His films are entertaining, but no way are they in the same league as Scorsese, Kubrick, PTA, Tarantino, etc. Baby Driver was a total mess He didn't write either of the first two episodes I'm sure CBS, which has failed to reboot Twilight Zone twice already (in the 80s and early 00s), threw millions at him to be the face of the franchise The first two episodes were underwhelming, but I wouldn't place the blame squarely on Peele's shoulders. View all replies >