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Totally agree. Lots of good shows (and lots of bad ones too, tbh) but lots of mediocre movies Netflix has essentially become exactly what you pay for: a watered down version of cable/satellite. Lots of content, but most of it unwatchable, for the average person So, does ANYBODY doubt that I was right now that the movie came out? With lines like "Why are we called the X Men if women are always saving the guys?" And this being marketed as a tribute to "the women of the X-Men universe" Simon Kinberg is a fucking hack. But the point is that I called this way before anyone else here. I knew what kind of movie this would be just based on a title and a trailer. I'm smart guys, pls validate me This is really fucked up, dude. Like really, really fucked up I don't necessarily think you're mentally ill. I know enough about mental illness to know that professionals don't diagnose based on message board posts I just think you spend WAYYY too much time thinking about this crap. An unhealthy amount Damn, you stumped me. How could I possibly beat that? Oh, I got it...NO, UR WRONG They're called Jehovah's Witnesses lol Literally the top of the page has this quote "INSIDE EVERY PROGRESSIVE IS A TOTALITARIAN SCREAMING TO GET OUT" lol But I read the article anyway, and it points out clearly that those statistics don't differentiate between gang-related shootings and what we talk about when we talk about "mass shootings" That is, shooting on innocent people in public places for either motive-less or politically-motivated reasons. Columbine, Aurora, Virginia Tech, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Vegas, El Paso. We're not talking about a drive-by outside of a Taco Bell Even so, my point was not actually to blame white people for mass shootings, it was just to say that "Just because most X are Y, does not mean that most Y are X". It's called "Affirming the Consequent" My point was that just because most nationalists and anti-immigration supporters are white and working-class, does not mean that most white and working class people are nationalists or anti-immigration If you don't like my mass shooter example, I'll just give you another. Just because most of the greatest chess players are from Russia does not mean that most Russians are great chess players. Don't even know if that statement is true, I'm just making a point This is stuff I've been telling you, or trying to tell you, for weeks now I'm not saying you're schizo, I'm saying that the thought patterns of paranoid delusions are common among a wide variety of people in different situations. Your situation is clearly that you've been indoctrinated in a far-right, crypto-fascist mindset. Whether you do or don't have any mental disorders I have no idea and I'm not speculating And saying that you're paranoid about whites being under attack is not name calling. It's legitimately what you believe, clearly, based on your dozens of posts on here. I've never called you a Nazi or racist or anything And yeah, you really don't know about the movie industry, sorry. Hollywood is among the most cowardly of industries. They tend to go wherever the wind is blowing. Even their most seemingly politically-motivated moves are influenced by a perceived opportunity to benefit financially Hollywood has a close symbiotic relationship with the media. The media is typically pretty liberal. Movies are risky business, you spend millions to make a film with no guarantee that people will go watch it. So you shore your bets. You use the media to provide free publicity and positive word-of-mouth. Cast minorities or write strong female characters and you receive glowing praise. Now your movie isn't just entertainment, but an opportunity for moviegoers to have a "positive change on the world". Just like how dropping a few pennies in a charity bucket makes people feel like saints, so does going to see these movies And celebrities go along with it because they want to continue being adored, and want to ensure their lifestyles of mansions and champagne go on forever. You do that by playing along. None of it is about cultural marxism or a deep-state, it's the same thing it's always been. People trying to get and keep their piece of the pie I do it because I genuinely feel bad for the guy Lots of people here are butt-hurt over Hollywood's liberalism, but this guy, if you go into his post history, takes it to an unhealthy level He says a lot of "LOL"s and "XD" because I think he thinks I'm bickering with him. I can flame posters and be very insulting when I want to, but I'm not trying to do that with him. He reminds me of that kid in American History X. Brainwashed by a bunch of nutjobs People vote for candidates for a variety of reasons, doesn't mean they are all as fervent about certain issues as people like you. There are people who are loyal to the Republican party, who are in favor of government deregulation, who think a "tough talking" candidate will provide strong leadership It's not the same as being paranoid about the future of "Western civilization" or about whites being under attack. Almost all of your posts are about race, it's clear that you feel persecuted in some way. That is not how the majority of Americans feel Even the way you look at movies, it's clear you don't understand anything about the movie business. You think it's all some weird, scheming "diversitarians" only interested in manipulating the country's cultural values Nope, it's a business first and foremost. The only reason it was canceled was because of timing. A politicially-themed movie that features people killing each other with assault rifles right after a pair of mass shootings (one by a "deplorable", mind you) is a bad, bad time to release a movie Same reason they delayed releasing Gangster Squad after the Colorado Dark Knight Rises massacre. It had nothing to do with producers underestimating the gangster population of America, it had to do with not wanting to receive a shit ton of bad publicity Whether it was liberals hunting "deplorables" or "deplorables" hunting liberals, the movie would have been canceled either way. And like I said, I can bet you the film will still be released in some form once enough time has passed You just don't know shit about the movie industry, buddy. You misinterpret calculated business decisions as the industry giving a shit about little people in the fringes It's symptomatic of the paranoid mindset to make the world smaller than it really is. Major decisions and world events are believed to be directly caused or influenced by something close to the person undergoing delusions. This is very common in schizophrenics and others suffering from delusions such as people in a manic state. Something like it is also seen in hardcore conspiracy theorists and people in fringe groups and cults. Don't take my word for it, read up on psychology Yes, and most mass shooters are young white males. That doesn't mean that most young white males are mass shooters. I hope you can grasp this concept The majority of blue-collar workers and/or middle-class whites are not anti-immigration and pro-nationalist, certainly not to the extent that you seem to be. I'm not actually calling anyone "deplorables", which is why I keep using quotation marks around it. But when people use that term, they mean a specific FRINGE group that engages in behavior like, sayyy, posting constantly about how Hollywood hates white people. Or going into a Wal-Mart to massacre immigrants. That is fringe behavior not representative of the larger group of white people I'm not even gonna address that last paragraph, you are way too out of touch with reality View all replies >