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There’s no such thing as satanists Even LaVeyan Satanists only symbolically use the name. They are secular edge lords Only Christians are paranoid and stupid enough to think that anyone really worships the devil Satan is a deity in Christian mythology. Nobody except for Christians even believes in him, much less worships him Yet she will continue to accept any role with white men that benefits her career Low-energy trolling At least go full-retard like Dceufanticarmy. You’d be more entertaining You're trying to imply that Kinberg deserves credit for the quality of DoFP, but conveniently don't address the fact that F4ntastic Four was shit Several writers? Well he is the sole credited writer, so he deserves the blame. Maybe you looked up the movie on IMDB and saw that there were other credits, but story credit and screenplay credit are not the same thing. That is why they separate them, because the person who actually writes the thing gets more prestige (unless it sucks, like Apocalypse). Helping with a story does not make you a writer, otherwise any jackass who went up to a published author and said "Hey, I have a cool idea for a story" could call themselves a writer. Obviously that's an extreme example, but another example is that a story credit does not qualify you for the Best Original/Adapted screenplay awards in the Oscars. Sitting around brainstorming story ideas is far different from sitting in front of a computer and coming up with actual lines of dialogue, those little things that actually bring the characters to life and make the audience care about them. So no, I wasn't lying, you just have no clue what you're talking about And even if he had help, his work from before sucks too. The xXx sequel, X Men: Last Stand (LOLOL he fucked up Dark Phoenix TWICE!) Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jumper, This Means War, Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Blegh. His resume screams mediocrity I can see you are intent on defending him. Don't care if you do, but it wasn't just the studio's fault that this movie sucked. You can keep telling yourself that corporate suits meddled with an artist's vision, but the truth is that Kinberg is just mediocre at what he does I think they should have kept it separate from the Alien universe until the very end. I quite liked the creepy vibe in this movie. You didn't know what was gonna happen because the aliens were so different from Xenomorphs Plus the mystery of the ancient ruins and the "engineers" piqued my interest Covenant killed all of that. Just a basic Xenomorph movie again. The "engineers" were shit. One android killed off an entire supercivilization with a single warship (granted a ship designed to wipe out Earth). Covenant was just lame And there's only so much you can do with Xenomorphs. They're just mindless animals that kill. They could expand the universe more. In a universe where Xenomorphs are possible, then other alien organisms are possible. Or mutant breeds of Xenomorphs (I know this has been touched on, but only in a shitty way) I'm shocked that Ridley Scott is gonna make a 3rd one. The old man is past his prime. And even in his prime he was a tad overrated. It's sad that classic sci-fi movies like Alien and Terminator just keep being re-hashed, with no significant evolution in the story. It's just the same thing played out over and over again, with a few details changed. They're money grabs, no passion goes into them Kinberg, the guy who took over the reigns of F4ntastic Four after firing Josh Trank, and turned in an inconsistent dud. And then tried to pawn off all the blame onto Trank and got him blacklisted and fired from the Boba Fett movie Kinberg, the dude who wrote the brilliant script for Best Picture winner X-Men: Apocalypse Kinberg, who wrote, directed, and produced Dark Phoenix, and is yet again trying to shift the blame onto others, probably through the use of his publicists The guy is a hack. A loser. He wants to be Kevin Feige. If it weren't for Matthew Vaughan's contributions to DoFP then Kinberg would have been exposed as a terrible writer long ago. He's just a producer who think's he's multi-talented Stop defending this fucking guy. He's had enough chances to prove himself and has failed consistently This movie is so typical of Hollywood Take a conventionally gorgeous actress and try to pass her off as the nerdy ugly duckling I still like the movie, it's one of the all-time great teen movies, but it's typical of the genre. Most of them would give actual teens very negative self-image issues if they compared themselves to the hot af actors or actresses (almost always in their mid or late 20s or 30s) Hipster chicks nowadays all wear thick-rimmed glasses and overalls and still have guys drooling over them. Nothing about this movie relates to the actual HS teen experience. The best teen movie I can think of is maybe Dazed and Confused, and even that isn't super-realistic This is the only X-Men movie that I truly love. This one, and the two Deadpool movies are the only ones that don't make me feel sick when I watch them It was a masterpiece, and it's just sad that it makes you wonder what could have been if Vaughan had stayed on as the director of the franchise Anyway, hopefully Disney gets it right. I know they'll do better than the shit that Singer and Kinberg gave us It'll be 4 with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, lol. We'll see. I know he's obsessed with the 60s and 70s era of film, so maybe he'll have something really interesting to show us Maybe. I don't know. I can't step outside of my own brain and judge his work from a different perspective Maybe I just prefer modern settings over period pieces. I think that's a big part of it View all replies >