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Yes, Geofrey Rush was definitely incredible in the movie. Definitely the most enjoyable scenes in the movie all included him. I won't begrudge someone for thinking any good movie is a masterpiece. All movies affect us all in different ways. I have probably a pretty weird top 10 myself, so I get it. And I thought Green Book was ok. A solid movie, but Best Picture materal? Not for my tastes "B-b-because I have a VOICE!" Phony Oscar bait crap. Is it really that inspirational that a guy who was born literally into royalty, with all of the necessary resources at his disposal, was able to overcome a non-lethal disorder? I mean it was a nice cozy crowdpleaser. But the academy tends to elevate these feel-good journeyman to a level where they don't belong. Just like Green Book, Shakespeare in Love, Driving Miss Daisy. They are rewarding "cuteness" Colin Firth deserved the Oscar, his acting was superb. Geoffrey Rush was also excellent. But the movie itself is pretty forgettable Pesci or Pacino deserve noms. Maybe even wins It will definitely get a nomination for Best Picture. De Niro might get a nom for Best Actor. Probably also for director. Maybe for Adapted Screenplay. It might even get a nom for special effects I'm really bad at predicting Best Picture winners. Mainly because I have not liked most of the winners for many of the last several years. Moonlight, Hurt Locker, The Artist, The King's Speech, etc. were all so dull and unimportant Scorsese deserves another Oscar for best director, IMO. Maybe not because Irishman was such a great film, but if we accept the fact that the Academy bases their votes on who needs their "due", Scorsese deserves to end his career with two Oscars. Ideally, he should have at least 3: for Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas. This place is a pretty toxic alt-right circlejerk. Like a 4chan for movie discussion There are a few knowledgeable posters with interesting things to say, but by and large it's just a bunch of whiners and trolls She's attractive. So are thousands of chicks on porn websites or on instagram. I also don't get the big deal. Her acting isn't anything incredible Hoffa was a hero, but he was still a criminal. If you conspire with "evil" and "greedy" people to achieve your benevolent goals you are still complicit in that evil and greed. The stink of evil rubs off on you. You aren't off the hook just because mainstream moral standards deem you to be a good guy. You don't know what went on inside Hoffa's head or Sheeran's head anymore than the guy who wrote the screenplay. Maybe some gangsters were true believers in the cause of workers' rights. Maybe they only did what they did out of necessity. Maybe Hoffa was only out to satisfy his ego and his lust for power and the cause of labor unions was just the right vehicle for his ambitions Ultimately, everyone would be better off if you made less threads. Your posts are not that interesting or nuanced why do you visit a website called "one angry gamer" and use it as a source? I agree that this film is terrible, but with that said, this thread could be described as the "American Hustle of moviechat posts" Talks a big game in its promotion (your title) and then contains no substance (the body of your post) This one Ledger's Joker was a force of nature. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and volcanoes kill masses of people, but they are not evil. They are simply powerful forces. What separates evil from non-evil is the ability to recognize the difference between right and wrong Arthur Fleck, as the protagonist of the film, is shown to have a moral compass. He takes care of his sick mother. He comforts her and dotes on her. He conviviates with who he thinks is his little brother. He is capable of feeling empathy and kindness So by the opposite token, his acts of violence and madness are a conscious rejection of his formerly moral behavior. He transgresses. He kills his co-worker, his mom, his idol. People who have played significant roles in his life Plus Ledger's Joker gave the city authorities a fair warning to evacuate the hospitals before blowing them up. He behaved by some sort of internal moral code, even if he ranted against that sort of thing in his convo with Harvey Dent. Phoenix's Joker, on the other hand, took no responsibility for the riots and the mass chaos that he was causing. He simply danced like an autistic retard as the city around him was being burned to the ground. Damn, you must've really loved the movie. I loved it too, but I'm too cheap to pay for multiple viewings. But it is definitely a special enough movie to warrant that many repeat viewings View all replies >