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Good point - there's something about the Keaton-is-Söze narrative that reeks of improvisation. And you're also right that it was Kujan who floated the notion that Keaton was behind "that circus at the harbor," and had faked his death, again. As he's saying this off-camera, we're given a close-up of Verbal hiding a smirk (because he knows Keaton's dead, because he killed Keaton himself). I dunno about that - it's strongly implied, but it could've ended with, "and that's how I REALLY met your grandfather" A lot of us "normal folk" ask ourselves questions like that about people like Tony Montana or Gordon Gekko or Mark Cuban I think the reason we can't relate is that we literally aren't the kind of people who build those kinds of fortunes (and of course many of them are fictional) I suspect, very strongly, that none of them are doing it just for the money. The process is what they love; the money is just how they keep score. Tony wanted to grow, become powerful and "own the world." Nothing would ever be "enough" for him, or any of those types. Embarrassingly, it was Dr. Phil who reminded me of this - in a podcast, he admitted he got into the TV business with an eye towards retirement once he got his "fuck you" money (his words, not mine), say enough for a private jet. He passed that number a long time ago, and now admits he does it because he loves the work, such as it is. I felt bad for them both in the end. First, Salieri hated Mozart for a stupid but understandable reason: Mozart had the talent that Salieri had always desired, yet squandered it by being a boorish child. What he didn't recognize was the very real opportunity to mentor Mozart as a person, and thereby "partake" of the genius he wanted for himself. Salieri always recognized the beauty of Mozart's music. Second, I think Mozart himself recognized this possibility on his deathbed, when they were finally working together productively. Their final scene together was a vision of what could've been. Also ... Mozart was self-destructive. Salieri didn't "kill" him -- that he thinks he did is actually more a reflection of his own self-importance. DISCLAIMER: I am of course ONLY speaking about the fictional characters in this movie. Interestingly, from what I've read, the real Mozart and Salieri did, in fact, have a relationship closer to what I just described. Salieri appreciated Mozart's genius very much and helped his family where he could. They had, at worst, a friendly rivalry. Besides which, I've been around enough music teachers to know that they often LOVE working with talents beyond their own, ESPECIALLY if they can help it along. Great answer, albeit to a frankly puzzling question This was one of the greatest payoffs in cinema history - the audience reactions all over YouTube confirm this Makes me think the OP is just trolling The ending shot - the suits made Darabont add it in but even he agreed later that it improved the film I agree Now "The Mist" on the other hand ... SlackerInc, that's a good point ... we might identify with Jack just a tiny bit less Meanwhile it doesn't improve the story at all to have Ellie remember Harry Potter Sneaky attempt to cash-in on "I Know What You Did" in order to induce people to watching this Christian propaganda You'd think if the message were strong enough, there'd be no need for trickery You being facetious? They pretty much spell it out - it wasn't an accident that Caleb came across her in the tunnel She'd seen him exercise free will and stop his fellow soldiers from exploiting her and Hanaryo in "park 5" So Dolores used the "Rico" app to get him into position, expecting him to play "white knight" again I'm in the deliberate arrest camp He wanted to feed the cops the drug-deal-gone-wrong story, AND he wanted to plant the idea that Keaton was the mastermind. He just didn't count on the surviving Hungarian being able to identify him. View all replies >