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Riiiight, that's true - but Sam COULD at least travel back further than the invention of time travel More like, does she count as more than any one of the others, just because she’s pregnant? If the aliens are doing this to everyone, humanity’s survivors had better include doctors and engineers, people who can maintain civilization better than than newborns “Primer” would be my guess It’s the only time-travel film with that restriction AFAIK Diane was the reason Frasier appeared on Cheers, so it makes sense for her to guest-star Sam was Cheers's central character, so he makes sense too Woody I took to be an inside joke of sorts - the simplest Cheers character was now the biggest film star of them all And Norm, Cliff and Carla are sort of a "bunch," so they belong together as part of Frasier's old gang Rebecca just never struck me as having any real connection to Frasier himself, is all. That said, I'm sure the producers considered it; maybe she wasn't available. Or just didn't want to Well, aren't you kinda sorta contradicting yerrself? The Asian guy was standing, but after getting nailed by Cavill's cocked fists, he probably wasn't in the best of condition. He might've been weakened and/or disoriented enough to be vulnerable to Tom's crude bum rush In fact, all three of them looked pretty winded as the fight went on, in my opinion Actually it's a fair point that Superman films tend to overlook. Lifting a moving plane from the outside would probably put enough dangerous stress on it to break it apart. Still, I think Homelander's point is that he can only lift something as heavy as a plane if he's got ground to push against. Carrying Maeve is nothing compared to an entire jet. Maybe that's the upper limit of his strength But the real reason, of course, is that he just doesn't want to bother. Saving an entire plane is too much hassle for him. Added to which, if the plane lands successfully, it'll come out that his heat vision is what fried the controls. All addressed here: I agree with EvilPinata, but it's still a problematic explanation. Could Cap deliberately let all the bad stuff happen without interfering? I say yes, because he's older and wiser and knows, if he stays out of history's way, things will all work out. Plus that, we know this was the writers' intent. But the directors say he created an alternate timeline and only returned to the MCU "prime" timeline to give Sam the shield. To me, this raises an even bigger problem: in the alternate timeline, he either STILL doesn't interfere, in which case why even call it an alternate timeline. Or, he DOES interfere, saves Bucky, prevents HYDRA from taking over SHIELD, etc. But there's one problem that he can never solve: whether he thaws out that timeline's frozen Steve early or ever, MCU-Prime Steve would be stealing Peggy away from the Steve Rogers of that alternate timeline. Even though he knows alternate-Peggy is the love of alternate-Steve's life. I can imagine him staying out of history's way in the MCU prime timeline. I cannot imagine him stealing Peggy away from the Steve Rogers who's actually indigenous to that timeline. More to the point, Nicholas himself was shocked when he saw the bill. A multimillionaire who actually experienced the Game was still shocked at the final tally. This is complete speculation of course, but ... While I still maintain it's possible Conrad never had a game of his own, I think he did have one and paid for it himself. Nicholas treats Conrad like a ne'er-do-well spoiled rich kid, but we learn that Conrad actively participated in Nicholas's game and even paid for (half of) Nicholas's game. Conrad appears to have done so specifically to "save" Nicholas from becoming like their father. In other words, the Conrad we see in the movie is the polar opposite of the Conrad Nicholas thinks he knows. I'd guess that Conrad paid for his own game, and did so out of terminal boredom with what may have been an aimless, hedonistic lifestyle. I'd go further and guess that, in the film's universe, CRS exists precisely for that purpose, to stimulate and "redeem" wealthy lost souls like Conrad and Nicholas. View all replies >