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Anyone play chess? Does it happen that fast? someone's YouTube comment: KGB tapped her phone thoughts on the Razor Crest? invisibility inconsistent Just realized why Peter was stubbornly waiting for Stephen not just "batteries" Looking back, what's frustrating about this film ... "more" Lancelot's impalement - how the heck ... ? Stubbs in season 3 View all posts >


Her mother may have been illegal, but there was nothing to suggest she was in any immediate danger of being deported. Had immigration started poking around, it’s very possible that Harlan would help out Lacking that immediacy, Harlan probably figured his will would protect Marta’s mom by giving Marta all his resources He figured he’d have more time, until his hand was forced Chronological “Memento” is a feature on the 2-DVD special edition It’s fascinatingly pointless. It makes logical sense but lacks any dramatic arc or sense of plotting Same here. The non-chronology makes dramatic sense - we get to see why Vincent didn’t have Jules backing him up, and we get reiteration of the redemption theme (Butch & Jules get breaks for doing the right thing) I greatly prefer this to Ready or Not Hard to say why. I found this funnier with very self-aware satire It was also less claustrophobic (taking place largely outdoors) Hope that helps Seems like the writers are taking a LOT of fan service into account with this show Nice to see it done well (vs. "Rise of Skywalker") I envy you -- back then, the stupid things about this show were, in my opinion, blown way out of proportion precisely because the majority of the series WAS so well-written and plotted. I do think the writers gave themselves a few impossible-to-solve problems. The "mystery" of Kate's toy airplane, for example, got built up to the point that no plot point could adequately resolve it. Also, I recall being really annoyed with the black smoke explanation because Abrams, Carlton & Cuse, at the series beginning, promised that everything would have a logical real-world explanation. They clearly did not plan on time-travel, immortal brothers, etc. But if we treat all those side-tracks as what they were, premature ambitions by the creators, the end result was worth the journey for me. FWIW, I live in Hawaii, so it was fun to see all our local locations doubling as Sydney, New York, or even Ireland. Oh, and let me also jump on the John Locke train - the wheelchair reveal remains one of my very favorite twists ever, but it still amazes me that they could switch him back and forth from messiah to clueless and confident to scared all without ever being untrue to his overall character arc. My opinion of course. Oooh but I just realized ... he could VERY easily sue the crap outta Sykes (who’s probably not worth much, the Lenz estate (probably worth a lot), Nichols (also probably worth a lot), and best of all, the pharmaceutical company, Devlin MacGregor, since the entire conspiracy was intended to push their Provasic drug. BIG money ... and it would DEFINITELY settle quietly without going to trial The bus driver and at least one prisoner died in the crash If a DA thinks Kimble participated in the escape attempt, he could be charged with felony murder for those deaths However, we (as the audience) know that the escape wasn’t Kimble’s plan, so there’s likely NOT enough evidence to charge him with felony murder Then again, he was innocent of his wife’s murder too Just the same, I don’t think Kimble cares one way or another, so the movie doesn’t care either and, I guess, neither should we Steve acted out his final moment with Diana in “Wonder Woman.” He used the exact same language and gave her his watch in the exact same way. Must’ve been a cinch for him, too, having only occurred a couple days earlier ... from his perspective Late to the party, but yes, Jim resigned immediately, definitely before the news went "viral." Genius! You win the wishing game View all replies >