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Would breakfast be better without CAP'N CRUNCH? Scream Part 6 - Ghostface Takes Manhatten Do you like apples? I am not a number! I am a free man! Dennis Hastert - Speaker of the House Maybe not for this, but one day Lebron will win an Oscar Saw a commercial for this He sort of looks like Tom Hanks Part porcupine? Mama always told me View all posts >

Replies I think Con Air would win. It could just circle high above Titanic and the criminals could drop really heavy or flaming stuff on the boat. I knew a very rich business man who seems really dumb and says made up words like Cofefe. When doesn't he? No idea. Who can fathom the minds of the Chinese? Agreed. lol ghost eyebrows! I heard before that in China, the movie As Good As It Gets was released under the name Mr. Cat Poop. No lie. Valentine's Day is perfect! That way, you can say taking down the tree was her Valentine's Day gift and save some money. But since you already took it, I will say March 31st. I hear the greatest human in history was born on that day. That's the weirdest definition for a box of chocolates that I've ever heard! View all replies >