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Another John Carter? Independent Investigation Shows Covington Boys Told the Truth, Confirms Nathan Phillips is a Liar Amplified by the Media Trump is proposing a celebration around July 4 by The Lincoln Memorial 1 Billion? Impeachment Push put on hold Donald Trump Second SOTU Snags More Than 46M Viewers; Beats Barack eye daggers fourth post Gov. Ralph Northam is having a great week! Will the series make sense when it is finished? View all posts >


oops! lolz Its hilarious that they all moved on so quickly to other topics, froggy is trying to deflect with his own posts now. Wow, Jussie was arrested and not one post in 11 hours. Sad times we live in... Give me a few days to respond to this, its going to take a while to come down from this lolz high. I already have a new idea for a post. It will be epic! I wish I had the ability to deflect like this. Its possible ultra is a part time politician. I play along with the charade There doesn't seem to be a reason to change pie eater I am going to lolz on this post for years! I wonder which personality did the interview. Maybe it was Jessie? Oops no. View all replies >