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True, but you are not forced to get a license or lose your job. Big difference. Oh nice, is it on youtube? Or a link? True, but there is just something about her that is mesmerizing. Verified I have a lot of questions. Why was a prop gun loaded and capable of firing? Why was an actor pointing a gun at a cinematographer and pulling the trigger? Why do those who hate guns so much have no problem profiting from them. Why are those who hate guns and profit from them not learning basic gun safety so as to be able to double check these things themselves? The list goes on and on do you have any other questions? If so list them below. The Dave Chappelle outrage has lasted longer than the Afghanistan withdrawal outrage. And that sums up where we are as a species right now. Corn Pop is rebooting, lol. Apparently they only work for douchy liberals. I agree, its doing really well despite all that is going on right now. What What 500 is a conservative count, and still waiting for the protests over David Dorns death. View all replies >