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The puddle was the real villain. Streaming on Hulu Trump’s orders to AG on Russia probe worry snowflakes Hope its better than Dunkirk. Out as Batman terrible ending The worst canned laughter I have ever heard. So what's up with FishGottoSwim flooding the board with empty, desperate propaganda? This will be the 7th Spiderman movie. looks boring. View all posts >


I stumbled on the Taudarian post near the end and I thought it was epic. I am just trying to keep a classic post alive as long as possible. Agreed, if I can get doggie to post here then I will be truly happy. Shoot ya, Trump owns Mejico. Either that he should pay back the Gov. They dont want border security they want future votes. Go Trump! Thats the reason the ocean levels went up on foot. Yes.... it Will beat Avatar.... This could be a huge fail, time will tell! We all do! Trump = winning View all replies >