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Dems were hoping and praying for a recession and pandemic, now they got one. Sandra Adam Schiff, the ranking Democratic member of the House Intel Committee was recorded speaking to Russians Missing? better than hercock I suppose... horse people? No posts? Invisible woke? Coming back... Will it hit $200m? View all posts >


WORLDWIDE $201,858,461 pretty sad me thinks... I would love to, Hawaii has been calling my name lately. Already have a special red Speedo ready to go! It was already going up when Bush left. Then Obama crashed it when he took office. Took 8 long years to recover. Trump doubled it in only 3 years. Yeah, def, those haliburton days were awesome. Great show, you would learn a lot. At least its better than March 2009. Bad year for Obama. I find it interesting that you never complained when the stock market went from 19,000 to 29,000. 22,552.17 1,351.62 (6.38%) winning? 22,552.17 1,351.62 (6.38%) winning? 22,552.17 +1,351.62 (6.38%) winning? View all replies >