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The Truth About ‘Spying’ on the Trump Campaign Generic Trump is still President. The puddle was the real villain. Streaming on Hulu Trump’s orders to AG on Russia probe worry snowflakes Hope its better than Dunkirk. Out as Batman terrible ending The worst canned laughter I have ever heard. View all posts >


It was at 49.2% but it dropped to 49.1%. Not too bad. Comey used to leak info to the press too. November, 2011, Obama was Pres. Must be like 80 - 85 people there. Not really, I am like antman. MBS? Mueller Broadcasting Station? Haha nice try. [–] Doggiedaddy (8383) a month ago "Fake news from the failing NY TIMES" - Donald T-rump; 2015-present. Thats not news. I only understand micro trends. View all replies >