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Would he take over America like Hitler? Brawndo The CRINGE is so UNBEARABLE, I died, came back to life and died AGAIN while editing this Big Johnson Jabba is my cousin POC will win. The changing demographics in the TV industry asnafutimnaffutifut Invented TikTok? Italian TV brutally mocks Joe Biden's 'cognitive decline' in comedy skit View all posts >


No. Its clear the election was hijacked. I have noticed a lot of new profiles here that are all shilling for Biden. Their TDS is getting worse as we get closer to Nov. Jill might accidentally put a pillow on his face tonight. Yeah, thats because she knows they wont nominate her to take over for Joe if he steps down. Fair point. He is still the poster boy for Agenda 21. Hilter-Biden did. You must not be an American. Take your jab or lose your job. Haha, dumb Joe doesn't understand that he also has Presidential immunity. He could cancel the elections if he wanted to. Joe is setting us up to be a totalitarian society. The fact that he idolizes Hitler is also scary. Which Joe will show up? I cant wait for this fiasco. Movies suck because people are getting dumber and therefore the studios are making dumber movies. Someday soon the number 1 rated show or movie will be "Ow! my balls" View all replies >