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Underrated, should've been a bigger star

I wonder why he never made it bigger than he did. He's had a successful career, to be sure, but he should've been more successful and landed bigger roles.

I mostly know him from Longmire, Courage Under Fire, The Big Hit, Young Guns and La Bamba. He was excellent in them all.

While he's occasionally broken through to big roles, most of his career has been made up of guest starring appearances on TV shows and roles in small movies that no one's heard of.

It's a shame that Longmire's been cancelled, as that was a great character for him. I hope that he gets at least a few more big opportunities before he calls it a career.


I agree, he's a good likeable actor. The Big Hit was hilarious thanks for reminding me of that one..


Cool, glad to see someone else out there appreciates him.

The Big Hit is great and it shows LDP's range as an actor. He's goofy as hell in that movie and handled the comedy really well.


He was huge during the late 80's and early 90's. He just got overshadowed by a lot of talent.