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Well that's true. I think ABC is really airing it for both, Passover and Easter. Though my dad said the other day that they air it for the Jews as an alternative to Jesus-related programming. As I said earlier in the thread though, even without knowing that ABC aired The Ten Commandments every year around Easter, for some reason I just assumed someone probably did, even without considering the Passover connection. Oh you're right. Thanks. Fixed. This only my second time watching it. I'm a bit disappointed to see that they cut out Cecil B. DeMille's preamble and also that they crop the picture so that it fills the screen. But it's fun to watch it "live" with the rest of the world. I've seen a lot of people say this but I actually ASSUMED it would air around Easter before I even knew that it did. It may not be about Jesus, but it is biblical, and for the Christian the entire biblical story ultimately the points to Jesus. Thanks for the thorough breakdown. Let's see. To respond: Jon Snow - I think he'll continue to get work steadily, though most likely largely in independent films and other TV projects. As you said, when pushed as a lead in the big budget Pompeii it didn't go over well (though I actually enjoyed that film despite its flaws). Arya - Agreed. Mostly indies and TV. She'll never be a big star. Frankly I think she may struggle a bit but we'll see. Sansa - Agreed again. I think the lack of charisma is where she's going to stumble. She's certainly a capable performer, but she lacks that special something, that "it factor," that really catapults one to stardom. We'll see what happens to her after Dark Phoenix. What I think would help would be to see her do something really different from the role of Sansa and show off her range, if she's capable. Cersei - I was not familiar with her before GoT but I did learn just recently that she played Sarah Connor in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. That was a bit of a shock. Yeah, I think she'll be fine. There will always be roles available for her. I just saw her recently in Fighting With My Family and she was great. Danaerys - She's doing well for herself, and to go back to what I was saying about Sansa, I think a large part of her success is that she's successfully demonstrated her range. I saw her recently in Me Before You and she was like a whole other person. Jaime - I echo what you said. Tyrion - Yeah, when it comes to dwarf actors I can think of only two: him and Warwick Davis. And he's the most successful of the two. As long as he remains likable and treats the people around him well, producers will continue to utilize him. What do you mean by "that applies only to actors"? Many factors like what? I saw Nikolaj recently in Shot Caller and he was really good in that one. He's also the lead in recent History Channel show Project Blue Book, and I know he was one or two of the Maze Runner movies as well. A few headlines that you can glance at: [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] Regarding superhero movies in general, I do still watch the new ones when the trailers look good, but I'm not devoted to them as some people are, and don't watch every single one that is released. The better ones are a lot of fun, but I still think it's a Hollywood phase (fad?) that SHOULD be winding down (even though I'm not sure that it is). As for Sophie Turner being married to a Jonas brother, I really couldn't tell you. Honestly, I'm fine with her but she has never been one of my favorites on the show, or one of the actors who I've been especially interested in seeing more of her work outside of the show. So I haven't really kept up with her. Well, I didn't forget. I just left her for someone else to discuss . . . which you just did! Word on the street is that Dark Phoenix has had a troubled production and test screenings have not gotten good reactions, so I'm not sure how much that film is going to help her. I guess we'll see though. That is literally the only other thing I know about that she has appeared in, but hopefully she will find success in a post-GoT world. View all replies >