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How did he learn to play chess? PG version? I would like a three-hour director's cut Career went straight to hell after the 80s Five positives and one big negative Super Mario Bros Movie ($1.3 billion box office) vs Sonic the Hedgehog ($320 million) $15 million budget?! Good movie but has very little to do with Christmas Where are the films about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims? Some thoughts after rewatching the film View all posts >


I think that to interpret it as the Stranger being anything other than Duncan's ghost is to ignore what I found to be a highly unambiguous ending with the "yes you do" line and the camera panning down to the tombstone. It seemed to me that the film was telling you he's a ghost in the loudest possible way without coming right out and telling you. As for the concerns regarding that he ate and bathed and slept and so forth, this certainly wouldn't be the first--or last--ghost story in which the ghost was able to quite convincingly appear human in all respects. I watched it last night and enjoyed it more than The Outlaw Josey Wales and definitely more than Hang 'Em High, the latter of which I found fairly forgettable. I enjoyed Pale Rider more but it's strange to me that you would like Pale Rider but not High Plains Drifter, when the two share thematic similarities, as if each represents a different side of the same coin. They are the same in some ways but precise opposites in others. Overall I found HPD to be an entertaining and engaging, but strange, movie. It had a lot of unexpected dry humor and a comical cast of characters that lightened the mood in an otherwise dark tale. Haters gonna hate. What's wrong with a silly movie? The British Empire was pretty dope, really. It's a shame that Brits now are ashamed of the accomplishment of their forebears. I'm sure you already know why. A foreign production actually filming in Japan is difficult and far more expensive. In today's age of movie magic, I'm sure they'll make it look just like 17th century Japan. After hearing about Helen Hunt's idea that she was shopping around, where she wanted to make an all-minority Twister sequel (whitey not allowed!), I was pleasantly surprised to see how good this looks and how faithful of a sequel it seems to be to the original film. I do think it seems to lack the charm of that movie but I think this still could be a fun Summer ride. I will say that I am fairly optimistic. It doesn't look like a GREAT follow-up to the 1996 original but it doesn't look like a bad one either. And I like Glen Powell. Sorry, I'm not ready to drink the Haterade here. I'll be the rare voice in this thread--perhaps entirely alone--that says Morbius gets more hate than it deserves. It's not a great film but it did provide some entertainment value. And furthermore, there was not an ounce of wokeness to be seen in it. She's attractive and she has a certain innocent charm, I think. And she proved her acting chops in Rachel Getting Married. That said, it has been a long time since I last saw her in anything, and even longer since I saw her in something I was really enthusiastic about. Kingsman 2 definitely sucked. I enjoyed Argylle much more than K2. Damn. That's harsh. I think that Bryce has always been an attractive girl, going all the way back to The Village. She probably reached her high point in Jurassic World. It seems that she has actually slimmed down a lot since the film. Here she is at the premiere: But I have to say, she just doesn't really look right. View all replies >