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My understanding is that he lived in a mostly-black neighborhood. He killed the people who were around him. I'm not sure that Kickboxer has the better story. A guy out for revenge after his brother is injured feels like a worn out trope to me, whereas a guy evading the CIA so that he can honor his master feels more fresh, even today. And I'm not sure about character DEVELOPMENT, but certainly the characters in Bloodsport are better. Ray Jackson, for instance, is a much better/more interesting and entertaining friend to the hero than Winston Taylor, and I have to say that I prefer Chong Li to Tong Po as well. I think that both films are GOOD martial arts films, but Bloodsport was always my preferred movie. It's hard to put my finger on why. Maybe it was the Hong Kong setting. Maybe it was the superior villain. Maybe it was the superior sidekick characters. Probably it was all of that, and then some. As a kid, the battle for my "favorite movie" was always between Bloodsport and Revenge of the Ninja. You'd have a point if it was just this film. But not more than an hour ago I saw something on the news that they're now officially making Velma gay in Scooby-Doo. The shit really is everywhere, and yes, it's being foisted on our kids. LOL, I thought it was going to be this one. He's had a few that I've enjoyed since Timecop. Legionnaire is underrated and should've gotten more attention than it did. The Order may not be a "good movie," but I do remember enjoying it when I watched it, and it featured the bizarre pairing of Van Damme and Charlton Heston. The Quest, while problematic in some ways, is a fairly good martial arts tournament film and is noteworthy for being the last true martial arts film that Van Damme starred in. Van Damme has talked about being blacklisted on a few different occasions, but it all came down to the fact that his ego became massive after Timecop. It was his first--and I think maybe only--film to break $100 million at the box office and he was riding high. He was offered a three-picture deal at $12 million per film, and he demanded $20 million, and the studios decided to tell him to fuck off. Word got around Hollywood that he was difficult to work with and interest dried up. Obviously he continued to work after that, but if you look at what came after Timecop it's clear that something changed. It would be interesting to know how his career would've gone if he had stayed within the studios' good graces. As for his DTV films, I remember liking Legionnaire--I think it got a theatrical releases overseas but not in the US--and I thought The Order was kind of fun. And Universal Soldier: Regeneration was at least good for one watch. I am rather surprised to see the audience score so high. I am thankful to have finally gotten a comment on this, even if it took two years LOL. I agree about Van Damme's career. He made his name with his martial arts skills and I expected that he would always make martial arts movies. It was after Double Impact that things changed and he shifted way more into pure action. Sure, he'd still throw some punches and kicks, but except for The Quest the focus on martial arts in his films went way down. I think that, when I was young, I kept expecting him to get back to doing karate flicks and he just never did. Eventually I gave up hope. To make matters worse, even the quality of the action went down significantly, and eventually his career was characterized by making cheap direct-to-video movies. Van Damme is an action star who should have far more significant films under his belt. I'm sure you heard that he was essentially blacklisted from mainstream Hollywood because of his behavior surrounding Timecop. It would be interesting to know how things would've gone if that hadn't happened. Agreed on your final paragraph. I have a friend who, despite many misgivings with Disney and the way they've handled Star Wars, keeps going back and every time they put out something new. He just sent me an article earlier about this show, seeming to find it promising. He's like a battered wife who keeps going back to her husband. View all replies >