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I was actually just looking at that clip earlier. I can't really tell what's animated and what's not outside of the mouths. There's clearly some kind of motion enhancement, but it's still real dogs in the scene. I think it looks good, personally. It certainly looks better than it would if they were entirely CGI creations that didn't exist in time and space. LOL well the mouth motions are obviously animated but that's a small detail. They could've just used the disembodied voices like in Homeward Bound and it would've essentially been the same. I don't think the mouth movement makes the movie "mostly animated." It's just a bit of animation placed on top of a real, live dog. Not sure why you perceived it that way. They use real dogs. Lady, for instance, was gotten from an animal shelter. Maybe watch the trailer again. The poet at least was true, as we are informed at the end that his poems were eventually published with a foreword by Tolkien. Reading through Tolkien's biography on Wiki, it seems that the film is overall pretty true to facts, at least in the broad strokes. I just finished it and actually thought it was quite wonderful. There are no terrorists or secret codes that must be cracked or astounding plot twists, but as a period drama that is chiefly about Tolkien's years as a student at Oxford, I found it to be very effective. The craftsmanship on display is off the charts. They should just release it and let the people who want to watch it do so, and those who don't want to can do something else. [quote]Well, afaik, thanksgiving is a moment that american families MUST spend together or it just feels WRONG, like somebody has died.[/quote] I go home for Christmas. I do not go home for Thanksgiving. I think that most Americans, if given the choice, would choose Christmas. Reading through your responses in this thread, I do feel like I have to concur with your earlier statement: It is true that you do not really understand Thanksgiving. I think a lot of people would disagree about there's nothing spiritual about Thanksgiving. Who do you think the original participants were giving thanks to? My dad (a Christian) definitely sees Thanksgiving as a spiritual holiday, as it is the time we give thanks to God for his blessings. I think calling it a "disaster" might be overstating it a little. The film went on to make $119 million on a $42 million budget. That's enough to put it in the profit zone, and then you have profits derived from home video sales and rentals and television rights. Rocky V did fine financially. I'll agree that the story takes enough twists and turns that the viewer does start to feel like they're hanging on by a thread. I think that's often the case with mystery-thrillers though. Usually a second go around clears a lot of things up. View all replies >