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Kind of fun; I like that they used a real bear Bruce Willis mocked for "astonishingly embarrassing" performance Taking a break? The Mummy (1959) on Svengoolie tonight (7/17) on MeTV Anyone here ever watch any of the Charlie Chan movies? Why have documentaries become so much more popular in recent years? I’ve read that it’s an anti-man wokefest Interesting show The Good Patriot discusses a woman's role Never heard of this until today, but I'm going to check it out on MeTV tonight View all posts >


Went and saw Jungle Cruise. It was about what I expected, a 6.5/10. I was hoping for more but it failed to exceed my expectations. Maybe The Greek Knight would've been better. I do keep hearing it's boring though. "The Nazi uprising. . ." Mmm hmm. Let me ask you, where will you find these Nazis? As I asked another poster somewhere else on the forum, if you wanted to join a white supremacist group, would you even know where to look in your city? Have you seen them active in your area? Because I have seen Antifa and BLM active. They killed one person, destroyed art that will not be replaced, torched a cop car, and looted an Apple Store. No "Nazi" activity around here though. There are plenty of other groups we could pick on. We could have more Imperial Japanese villains, for instance. They were just as evil as the Nazis during WWII. Look up Unit 731. Or how about radical Muslims. I heard they like to fly planes into buildings and blow up crowds of innocent people. It seems like no one wants to make movies and shows about them anymore though. Would be "insensitive." Gotta keep things fresh. Can't keep going back to the same well. Basically it's the same played-out "evil German" motif that we've seen a thousand times before. That's what I mean. Who they basically just turned into a Nazi. Only thing missing was the uniform. I just got out of the film. It was okay. Basically a mish-mash of films you've already seen with Disney-level production values and a good cast. 6.5/10 The poster above is right about Emily Blunt though. She's great in this. I stand corrected. He's not literally a Nazi, as this film takes place during WWI. But they basically just created a Nazi character and put him in a WWI uniform. And what's this about no symbols shown in Germany? I mean, I assume you could watch Saving Private Ryan in Germany. I just got out of the movie. You're right that the villain is not literally a Nazi. But he's still a Nazi. Sometimes complaints are not legitimate and you're just being a little bitch. Funny you mention that, I was just thinking the other day that Poland seems like a pretty nice place to live right now. They've done a good job of rejecting wokery and secularism and holding onto their traditional values and culture. Too bad the language is so fucking hard to learn. View all replies >