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I don't want to over-sell it. Usually best to go into any film with modest expectations, so as not to be disappointed. But it's a good sci-fi actioner and, as Frogorama says in the OP, it has a lot of heart. Give it a look and let us all know what you thought. Well this is a totally different movie from Avatar. I also thought Avatar was a disappointment. But other than Cameron's involvement as a producer, the two films have nothing in common. Sci-fi Joan of Arc. That's an interesting thought. Not sure I totally understand it in Alita's case though. Joan of Arc thought she heard the voice of God, rose up to become a military commander, and ultimately was executed for her religious beliefs. Other than Alita also being a warrior, where is the parallel? Not sure about Frogarama, but I can tell you that I'd give it an 8. [quote]What is someone building an android combat droid going to do, make "her" obese?[/quote] That is my question as well. I guess not enough metal cellulite on the back of Alita's thighs for the likes of some people. Probably needs some acne, too. I think a lot of this is just ugly people getting upset because an emphasis on sexuality or physical attractiveness just shines a light on their own flaws, and they don't like it. Like I said earlier, I think in the past Hollywood has been guilty of OVER-sexualizing female characters. But you don't fix that by over-correcting in the opposite direction. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I was also surprised by how much I ended up liking it. You mention that it's a "a sweet, beautiful, moving drama, a 300 year old teenage war cyborg's coming-of-age tale." Grace Randolph (not sure if you follow her at all; she's on YouTube) had an interesting insight in her review of the film where she said that it takes its sci-fi action story and marries it with the Disney princess formula. It's not a perfect comparison, but I do think there's something interesting there to think about. Considering where the story ends, it will be a damn shame if we don't ever get a sequel. I'm not going to get my hopes up, but fingers crossed. Good post. I agree with you. As you say, Alita herself would want to appear as attractive as possible. And that's also a good point about Rosa Salazar. I didn't even think of that, but you're right. I'll also point out that humans are sexual beings. I don't like when Hollywood over-sexualizes things, but the solution to that isn't too avoid sexuality entirely. The fact is, male viewers will like Alita more if she looks attractive. That is just biological nature. As I said in the OP, we live in strange times. Shanghai. Just kidding. Check Fandango. I just looked and there's one theater in my area that's playing it, so maybe you can find somewhere near you. Hmm, well she was an URM soldier 300 years ago, right? I'd probably need to see the film again to piece all the backstory together, but I'm not sure I fully understand the modern-day connection between URM and Zalem and Nova. View all replies >