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In today's crazy world the positive depiction of hunting, the theme of self-reliance in the face of danger, and the positive depiction of the use of firearms to defeat evil could be considered "conservative" in nature. No doubt there are left-wingers out there who watched those scenes and hated Zoe for killing that poor innocent deer and who were apoplectic at the idea that a private citizen could have access to a powerful hunting rifle. The fact that the rifle was later show positively when it was used to overcome violent attackers most certainly drove them bonkers. Yeah, I thought the same thing. That's a hell of a lot for a TV show, but if you consider that the cost of an entire season of The Mandalorian is only like half the budget of one Marvel or SW movie it starts to sound a lot more reasonable. I'm sure they know what they're doing. What amazes me is the billions of dollars that Netflix has spent on original programming. It's crazy they can spend that kind of money and stay profitable but apparently they can. From what I've read, The Mandalorian costs about $15 million per episode. By comparison, The Crown on Netflix runs about $13 million per episode. So this kind of spending for the streaming services is not unheard of. As someone else mentioned, The Mandalorian is the only reason many people even have a D+ subscription. We need more high-profile people to stand up against the Twitter mob and the general wave of insanity sweeping the Western world, so I applaud her for doing it and wish a lot more closet-cases would be the same. I was a loyal This Is Us viewer from the very beginning until I started the premiere of the current season and saw them including BLM and covid. Just like that, I was done. I turned the TV off about a third of the way into the episode and never went back, and I never will. The last season was kind of weak so my enthusiasm was already damaged, but once they decided to get political with all the BLM shit I was 100% done. It's amazing how quickly I went from being a fan of the show to detesting it. I also thought the film would be more overtly political since Daily Wire was involved, but I agree that it is not an especially political movie. However, I'm certain that some super-left wing types out there regarded the positive depiction of hunting, the theme of self-reliance in the face of danger, and the positive depiction of the use of firearms to defeat evil to be "conservative" in nature. I watched it last night and thought it was pretty damn good. You could think of it as Die-Hard-in-a-high-school with mild conservative overtones, but with the caveat that Zoe doesn't actually do a ton of fighting in the film, and spends a lot more time maneuvering around the school shooters to help get others out of the school to freedom. It's really very well-made. It actually is very good! I watched it last night and it turned out to be the most interesting movie I've watched in a while. I agree, it's actually a very well-made film. Fuck the critics. They're full of shit. The quality of the filmmaking here is actually quite high and the girl who played Zoe did a great job. Very few movies anymore really grip me and make me crave the next scene, not looking at the clock or feeling the urge to pick up my phone, but this one did. I'm pretty sure Daily Wire did not actually produce the film, but just picked it up for distribution. I watched it last night and enjoyed it quite a bit. It was very well-made, and the poor reviews and 14% RT score just go to show how biased today's "critics" are. They're clearly not writing their reviews based on the quality of the movie, but are instead just lashing out at the film because of what they regard as its political stance. View all replies >