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The fourth film isthe worst film in the whole franchise. The first is still the best. What's the last hit that you can name that he starred in? Uninteresting movies. That simple. He had his resurgence after Pulp Fiction, which lasted for about a solid decade, but then films like Wild Hogs, The Taking of Pelham 123 and From Paris With Love just didn't do much to bolster his popularity and it wasn't long after that when he started appearing mostly in direct-to-video films. This is something I was left with questions about. Are they just a bunch of rich people who like to have sex and play dress up or are they actually an occult religious group who engage in occult practices? We are never given an answer. Those scenes did remind me of the group scenes in The Ninth Gate though. Right. There's no way Tom Cruise is 5'4". That's just dumb. He is at least 5'7". Cruise would never have been chosen as a leading man if he was actually that short. It will be interesting to see. It's not much of an issue in this film because she doesn't really discover her full power until the end of the film, but I'm not sure how they're going to handle it in future films and keep her character interesting. ' So far it seems like the best thing they have--judging by Endgame--is that she just can't be around all the time because she had a lot of other business to handle in other parts of the galaxy. Sounds good. Well if you ever do get around to watching that documentary, there's a board here for the film and I started a discussion thread a while back. Feel free to chime in! Cool, glad you found it interesting! I did as well. Yeah, a lot of people felt Bob to be a very calming presence. Watching his videos was almost like therapy. I'm surprised you had never heard of him. I remember watching him on PBS when I was a kid. I think he also gained a reputation for simply being a sweet guy. He kind of became an aspirational figure. "If only everyone could be like Bob Ross." That kind of thing. BTW, there was an hour-long documentary made about him a little while back that is also pretty interesting. If you care enough to invest the time, it's been made available on the official Bob Ross YouTube channel. [url][/url] He was a talented guy. I had previously seen him in Shane and just got done watching him in This Gun for Hire. His son went on to be a powerful producer. I recently watched a documentary about him (his son) on Hulu. Trailer if you're interested: [url][/url] It is. I have started turning it on any time I want to have the TV on but don't have something specific I want to watch. Brings back a lot of memories of watching the show with my grandmother when I was a kid. View all replies >