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Well I said more obscure than Top Gun, which I stand by. Certainly far more people have seen TG than Iron Eagle, and more people will understand TG references. Crazy! And he's still going! Man, I would love to get a few more movies from him. At least one more. You could certainly say the same about this film. I'm note sure the tale has ever been told on screen in a way that approaches reality. Perhaps in The Highwaymen, but that is not told from B&C's perspective and they're barely in the movie. The 60s were an experimental era for filmmakers and I think a lot of that experimentation didn't work. The approaches to editing in particular could get quite strange. I would point to a movie like Easy Rider as being one that really breaks away from classic Hollywood style, and I largely don't care for the results. A lot of my favorite movies from the 60s are films the hearken back to earlier eras, like Cleopatra or The Sound of Music. Though I also love 2001, which was clearly a forward-looking movie. Fake in what way? Doesn't look like him at all with the beard, and doesn't sound that much like him either. If someone hadn't mentioned it to me, I would've gone my whole life never knowing that Ike Clanton is Stephen Lang. It's weird. Agreed. I thought it was the best film of the year. It should've at least gotten a nomination for Best Picture, but no, the Academy snubbed it. It also should've made a lot of money. I thought it was going to do so much better at the box office than it did. Ironically, out of the herders it was the young kid who I felt the most sympathy for, and then he was the one who really hauled ass to tip off the Taliban. I wonder if that's how it went down in real life. Agreed. It was just a shitty situation all around. It's a shame the goat herders didn't have it in them to return the favor of sparing their lives by giving them time to get out of there. Glad to hear someone else out there appreciates this film. I recently showed it to a friend and he enjoyed it. He then showed it to his wife and she enjoyed it too. And your point is well-taken about today's culture. Values that we once held high are now either trashed or are simply forgotten about. View all replies >