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George Baxter Great soundtrack THIS HAD TO HURT: CNN Admits to President Trump’s ‘Crossover Appeal’ 2020 Dem. Candidates BEG Media To Stop Fact Checking Them During Debates.. Baaaad RIP Hero Americans' View of Job Market Hits New High.. Would prefer Russian/Ukrainian dialog.. Gateaway car goof? View all posts >


I hope it bombs then.. He was a stand up guy, what's your problem?? I think it's a hilarious film throughout. This and Black Sheep back to back for a good comedy night. NBC lol. Tier 1 level Propaganda.. The only movie that made me un-easy was The Fly (86).. She's part Sloth, duh! Indeed! I watched Tall Tale recently with my kids and forgot he was in that.. Stupid question. They just wanted to go to LAND rather than floating around for the rest of their lives.. I just saw this. Was very cheap and bland imo. 3/10 You can see it a mile away.. View all replies >